Alien ET Paranormal Magick

By Theresa J. Thurmond Morris 

ET Paranormal Magick & Quantum Time of the Future is to be Embraced.
Take the illusion out of magic and what do you have? Take the ET out of UFO and what do you have? The real world delusion of what we see is magic. That which we cannot see that is real is called magick with a “K”.
Paranormal writing has many facets besides the occasional vampire, werewolf, and ghost. Those of us who have branched out into the entire metaphysical world also embrace the world of extraterrestrials and UFOS.
I have had to ask my spirit guides for a break from my energy that I believe is connected to the Akashic Field. There is always a connection to the outer of our world to the inner world in which we call our own personal body-mind-spirit. There are now neuroscientists, psychologists, scientists, and engineers that find a new wave of energy in the vibrational energy that is real in this universe.
We are beginning to recognize more than the occasional coincidence, serendipity experience or what we call déjà vu. This God Particle and neutrinos, as well as, Nano-particles are becoming a major part of our world with the understanding more of metaphysics, and particle physics. Some of us also dabble a bit in quantum physics. 
It takes a larger and broader mind these days to embrace and attract that which we want to know more about that was once called magic and magick.
We can now relate to the five rings of existence as the universe, mutiverse(polyverse), metaverse, xenoverse, and omniverse. These five rings are also represented in our ancient culture but were not understood in recent times. 
Atlantis always had challenges in fives (5) in their games and share the five outer rings of the entire existence in space with their symbolic five rings to protect their ports while on earth. This has been shown in past artists renditions that were able to tap the energy source in the Akashic Field. This is what scientists such as Ervin Lazlo call the “A-Field”. The energy that expands can be compared to the waves that expanded throughout the ocean from the tsunami that happened in Japan. There were five major waves that expanded from the epicenter.   
The Magick with a “K” at the end is more about that which was taught throughout the ages as the “Ancient Wisdom” and the “Ancient Mystery Schools”. We know that from our old Bible stories that the greatest metaphysician was Solomon and the second time was Jesus Christ. Both were great in their own time and their names are still with us today. This is real magic of the ancient mysteries, which lies formant in all aspects of our world in what we call words. A word can be very powerful and one never knows what words will outlast another in time on earth. 
Nowadays, we can look back at all that we believe we collectively know as accepted normalcy in society of today’s time and make a general statement about who is the greatest metaphysicians and I would venture to say that they are still those who from the heavens came meaning the extraterrestrials.
How we all relate to the future in time will change based on what our former metaphysicians, astronomers, sages, seers, shaman and oracles have left us to think about in our future worlds.
Working in the world of the paranormal allows us to venture into that which some in fiction writing call a particular genre of science fiction, which also involves the world of science and that which the mind can envision in the future. Our technological advancements spring from our imaginations and those would be writers of the future will all come from that which lies inside of us as inspiration. 
Inspiration for those who desire to become paranormal writers will do well to learn about themselves on the inside and then how they can each affect their own world on the outside. We are all about being ourselves as body-mind-spirits. We each as humanoids have a life given to fill with whatever we choose in the time we are allowed to be what we call alive on planet earth.
The future paranormal writers will be discovering the vast energy and expansions in that which we call the void in space. What we decide to fill it with will be considered matter and antimatter both positive and negative. The future vibrations of all that come to earth will recognize our efforts now in what we call energy.
The energy that we put forth now to others and for others is of our own making and choosing. This is why it is so important to recognize how we each have a part to play in the “Game of Life”. We may all come to earth in a body-mind-spirit and know that we were born, we live on this planet, and then we die. That which we claim as our own that we recognize as matter in our own world is that which we each create and recognize as our own doing. We can all change that in our own lives that we do not want or like for whatever reasons. We must all take part in the future of learning how to discover more of our own selves in that which we call inspiration and imagination.
There are many of us who are paranormal writers that share in the beginning of created energy. We all are connected to each other both inside and out. It is hard for many to grasp and the only working word that I have learned to describe this connection is what we now call spirit. Spirit that is inside of us and we know that when a person dies that the spirit leaves their physical mind and body.
I would venture to say that this is also true of extraterrestrials since it is in our ancient mystery school teachings that we are created in their own image. Some in the Ancient Alien and Ancient Astronaut theory way of thinking are now considering that our past does deal with those stories that famous authors such as Erich von Daniken, and Zechariah Sitchin were onto something with their own theories and findings of fact about the ancient ones who came to earth. How we in the future decide to share their stories along with all the latest we share on the discovery and history channels is allowing us to all share some of our own paranormal decisions about our past.
The past of the ancients will always be a large part of the back-story in anything we as paranormal writers can share in the future. This is why it is so important to learn that knowledge is power and that the ancient mystery schools of wisdom was not only for the clergy and metaphysicians but should be shared as that which was kept from the public in the past.
It is now time that we learn what all the excitement is about in life that the younger generations are attracted too on earth in the paranormal genre.
There is more to this world than knowing our present daily lives and the ancient past is very important to knowing our own back-story of our humanoid survival on earth.
We are finding out that there are now archaeologists finding skulls over 196,000 earth years old and we once thought in the 20th century that we couldn’t be more than 5,000 years old comparing our lives to the pyramids and what those who once lived and thought must have been correct.
We are now learning to rewrite history into that which may possibly include the energy that we know exists inside of us all and that connects us all but we have yet to put a legal description onto it other than the spirit that from those above such as God has created here on earth.
It is time we begin our new level of existence that will embrace the ancient of days as well as the new beginning that officially begins December 21, 2012 at 11:11. 
The quantum time is going to have to be more accurate than our atomic clocks and our quartz crystal time in the past as we recently found out with the natural devastation that happened in Japan. The earth was slightly knocked off its axis and time was. We can share in the future in our writing some words. Some already share this energy as the Avatar Masters who have came before. Some of us are from the future. This will all be explained in time.
In life that which we first share as innovation and inspiration may be found in our imaginations for gaming and entertainment. Below are some descriptions that were shared with me and I am sharing them for those who desire to expound on their own creations in the paranormal working world. We can all learn to create our new worlds with role-playing, which is now a part of our cyberspace culture, and for many of our children on earth there is much that is shared in real time as role playing and learning about energy in games.
Many people believe that role playing is bad for the soul. I disagree. As long as we share the reality versus our virtual reality guidelines and rules.
For that reason I shall add some people who share their talents with the paranormal role playing world in which we presently live and exist. I share this simply because it exists and is part of our lives whether we desire to look at role playing as part of our world or not it does exist. There will be future mysteries revealed in our AVATAR MISSION STUDIES. We teach and we learn as students. We are all students and teachers in role playing here on earth. I have never been into the role playing or Dungeons and Dragons as I was already an adult when I learned of this world among children. I place it in the same world and reality as the Harry Potter stories which I enjoyed from J.K. Rowling. I have never written fiction but hope to be able too in order to share some of my time travel explorations of the future and the past lives I am acquainted with in memories.  I use the following references as simply a way to share that which in the future we can create in the outer realms of our existence. We can then share this with our science fiction fans in the sci-fi genre we create along side that which is our reality in the ET UFO Community. We shall simply make note of that which is fiction and that which is non-fiction by our editors and publishers on our blogs and websites in cyberspace. We now have to know that the division is important for all of the virtual reality we are creating in cyberspace with those who know of the ET world.
We will be sharing the future and ancient past in the present as we begin our journey forward after December 21, 2012 with those who will come to earth.
In the past, our energy has created the positive and negative. Some will classify the role playing we now have in this world as a negative thing and I believe it is good for the imaginative portion of our brains to connect new pathways. We will learn both the positive and negative as tools for learning. Being creative can embrace our greatest expectations and our fears of the unknown. Some people engage in allowing others to benefit from learning life lessons in role playing. This is a controversial time for those in the ancient mysteries of spirit versus those in the clergy spiritual belief systems. Now is the time for all those who have logic and reasoning of the way we all should be, do, and act to come forth and voice their new opinions in our role playing games that will become more popular than Second Life in the future. 
There is a whole new world coming in this world the likes we have never seen such as the movie industry can’t even fathom. The movie Avatar and Tron were not real but some of our greatest thoughts are not considered real either. The learning of what is real in our minds will be hard to explain to those who are not of this world. I know from experience. Sometimes our fantasy and commercials like movies are seen as real to the extraterrestrials who are more logic than imagination. That is why our books are so cherished on earth. Hard to believe but our books in the past were seen as our reality. More on that later. For now, experience that which some of us know is fantasy but read it from the place of being from another planet and a place of logical thinking and one can see that it is a very hard thing to decipher that which we consider reality from virtual reality and this will become harder to do in the future on earth.
Discover the Diverse Denizens of the Realms
Encounter reclusive avariel, arrogant Calishites, noble centaurs, and bold Rashemi. From the steppes of Thay to the shores of Evermeet, the inhabitants of the Realms are as distinct as the regions from which they hail, whether hero, henchman, villain, or villager. With complete information about the noteworthy races, subraces, and ethnicities scattered throughout Toril, Races of Faerûn offers a detailed look at the many and varied peoples who inhabit the Forgotten Realms game setting.
* 80 new feats 
* 26 new magic items 
* 8 new monsters 
* 9 new prestige classes 
* 13 new spells 
To use this accessory, you also need the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting, the Player’s Handbook, the Dungeon Master’s Guide, and the Monster Manual.
About the Author
Sean K Reynold’s recent credits include contributing to Lords of Darkness, Magic of Faerûn, and the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting. 
Matt Forbeck’s most recent credit for Wizards of the Coast, Inc. is the Stronghold BuilderÕs Guidebook. 
James Jacobs works in the Sales Department at Wizards of the Coast, Inc. and has contributed articles to both Dragon® Magazine and Dungeon® Magazine. 
Eric L. Boyd has written articles for both Dungeon and Dragon Magazines and is the co-author of Cloak and Dagger and the author of Drizzt DoÕUrdenÕs Guide to the Underdark. 
Source: Races of Faerun (Dungeons & Dragons d20 3.0 Fantasy Roleplaying, Forgotten Realms Setting) [Hardcover]
Sean Reynolds (Author), Matt Forbeck (Author), James Jacobs (Author), Eric L. Boyd (Author) 
Airy Gallop
You can run wherever your rider wishes – whether there is ground beneath you or not!
Alacritous Cogitation
You can leave a prepared spell slot open to spontaneously cast a spell.
You have finely tuned senses.
Aleval School
You have learned House Aleval’s fighting techniques, allowing you to deal damage that weakens your enemy’s physical or mental state.
Through long wear and hours of combat, you have trained your body to believe in its armor. Where others flinch, you confront. When the sword falls, your instincts, born of bruises and rent flesh, present your cuirass, cuisse, helm, or gorget to meet the blade at the perfect angle, causing it to skitter off harmlessly. Fighter bonus feat
Armor of Scales
You imbue a target with the protection of a dragon’s hide.
Art of Fascination
You claim descent from Kakita Wayozu, the first female Mistress of the Kakita Academy, whose art was so great it is said that she helped create an alternate world. First level only
Arterial Strike
Your sneak attacks target large blood vessels, leaving wounds that cause massive blood loss.
Artful Commander
Your troops are skilled at using unusual combat maneuvers.
Artisan Craftsman
Your artisanship is unique, imprinting every item you create with your signature style.
Artist (OA)
See Cultured Courtier. First level only
Your people are renowned for their skill at story and song. First level only
Ascetic Hunter
You have gone beyond the bounds of your monastic training to incorporate new modes of bringing the unlawful to justice. Although many of your fellow monks frown on your methods, none can doubt that your diverse training has added to your ability to strike precisely and bring down your foes quickly.
Ascetic Knight
You belong to a special order of religious monks that teaches its adherents that self-enlightenment and honorable service grow from the same well of purity. As a student of this philosophy, you have blended your training as a paladin and as a monk into one seamless whole.
Ascetic Mage
You practice an unusual martial art that mixes self-taught spell casting and melee attacks to great effect.
Ascetic Rogue
You have gone beyond the bounds of your monastic training to incorporate new modes of stealthy combat. Although your fellow monks may frown on your methods, none can doubt that your diverse training has improved your ability to strike precisely and bring down your foes quickly.
 (and so on)

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