JESUS – Blind Faith And The Dangers Of The Fundamentalist Mindset



Are you content to give away your spiritual birthright to ecclesiastical third parties in dog collars?

Blind faith may not be something that the vast majority of us ever really think about. However, eventually it can affect us all, in one way or another…

Let’s scratch the surface of it in our western culture.

An historical Jesus may have existed, although genuine evidence to confirm such a conviction is incredibly problematic. Furthermore,  typical well-versed fundamentalist heresy, that millions have come to accept as concrete substantiation for the life of such an individual, amounts to nothing greater than speculation that would manifestly today not stand up to careful scrutiny in any court of law.

On the other hand we hold a virtual cornucopia of proof supporting the mythical development of a Jesus personage. So why is this you may ask?

Practically every element in the Gospel stories occurred in Pagan and mythological treatise, long before the dawn of the Jesus myth. All aspects of the Jesus saga have been cleverly grafted; by early church activists intent of usurping earth-based native spirituality, from a much older heathen agricultural calendar.

The modern festivals of Christmas, Easter etc all have their roots in a plethora of wholesome pre-Christian faith system traditions that linked mankind to the natural cycles of the earth. All the denunciation by the early Church about Pagan aspects within their religion is nothing more than unadulterated and duplicitous deception. 

Christian theology was originally based on transforming the alleged Jesus figure into yet another heathen fertility resurrection/dying god; another Tammuz, Attis, Adonis, Dionysus, Osiris, each marked by their annual death and renewal which magically symbolises the earth’s natural fertilisation and the spiritual renewal within us all.

Fundamentalists within the Church structure saw how attractive such ancient and judicious Pagan concepts were to the masses so adopted them for their own ends.

The Church simply attached its own new version of the Sun-God figure onto the natural calendar of the yearly events. 

This clever psychological subterfuge has been ultimately swallowed without question by millions since the first native Pagan places of worship were either destroyed or substituted with monotheistic temples by the iron fist of the early Church fathers.

We are all familiar with the radical way the early Church missionaries trampled on native faith in Africa, American, Britain, and Australia and in fact everywhere else. Missionaries moved in, cleverly converted innocent races (with threats of eternal damnation) from their beloved spiritual ancient culture and changed them into something they never really were.

Then, when the cultural damage was done, they left the mystified indigenous people to get on with it. Sacred burial grounds of the ancestors made way eventually for ramshackle left-over mission huts, commercialised profit with fast-food burger bars, supermarkets and gasoline stations.

Today, many are once again seeking to establish their nourishing ancestral spiritual roots in a heart-felt attempt to get back to the beliefs of their forbears and free themselves from the crushing thrall of monotheistic intolerance. 

The powerful wild spirits of the old ones call us home and the people are at last starting to listen with their souls.

However, back in the decrepit halls of pious domination we have a massive large-scale database for a BELIEF in Jesus. Alternatively, we simply do not have a scrap of evidence to establish the authentic existence of a REAL person alleged to be called “Jesus Christ.”

This of course is exactly why belief is called just that – “Belief!”

Most good people do not see the extraordinarily clever fundamentalist deception that they have subconsciously accepted since their formative years.

The sanctified figure of their (i.e. the Church’s) given version of the Man-God Jesus, which they erroneously deem was once a real personage in history was something else entirely.


The awesome wonders of nature and the cycles of the Cosmos are lost to them, via the dilapidated programming of so-called FAITH they have been subjected to. The mental slavery of FAITH they pay lip-service to has corrupted something exceptional in the majority that is both essential to our spiritual grown and psychic awareness of the world about us.

The sickness in society is self-evident, wherein gangsters hold a Desert Eagle 44 Magnum in one hand and wear a large 18 carat gold crucifix around their neck.  In effect this is not far removed from the missionary holding a bible in one hand and loaf of bread in the other.


The hushed places of nature in the mountainside, forest and stream are where we shall uncover genuine solace, truth and deliverance – not the high foreboding cathedrals built by high priesthoods to allegedly venerate a new-fangled version of the ancient Sun God, who is said to defeat all before him.

We need no officialised minister with fancy words of unremitting jumbo-jumbo to tell us how to pray, think, make love, eat or drink. We all have the inherent power to become our OWN spiritual guides in this quest that we call life and we should be exceptionally suspicious about giving up this wonderful spiritual birthright to any dogmatic third parties in dog-collars with hidden ecclesiastical agendas.

But what about the Bible stories – and ‘which’ Bible are we in fact talking about?

The Bible did not take on anything like its present day structure until the fourth century.

The Roman Catholic, Greek Catholic, and Protestant canons were not adopted until contemporary times. The Bible was acknowledged as an assemblage of autonomous writings.

The Council of Trent (1563) determined the Roman Catholic; Protestants condemn the Catholic Bible as a ‘Popish pretence,’ (a fake no less.)

The Greek Catholics at the Council of Jerusalem in 1672 finally accepted the book of Revelation.  Their Bible contains a number of books not in the Roman canon.

The Westminster Assembly in 1647 approved the list of sixty-six books composing the ‘Authorised Version’. The most widely used contemporary Bible is consequently less than 300 years old. 

The entire Holy Book issue is therefore, somewhat comically, a case of pick and mix doctrinal fantasy fostered on the unsuspecting masses, throughout the centuries, for surreptitious clerical purposes.  It’s all about power and continuance of power for the ones that have held it since the very beginning.

Many generations of zealots have rewritten, added to and adjusted the Bible along the way to suit their own private hidden agendas. Naturally, politics has played a great part in the creation of this divisive volume. And of course any brave soul that dared to rebel from the ACCEPTED path of BIBLICAL RIGHTEOUSNESS usually ended up on a blazing stake in the market square; cremated alive in the sacred name of God’s great mercy.

Such was the sharp-edged clemency exhibited by the over-enthusiastic creators of this so-called ‘Holy Book’ of faith. In truth the spreaders of so-called ‘Love and Light’ have ultimately been the ones guilty of the most heinous crimes against humanity.

As a document of any type of official evidence the Bible would today, once again, be rejected out of hand as yet more misleading, sectarian hearsay and propaganda.

Don’t believe me? Ok – then rewrite it again as an alleged factual document, changing the names of characters and dates and places. Then present it as any type of accurate evidence from an historical position in court and see what happens next.

Belief will not suffice alone as acceptable fact!

The man-made Bible narrative of the alleged Jesus figure is also an inconsistent and highly perplexing account.

The Bible claims that this historically-controversial icon (who many scholars now declare never actually existed in an historical sense) spoke and taught many bizarre and irrational things, and often believed he was having a personal dialogue with evil spirits.

Furthermore, comments regarding what Jesus was claimed to have thought or said were apparently stated when he was ALONE.

This understandably poses the critical question:  How can statements, such as this, be reported in the Bible as Jesus’ own words when no one else was in the vicinity to hear what he said? 

How could the obscure Gospel writers ever have accurately known such things? Of course they never could have known such things and therefore were undoubtedly just writing down things in an allegorical fashion, as was popular for that period. This fallacy when logically considered gives evidence of yet more propaganda; more hearsay, and more fundamentalist spin that is supposed to be accepted without question as a matter of faith.

Would such eccentric claims stand up in a modern court, or do the faithful simply dismiss them with a fundamentalist flick of the wrist via saying: “Well the bible says so, therefore it must be true?”

Anyone claiming to hold evidence as a witness to an historical Jesus, with a birth date that occurred subsequent to the Jesus event, cannot possibly stand as a legitimate eyewitness to the supposed life of such a person. In such an instance they are merely passing down yet more rumour gleaned from others.  

Moreover, their words alone cannot provide us with evidence for any version of an assumed life chronicle of this figure. Any modern court of law faced with a similar scenario would throw out such alleged proof as simple, repetitious tittle-tattle.

Belief is not fact and faith is never unadulterated evidence!

Faith may indeed move mountains but it does not make massively indoctrinated religious visions into reality.

Faith – blind faith (of any religious persuasion), can also, destroy families, burn dissenters at the stake, murder staff at abortion clinics and plunge large aircraft into tall buildings.

Regrettably, there are some holier-than-thou zealots, even at the leading edge of our present day society that would have us return to the disturbing teachings and dangerous laws established in the Bible by the early thought controllers/mind manipulators that demand not a free democracy but a subservient theocracy run by intolerant priests.

Sure, 21st century society holds countless problems but returning to a dark age of religious fanaticism, dressed up as ultimate good, helps no one.

We must all be aware of the dangers of the fundamentalist acting on blind faith today, now more than ever!  

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