Accepting The Truth Is Our Future On Earth With Those Of Space

WE humanoids are Similar to those of Andromeda 

I know what I have experienced on earth and feel that I was chosen to share information with other humanoids. We who are of the earth are of the sentient intelligent being species. There are several types on earth and I have been told there are five that include whales, dolphins, porpoises and manatees. There are some hieroglyphic signs inside certain whales. 
I cannot tell earth’s population if they were placed there before coming to earth or after they are born. I know they exist because I was told by a being from space.
Now, that sounds funny to me even as I write it. I write things that seem very controversial to my own way of thinking. This is part of me being aware of my own personal life on earth and how it differs from those above in space.
We are aware that some of us have friends who live in space and visit earth. We are allowed to only know and acquire certain information while we are here.
Some of what we know of our friends from Andromeda the nearest galaxy to our own here, as the Milky Way Galaxy is perplexing to say the least. They are superior to us here on earth.
I am allowed know information based on first hand experience. Yes, those who come and go in the middle of the night in what we call flying saucers or UFOS. They exist, come, and go from our land and our ocean bases.
We have some information that is allowed to share, some that was shared with certain beings in our past on earth but those in power who could control the information marked it classified, and that those of us who should know were not allowed to share.
This is now changing. We are able to process the information and those who look like us and those who are also friends of those who look like us the Grays have visited more and more of us. There are stories told of some who are benevolent and some who are not necessarily malevolent but are curious and perform experiments to assist some who would otherwise die of a disease. It is their belief to be assisting humans on earth and by not interfering with their present lives. However, some humans are remembering their past experiences with some scientific minded grays.
We shall continue this conversation after I am able to experience the heat that has come upon me from sharing this information in human form as words. I have run out of time. TJ

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