Alien Boogaloos, Skinwalkers, Demons vs. Lightworkers, Spirit Guides, Extraterrestrial Angels

Alien Demon Spirits and ET Angel Spirits are real! Alien civilizations and ET UFO Community are real! 

It is time we begin separating our wisdom of what on this planet is both positive and negative. I did not create the forces of energy but I did learn about them not only on earth but also in heaven (cosmos). My language is American English and I seem to do well with others around the world on the Internet in the social networks and while gaming. This is the Game of Life for when any one being takes on a life with outside forces other than their own this is called a game. I did not make up the words or the rules on this plane and in this dimension but I am chosen to share that which is considered knowledge and wisdom for the Lightworkers. 



I train Lightworkers this is what I do. I am an Avatar and a Spirit Guide in the flesh for the time being and when I am not in the body, I am out of body! Yes, there are many of us who are of the outer and inner worlds! We exist and we know many things. Some who are of the four corners called American Indians are the receivers and senders of the higher calling of spirit. 

I have assisted American Indians in the past when for seven years I traveled the United States. I used the initials ACIR and was allowed to become an Advisor to some of the Indian Nations as a spirit who knows things while in the body-mind-spirit. I helped others because as a child they helped me. I had something inside me that was inserted by aliens into my ankle. When I was in my summer that I would soon attend the fourth grade in American public school, I was TAKEN on a trip to New Mexico where I visited White Sands National Park and other places. My Uncle was a full-blooded American Indian but he married my aunt and loved me very much. We went to visit an Indian Reservation around Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado where the are is called Four Corners.

I learned that I had Indian Blood in me and that I was of O positive blood. I had contracted Hepatitis B while I was in the second grade and went to school with some children who lived around the Ouachita River. They were thought to have given me this disease though it was never really discovered since there were no other cased. In other words, it was a medical curiosity that I contracted this Hepatitis B when no other had it first. I was an interesting mystery that year about 1957 in Monroe, Louisiana, USA.

I have had many curious happenings in my life that make no sense to those in the medical profession. They never seemed to know how I became ill or when I died, they could not figure out why. I learned to believe in those who were of the spirit and would guide me throughout time in my life while I was on earth. Some came to me in spirit form out of body and I called them Angels of Light because they were always a brilliant light white.

I was protected and while I was in human form, I was allowed to meet extraterrestrials who would visit me in what we now call UFOS. They were beings of light but were teachers who traveled in humanoid sentient intelligent being bodies that looked just like me and all the people on earth. I have had experiences with the people who taught me things. I learned that they wanted me to think well and to be good so that I could have a good life on earth and someday assist others. I knew this instinctively so learned to choose right from wrong. I soon learned in school that not all children had this type of education from spirits and extraterrestrials. I never encountered bad or evil people in school as a child but I did learn about people who could be evil later in life as a teenager and adult.

Aliens come in many forms including those of both good and evil. I did not decide this but somewhere in the cast regions of all the universes, this has been the way and has occurred. Others that are not only among us on this planet but are coming and going from other worlds in space influence us. Those who cannot be seen in the flesh and sinew are called alien spirits. Normally I do not endorse that which is alien and I have learned to separate our energy as that which is evil as alien and that which is good as extraterrestrial.

People ask me if we sweep houses and believe in exorcising demons if we are not Catholics. There are many who now believe that the Bible is folk tales and that demons are real and rule this planet. 

It is my perception that we can all begin to feel ourselves being pulled towards good and evil thoughts. Without the thoughts, we have no conscience will to act. Therefore, if we control our thoughts towards knowing what is good from evil, we can also control our will and this comes in time with wisdom through the power of our education.

Wisdom is known to be the enlightenment that comes to us through our soul’s essence, which while on earth we refer to as our spirit. There are alien spirits that we learn about while we are out of body. The essence as spirit can see, feel, view, and touch other spirits while in the astral plane. We are out of body but we can view each other with our essence as our mind’s eye. Out inner spirit has a mind all its own which is the essence attached to our over souls. We were created elsewhere and this was prior in what we call time and space-time on earth.


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Wizard and Witches Wonderland is the Fantasy Portion of our Minds- We do not Fear but teach love and light as the powerful force of energy of the Mind!

People want to know what I know and how to use the power to create the future!

This is the Ascension Age Education of the Shift & Uplift of Spiritual Awareness!

My Message and Mission deals with the Ascension Age! This officially beings 12-21-12.

We are now preparing the way, the truth, and the light with all Lightworkers to assist all Truthseekers on earth. Some will learn about faith of the spirit that is a part of essence.

We shall embark on a spiritual journey that will offer a path of enlightenment. It is up to each individual to choose their own way and their own Spirit Guide.

There are those who are like my flesh and blood daughters one earth who experienced both good and bad aliens on this planet. They were introduced to evil through my first husband’s ways of keeping secrets and a concealed life as a body double for both good and evil. I shall not go into details because he has now passed and crossed over and my four daughters believe in the spiritual good that he did and choose to forget the evil or bad that was done in the past. We all learn to forgive the past and protect the future, which is our mantra as good spirits on earth!

Now one of my daughters, more than her siblings has chosen to follow in my spiritual path. She sweeps houses and clears evil spirits as in demons like in the television show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Our demons are spirits here on earth that are completely real and can become solid as demons that choose to enter humanoids. They will enter them when their flesh is weak and they are undecided as to whether to lead or follow others.

My children all have a mind of their own but were all taught what is foolish and what wisdom in spirit while here on earth is. They were taught in their young adolescent years.

Now, they choose their own paths and have their own crosses to bear which too many children on earth they know not the language of the good and bad. They only know others who are of the evil energy demonize them. 

Those who are called the good spirit believers are known as Lightworkers. They share with others who are Truthseekers and are on the path of good and right. We choose to create an atmosphere and a future world that is for good, right, truth, and to follow the higher power or force that our ancestors referred to as God and Gods. Some of us are choosing to believe that they are alien and are considered extraterrestrials.

We shall now embark on one of our paths and threads that deals with demons and what are called ‘Skinwalkers”. These are demons to some and to others they are simply spirits that enter other forms. We must learn that there are always two sides in this world of all that we can perceive as our reality. This world has been set up this way with a sun and moon, day and night, positive and negative energy. The positive energy causes good things to happen and the negative causes bad things to happen. People often ask me why good things happen to bad people and why bad things often happen to bad people. This is the major question that has been an affluent in our science of mysteries we call metaphysics.

For instance, a very good boy grew up to be in his twenties in the twenty-first century. He lost his parents at an early age and was able to hide from the authorities because he was over sixteen and fell out of sight where the schools were not aware of his presence. His mother was young and believed in home schooling but failed to teach him of the spiritual world and what is both good and bad in this world.

He was an alien amongst the outcasts and an obviously tortured soul who, at the same time watched a show on television called Supernatural about two brothers Dean and Sam. 

Their mother is brutally murdered by a demonic spirit; brothers Dean and Sam are changed forever and learn their father was a Demon Hunter. They leave home and encounter alien beings galore – some friendly, some looking for a fight! 

In the end, the definition of a proverb is usually summed up as a short…. Consume and feel the spirit of your lifeblood thrum heavily in your chest, which drums inside the rhythm of music calls for the spirit to come out of the body and mind. We are all body-mind-spirits and we must learn the appropriate way to respect our inner source as spirit which is our life force and essence. Without it we cannot live!

We have music now that speaks of Boogaloos as Demon Ghosts looking for a body to demonize and share while on earth. Songs like Sword of the Spirit/ The Coming Storm … Demon Hunter · Storm the Gates of Hell vinyl ·Demon Hunter · Summer of Darkness … Spirits from The Ancient Days … Now are popular among the young adults.

There are many ways to influence our world and what we call society and culture. Please learn that we must influence our young ones of this twenty-first century for the good in our cultures and the societies we create on this planet. We shall need more scientists and engineers in the future and this will require our young ones to attend school and receive an education. The reason that a proper and formal public education is food for thought is that our young ones learn social skills and how to interact with others their own age while attending public school. They learn to read, write, and do math as well as learn about our history of this planet. Geography and space will become even more important in the future!

Please assist us all share in what we call the Ascension, which is the shift and uplift of our human consciousness as an entire species of humanoids also known as sentient intelligent beings.

I shall share more later as when I write about good and evil it drains my energy. There are ways we protect ourselves and there are ways to learn to build up the spirit. We who are Lightworkers all share our ways and we believe in many of the ancient mystery school lessons of which we learned to share in our spirits and out of body travel, sharing our dreams, and learning how to travel in the astral plane. We even learned to share our thoughts while in spirit form. Some call this ESP.




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AND MUCH MORE EXPLAINED IN ASCENSION CENTER AND ET SPIRIT ORGS WITH TJ MORRIS ORG. Stay tuned to UFO Digest with TJ,  DIRK and Robert Morningstar’s Soul Group Ascension Age Mission and Project of Education-! TJ Morris & Friends!


Stay tuned. Love and Light. TJ


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