Alien Mom, the Pharaoh and the Mona Lisa’s smile

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Was Alien Mom a Siberian women simply suffering with an unusual physical disease, such as Marfan’s Syndrome, or evidence of our extraterrestrial inheritance?

So what is Marfan Syndrome?

Marfan’s sufferers tend to be taller than usual, with a long, thin face, and elongated skull, overgrown ribs, a funnel or pigeon chest, and larger pelvis, with enlarged thighs and thin calves. They may have infrequent inherited heart difficulties, a high curved or slightly cleft palate, and a highly curved cornea or dislocated lens of the eye, with the prerequisite for bright light to see well.

Alien Mom on the other hand appears to have a well-rounded faced, shaped quite differently to the accepted norm with the Marfan gene. Alien Mom possesses a somewhat rotund face and so does that of her baby.  Neither is her skull elongated but instead quite broad and powerful. I also have no evidence to suggest that she had an elongated skeleton, or a plethora of typical features that represent Marfan’s Syndrome.

Her exceptionally long curved spider-like fingers are apparently the ‘only’ features that some critics have drawn on as a possible link to the malady. Evidence at hand would therefore appear to rule out such a medical disorder to explain away Alien Mom’s physical traits.

Materialistic scientists nevertheless tend to miss so much due to their limited capacity to see the bigger picture. And this is not the first time that scholars etc have been disappointed after seeking to level allegations of physical imperfections at mysterious figures in history.



Alien Mom may share her critics with another equally powerful personage.

Another suggestion by scholars was that Pharaoh Akhenaten, who ruled for 17 years and died in 1336 BC or 1334 BC, may have suffered from Marfan’s Syndrome.















Portrait of Akhenaten by Pat Regan: image copyright of Pat Regan.  


The somewhat outlandish and eccentric portrayals of Akhenaten, with a drooping stomach, broad thighs, outsized breasts, and long, thin face, so dissimilar from the sporty tradition in the representation of pharaohs, has led certain Egyptologists to presume that Akhenaten suffered from some type of genetic aberration.

Indeed, various illnesses have been alleged on the basis of his longer jaw line and his somewhat feminine appearance.

Allegations that Akhenaten suffered from Marfan Syndrome, due to his physical features in art, are however misleading and erroneous.

Conversely, Dominic Montserrat in Akhenaten: History, Fantasy and Ancient Egypt concluded that there is now a broad consensus among Egyptologists that the embellished forms of Akhenaten’s physical portrayal are not to be read literally.

Montserrat and othersargue that the body-shape relates to some form of religious symbolism.

Because the god Aten was referred to as “the mother and father of all humankind” it has been suggested that Akhenaten was made to look asexual in artwork as a symbol of the androgyny of the god.

Atenincidentally equates with the disk of the sun in ancient Egyptian mythology, and is originally an aspect of Ra.

It is worth noting here that we see the very same symbolism in the later figure of Eliphas Levi’s Baphomet; an androgynous entity that displays both male and female characteristics.



















An original painting of Baphomet by Pat Regan: image copyright of Pat Regan


The Mother/Father (God/Goddess) and Male/Female aspects are familiar concepts to the essential balance in nature and human spirituality. As above so below!

The principal point herein is that Alien Mom’s critics fail to see the most obvious conclusion, which is that she displays physical traits that appear to be evidence of humankind breeding with extraterrestrial life forms in previous generations. Her child too – with its Area51 look-alike features gives the typical ‘Grey’ characteristic that has become a part of popular Sci-Fi culture.

Many believe that the slight smile on Leonardo’s famous painting of the Mona Lisa is a clue that the subject is hiding a secret.

The secret behind Alien Mom’s faint smile may in fact be more than a match for the one seen on Mono Lisa’s face in good time.

That knowing glint in her eyes may hold the answer to untold mysteries that have so far eluded mankind since the dawn of time.

I for one continue to welcome further DNA research into this issue, like that already done by Lloyd Pye’s pioneering Starchild Project.









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