Alien: Cosmic signs and warnings (about earthquakes and nuclear weapons) from our extraterrestrial cousins

Alien: Cosmic signs and warnings (about earthquakes and nuclear weapons) from our extraterrestrial cousins

We are listening!

By Pat Regan

Earthquake lights – friends from higher places?

Earth lights phenomena, including flashes in clouds, balls of light of various colours, columns of light etc have often been reported in the locality of faulted ridges with seismic activity. This may indicate a physical relationship between these UFOs and earthquake activity.

However, we need to keep an open mind about all possibilities as restricted claims of mechanical geological interaction do not seem to be applicable in all instances.

Let’s expand this a little wherein other rationalisation may be due.

In Gabon during the 19th Century the writer, Mary Kingsley, witnessed strange light balls that came out of woodland and hovered over a lake. As Mary approached them one shot down into the water, whilst the other one returned to the forest.

Writer Paul Devereux, who accentuated this above issue in Fortean Times, explained that locals called this phenomenon ‘aku’, meaning Devil Lights. Although of course not strictly associated with earth moment I add the above for interest, as I shall explain further.


This experience reminds me intimately of the accounts I have also reported in my book, UFO: The Search for Truth, and most especially the Skelmersdale, Lancashire incident.


That particular report saw a couple of local dog walkers approach an oscillating UFO in an underpass one cold, dark night. As they neared the entity it shot off apparently in a startled fashion, as if acting under ‘intelligent’ guidance.


Many similar occurrences of intelligent entities being startled by humans led me to put forward my ‘Monitoring Light Orbs’ (MLOS) hypothesis.


Some witnesses have been visibly shaken by such events involving these peculiar things.


Unidentified objects that fly away from us when approached, much the same as a startled bird, appear to be unrelated to geological activity. Yet there are many reports of such happenings before, during and subsequent to earthquakes.


I deem that lights created by electromagnetic or radioactive gas influence would not have the propensity to act as if under guided intelligent control. Such a claim would seem highly implausible and in fact quite unscientific.


We are all affected by the very forces that keep the universe in order. The wind, the rain, the sunshine etc – all affect us more then we can ever know. The clever ancient Chinese for instance developed a classification of medicine based on the Life Force (Chi) and how it affected us intimately. As an individual who has previously qualified in acupressure techniques, I know the intrinsic value of that system. Western medics are only just catching up, and quietly accepting, this state of affairs after years of sanctimonious ridicule and contempt.


I have a theory, maybe more of a gut instinct really, that around about the time of seismic activity humans change to meet the new reality of the geological transition that is occurring below. This is something that materialistic scientists do not yet seem to have quite understood. 


The Psychic Censor


Such changes within us may affect what occultists and mystics call the psychic censor, guardian or filter. This device protects us from too much psychic liberation and undercurrent.


Most of the time we need to work and function on a humdrum level of existence for reasons of mere survival. Without the psychic filter we would be blasted out with so much spiritual awareness that it could be detrimental to our wellbeing. I have a feeling that one day contemporary science/medicine will catch up on this old occult acumen.  

Lowering of the psychic filter may occur perhaps during times of seismic activity due to electromagnetic waves from this source affecting us. I also believe it happens when violent electrical thunderstorms are occurring.  

This involuntary lowering of the psychic filter allows us to experience fellow inter-dimensional creatures of this world, and other places possibly of an extraterrestrial nature, that are usually just out of reach of the everyday human faculties. I believe that bygone folklore accounts regarding strange sighting of fairies, elves goblins etc may stem for this root source. Ghosts and apparitions are also concerned at times with the lowering of the psychic filter.  

We cannot always see what is actually there.  

Even worldly nature itself has developed methods of hiding what it does not want others to see. Don’t believe me? Well consider the chameleon in the bush or the hunting green pike in a weed bed and see how it is concealed so perfectly from its unsuspecting prey.  

For most of the time we miss what is right under our own noses.  

We are carefully drip fed a diet of misinformation by shrewd religious priesthoods, self-seeking politicians, grant-seeking scientists, expert meteorologists (who cannot even get the weather forecast right at times); advertising agencies, gluttonous banks that are ripping us all off with colossal interest rates, aviation authorities that discharge most UFO sighting as counterfeit, etc, until our powers of vital discernment are virtually crushed.  

We largely see what we are trained to see from birth onwards and ignore/subconsciously dismiss anything which conflicts with our accepted, and cleverly indoctrinated, worldview.  

Purposeful lowering of the filter, by means of ritual etc, has been a magical technique used by occultists seeking greater enlightenment for centuries. However, this inadvertent opening of the subconscious faculty by the ordinary man/women in the street has unfortunately led to much uncertainty and disagreement between skeptics and believers in the field of ufology.  

Many astonished UFO/Alien witnesses have a deep spiritual need to explain what they have not only seen but felt, after their amazing sightings. And it must be realised that what we feel intuitively is as important as what we see at times. 

Scientists have to understand that not all current UFO phenomena can be glibly explained away in technological terms. Just because one person cannot see a thing whilst others do does not grant the former with permission to scoff and intimidate the latter.  

I have made a simple analogy before and I make it again. 

A propeller of an aircraft when stationary is clearly visible. However, when the blades are rotating the propeller seems to become invisible, even though we know it is still there in a physical space in time. Therefore, just because we cannot always see an object does not mean that it does not exist. I feel that this is the same with many UFO/Alien sightings and most especially if geological events have inadvertently affected our faculties in a way as illustrated above.  

There really should be no argument between the materialistic scientist and the ordinary person who seeks greater awareness of the unknown. Both parties have their theories set in parallel realties of space and time that one day will see a common ground for new understanding.  

If we can accept that some perceivable unidentified entities (flying or otherwise) have the aptitude to simply just move away from us then how far does this intelligence go?  

Could it be feasible that these beings (of a worldly or extraterrestrial origin) are capable of wanting to warn us about disasters like earthquakes or our own use of lethal mass destruction weapons?  

Could they be acting in a beneficent fashion, much like a caring human being that wishes to save a fledgling from falling out of a nest?  

Alien Mom: our extraterrestrial pedigree is being revealed 

My research into our extraterrestrial origins (Alien Mom) has led me to the private conclusion that our inter-galactic relations would wish to help, rather than hinder or attack us. This may of course be at odds with alarmist alien warnings, like those put forward by Professor Stephen hawking. 

Let us open up our minds to the immeasurable wonder of creation, instead of allowing scientific materialism to always slam shut the doorway to what rests just below the mundane level of existence.  

The restrictions of science 

The somewhat insular view of the Cosmos, as promulgated by the limited scientific mindset, ensures that we remain locked in a self-created cell of ignorance.  

However, many of us now look towards the stars in anticipation knowing that we are not alone and never have been. Deep in our hearts we have known, felt, that before long change was coming, a change that would ensure that nothing would even be the same again. 

The signs of our relationship with alien races from far distant galaxies have been right here under our noses since the dawn of time, yet we have principally elected to turn a blind eye to these wonders, these very special gifts.  

Fearful minds, set in the gloomy towers of scientific materialism, still make every imaginable excuse to refrain from properly acknowledging the signs in the skies that will eventually rock the foundations of their established traditions.  

We must, like our ancient forefathers, rediscover the full breathtaking splendor of the secret world that modern man has basically forgotten. The glorious blessing of the Cosmos calls to greet those genuine seekers who possess a true spirit and open heart. This blessing however will never be fully understood – it will be ‘felt’ (by the chosen few) on the deepest levels that defy logical process. To understand it would in essence be to destroy its very nature.  

If we listen – we shall hear the music of the universe, which is our birthright! 

The intimate language of the Cosmos will always defy the narrow-minded materialist for it is not of the spoken word; and it is not something that can be measured with mechanical gauges and machines that go “bleep”.  

No, the language is one of feeling and intimately ‘Knowing’ that we have never been alone in the eternal shadows of space and time.  

The answer to life itself is out there waiting, like thawing ice on an oak branch, for those that sincerely seek it without malice. 

Nuke warnings?  

As a footnote I must add the following. 

Recent UFOs reports of sightings around nuclear weapon facilities have caused alarmist warnings of threats from aliens.  

I alternatively perceive that if extraterrestrial entities can warn us about impending earthquakes then they can do the same in relation to the dangers of weapons of mass destruction. We are always too ready to see the pessimistic side of life and this can be a grave error.  

The real threat to humanity is Man (who built these weapons) himself – not alien visitors.

Pat Regan © 2010  

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