Alien Base: A BOOK Review

I am a huge fan of Timothy Good.  Besides of being a good writer he is an excellent investigator for many years.  This book has a sub title of,” The Evidence for Extraterrestrial colonization of Earth.”  In this book if you complete this book, as I could not put it down, I am sure you will want to complete it in one night , might be the  final answer to this enigma. I can not say it better then the back of the book so I will quote from it. BUT…I want to tell you if you have any interest in UFOS, do not miss this one. IT is a must for anyone who has an interest in the enigma we call, FLYING SAUCERS! 

There are few books that carry the whole phenomena in so many ways. This book is not one that is must reading. This book is one that compels you to read it one night. But that even I can not do. Just in the index there are 12 pages of references to subjects and people in the book. There are no subjects left unturned in this amazing book of .Timothy Good. 

How do I explain what is in this most comprehensive book ever on the theory that there are alien bases on earth? I cannot. So I am going to just excuse the pun…cover the bases. Here goes: 

On the back of the book this is what is listed: 

                          The most impressive collection of photos of alien craft.

                          The first convincing photos of aliens.

                          Retrievals of alien craft and bodies predating Roswell

                          Cases involving repairs carried out to grounded craft.

                         Visits to alien bases on earth

                         New stories of worldwide encounters with aliens (1920-97)

                         USO reported by naval observers

                         Remarkable new cases involving naval observer

                         Remarkable new cases involving space time distortion

                         Sensational new encounters reported by pilots. 

When you read this book like I did the evidence presented within is not just overwhelming but id just beyond comprehension. Timothy Good goes one step beyond the twilight zone of our human comprehension. But it is laid out in a way that defies human comprehension and challenges our world like no other book before the advent of The written word.

Sure you have read other “contacts” but this book has more substantiated

accounts that have never been laid out succinctly   by a more intelligent investigator then ever before. .Timothy Good is that investigator. 

Even MUFON has this to say about this book: Alien Base “will become to be regarded as pivotal in shaping our understanding of the phenomenon of alien contact.”

 I go way beyond that. 

He, Timothy Good, goes into the Adamski photos and does a comprehensive fact finding evidence that Adamski might be telling the truth after all.

In this book there are 402 pages of earth staggering facts, some you have never heard before. You can not miss this book. It will change every thing you ever knew about UFOs. It will give you insight into one of the most brilliant minds and sources of information you  will never hear any where else. His 19 chapters will amaze you. It will astound you and keep you on the edge of your seat and just maybe you will always be looking in the sky or keep one eye open  all night long. If not that it will change your world forever. No science fiction here. So when you are done your mind and your nature of time and space will never be the same, guaranteed.   Buy this book…there are facts you will not find any where else. Keep your eyes to the skies and your mind in the cosmos of your soul and what is, OUT THERE!

If you would like more information or to purchase this book simply click on its title: Alien Base:: The Evidence For Extraterrestrial Colonization Of Earth

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