“Alien Abductions:’Contactees’ or ‘Abductees’? Alien Motives and Intentions” By Paul Shroeder

Alien Abductions:”Contactees” or “Abductees”?

Alien Motives and Intentions
As far as extraterrestrials are concerned, there appears to be two extremes in alien abductee’s minds. Debunkers, however, find the whole concept to be laughable.
The first group, who call themselves”contactees”, believe that aliens are here for our own good and that we are on the brink of joining a galactic federation of races.
The other group, who call themselves”Abductees”, see an evil alien invasion and themselves as victims who are kidnapped, taken, tagged and then released by sinister malicious predatory creatures; these ‘abductees’ do struggle hard to see themselves as ‘heroes’ rather than mere ‘victims’.
In between these two very polarized views, every imaginable postulation in both the positively affirmative and the cynically negative exists.  For those unaware of craft above in our skies and nighttime intrusive bedroom visitors, it comes down to a matter of faith.
Debunkers and cynics who have not witnessed a UFO or experienced an abduction event, choose not to believe in the veritable mountains of evidence before us all.
In the end, our perceptive slant towards this continuing alien presence on Earth seems more driven by hopes and fears rather than facts, and in the midst of this intellectual dilemma most ‘abductees’ who are stolen, ‘taken’, find themselves unable to deal with those sanguine types who are also taken but who more positively call themselves ‘contactees’.
So, a disablingly paralyzing question remains -> Are there evil or good aliens visiting Earth and taking people?
The debate as to whether or not we’re alone in the galaxy has become a long, dull debate for the inexperienced -with- aliens- people, people intellectually polarized but who have had no direct experiences with alien intelligence .
It is this author’s opinion that we are most certainly not alone and that rather than argue moot issues with these other people, we must instead focus all of our
intellectual energies towards distinguishing alien entities we either wish to affiliate with, from those alien entities we must at all costs avoid.
We have never been alien alone, nor will we ever be alien alone.  No matter how you try to define any of the parameters, the deduced formal Drake Equation (N = R* x fs x fp x ne x fl x fi x fc x L) makes it impossible to imagine that we are as sentient beings just as good as it ever gets.
The truth is amazingly difficult to digest: we are indeed aliens too; our ‘missing link’ in evolution and in DNA truthfully came from the stars.  Beyond belief, we are a bio-engineered race, for whatever alien purpose that it served to happen. Though all Earth’s life species surely have evolved in response to their environments, humankind is oddly and uniquely different; we have evolved in response to our sociological changes and to our technological changes.
We throughout millennia have watched Earth ribald civilizations stubbornly rise, ever so slowly self-destruct and then eventually fail catastrophically. This will continue until our race places its highest priority in seeking peace and harmony within and without itself.
What interactions exist between aliens and humans?
Imagine that you are a sperm whale and that three boats are following you as circumnavigate along your time-honored migration path alongside the Japanese coastline.
The Initial Boat:
Jubilant people hold an amazing variety of still and video cameras in their arms and line the boat’s decks in the hope of gaining a splendid photo of you as you surface.  You realize that they mean you no real harm and that they hope to admire you.
If they can photograph your tailfin or touch you for a second, they’ll be overjoyed and will recall that amazing experience for many years to come.
The Secondary Next Boat:
This filthy dark,totally rusty and sinister inelegant vessel is from a very foreign land where theft and exploitation are everyday facts of life.  Those predatory sinister few who stand upon its filthy cluttered decks see you predominantly as a rich source of perfume base, automobile and engine transmission oil and other equally desirable capital-producing products.  Aware of the despair and embarrassment of any media attention, they wait for the first boat of sperm whale watchers to navigate far away as they do not want reporters snapping pictures of them firing and driving an evilly honed  barbed harpoon into your body.
The Tertiary Boat:
 You see spiritual determination in the eyes of those aboard this ship as its captain does everything possible to place his boat between you and the razor sharpened armed harpoon gun of the second boat. Humankind is self centered and arrogant enough to see itself as totally different and distant, as a cogent species, from the sperm whales who we either watch, or protect, or exploit. But the inherent similarity between whales and we terrestrial aliens can make us more aware of the abductions and other interactions between us and the aliens from extraterrestrial ships which hover about our planet, in the same way that we hover about those sperm whales.
The metaphorical relationship between humankind and other alien races is echoed in our behavior towards sperm whales; humans continue to murder and exploit sperm whales by denying them their somatic lives merely for the value of solely their bodies, as they see sperm whales as a mere commercial species to be hunted with the tacit permission of most other humans.  We accept that it is our right and manifest destiny to do with sperm whales as we see fit, from our limited alien-human perspective.  Man has hunted sperm whales since before the Stone Age; during the 1800’s, American sperm whalers decimated spermwhale species numbers long before coal and oil-petroleum loomed as an alternative fuel for lighting fires to illuminate human homes.
 Although our American sperm whaling industry has ended, other foreign nations continue to exploit this species, despite the fact that species of sperm whales balance precariously on the veritable brink of extinction.  This cruel indictment of our species which hunts other Earth species for material gains, has awakened some humans to care about sperm whales and to try to do something about it.
There is presently an organized concerted effort on the part of more enlightened individuals, illuminated organizations and humane governments to attempt to ensure that we will always be able to hear whale songs and be able to witness the migration pilgrimages of these truly magnificent, highly vulnerable and intelligent spiritual beings of the sea.
In this same light, varied UFO extraterrestrial beings view us in the same manner as we do view sperm whales.
Some observe us from afar to wonder if we will dodge the extinction bullet that has very often claimed many other alien Earth species.  If we do survive, they will wait until we reach out to them, and should we ask them the right questions at that time, they will then advise us through our next stages of spiritual evolution. Others UFO alien races, however, simply cannot  see us as remotely capable of ever being any kind of an evolving species.
Rather, they see us for all of our faults and use them as a pretext justification to farm us throughout the Universe in order to exploit us and to maintain us in this Earth preserve in the same manner that we manage and husband our Earth animals.
They and we know precisely how it works; they will cull and keep the best and let evolutionary Mother Nature filter out the rest.
Then there are those distant uninvolved as yet alien races who feel a parent’s desire to protect and nurture our promising, yet infantile alien human race until we can stand on our own biped feet as an ‘adult’ alien race .But would we recognize the difference between exploiter, parental and advisor races?
Exploiter Races — Take Me to Your Leader
This bizarre and too familiar phrase invented by Hollywood, and by cartoons of “take me to your leader,”is worthy of close inspection because the inherent truth within, “take me to your leader”, is in essence “take me to whomever overpoweringly controls you.”
As alien humans who do indeed exploit one another, we prefer to be impersonal about such exploitation.  We characteristically use henchmen and other underlings to victimize others for our own benefit.
As an example consider the billionaire railroad robber barons who never had to kick families from their farms, personally.  The government, police and banks did it for them and saved them a great deal of effort and money in the process.
When exploiters do conduct their own exploitation, face-to-face, they always use “baubles and beads” to bargain for that which they wish to steal from others at exploitive prices.
As alien humans, and as visiting UFO aliens, some exploiters simply do enjoy doing such horrid dirty deeds with their own hands, using no tact.
UFO Aliens who are here to exploit us for self-serving purposes do prefer to control us through such underlings, and none will do a better job than our own governments.
They will offer us technological “baubles and beads”.  While we may be very impressed with alien gifts of technology far beyond our present inventing and scientific means, we must see these gifts as most similar to the gifts given to the New York indigenous Native American Indians who sold Manhattan to the Dutch in 1636 for trade goods worth in that era about twenty-four gold dollars.
In almost all cases, they will do with us as they see fit using the same species management reasoning humankind already employs in our own Earthly nature conservation; we routinely capture wild animals to catalog, tag and to medically evaluate to ensure the survival of their species.  While this may seem to be most noble in one sense, it is to the animals, a horrid and frightening violation of their lives.
You must recall that we do not capture, tag and test animals solely to ensure the survival of their species but to predominantly ensure that there will be no disruptions in our supply of nutrition and animal by-products.  We need to keep in this in mind about UFO alien abducting exploiters; this is how they comparatively see and do treat us.
We are viewed as most inferior but in many ways most valuable, and thus they use those of our own kind to manage us for their own sinister purposes.   Although we are food to them, they can use creative alien barbecue spices to mask the human road kill taste.
Parent UFO Races: When You Grow Up
Just as there are exploitative races, there are indeed distant UFO parent races who just
like UFO alien exploiter races, also view our alien human species as being infantile and inferior, too prone to violence.
While some of us see barracuda as terrible killing machines who attack bathers
and surfers, many of us merely see barracuda as a species deigned for soup, while distant others see barracuda as a necessary part of the web of life. 
Parent UFO races view us as a necessary part of the web of life, and worthy of some protection from the abusive acts of the UFO exploiter races.  The problem with UFO parental races mirrors that conundrum with human parents; when and if Earth alien children do grow up, it will always be extremely hard for them to ever see us as grown and competent adults. Consequently, they’ll always treat us as just mere children and will seek to meddle because they feel that it is best for our own good.
Should we thus reject UFO alien parental races?
No, because without their help, we will be totally vulnerable to the UFO exploiter races.
Also, even if we do outright reject their help, they’ll certainly most likely meddle anyway, because as a UFO parent race, they’ll discount our requests as those of a perennially naive and immature alien Earth species.
What we always need to remember about the UFO parental races is that there will come a day when we’ll have to stand on our own two feet, and when that day comes, the UFO parent races may also prove to be our most difficult and formidable impediment.
So then, with whom do we really want to associate with?
Advisor Races: Those Who Listen
The biggest difference between UFO exploiter, UFO parent and UFO advisor races is that while exploiter and parental alien races take an active hand in our management and evolution, advisor races are always more distant and passive. They’ll wait and they’ll listen.
Americans seeking spiritual enlightenment have always trekked to the tops of the Himalayas to seek the wise advice of mountaintop gurus. 
When we do arrive there, we find ourselves talking more than these wise gurus, who prefer to sit passively and just listen. Then, when this advisor finally answers us with a pertinent short, pithy and cogent insightful response that leaves us thinking, we say, “Wow; why didn’t I think of that in the first place!?”
Imagine meeting an old  UFO advisor race only to learn that they actually had been UFO exploiters (like ourselves) at one time, but had then evolved into a UFO  parent race, and now were UFO advisors by evolutionary self preference.
Perhaps then, we would then see that everything abductees experience has its own place and  time in the design of UFO alien visitations experiences.
That in time, although we exploit other animal races now, we will, riddled with guilt and new-found insights and awareness, act to defend others species, now self aware that we were lucky to exist long enough to realize that exploitation was merely a passing stage in our spiritual evolution as Earth aliens..
Such an advisor race would always be able to pass an ‘acid test’ of UFO Alien Intent
when we come into such contact.That measure of an alien race, as advisor, is the sheer respect that it shows for the basic dignity of our alien Earth life, regardless of whether our species is perceived as less advanced ; it will be shown in the respect that they show for the sovereign rights of our own human alien species to shape its own view of the Universe and its place in it.
When we consider what little respect and courtesy we now extend to one another and to all species of life on this preserve planet of Earth, it does surely explain why now distant  UFO alien advisor races are so very hesitant to make contact with us.
Are alien abductions evil or good?.
Envision that one day three alien UFO craft land in your front yard and three beings, one from each ship approaches you and says:
The first: “take me to your chosen leader.”
The second: “I am smarter and always know what’s best for you.”
The third: “Hello there neighbor. Could you possibly spare a drink of water?”
Which one UFO alien would you then prefer to choose to closely associate with?
For now, one group, abducted, taken by aliens, who prefer to call themselves the positive label as”contactees” see an alien bouquet of roses; the other, who negatively call themselves kidnapped “abductees”, see an open festering bleeding wound.
For now, maybe they can finally both agree that it’s just red.

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