Alien ET Abductee/Contactee Ask What is Wrong with The World in 2012?

Alien ET UFO Community – TJ Alien Abductee/Contactee Asking What’s Wrong with People in this world in 2012? Let’s Shape up!

What is wrong with people? We are here on spaceship earth with other humanoid sentient intelligent beings as one whole entire species for a reason.

As much as I would like to think that we live in love and light only this is not the case. We live in an imperfect world with an imperfect species of humanoids whether we believe we were created by Supreme Beings, genetically engineered or simply created from some ooze out of the planet or star dust.

One of my favorite sayings growing up was “God doesn’t make no junk, people do!” Get it? Well, maybe we need to look at what we create as imperfect humans in an imperfect world. We may live on a small planet in a small galaxy compared to the rest of the universe but we sure have a long way to go. We have no idea where we are headed other than what our best scientists tell us. That is the way “WE” have set up this illusion as the critical mass mind as a collective conscious…

I propose that there is a new concept that we should adopt that makes more sense in the long run for our entire humanoid species on this planet.

I would like to propose that we need to raise our awareness to that of the awakened consciousness for the greater good of all humankind.

There is a reason we are all sent here to this planet and thus far the best words we can use to describe who we are is this. We have come up with that we are essence that is energy that is sent here for a purpose. We have pretty much decided in the spiritual world of thinking and being that we are sent here with a purpose in mind.

We share that we are all essence as a conscious energy that was sent here in a form of energy that is used as a body-mind-spirit having a birth-life-death experience together as one species on one planet.

We are learning about our own selves, our family, friends, community, culture, traditions, and we embrace our own greater good as the new global community with a new connection we regard as communication.

As we expand our awakened awareness of ourselves, our family, our communities, our countries, our continents, our oceans, seas, and our entire planet, we also realize we are more than just one species among many on one planet, in one galaxy, in one universe.

We now realize that there is much more out beyond the universe as we have now mapped the entire universe and we now believe it may be an oval shape among many that fit into various dimensions.

These dimensions we now call the following:

1.       Universe – Red

2.       Multiverse – Orange

3.       Metaverse –Yellow

4.       Xenoverse-Green

5.       Omniverse –  Blue

6.       Alphaverse – Indigo

7.       Omegaverse – Violet

There is also the Hyperverse which is divided up into four quadrants this allows us to add four (4) more dimensions as 8, 9, 10, and 11.

Then we account for this dimension we call reality we call 12.

One more is called the 13th dimension we forget about. We enter and that is the dimension we call dream state and lucid dreaming. We can escape this world of illusion or reality by sleeping and slipping into the dream world.

This dimension can be a healing dimension for our body-mind-spirits to heal ourselves. However, some who live in fear and paranoia can create a hell on earth when they sleep and have nightmares. Many who have been in combat and war develop fear and shame from killing others or seeing post traumatic memories. We add these two dimensions and that gives us a total of 13.

We are about our memories and what we shall take with us when we leave this world. We can create good or bad memories. Most of us know that whether in really life and the illusion we call delusional or in our worst evil nightmares. We can make good movies that create great memories or we can create bad evil movies that create bad memories. Which do we prefer as a critical mass population?

There are variations on this theme and concept which is being worked out in science and philosophy. There have been many world religions starter on earth since the time on the Gregorian calendar we now use. We also use to have a Mayan Calendar, and we have many other cultural and religious calendars.

This is just a basic general article to get out the notion that our future is about looking at what is wrong with this world from an overall perspective from outside our own world consciousness. This is what we do sharing the Theory of Everything in the Akashic Field or A Field.

There is another dimension we can create on earth called being lost spiritually in a black hole. Those who have ever known a bad addiction to something that they allowed to control their body-mind-spirit is like a dark entity that will enter their psyche.

This psyche inside our own illusions we call life on earth can be created of all that we don’t like or hold dear.  IF we are not in harmony we are in chaos and can be lost in a dark hole.

They say that anyone who is an alcoholic or an addict is insane. Go to any A.A. or C.A. meeting or even Sex Anonymous and addiction will make one abnormal and appear not sane.  It is said these people in therapy are mentally ill.

One loses respect for themselves. One will educate another about either a chemical or mental imbalance.  The reason these entities as people will do anything like alcohol, crack cocaine, marijuana, hash-hish, heroine, pills-drugs etc., anyway you get the idea, could be doing this to self-medicate and escape reality and life in general because they are not trained and educated how to live a better life in this world. It is easier to do this some believe.

However, one wakes up after a high, and may have a hangover, or be in withdrawal from the experience. 

It is time we wake up the world to the awareness that we are all here for the same purpose and that is to ascend. Ascension Age is about the awakened awareness that we are all here as humanoid intelligent beings and that we are not alone. That Alien Civilizations Exist!

The fact that we deserve and prefer disclosure of the Alien ET UFO Community and the Spiritual Community of the Extraterrestrials and Alien Beings is because it is a higher ideal and it is time.

As Lightworkers and Truthseekers of the Ascension Age are about not only Awakened Awareness of our spiritual consciousness and the golden age of cosmology but ridding this world of imperfections so we in the future can share our purpose about being here on earth is to create better or closer to perfect memories of ourselves.

Why anyone would prefer to create bad, dark, or evil memories is way beyond me and how I exist!

Love and Light TJ

Butterflies are a symbol of rebirth of nature and our own energy. St. Patrick’s Day or Fay Day as I  prefer to call it allows annually since 2012 all those who desire to cross over from their dark spirit to the light spirit! See photo above. I prefer Love to Hate, Light to Dark, Good Memories to Bad Memories, Light Feys to Dark Feys.


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