Spending a lifetime, recalled in snippets, with highly psychic, abducting entities, has made my intuitive prowess mushroom, dramatically.

There’s only a razor’s thin edge difference between encounters with the supernatural and psychic experiences.

Some religious Fundamentalist Christians and Jews refuse to accept paranormal realities, yet they deeply accept God, Holy Ghosts, angels and demons, and one CANNOT get more paranormal and supernatural than THAT!

One technique that seems easy enough, is to internally tell yourself that you wish to be “open”, and then to relax, as you await an insight or mind’s eye picture.

I was once, when teaching English Literature, at a junior college, stopped in a busy college hallway by an unknown female student who grabbed my arm and blocked my path, to class, and said “Read me; I want you to read me!”

I was startled and affronted, wondering how this student had grapevine heard that I could do such things, and suddenly worried about job security if Administration became aware.

I told her,”forget it!” but she actually physically half-pushed me against a wall, and insisted again.

I relaxed completely, still annoyed, in dismissive resignation, and was flooded with an image of a vast body of water, lake water, a shore surrounded by water, accompanied by a vague feeling of dread.

I quickly asked her,”Why am I seeing water?”, to which she shrugged.

I asked her again.

“I’m seeing water, what does that mean, to you?”

She shrugged, again.

“I have no idea, what it means, but you perhaps do”, I prodded.

“Oh,” she said, “I’m on the swimming team.”

I  quickly told her,”promise me that you’ll never swim in a lake, it’s far too dangerous to take that chance, in that you might drown,  but also promise me, you’ll tell  absolutely no one, about this conversation.”

She smiled and nodded, and I, late for class, hurried elsewhere.

It appears, that  a totally relaxed mental and physical state allows imposed images to float into mind, a relaxed state accompanied by an open expectation, that you will receive, like a fat catcher, behind home plate; the only real problem, exists in trying to decipher just what precisely that image, or series of images, might actually mean.

It is a psychic muscle that all of us have, a muscle that remains largely unflexed and flabby, under developed, except revealingly, for many alien abductees who report similar intuition experiences.

I know when they’re nearby or in the room with me, but unseen; that elevator experience of ‘eyes on your back’ feeling is combined with a defined creepy feeling; they generate a strong ‘creepy’ feeling.

Who, behind our curtains, ‘inspires’ (literally means,”to blow ideas into”) us to receive, hear and see the psychic image impositions, is open to debate, but I have my own suspicions.

Sometimes dark ones, like gargoyles perched on your roof, can indeed see down the street of your ‘road’ just a piece, to intuit future happenings to you, but they are NOT the elevated souls, ascended ones, you’d hope they are.

Inter- dimensional bleedthroughs, are more than disconcerting when a demon, or a reptilian, like a shark cruises in, and one flirts with the beast of madness.

In fact, between continued astral abductions, and mostly unpleasant psychic experiences, I am so far down the rabbit hole, that I  fear I don’t have breadcrumbs, enough, to find my way home.

A lifetime of alien encounters has made my awareness of the unseen blossom.

Aliens, notwithstanding, psychic powers are a spiritual gift, a muscle that should be exercised and flexed, until Heaven, ready to use us for some good, steps in to make sense of all of it for us.

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