A Time Of Evolving

By Louis Hart


All of creation is evolving to higher and finer frequencies.  Since we humans are a part of creation we can guess what that means.  We’re changing too. 

Each and every one of us.  And in these times it’s no little change.  We’re in for a major shift, the likes of which we simply cannot comprehend at this moment. 

We’re talking DNA.  We’re talking consciousness.  We’re talking huge differences.  Whether we want it or not isn’t part of the equation.  It’s going to happen no matter what we think or do.  

Humanity on earth is made up of three distinct groups.  The spiritual ones make up the top 10%.  The bottom 10% is filled with the totally negative people.  And in the middle we have the other 80% who are basically unawakened, unconcerned, and uncommitted at the moment.  Until recently the population as a whole has been trapped in a negative spiral but due to a steady increase in the number of those interested in spirituality the downward drift has been halted and ascension toward the golden age is actually moving forward now.  

Because we are coming out of a cycle of darkness there are many nasty things that must be brought out of the depths and exposed to the ever increasing light that is beginning to shine forth.  By the time everything is said and done and the dawn of the new age of light has broken through, all the ugliness of hate, prejudice, greed, and self-centeredness will have been dissolved away.  

It’s certainly a time to look forward to. 

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