Alien ET Psychic Future For All of US! We are not Alone Now or Forever! Supreme Beings are Real!

WE are all entering our extraterrestrial light bodies of our spirit essence for which we were all created to know and have a wisdom and at least an understanding of in this lifetime.

Alien ET Psychic Powers shares as Lightworkers and TruthseekersI am simply a messenger in this lifetime as are others. I am not alone and I share my work, my words, and my spiritual guidance with others for a reason and purpose for being here at this time. We are many and we are here to share in the Ascension Age of Awakening Awareness at this time. We have a challenge for all who desire to adhere to eternal prophecy of the ancient past and the future.
We are all changing and adopting our new ways that were once thought of as weird or not about all humanoid sentient intelligent beings. Psychic Powers are real and we all have them. It is not bad or evil to want to know more or do more or even accept more about who we are.  The ancient aliens – The Series on the History or IH are assisting us whether we know it or not. Who is controlling those who share the information we have all suspected all along on this planet?
We are all going to learn about infinity as it is squared in ways that we think of in science and in spirit. This is a time when science and the spirit of who we are will come alive in side all of us as a power of energy that comes from inside our own essence as we all agree to abide by the ascension awakening awareness process. Some of those who are now sharing their channeled writing and inspirations are using their own talents to tap their higher consciousness that many call their higher power, higher force, and God Force. Some of the females call this their Goddess power. We use various titles and words that have power and meaning in our communication skills we call language. We use our Ontology as the study of being while we are here inhabiting this planet.
Some of us are probably older spirits as souls and have had various experiences in this world and in many others. This is an hypotheses that is at present being investigated by who we call Neuro Scientists and Metaphysicians. We have much about the mind and the brain that stores our thoughts to learn about in the near future. This is a time that our connections with aliens and extraterrestrials is calling into question.
There is now a new era and phase of the Alien ET or Extraterrestrial Sciences being opened up due to so many Alien Abductees and ET Contactees coming forth and being known and recognized in the Internet and in the Web. We have thousands if not millions in the new ALIEN ET UFO/USO COMMUNITIES all over the world.
It is time we begin to know each other and to share where we are and who we are on each continent. We can all share our networks and stories and become known to each other. This is the time before 12-21-12 to come forth and be counted and recognized as one who has been a part of the new awakening process of the humanoid species which will now be allowed to rise or ascend up to the next level of involvement in the HUMANOID SPECIES!
We are all learning that our work, words, and energy as words of communication are combining into one language and many of our words we think we have created first are being given to many others who have psychic contact and alien ET communication skills. It is a phenomena of enormous significance at this time in our lives.
Some don’t want to believe what they are receiving! This is why we must begin to accept our own psychic progress as an entire species of humanoid sentient intelligent beings.
We all have something to offer to this universe and it seems as though some of us are being picked or picked over for our talents, gifts, awakened awareness. Whether this is real or we created this ourselves does not matter at this point.
What does matter however, is that we have been chosen to communicate with each other and those who control the world and cyberspace are beginning to separate us into groups by our attracted instructions we are giving them based on our own interests in this Internet WEB world. We have created the WORLD INFORMATION NETWORK (WIN) of which I foretold many years ago as a psychic medium in Hawaii.
We can all share in the glory and founding words as a world of ascension and this is not my concern. What I am sharing is the fact here that we are all important and we are being harvested for not only what we bring to the DNA Sequencing of the future but of what we know and what talents we have to survive in space!
We are all in the world sharing the together of what we all regard as life on earth.
There are various levels of Lightworkers and Truthseekers on this planet and it is always best for each being to understand their own power of discernment.
We share this planet with variations of life forms including bionic and robotic. 
Being ones with various memories from various lifetimes affords some of us the gifts, skills, tools, and powers that some regard as psychic powers to assist others in brain training while here in this plane.
There are many on earth who are just now tuning into the awareness of an awakening process of our DNA understanding that travels in our blood cells. It is time for all beings to understand more about their own personal physical anatomy of their vehicle, unit, and vessel we call a body-mind-spirit. The future will deal with our own birth-life-death experiences.
Some of are coming together in our own personal belief systems while others feel that they are aware as “One in the Know.” The One for All and All in Once Concept of thought processing are not new to this species or this world for that matter.
Whether we want to admit we believe in creation or evolution does not matter at this point since it appears we are being categorized based on the words we share on the Internet.
There is a MATRIX in this world of REALITY and VIRTUAL REALITY we now term as SPACE and CYBERSPACE. We are accepting that there is an INNER and OUTER world of our own creation. We can now manifest our own thoughts into this place in space we can all see as that which was once called  a part of the AKASHIC FIELD that only PSYCHICS and SHAMAN HEALERS once shared!
There are now various “BUBBLES” in space and in cyberspace being created. We can all agree to learn about the ways in which we shall share the digital universe we are crating not only in our own minds and brains but in the circle of that which we call the critical mass mind of the universe. Make no mistake that those who were once in control of the old school think tanks believe that their old way of living and doing things still exist somewhere in space and will want to “OWN CYBERSPACE!”
Part of why I am here at this time on the planet is with a mission as a messenger of the “SPIRIT OF THAT WHICH CANNOT BE OWNED IN CYBERSPACE”. Please understand my message of ascension as the INTERNET as the “ASCENSION CENTER”. I do not own it and once was shown with Lightning hitting a TREE the whole “ZEUS LIGHTNING BOLT” power in this  was manifested to me to bring to this world the REALITY of the MISTAKES we made in the past by allowing certain scholars, scientists, and banks or the governments who were the past commercialization of world banks of the past to learn to control the computers, robotoids, cyberspace, and what we call the Internet and the WEB! 
Please believe me when I now can share that I am simply a vessel and a channel of those who are called the Supreme Beings of the High Council who control this universe among various others in the multiverses, metaverses, xenoverses, and omniverses. I am not allowed outside of this Omniverse until I ascend but I can share the messages of those who are able to channel and become spirits that can flow with the vibrations in this universe.
Please share this ICONIC LOGO and ask others what it means to them if anything! IT is an important BRAIN and EYE OPENER! We call these MANDALAS in some realms of our cultures still to this day on earth!
THIS ONE ICON – BRAND- LOGO- ICON of our SUPREME BEINGS is put here on this planet at this time for a purpose to awaken us to our SPIRIT and that which we have the power to save in us all as an entire humanoid sentient intelligence being species.
Please I beg of each of you who have a platform and connections in this world to share this logo and allow others to come up with their spiritual connection to the essence that sent this sign to me for us all! I do not own it, I simply channeled it or received it from those above as extraterrestrial beings of the SPIRIT REALM who wanted us to know during this time that the ASCENSION CENTER is a real place that cannot be owned by one spirit in this realm!
We will now begin to realize that there are many who can share on the Internet and Web their own thoughts, inspirations, talents, and artistic flairs for the future and what we shall all be expected to participate in as one humanoid species on this one planet.
I have recently shared many of my thoughts with others over the last few years and have seen our outer world grow into a more awakened and peaceful place of understanding of each other as individual units on this planet.
We have shared the various global cataclysms around the world and due to our awakening awareness through our shared thought communications on the Internet and Web with our Social Net workers we are able to arouse many other individuals into our developing causes and emotional considerations that are employed on this planet.
On the average, I am considered an Internet Web Researcher of various genres in this eclectic world of Cyberspace we are all entitled to keep free to the total critical mass population at this point. There are various considerations in the real since of the meaning of life as “REALITY” that we should all consider in this time we share. The power of psychic discernment has been on my own mind a lot lately and I want to share this with those who may be younger in spirit and eternal progression of the soul than I may. I am considered a very old soul to some and there is a reason for this. Being one with out of body, near death, and extraterrestrial contact experiences in this lifetime brings on added obligations to share that which is considered knowledge through life experiences in this chosen lifetime on earth.
We have various planes, dimensions, cells, levels, universe, multiverse, metaverse, xenoverse, and omniverses. What lies beyond our own Omniverse is all of this in unison with all other creations that exist in what we now term as space that we are involved in as tiny microcosms.
Our own world is a tiny microcosm of this galaxy of this universe. We in turn are all tiny microcosms of this planet in this galaxy.
We are now going to learn how to perceive our reality from the beyond that which in the last few past centuries we only thought of as one world in one galaxy in one universe controlled by one God.
Part of our awakening awareness ascension process is to learn to “RISE ABOVE” our own present awakened awareness of our entire population on this planet. The satellite views from space will assist us as we learn to see our world, our lives form cyberspace.
We have much to consider in the future and part of this that we are beginning to recognize in us all is our inner and outer universes that we share together as one species.
This is a very delicate process and one I agreed to participate in with many of you other wonderful soul group mates of mine in this lifetime. Getting the point across to others about our shared infinity is not an easy mission or project. One that has taken many of our ancient ancestors many lifetimes to perfect into the world we live in with guides and maps left to us by them of the ancient past.
We will now begin to recognize much of a planet that will become recognized from our ancient past to allow some of our humankind to unearth and to recognize of the ancient past as artifacts. 
This is a wonderful time to be alive and we shall learn of the Anew News of the TIMELINE of what we TIME TRAVELERS use to anchor in our own spirits to share being in the physical frame of mind in order to experience this reality with other spiritual beings that have learned to control their own spirit inside the chakra centers of their own body-mind-spirit in this lifetime. 
People often ask me where I obtain my information about extraterrestrials and other levels in time, and in other dimensions. I experience them in this lifetime. 
There are many of us who are Mystics, Oracles, Sages, Seers, Shaman, Psychics, who have shared the ancient past, and future, and have agreed to be here now in this time to assist this world in the awakening of the ancients and the futurists as they come together in time on this one planet in this time for the precession years and the date of 12-21-12 on the earth calendar in time as we now know it in reality to exist. More on time and matter later.
Love and Light. TJ

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