Alien ET Abductee/Contactee TJ Voicing Nordic/Grey Experiences as TAKEN UP

This truly is a new reality in preparation for the Ascension Age with not only the written work and word to be recorded in history but the voice of TJ an Alien ET UFO Contactee of the Nordics and Grays. TJ considers herself a normal human being with extraordinary experiences and has a message to share. The message is that alien civilizations exist and that the ascension age is upon us.

TJ is committed to this time on earth and sharing life experiences as a messenger of those above. TJ will be sharing her past, present, and future with us as a writer and speaker.

Taken Up is the compilation of various levels of life of one born on earth who has shared a life with guidance and direction from those above we call aliens and extraterrestrials.


A life’s work may be shared in books. One way to share another’s experiences is in writing. Another way is in radio interviews, and another may be in documentaries, and movies. 

Whether in the global community future I am known as a messenger of information for others is a possibility for open minded awakened awareness humans thanks to others like Dirk Vander Ploeg. Dirk has offered a way for others to find information while they are on their own quest for knowledge as they surf the internet. Dirk has created UFO Digest.

The information that I have been given seems important enough to our future on this planet to be considered life changing for me as a messenger who can step down and break down the information from the vibrational energy we receive as essences from those above. I know we can all receive information direct from those above we consider advanced beings, supreme beings, extraterrestrials, and seem alien to this planet.

It is my perception, feeling, and belief that we are all alien to this planet and I have been doing much soul searching. The logic that I now share can be heard soon on tape which was recorded on a radio show called “THE CHOSEN” on The humanoid male who requested a live interview from me as a channel contactee was Ron Mills of Columbus, Ohio. He went to a radio studio and used an engineer to archive my voice for posterity. I agreed to share information with him. It appears that I have a mission to share my message as only one being with a shard of truth as a modern day oracle for the ascension age.

The fact that I have been chosen as an Alien ET Contactee/Abductee makes others want to listen to what I may have to share. Some information when filtered may require an open mind if one has not heard what information is being shared with me to step down from energy vibrations into modern day English for my self and others to recognize as the changes to occur in this time and dispensation for us inhabiting earth. Is the information important? I believe it is to the global community among those who do not yet recognize that which is to change on our planet as the collective consciousness. We are all approaching a time when the critical mass conscious mind as the collective intuitive consciousness will change for the better of our humanoid species. 

We are all a part of the humanoid sentient intelligent being species and there are those who have lived before and will live again on other planets that are to be inhabited in the new future. We are those who share a collective conscious and make brilliant new discoveries about ourselves for the greater good of humankind on this planet and for our future in the cosmos.

I am writing my life story in this lifetime for others to find once I am no longer on earth to share in the live way of body-mind-spirit having the birth-life-death experiences we all share.

It is important for all of us to be connected and to be concerned about our one satellite spinning in space we call our home planet as Gaia and Earth. For all those who are welcoming me and my ways into their own lives as a friend on Facebook, this appears to be a way we can all find each other in cyberspace that has been made available to us all by another. This is the type of information that is life changing for us all.

We also have those who have shared their energy as radio talk show hosts such as Kevin Smith and Ron Mills that support our Alien ET UFO Community.

We have various television channels such as the History Channel, and the Green Planet, and Discovery Channel that share our documentaries and authors, historians, UFOlogists, folklorists, and those who follow our progress in life with the stories of the ancient astronaut theory and ancient aliens who are our ancestors.

We share websites on the web as the internet online in cyberspace for those who desire to know more about our humankind and how we compare our lives while traveling through space. It is important that we appreciate each and every player in this game of life. It is important that we all share that which we feel compelled and inspired to share with others who are like us on earth. We are all here to gain awakened awareness of our ascension being journey while we are here in what we regard as reality.

We can each all do our part and learn more about ourselves by writing and journaling our thoughts daily while we are changing with all those who are about the ascension age.

We are in preparation of the Ascension Age of 2012 & Beyond. I appreciate all those who have risen to the occasion of finding out how to be more, do more, and have more in our own sustainability as one group of humanoid sentient intelligent beings as one species which will be venturing out into space some in clusters together to share in the expansion of our kind to other worlds in the future!

For those who feel that my presence in their lives has assisted them in some small way I welcome you to the future in our lives as we share this UFO together. I mentioned UFO Digest and Dirk Vander Ploeg on the radio talk show called The Chosen last night with Ron The Navigator. Ron Mills stated to me afterwards on a cell phone call that  my live taped interview will be available to the world around Thursday. Here is the link for those who may be interested in hearing what I had come up in the field as my consciousness for others to hear:

We may benefit in knowing that me as an oracle for the ascension age may add some bits of information that some who are on planet earth may need on their own path and journey.

We are all here on earth to share our experiences and to inspire others into the future that we call The Ascension Age to officially begin December 21, 2012 at 11:11 universal time.

I agreed to do another live radio show with another on or about the second week in April. This radio show will also be available on blog radio and Itunes. We all do our part as we can. We are to go with the global community ebb and flow and I have learned to accept what opportunities come my way to voice my perception of my own consciousness in the field of life we call reality as the time comes. We are all here for a reason, a time, and a purpose.

Those who believe in those who have always been are considered creationists and believe in a God and/or Goddess. I am one of those who believe we are created by those above.

There are many higher levels of life in a vertical life we can all learn to adapt too as did our ancestors and forefathers in their time while on this planet in this place we call home for the time being. Be awake and aware of the fact that we shall return to our spiritual nature in contact with the all that has always been. 

The book TAKEN UP has a life all it’s own. This is but one part of it that allows me to continue my life story on this planet while I am still alive in body-mind-spirit having the birth-life-death experience with others of my own humanoids sentient intelligent being species. Thank you for sharing this time on earth with me and doing your part to make the world a better place for those who shall come after we have left this planet to serve in other lifetimes in other locations. We all can share love and light while we serve our time out here in our new discoveries of what makes us better souls. I plan on sharing more in the future if it is meant to be!  Love and Light TJ

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