UFOs Entities and Spirit Visions

Where do UFOs entities and spirit visions cross over. In many cases they act one and the same. Let me explain. Even in the Bible there are cases of spirits walking. When the Apostles were gathered in the room with locked doors Yeshua appeared after his death. So did many of the aliens in John Keel’s book Mysterious Beings. Even more are linked together by Hilary Evans’ book, Visions, Apparitions and Alien Visitors.

On the back of this older bock it states: This is first comparative study of ghosts, apparitions, astral doubles, alien visitors and many other non-human entities with which ordinary people throughout history and into the present day have claimed to have come into contact.

Through a careful analysis and assessment of the available evidence and the latest theoretical approaches Hilary Evans offers an original and convincing explanation of the entity enigma.

Some of the author’s definitions are these comments: “To avoid tiresome circumlocution, I use the word SEE to signify the act of perception, though it is in many cases far from clear to what extent, if any, the organs of sight are involved.

The entity is the more or less human like figure the percipient thinks he sees. It could be the spirit of Aunt Agnes materializing from the dead at a séance; it could be a vision of the Virgin Mary; it could be a spaceperson from a UFO, and so on.

The apparent is the person the entity appears to be- the real Aunt Agnes, The Virgin Mary in person , an actual Ashtar from Alpha Centautri.

To continue: The agent is the person, force or whatever who is responsible for the entity and for the enabling or causing it to be seen by the percipient. For example, if the apparent is your Aunt Agnes, it may be the real Aunt Agnes who is the agent; or it may be your own imagination; or it maybe Satan seeking to deceive you; or it maybe a mischievous elemental playing games with you.

The author goes on to state that he uses the word alleged, why? Because many of the witnesses are the only witnesses and cannot be backed up any other sources.

The writer goes on to explain that many things fall into this category. Terms like, “the bedroom invader ” is only a label not a definition and other categories are in the same realm such as ghosts, religious and mystical visions, spirit manifestations of the dead , hallucinations, OBE projections, doppelgangers, thought forms , folklore figures, impersonating demons, guardian angels and ET UFO occupants. But theses also are labels.

This book goes on to say that through history depending on your that depending on tour frame of reference does it make it real to one but not to another situation or sighting. Are they all from the same source or as John Keel was want to say these are just part of another dimension that occupies our sense of time and space? Is it real to you but no one around you does not experience it? Is it subjective? But yet in other cases many see and experience it like it is a real true experience.

I too, have had some of these experiences. I can not explain it and one well known Doctor who studied this, Dr. Mack believed that the aliens were real and mass sightings of aliens by children in Nigeria actually described the same thing when interviewed separately. He, Dr Mack, died when he walked in the street when a car ran him over. I have always wondered if that was an accident.

I referred also to Yeshuas appearance to his followers. He also told them, in their doubt, to put their hands in the wounds in his wrist(not hands) and feet. Yeshua also told his followers to rebuke Satan and not to follow the ways of the world. In fact Satanism, idol worship of any kind, was to be not for the followers of GOD or Yeshua. In fact Yeshua told his followers not to worship him but worship YHWH alone. What does this have to do with aliens, ghost and the paranormal? Because many have been told by the entities to follow their instructions and to do works as they were told to do by the aliens.

There was one exception: In the book by Ray Fowler, The Watchers, where the aliens told the abductees they came from THE ONE. It is interesting because YHWH,(YAHWEH) told Moses that HE was THE ONE, TRUE GOD. There was no other God beside him. In fact Michael(on Earth, Yeshua, Jesus) God called him at his Baptism, In the New Jerusalem Bible, Matthew verse 17 it states, This is my son, the beloved; my favor rests on him. Then in Chapter 4 the devil, Satan, tested Yeshua, by offering Yeshua the kingdoms of the world.

But Yeshua rebuked him. What did Yeshus say, “YAHWEH is the one you must pay homage to, HIM alone you must serve.

What does this have to do with ghosts, apparitions and alien visitors? A lot. Because all of these things we judge by their works.

If we pursue things that are worthy of pursuing, like many researchers do, we might be pursuing the wrong things. To be interested is fine. As I have experienced some bizarre thing myself in following my path into the t world of UFOs and paranormal activity, sometimes I have to stop and think what I am doing.

It is good to question and research into the mysterious and fun. But put your priorities into positive areas. Make things a hobby not an obsession.. For even as many find out. This world is a mysterious one. I do not think we will ever find the answer. It is fun to seek but put priorities on your family and friends…there is where your joys will be found.

If you would like more information or to purchase this book through Amazon.com simply click on the book’s title: Visions, Apparitions, Alien Visitors

If you would like more information or to purchase this book through Amazon.com simply click on the book’s title: Watchers, The

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