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Alien ET UFOs Tracking Abductees and Contactees Mental Capabilities.  Maybe everyone and all!
We are all special and we are all changing. While we are in this time of change on earth am I to believe that alien ET UFOs are tracking abductees and contactees. Are we all so specific that we are to be tracked during our lifetimes while on earth? 
Scientist and Energy
Our universe is only one inside a multiverse inside many dimensions we call the Metaverse, that there lies inside the unknown Xenoverse. where all levels, places, planes, dimensions, in time, and space time exist inside the macrocosm we call the Omniverse. 
I share that we can tell the difference in real time reality, dreams, and virtual reality. We are aware of avatars we create on computer and those who appear from an unknown origin in space.
We can all create our own worlds inside our own minds. Our memories will be what we take with us in our future. We will now learn that science will prove this while using computers and robotics who can share our thoughts and some will want to share in immortality.
We are now advancing our minds and ways of thinking to believe we can store our memories inside computers and scientists will have us believe this is out we are to spent eternity and our immortality. There will be many who will profit from this new way of believing. 
Will humankind accept that we have no spiritual soul essence but are simply our memories? This may be something we should consider sharing in the future here in our ET UFO Paranormal Community. Sounds like a paranormal topic evolving to me. Could this be where the aliens who are malevolent want us to go? Is there truly benevolent ETs out there who want us to have no part of sharing the future without our true soul’s essence? We have some new developments in this awareness ascension age of believing in our future.
We have some decisions to make as to whether we will hook up our brains to these computers that will store our memories for us in the future.
Was this what we were not allowed to know about in the past? What is this new technology that allows us to be remembered as memories and recreated as computer chips?
I knew about becoming one with bionics and I knew about the future dealing with computers. I know that the ship I was accustomed too was one that seemed very humanoid to me. But, Gus knows he is created by the creators who are superior in intelligence and are humanoids the same as we all are on earth. This now concerns me that we may make the same mistakes we made in Atlantis in our ancient history. 
Well, there I go, mixing up my readers into my various worlds of memories! I will ask all new readers to go back and explore some of my articles on UFO Digest to explore where we have come in the last three years. I know it sounds like homework but there is a way to research all the levels of thoughts we in this ET-UFO-Community have grown and learned to  share parts of our memories as stories. We have been a social network for a very long time even prior to Facebook and Twitter.
Life on earth is changing so fast we feel that we are here to share in the shift and uplift of our humankind on this planet. We have some parts of us that are simply earth, and other parts that are simply, well, spiritual essence energy. We try to share our thoughts with others so we can all make sense of it all. We have come to accept many who are called Ancient Alien Theorists and Exopolitical Advocates. We have those who simply want to be UFOlogists, and others who want to share their interest in UFO Sightings and news of sightings. I for one am an advocate that alien civilizations exist and I believe in the ascension center enlightenment of Lightworkers who are born of starseeds here on this planet. We all have something to contribute including all those of the metaphysical historians. Some of us are about the secret societies and the mysteries of life on earth and in space. We all seem to find common ground to become acquainted here on UFO Digest. I even started a few websites including one called which shares a lot of other websites and writers of the social paranormal kind.
Paranormal Social Networking
I take for granted that all those on earth who have reached adulthood with a general high school level IQ can as well. We should all continue exploring all our mental possibilities as we sharper our minds with knowledge and memories of this planets culture and history. I strongly recommend that we could be here for a purpose, which is to advance our own mental capabilities. 
What if everyone is being monitored on earth for whatever reasons in order to perform further functions in other worlds and dimensions? I believe this is part of who we are and why we are here. Our prior ancient alien theorists may agree based on our prior written versions of our ancient ancestors who came to earth prior to us arriving here. Many of us are simply the recreations or seeds of those who came before. Some of us truly believe in reincarnation and those who do not are seeking and searching out the truth about who they are, why they are here, and where they will find themselves when they leave this planet.
Many of us are following the latest developments on the newest discoveries on earth regarding the UFO sightings, as well as, the ancient artifacts found by today’s archaeologists and anthropologists. We all have a bit of Indiana Jones in us and we love to learn about a new movie for us to share and learn about the future with aliens who are benevolent and superior to us all in intelligence.
I for one am a science fiction fan, grew up watching all the various Star Trek versions, and have never decided on a favorite Captain of the Starship Enterprise. But, part of me must live there as far as the imagination goes because so many of us on earth have learned to change into that part of our minds that can imagine the future similar to that of life in the future on a starship. We are all so similar in many ways, those of us who enjoy Science Fiction are always looking towards the future, and the time when we can all live in space along with all those we know truly do exist in other universes in space.
We can all become aware of how the present and modern world revolves and evolves with all of us present and accounted for in space and in this galaxy. I for one am examining all that we presently know and take for granted in space and in this universe. I am looking at the lager picture of the Omniverse and at the same time, I want to know more about my present world. I am learning more so I can participate more as a contributor to life as a writer. I have placed myself back into college courses to understand more about the world in which I am presently a part. Being that I do not interface much with other humanoids in the rural country where I now live, I have realized that I miss the interaction. In addition, I decided since I am going to obviously be called a writer in this lifetime that I had best learn the basics of what others expect of me who allow that term in their own lives.
I am considered an alien hybrid to some and an extraterrestrial contactee to others. Very seldom do I admit to being different to people in my life. Some figure this out on their own since I have never been the normal. I am tall for a woman and have white hair. I was born with thick long black hair and blue eyes. My hair turned to a light brown and my eyes turned hazel. I have through the years changed a lot.
Being that I am an older woman in my third quarter of life according to modern time calculations in age in years on earth, I find that I still do not know what I want to be when I grow up. There must be others like me because I see so many baby boomer age going back to school for a new education for a new career.
We could all be the latest reality of what life is to be in the future with all our new technology and modernization of communication of knowledge. We can now share more of who we are and where we are. We cannot replace body parts and we can create test tube babies that may outlast all those who have visited earth in prior times.
What if this is what life is all about for all the alien Ets that may be tracking us? I mean maybe what I know to be life that has continually been monitored all my life by others not of earth origin is actually the normal for those of us who are not blinded, programmed, in denial, or hypnotized at the time of our visitations.
I have questions like everyone else on earth. Some of us have time to think deeper and longer about the future and what evolved in space. Some of us are so caught up in simply making a living and providing for our immediate families, we do not have time to venture outside of our focus of survival. This is truly unfortunate.
What I have learned about those who are in the ET UFO Community is that they are open to interpretations of others thoughts and perceptions while we all are in observation mode with each other. I for one enjoy reading others articles in the ET-UFO-Paranormal genres.
I also have shared this lifetime with others who are about learning about energy and spirit. The energy that we are now investigating as that which never dies that we call spirit is part of our alien ET UFO Community. Reason being, we cannot exist without this energy we call spirit and yet what I have learned is that we can be placed into containers, vessels, as units on earth and yet we cannot be teleported like we all became familiar with on Star Trek.
We cannot teleport or rearrange our particles. We cannot transfer ourselves to a physical molecular level and be reassembled in the right order. This is something that we shall have to work on in the future. For now, we are taught that not anything with a spirit can be reassembled. We can recreate photos and images. We all know this here on this planet. What we cannot do is recreate a spiritual being. We who are in the future way of thinking are aware of time travelers. We know that in other dimensions that we can appear as spiritual energy but these are more like intelligence that appears as memories and in other words, while visiting another dimension we may simply appear as light orbs. This is to me, that which we can observe hovering over the crop circles. It could be that some of the time travelers from other dimensions are communicating in a form that we may or may not be able to understand.
We can all agree to observe, research, and investigate our critical thinking and logical way of creating words that can be understood by our ET-UFO-Paranormal Community.
Some of us are enjoying sharing and taking part in the articles, we share on UFO Digest. I have had many areas of life defined for me in my time spent with those we call Extra Terrestrials.
There are parts of me that enjoy spending time writing and other parts of me that enjoy learning in class and doing homework on computer. There are those who watch us from a higher plane and we should all remember that we are never alone.
If there is one thing I have learned from my alien ET experiences is that, we are always being watched and never alone. Does this mean alien Ets are tracking us? Probably, but I leave this up to each individual to decide. I have my own suspicions based purely on my own experiences. I have shared many in the past based on my own lifetime thoughts and experiences. These may be only my perceptions and projections while in this dimension. I look forward to dreams and sharing energy in other forms of being in this lifetime and others. 
Faith may be about knowing there are superior beings in our present life and future. We shall all share other parts of our minds as memories and those which we shall create in the future. It could be that we will reappear in the next life inside the world we create with others who think similar to ourselves. 
We could all be traveling in soul groups just like the prior occultists and metaphysicians of the ancient mystery schools believed. It may be time to compare all the old religions and superstitions of the old Shaman Healers of earth. There could be something to our old frame of mind, which carried over our old stories and myths of our ancestors. People say that I have some good ideas about life and should be a philosopher. I have a long way to go in the academic world way of thinking before I could be classified as a philosopher. For now, I enjoy sharing thoughts of the paranormal genre and write because I can. Those who follow my stories seem to be interested more in me because of my experiences that are rather unusual or extraordinary in nature. The fact that I was a contactee with memories from an earth age has some twists and turns in my life while here on earth. What interested me about life is what happened to me in other worlds and galaxies with memories as real are this lifetime and yet some were like dreams that came from the beyond. I am learning to share more of the weird and unusual about me since people want to know more of the particular experiences while on board ship or in the Andromeda Galaxy. I tend to believe that the Egyptians were not as bad as a civilization and were simply using what they had been taught to make order out of chaos. Why there were not more technical findings in that period is beyond my capacity of understanding. Maybe some things are simply removed from each period in thousand year increments of memory for our humankind so we can come up with new thoughts and ideas.
Maybe this is our part in this level of existence, meaning we are here to create memories to last forever.
 Love and Light.  – Provided for your information regarding Andromeda Galaxy. TJ,

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