Alien Abductions : Purposes and Motives

by Paul Schroeder


Question . “Can you TOUCH an Alien?”

Answer. Yes, although they apparently can magically pass through rooftops and walls by technologically ‘vibrating’ their body molecules, they do have very solid bodies; I touched one of their bodies accidentally while I was onboard a craft during a seed, sperm taking episode during an abduction.

I was psychically controlled and taken during a REM time late at night.

Small beings with snouts and pear-shaped grey heads, which waggled quickly back and forth, approached the bed.

There was a radiating creepy feeling.

They had melted out of my bedroom walls to stand coldly surrounding me.

A dream of flying wrapped in a column of light underneath a small craft which brought me to a larger craft.

I dreamed a dream within a dream, a dream so vivid that it compared with alert waking consciousness in every way.

These small greys are supreme masters of delusions and these entities know our minds much better than we do.

They can have one wrapped in a snug little dream and marched around a craft with one none the wiser.

Psychically and physically controlled and on a short psychic leash, I was immersed in an alien imposed dream-memory.

I was lulled into reliving a past reverie of an old high school girlfriend ‘flame’, an induced memory towards physically arousing me to take seed which they garner to create hybrids for our eventual replacement.

A female grey technician whom I thought was a past high school girlfriend stood immediately in front of me and another grey alien mind controlling entity stood behind me imposing and orchestrating my delusion.

The feminine technician grey entity in front of me placed an odd funnel attached to a tube near my waist-I felt nothing of a sexual nature- just completely numb.

I listed off balance backwards for a moment, feeling both stunned and suddenly surprised that I was dreaming and yet was standing upright.

I stumbled and backed up into an entity that was behind me, thinking at first it that it was the wall that I had touched.

The feel of the creature’s body was one of a small being with hard shelled chitin, molded smooth and tough like a polymer resin.

(The fully recalled moments of this scene within the limited awareness in my mind at the time are more fully captured in this paragraph)

The high school basketball game was in the last quarter; the crowd’s howl and the tattoo of the drums from the drill team seemed miles away.

I and she had left the game and now sat on the sweet smelling lawn of the school, in the night listening to the sounds of the game behind us.

I was cloaked in blackness, dreaming a recalled memory.

She was in my arms.

Almond shaped coquettish liquid dark eyes looked deeply into mine.

I returned her gaze with a passionate, loving sensuality and tenderness.

She held my hand and it was cool and slender to the touch.

A mysterious and provocative incense coursed through my blood and made me dizzy with desire for her.

I moaned and leaned closer.

She pressed her slim body close to mine and I lowered my eyes closing my lids, flushed with lust.

She suddenly stiffened and withdrew, and I sensed a wave of disgust and disdain from her telepathically wash over me.

I was crushed and puzzled; why had the sweetness of the dream soured?

She withdrew, backwards into the blackness but still staring at me.

The girl in my dream stared at me puzzled and in her hands was a funnel-shaped cup, attached to a tube which was attached to a receptacle.

I was disappointed, deeply saddened.

I felt duped that she had managed clinically and antiseptically to have taken seed from me and asked her pointedly;

“Is that all; Is that all that you really wanted?”

She stared at me in wonder, as though I could actually see and fully understand.

Before the darkness came and swallowed me I realized that she was an alien technician who had taken seed from me.

I saw her now as she was, a small grey and not my recalled girlfriend at all.

Her coldness was now more remote, the coldness of one running an experiment, caring more about the outcome than the methods used.

When I was seventeen one of my abduction experiences ended violently.

One night I pretended to be asleep, going into deep, regular breathing, visualizing a dream I would like to be in.

The wallpaper on three walls bulged, and small beings with snouts and pear-shaped grey heads, which waggled quickly back and forth, approached the bed.

There was a radiating creepy feeling. They had melted out of my bedroom walls to stand coldly surrounding me.

I had jumped up and grabbed the closest one to me around the neck, clutched the feather-like being’s back to my own chest, pinioning him.

The creature frantically struggled to hit me with a rod-like device, but the pillows prevented the creature from hitting .

In panic, the creature squirmed and thrashed in my tightening grip. The others, in quick moves like jumping spiders scattered from the tight circle.

I tightened my grip and squeezed hard. Something brittle snapped in the creature’s neck.

Suddenly the scene changed; I saw my whole family, brother, mother and father surgically eviscerated but alive.

On a black floor under hospital lights were lungs, intestines, strewn amidst gore, as they implored, pleaded with their eyes to save them.

The image was real, and confused and startled and distracted me.

I was convinced that real harm had come to my family and I loosened my grip.

My parents writhed in agony, butchered horribly in front of my eyes, opened or closed.

There was a dank, musty smell that permeated the room.

The creature in my arms, in self protection, in desperate panic to free itself, had flashed the image into my mind, but I had killed one of them. 


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