Alien ET Psychic Angel Experience

by Theresa J. Thurmond Morris 

Life on earth with alien ET UFO visitations has been the norm for me. Therefore, I became an investigator of life. I suspect that my whole life was guided and scripted for me. I am telling the truth that takes on various levels and stages. One might say as I learned about life in general. I would also add in the flavor of the insight of my experiences to make my own world logical. Here is a quick story of a day in and night in my life.
I am still on a path of enlightenment and tell others we are all here for a purpose. That purpose is to become more through our own learning process through experiences. We all learn by association and participation in life.
How I became a Psychic Medium and Spiritual ACE Guide as a Lightworker and Truthseeker is due to my life with alien ETS. I know this now. My own mother does not believe in my lifestyle but accepts that I am a well-known psychic. People lately have been asking me in emails what happened to the psychic. They want their spiritual psychic stories back on earth. I have been busy being a caregiver to my husband Tom. I have him back at home now and am not sure for how long.
However, I shall begin my stories again of my reality along with my historical novel of Allie with the TAKEN UP series of books.
The friends of ours who we call the Supreme Beings who are my guides above have always been my friends. They have sent me material and physical guides throughout my life on earth. Many people who are advanced enough to have studied the New Age Metaphysical Schools will know about the Secret Societies on earth as well. There are various secrets kept on earth and my journey took me to explore those who were called freemasons many long years ago.
Many of my adventures that I thought were not related to my life with the paranormal and aliens and ETS were actually preparing me for my future.
Those who know me as a Psychic Medium have wanted me to return to sharing my energy and to share my schools about dreams and what I receive.
I cannot imagine much on my own and I did not realize that I was not that imaginative until I began writing my first story called TAKEN UP. I have seven books written but they are all non-fiction and available through They are all about my experiences on earth with what I thought at the time. They are like my journals and now they are behind me and I can move forward. Much of what I had written on UFO Digest was shared in them. Many of my articles were shared and what I was thinking at the time. Things change and so do our thoughts. Thoughts are things. Many of my friends are authors, and producers. Many are publishers and many are from all walks of life with family and friends one can see on Facebook and Twitter.
I think about so many things and at various levels of the mind. This is what I soon learned lead me to understand TIME TRAVEL.
I did what I call phase spacing yesterday without any prompting. I did it while I was driving my husband into our rural country town. I am familiar with the road and all its winding curves. Nevertheless, when I got out on the main road Highway 231 of Ohio County, Kentucky it happened. Just like when I use to drive a truck over the road. I was back in Oahu, Hawaii. It only lasted a few seconds. 
I could drive just fine and knew I was on the road but I went to a place that is like self-hypnosis. Many of you may have experienced this when you are fatigued and are driving or just do what many do called daydreaming. This can be considered a form of hypnosis or it can also clinically be called hallucinations or small seizures. It depends on whether you buy into the psychology of the education and how our minds truly work. 
I for one was always interested in psychology but many did their best to discourage me since they felt it was not a science. Just this last month while Tom was in the hospital a Doctor who is very well liked in the hospital saw my psychology text book on a table next to Tom ‘s bed. He asked who was reading it. I told him I was. 
He said, “Well you know who invented psychology don’t you? Psychologists so they would have a job. There is nothing to that you know. If you are going to spend ten years of your life then study neural psychology.”
I thought that was rather odd for a doctor to share this with me. I did not go into any of my past lives, or what my interests or experiences were with the man. Tom likes him and that is all that matters to me is that he takes care of my husband.
I began as any normal WASP in the U.S.A. I did as I was told as a child, but after becoming an adult, and my four daughters were teenagers, I began my real search and investigation about life and what I was experiencing on earth that was paranormal.
I did think to myself about all the years I had put into paranormal psychology that included all the many thousands books I had read and I soon came to the conclusion that all I had read about psychology and the mind came down to classifications of how we think in the realm of what the “Normal” is supposed to be. What is normal is the main question most adults ask themselves these days. We are all being sold to take medications we do not need so that those investing in pharmaceuticals can increase their assets. However, some chemicals that are mind and body altering for blood pressure and pain do assist us all. I am not endorsing products here though.
It appears that me being one who has had these alien ET experiences is asked to share based on my Guides way of moving me and us along the path of enlightenment. That was what I gathered from all the years of being on earth with my super natural paranormal metaphysical and mystical experiences.
Most people who know me around where we live simply know me as a writer. They know I along with Tom was writers in the local paper for five years. They have seen some of my artwork but mostly Tom’s in town. They have no idea that for the last three years I have been writing my paranormal articles for UFO Digest
I have learned that there are various styles of writing and many people who desire to know various things in their lives. For some, I have become sort of a teacher with my writings. Some days I hit a topic they want to read I suppose. We have many writers on UFO Digest. Because I have so many interests and have studied for so many years, I suppose that there are many who have shared my path, which I reported I would begin as a writer on the Internet.
Once I got a cell phone from an older man who lives here in Kentucky. He seemed to know me and when I answered the phone, he said,
“Theresa are you okay? I have not seen your article this week. Your website for Theresa Morris is down.” He caught me off guard and he sounded so cordial as if he had known me all my life. I said, 
“Yes, I am fine. Who is this?” 
He told me his name and said, 
“I am just one of your readers. I am one of your followers. You began telling us a long time ago about the treasure hunt and path of life, you were going to share with others and I began reading and searching for your articles then. You began your own about five years ago in 2005 and I have kept up with you since.”
I was startled and amazed to say the least. He was one of the important ones whom I began personally writing for. He went on to explain that he found me through being a psychic in Kentucky and decided to follow me since I was giving free spiritual advice on line. I never thought of myself as a commodity but in a way, I guess I am.
I do give free spiritual advice but it is not something that I think abut or take questions from my readers about. Some of the topics that I write about are sent to me in e-mails and I do not mind being prompted about some of the questions in life. We all have questions in life and just because I choose to be a writer does not make me an authority. However, too many, who would be writers, they like reading my articles and if I do not write at least one or two a week they become interested in what is happening in my life. That is so sweet. Since we now have Facebook and Twitter, people can put a quick input into their files for others to find and peruse at their own convenience. We have all become more personal with these tools and social networks.
What I became aware of on in my life that I have many circle of friends that in the past never met each other on the same energy vibrations or physical topics of interests. That was because I had so many and never did identify with only one genre in the plethora of the world’s many fascinations. My advice to all is to learn and explore all art and science on the path to enlightenment.
We all have lives and some of us who chose the trail of the road less traveled as what was once considered the not normal flow of topics are now learning about each other.
The combination of some of the best writers in the world has not only studied the west but the east. We are all about the global community and sharing our individual thoughts about life and what it entails for us all. We are raising our consciousness to allow for others input into our own lives. We not only share our individual family values but our friends.
Some of us are even welcoming others from around the world into our own lives here on the North American continent. I am in Kentucky, USA but thanks to the Internet and Google there are ways for others around the world to find me and to use the global translations to read my articles in their own language. I have seen many around the world and though they do not read exactly or translate the exact words the basic meanings in my sentences are there.
I cannot tell another if we are all predestined to become who we are and that our talents and skills are preordained as gifts. I have a hunch that we are all talented and gifted and that the spark of the Omnipresence is in all of us. As far as being a psychic is concerned, I tell everyone who ask me that we all have it just some of us do not choose to use it. Using our inner knowledge and awareness of others and the entire world is a challenge and a skill we can all master. We are all masters of our own worlds and the fate of our future is in our own body-mind-spirits. 
We all are here to share in the Ascension Age of Enlightenment. Sharing the path of how we all arrived to this place on earth is part of our time travel stories. We are all moving and traveling on the same orb in space. We are all going to have to learn that what happens to one will happen to the other for we are all connected synergistically.
I suppose the main ingredients of our future survival will depend on how much we care about our own common future good for the entire species. We must be more aware that there are beings are starving and are homeless all over the planet. We have children with no parental or family support and that includes WASP in America. I know I picked one up the other night a young woman and gave her a ride to her friend’s home. It was cold and she was shivering and went inside a convenient store where I obtained gas for my car. 
Her story saddened me so I told her about the Ascension Center Organization. She said there were so many homeless and hungry in Owensboro Kentucky that a woman had allowed some of them to pitch tents in her back yard. This young woman was white and black mixed she said. She was 23 years old and now a felon and could not obtain a job because of her record. She said, she was trying but that people were not out there or organizations out there that could help someone who had become a felon. She said her own mother was an alcoholic and she did not know where she was not but that her father was in prison due to burglary and drugs. I asked her how she became a felon and she said she got 3 years for accepting stolen goods from her own father. She had a TV that was given her by her father but she would not tell where she got the TV because it would have given him more time because at the time he was on probation. She admitted she had discovered crack with her peers out of high school but that she had finished her high school and received her G.E.D. while in prison. 
When she got out of the car, she said, 
“You know, I feel like someone sent me an Angel.  It’s like you are an angel you know all the way to the white hair and being a woman who just helped me and all that. It was like someone heard my prayer tonight because I had walked a long way in the cold and when it got dark, I still had a few miles to go to get to a place to stay with my girlfriend whom I met in prison.”
The home was nice with a white picket fence around it although she told me that I should lock my doors and to be careful because this was a bad area of town. I thanked her and told her,
“You know, I believe like you do. In angels, I mean. You keep praying and I can assure you that your prayers are heard. I believe in Angels too! Good night.”
She got out of the car and I knew that she had a sent me a message to share with others and she was my angel that night to remind me that no matter what I was going through alone with my husband and sitting late in ICU while worrying about my husband’s health and will I become a widow, there is always another soul that is on their own spiritual journey that also has rocks on the path. Stay optimistic and always remember no matter what our experiences we are not alone. We all have lives with experiences to be shared! Maybe there really are Aliens Among Us as Ruth Montgomery shared in her books. I also approve of Brad Steiger and his Star People.  I also liked Peter Dirk Vander Ploeg’s  book and his adventures traveling called Quest for Inner Earth. Maybe someday I will find my special calling as a writer and write that special series of books that can inspire the world such as J.K  Rowling did with her Harry Potter stories. Don’t forget to see the latest Harry Potter movie to premier Nov. 19.  One can hope! Do what inspires you!  I love the metaphysical world! Love and Light TJ

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