Mysterious Email

I have had many thousands of  emails and comments on my writings on the subject of UFOS. Most have been complimentary. Some question what I write. I have no trouble with that. In this or any business one has to remember that there are many odds things that happen. This UFO business is not one that is a 9-5 vocation. It is one of odd hours, odd emails and  some times enigmatic happenings.  This week is  one of those weeks. Let me explain. 

There is no question that I have had some weird and strange happenings over the years. 

But sometimes it gets very strange. Case in point: I know that computers crash. I know they are subject to all kinds of viruses. Also to unsavory people. This week time some one(or thing) had me targeted.  I went to my account. When I did a person who I knew(or thought so) sent me an  email. He was some one I knew who disagreed with me over a MUFON  article I wrote. Now I know not everyone agrees on everything and I accept that. But the circumstances around this were a little bit strange.   

First I knew this man. He disagreed over the article on my views of MUFON’s decision to change the whole format and the revamping of the investigators role.  He was not happy about what I wrote.

Now he told me that I was being a  outcast from the whole UFO community of researchers and investigators and I was banned from writing for  and also from!

Seeing I knew the webmasters of both websites I decided to check it out. I emailed both of the webmasters. Both of then confirmed that the statement of this man was completely untrue. Now you have to remember that they are the ones that oversee the articles and postings on their web site. They should know. So since they never told me anything about this, I questioned this UFO investigators comments and his  strange and abusive verbiage.   Every point I made he countered it with more disinformation. Some time it was down right lies and abusive unprofessional  communications. I tried to keep it some what professional, but he was getting to me. So I just left it alone and decided to go another route. I wrote to both of the webmasters.

I wrote a small article for the webmaster of UFO Digest and UFO Casebook. Then I went to UFO casebook to see if I could get on their forum. I had no trouble getting on and posting there. Then I asked the webmaster of UFO digest. He told me he knew nothing about it. That the reason for not posting my articles was that he was busy and second is he did not have enough time to edit my mistakes in writing that I had overlooked.

The webmaster of UFOCASEBOOK knew nothing about it either. When I told them both of the name of this investigator they did not believe that he would do that and maybe some one stole his identity.

As most people know, in this day and age that is quite possible. So I accepted that. But it still is a mystery why some one would go out of the way to try and  scare me out of my opinions and threaten me because I disagree with MUFONS policy. I will admit that I do. They threw me out and told me I can not even join the group as a member, without being an investigator!!!!!

Am I controversial?  Sure. Am I opininated, YES! Do I stand up for what I believe? Quite assuredly!!!  But I also believe my contacts in the whole world of UFOlogy and they are many. Before I made my article public I sent it to some of my contacts in this and other countries who feed me information. So the article was not based on just one man but on other people in other states and countries as well. If an investigator can not confirm information from more then one contact, most of the time, it goes into the box waiting for another contact to either confirm it or throw it away.

I have no animosity with MUFON.  Yes they will not let me investigate. Yes I can not be an associate member. But I guess they do not need my money. But what I do have is this…..I have over 45 years of on hand investigations and trained by Raymond Fowler as well as APRO, MUFON, CAPER, John Keel,  Brad Steiger, and advised by many of the authors of some of the books out there on the market and some of the webmasters in the UFO community.

I retract nothing. I stand by what my contacts tell me and I verify all that I write. No investigator in his right mind would ever write anything unless at least two of his contacts confirm the information.

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