After 14-Years Phoenix Lights Still A Mystery

By Larry Lowe
Phoenix UFO Examiner

Sunday, March 13, 2011 marked the 14th anniversary of one of the most enigmatic events in Arizona and UFO history, a state-wide sequence of observations and reports that has come to be known as the Phoenix Lights.

Close to a decade and a half later, the general public and the historical record is no closer to an understanding of the events of March 13, 1997 than the night the lights went over Phoenix, despite any number of books, documentaries and radio shows on the subject.

This is because there has never been a full, formal investigation, properly funded, headed up by experienced researchers and staffed with an interdisciplinary team, tasked with determining the origin, method and motive for presenting to the populace of cities stretching from Henderson, Nevada to the Mexican border an apparent overflight of as many as 8 different very large, silent objects that seemed to defy both gravity and physics as we know it.

If you assume it is a very large universe and realize that, given the exponential rate of technological progress just beginning to take firm hold of human civilization, a civilization that was at our state of development a mere one hundred years ago would appear to us to have advanced 20,000 years in the last century and if you take the thousands of reports from credible citizens at face value it is reasonable to conclude that the Phoenix Lights observations is what it seemed to be: a gentle but deliberate display of advanced technology intended to provide enough eye-witness testimony and personal experience to spark the recognition that humanity is not the only intelligent life form capable of operating on earth.

But that simple conclusion is at such odds with the official narrative of academia, the media and the political establishment, so it is impossible, apparently, for any of those entities to arrive at it in responsible fashion.

Which begs the question: What will it take for humanity to come to the official realization that the notion that we are the sole intelligent species on the planet is merely a homocentric conceit?

The preverbal answer is a landing on the White House lawn, but such blatant exhibition is yet to be forthcoming.

Which begs the question: Why is the UFO phenomenon so tantalizingly elusive, providing example after example such as Phoenix, which is only one of a long string of such mass sightings, that is profound enough to be sufficient proof that something is operating here on earth, but never anything that is blatantly undeniable?

Do they think we can’t handle the truth?

If the reaction of our political institutions, the military industrial complex and the national security state is any indication, we can’t. Or won’t.

If the reaction of the common citizen is any indication, however, the answer is we most certainly can.

Perhaps the problem lies not with the admission that advanced intelligence is present on earth, but in the implications of that realization.

If you change the official narrative of history to include even just the significant mass observations that have taken place since the second World War, you then have to begin to think in cosmic terms and scope. If you do that and look deeper into the historical record, what are now dismissed by western technological civilization as mere myths, legends and superstitions among ancient human societies becomes evidence that we’ve been visited and indeed the establishment of whole societies aided by advanced intelligence.

Follow that train of research far enough and you arrive at the conclusion that mankind is the result of genetic engineering, that we are an artificially enhanced version of the primates that existed in essentially modern human form for over 120 thousand years that never exhibited one spark of art or agriculture or commerce or culture until something changed that 35,000 years ago.

We can easily perform genetic manipulation of lower life forms and do so on a commercial basis, yet it remains beyond the imagination at some level to consider that we may be the result of just such technology, applied more than once in our distant and recent past.

And perhaps an advanced intelligence is inviting us to do just that, hoping that we will connect the dots and decide for ourself that enough evidence is enough evidence and that we need to rethink our position in the cosmic ecosystem that astro-science is busy every day determining must be out there.

Perhaps we can’t be the beneficiary of open contact until we get over ourselves and expand our consciousness to the point where it includes a much larger reality than we focus on at this point. Perhaps we need to take some fundamental step to make clear that we acknowledge the presence of advance intelligence and accept it before it will deign to appear openly.

Perhaps it cannot appear openly due to a policy of defense against the unknown that is in place by our military establishment. The Air Force won’t admit to the existence of UFO’s, although they claim to know that they are not a threat, but certainly in the 1950’s there was an active policy to attempt to shoot down unidentified flying objects rather than establish contact and determine the motives. In 1976 a pair of F-4 Phantom fighter interceptors were launched out of Tehran to engage a UFO. When the pilots engaged their weapons systems, they were disabled by the UFO. This is not the behavior of an aggressive, technologically superior enemy as is often depicted in Hollywood versions of contact, the most recent of which is Battle:LA which has just been released to movie theaters.

While the phenomenon maintains a relatively covert presence and as long as our political, academic and media institutions fail to acknowledge the evidence and address the phenomenon with the same interest that got us to the moon when Kennedy committed the nation to getting there, we are at a sort of mexican stand-off.

Meanwhile the environment continues to degrade and the population continues to expand and we continue to prosecute wars on the basis of religious belief, the need to secure resources and the need to maintain an economy and political system based on war emergency.

If you look at earth from the perspective of an advanced intelligence trying to make contact we seem pathetic in our response.

In the immediate aftermath of the Phoenix Lights, the Governor of the State of Arizona called a press conference and openly ridiculed both the witnesses who came forward with their accounts and the media who reported them. A city councilwoman who dared to ask for answers to the thousands of observations ended up having her career ruined.

Eventually the Maryland Air Guard made the belated claim that they were dropping illumination flares south of Gila Bend around 10 PM and that satisfied many as to the origin of the few lights that were captured on video that night, despite the fact that the majority of significant anomalous activity in the Phoenix area took place between 8 p.m. and 8:45 p.m. that night.

The Phoenix Lights had gained plausible deniability in the minds of those who did not witness anything and would not take the time to educate themselves as to what was observed. And thus they receded into the dusty back shelves of history, never properly investigated nor convincingly explained.

There is no lack of hypotheses that will suffice to deflect any more than casual inquiry.

One says that the whole event was a test of some kind of holographic projection system on a civilian population. That sounds plausible, indeed there was a communication to a witness that described the operation in some detail, but it appears to have been a deliberate attempt to instill disinformation into the historical record. But there are some significant problems with the holographic projection theory when you ask it to account for observations on the scale reported that night.

Another popular hypothesis is a night time test of a stealth blimp. That does not take into account the sudden speed dashes of up to Mach 3 that made no sonic boom and would have destroyed an airship airframe. Nor does it explain why none of the craft offered a primary radar response, much less a transponder code or established contact with air traffic control while traversing the fifth busiest airspace in the country at the time.

The phenomenal objects were observed by airline pilots, air combat veterans, psychologists, credentialed and credible civilians of all walks of life. A decade after his initial ridicule the Governor recanted his remarks and said that he, too witnessed one of the several large silent objects and that as a pilot and a military officer it matched nothing in the inventory of human aircraft.

Sherlock Holmes was famous for the quote that “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.” In the case of the Phoenix Lights the one hypothesis that remains which accounts for every aspect of the reported observations is a display by an advanced intelligence of advanced technology, motive unclear but assumed to be for the purposes of gently opening up human minds to the consideration that both that intelligence and that technology exist.

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