Alien ET Contactee is Three Parts To Make a Whole Story of Seven Seals

TAKEN UP by TJ – part of the series

Reality Begins Combining One Part ET/One part Humanoid/One Part God/Goddess Essence

I am what is called in this space-time an alien hybrid. I believe we are all alien hybrids and would like to do my part to share why I believe this in this lifetime. 
My story may have several twists and turns from this planet to other galaxies and even other universes, planes, and dimensions. I may use portals and wormholes for travel.
The future and the past may cross one another in order for me to get my point across. 
This is going to be an adventure that I have been waiting my whole entire life to tell on earth which will soon be sixty earth years.
This story I have been writing all my life and waiting for this time, this year the one before 2012 to begin and write my story to be completed the series called The Seven Seals. Not all lessons I’ve learned to share but  a history of many lives in various states of being.
This first one is called “TAKEN UP” in the TJ series of life on this omniverse for I can venture no further as a time traveler in the future outside of this omniverse until I complete this lifetime and this story for others to find that come after me. I share my path as a storyteller.
It is hoped that this will become a screenplay for a movie so that we can all see what I see in all levels of life. We need something new to know and believe in and I believe I am just the one to share that, which is in all of our beings, essences, and imaginations if you will allow me to share that which I believe is inside of us all.
The truth will set us free!
We are told to seek our own truth and I shall share that which is mine that I have taken to be reality in my matrix.
My universal truths that are my deepest secrets of my own soul’s essence has come to be words I can use to communicate with others of my kind. That is the humanoid sentient intelligent being kind. I hope that others can find pearls of great wisdom in some of my shares, and others may find treasures that I did not even find through time while living my life. To each being who finds the time to read and share my story in this life I wish happiness, health, and prosperity to you and all that is yours that you meet. May we all leave this earth and all beings in a better way than when we arrived? 
My philosophy in life I learned from my mother, which is live and let live.
Mother passed away or died as she called it on May 4, 2011.
She wanted me to write my story and that was her last wish and desire spoken to me aloud. That was where we are in this present life. I miss my mother and had no idea how alone one could feel without this other person we call mother not being on this planet with us. I waited to late to write my story for my mother to read but maybe there are others out there who will want to read this story for her and for all their loved ones who have already passed over to the other realm.
We can absorb thoughts into our own and make them part of us for others who we touch throughout time. This I believe to be the one truth of unity in us all.
Readers will find parts of me and my story that have not been shared among my writings as they come forth in my story called TAKEN UP for UFO Digest. I will hope to make seven books of articles that will entail how this story came to be located on earth. This story is one of supernatural and paranormal sequences of events intertwined with what we once called a normal life on planet earth. That which is different from what is normal is what we call paranormal. 
How this story is told and unfolds is a human agreement with my not so human other self. I believe we are all-human and spirit as two parts that work synonymously to achieve a higher goal for our souls essence throughout what we call space-time. I believe we have two parts as conscious and subconscious that when combined with our super conscious we learn more about who we are, why we are here, and where we shall go when we leave this planet.  
The reality of who I am begins off earth.
That is the way I remember my original timeline or story to be told on this planet anyway. I cannot lie about my own personal truth because this story will be the one that defines me from all other sentient intelligent beings of my species.
I have had much encouragement by my peers and colleagues in this life as a paranormal writer for UFO Digest since August 2007. Peter Dirk Vander Ploeg of Canada created UFO Digest. Dirk and I share more than the North American continent in this world in this period. We share a calling and election made sure for our body-mind-spirits in this birth-life-death experience. We are soul group mates. He is male and I female. We both share a sense of belonging together and working toward the same goals in this lifetime. We are sharing the raising consciousness of our humanoid sentient intelligent being species of this cosmos.
How we came to share this calling and purpose is a story that each of us will tell in our own way. We each have a calling and purpose and this is what increases our fulfillment of being who we are as separate beings. There are many of us on earth and we are approaching the seven billion mark as separate units, vessels, and creations go in the body-mind-spirit class of humanoids.
Divine Supreme Beings of Ascension – Masters of this Universe
This story is one that is connected to others by their own interest in the alien ET UFO Community. 
We can all share our story without the messianic complex but knowing that others have come before to show us the best way to seek spiritual bliss in the future for our own love and light of fulfillment for our essence inside our soul. There is a way to know and understand the communication of the Supreme Beings that some call prayer and meditation. Prayer to send messages and Meditation to receive messages. Makes sense if one realized the human mind will only think one thought at a time no matter how many we categorize in our brain files we call the mind. It is the essence of life that we seek to create as the full spiritual bliss we call the elixir of life.
Spirit Fulfillment of what makes us happy. Tj was once a master who lived and showed what the elixir of life could be as water and bread of life. I share that energy of fulfillment and completeness in who I am by choice. Tj she was my mentor along with one called Jesus in this lifetime. Hard for many to understand that know of my life as a UFO Commander of the Andromeda Galaxy. Through these stories to be told in this day and time, a new era will be revealed and some of the puzzle pieces may begin to fit. Everyone wants to believe if forever , love, and happiness for their own soul don’t they? I am no different. I want the best memories I can create to take with me in what our ancient ancestors called paradise. Tj is my initials in this life but are used for the Supreme Lord of this universe among the many Supreme Masters who I am told and shown I address in this lifetime as the Ancient Ones.
Some who are called Lightworkers are said to be their angels upon this earth at this time. 
There are ancient ones on this plane of existence that left us stories of wars in heaven or what we call stellar space. We may just now awakening to the fact that some of these past stories we thought were legends and myths around the world in various continents and countries were part truth.
 Just as my stories are real to me, I have my own humanoid filters and choice of words that are atypical of one storyteller telling the tale or story. It is up to the reader to define for themselves what is truth and what is myth, and what will be come their own legacy they will leave behind for others to find. 
I for one was brought here to this planet in the same was as most humanoid beings.
I was born here. I have all that I need to prove that I am human with a birth certificate with my name as Theresa Janette Thurmond and my date of birth being Dec. 26, 1951 at 12:03 PM. I know I was born at exactly noon on that day and that it what it said on my crib sign when I was brought to the nursery. I still have that crib card in my baby book.
We are almost 60 earth years old in this lifetime.
The story I am about to share will be one that many will not want to believe or accept and that is okay with me. I am the one telling the story, I have lived my life, and if I die today or tomorrow, I die fulfilled. We all have a purpose and mine was to make sure that those who needed to know about the Ascension Center Enlightenment and the shift and uplift of our consciousness for our entire species was to happen is in place. I was to be here now in this time of the end of one era and the beginning of another. We in the past have referred to this as the end of the Mayan calendar along with many other cultures who have kept calendars and dates in time.
My story deals with what we call space and time together in what we call space-time.
Some of what I know has not been challenged yet to be proven as fact in science. This may assist some who desire to know more about how the circle of all time and eternity can be affected to bend in space in the omniverse. I bring to a space-time that which I have always known about all of us and that is that we are more than one we are two with a connection to a third. 
I do not want to lose anyone and do not mean this maliciously I mean this with the utmost love and respect of a storyteller for one’s readers. There is a certain respect we all have for each other and that respect is for each other’s soul’s experiences.
I am told that I am a soul in a ninth (9) level of existence and it has been a driving force in me to find all these various levels and pieces of my spiritual essence so that I may return back to my original soul in this universe so that I may go forward in time into the future with all the wisdom, and knowledge, as my own taken talents, gifts, and resources to the higher levels in space-time.
There is the older part of me that is called my past life reincarnations that have been filled in as memories inside my brain. For now, neuro scientists do not know how we can have memories from past lives. They are just now trying to fit their findings to that which is said to be the door in our minds or the portal to our known existence not just on earth but in space.
Many of you may not follow the path of the essence of our souls and our minds inside our brains but this has been my quest and a major part of my purpose to return to from where I came. I have always had this feeling of wanting to return to our home in space in a place that was much grander than life here on earth.
What I have memories of are the various levels in time when I came here to assist others of my type called humanoids. This was a choice I made in the past in one or many of my past returns back to the place I would refer to as an ancient past setting with Kings and Queens and Scribes, and those we call Guides, Teachers, Priests, Priestesses, Angels, Guardians, Warriors, and so on and so forth.
Many various positions in life we can share in the memories that were created for us in pictures like those we relate in addition, in what we now call a Tarot Deck of cards.
This may not be the best analogy for those who are spiritual and religious but it is the best I can come up with at the time I am writing this for those on earth.
I use the Tarot Deck to this day to use as tools with my divination talents, which I believe, are God and Goddess given and shared.
The best way I can describe my life on earth is shared with those above who originally created me.
Some in today’s time are learning about computers and how they think. If we take a brain and a computer hard drive filled with information weighing about the same, put them in a black box, and are able to address both and receive an answer, we may not know one from the other. Meaning we could create a scenario or experiment that would deal with what is wisdom and knowledge and where do we gain this information from other brains or other computers. 
We may in the future be left to our own defenses for survival and this way of knowing may be all we have to tell whether we are humanoid sentient intelligent beings or highly sophisticated computers with no soul essence.
Casey Anthony exhibited no remorse for killing her daughter Calyee Marie Anthony. This is how one acts that is in a humanoid body with no spiritual essence attachment to their past or future soul’s progression. We do not want this type of behavior of our future children on this planet. 
For those of you who desire to follow my future story one earth, it will be on various parts of this universe, multiverse, metaverse, xenoverse, and omniverse. I am not allowed to travel outside of this omniverse.
This is also the third and last part of my calling and election made sure in the story that is mine to tell. I was born elsewhere with memories in other times and places in space. I will do my best to use words already created on earth to detect the time line, space, dimensions, and planes of existence for those who just don’t want the story line but the scientific facts that can be worked with in their lifetimes to become educated about what is more than we presently reveal to others. 
We want compassion, empathy and love for our fellow humankind on this planet. Sharing the avatar ascension awakening awareness in us all is our chosen elixir of life with love and light to show us the way back to our past, and future through our time spent in the presence.
That is the telling of my life and memories that are involved with this world in this omniverse that are called, “TAKEN UP by TJ”
Help me create that which we can all share that is for the benefit of us all as what we bring to humanity together as unity for the entire universe, multiverse, metaverse, xenoverse, and omniverse.
Save  Spiritual Salvation though our shared wisdom and knowledge we call ascension centered enlightenment. Do not be ashamed to stand up for what is good and right about our future and for our children who will follow us to this world. This is the END OF AN ERA!
December 21, 2012 is the beginning of the NEW ASCENSION AGE! – Until the next story to share is presented to me to share with all, I remain a humble servant to the world and word of the Supreme Beings as a channel some call a story teller. Love and Light Eternally TJ

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