Artist's rendering of the bottom of the object based on witness descriptions

Missouri Mutual UFO Network Assistant State Director and Star Team Investigator Larry Jordan interviewed witnesses and examined sites on July 13 where three credible witnesses saw a UFO and had strange experiences.   

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Artist’s rendering of the bottom of the object based on witness descriptions.

Kansas City, Missouri, July 15, 2014   

Retired airline pilot Barry Powell, Joplin Globe Technical Operations Manager and retired policeman John Cruzan and health technician Traci Cruzan of south Joplin, Missouri had a close encounter with an Unidentified flying object on the evening of July 8, 2014.   

On July 8 at 9:15 p.m. Barry Powell was walking his dog in front of his house when he noticed a quarter-sized object with orange lights in the sky north of his location. As the object approached from a high altitude to a low altitude on a straight-line trajectory Barry realized that it was no standard aircraft. The object was very large, teardrop in shape with multiple orange, blue, and yellow lights underneath.

As John Cruzan and his wife Traci rounded the corner in their Jeep, Powell flagged them down. The two jumped out of their vehicle just as the object was flying an estimated 300′ or less overhead. The three witnesses said that the object was approximately one acre wide and one acre in length. They said that there was absolutely no sound or vibration coming from the object whatsoever, and that this concerned them. 

Powell said “I know what different aircraft sound like and there should have been a engine sound but there was none. And what was keeping that thing in the air? There were no wings or tail and it was flying too slow to be airborne.”     

The witnesses all said they felt like the situation was surreal. Barry Powell said that there was no sound in the area as he watched the object overhead, yet John Cruzan heard Powell’s dog barking at the object. The neighborhood dogs all barked at the object as it flew over the homes in the area.   

The three witnesses watched the object go down behind trees and thought that it may have landed in a nearby cow pasture. They jumped in the Jeep and raced to the field which is approximately one mile away from their homes. As the three pulled to the side of the road next the vehicle’s warning beep started to go off. There were no doors open to cause the sound. John shone a large bright flashlight into the field but the flashlight went very dim. He had a difficult time getting the Jeep in to gear, which never happened before. Finally, he got the jeep to move on, then turned around but when they arrived at the same spot the vehicle’s warning beep again went off and the flashlight went dim again. The next day, the radio’s presets were all gone.     

Missouri MUFON investigators found anomalous Electro-magnetic Field readings on the ground at the site as well as the top of the Cruzan’s vehicle. More investigative techniques will be used in the near future including testing of trees and grass at the site.   

The three witnesses decided to go public in an effort to get answers to what they saw. Missouri MUFON requests that any other witnesses to this event or similar events contact Margie Kay at 816-833-1602 or [email protected]. Media may contact Margie. 


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