Alien ET Psychic TJ Channels and Dances with Clouds! Spiritual Intellectual Thoughts of Future!

I want to know how the future will change for all of us knowing that more of us believe in ET SPACECRAFT not ET UFOS and USOS. 

We are all apart of the future that will deal with this universe, multiverses, metaverses, xenoverse, and the Omniverse. 
Who and what will be beyond the outer all that we call the Omniverse? What is beyond the five various rings of this existence? Love and Light TJ
Welcome Extraterrestrials!
The entire world has a stake in the future! There are many topics that will change in the future of our cyberspace we call the Web and the Net. The Internet was created about 40 years or so ago and the Web about 20 or so years ago. We are now aware that they are both adults as in two generations of our lifetimes and approaching the third generation.
This generation as of today in this year 2011 will have no idea what it was like prior to the comp-uter age. Alternatively, the television and electronic gaming ways of this life. We will have our children knowing and understanding about learning on computers and electronic gadgets.
What is important about the future will be dealing with computers and electronics in all that we desire, want, and think we need. We best also remember that it is at this point in past ages when we began desiring more with our minds and less with our physical and spiritual bodies. We must learn to make sure the entire world appreciates nature and what is bionic. We are meant to rule this world with those who came before as humanoids.
Our global international rules are now more important than ever. Those who want access to a free democracy and free trade agreements have their own ideas, money, and corporate and special interests groups backing. Should the ET UFO Community be into politics?
We have taken on the world by storm around the world in what we call Exopolitics. This is about disclosure from all governments about what has been kept secret about aliens and UFOS, USOS, and Extraterrestrial Beings. We want to know what our ancestors knew that has been kept from the general populace in the name of government and religions.
Longevity of our age on earth may be important to our health and prosperity. 
Insurance companies seem to think so as do most large corporations and employers. We need jobs around the world and the Internet Communication Systems in North America have been farming our jobs over to less fortunate continents and countries. This may not be the way to go. 
Each country at this time on earth decides what electronic communications their people can have governmental access too. In the USA, we have our three divisions of government and our FCC as Federal Communications Commission. The television cable companies are finding out that the divisions for them are more advantageous than those on television that have been governed in the past. Systems and controls around the world are dealing with placing new codes along side our Internet Online Codes.
The North American Free Trade Agreement 
NAFTA was supposed to assist our continent during the European 20 countries founding and the recognition of the five (5) continent divisions of power. We have nation states, territories, and United Nations desiring sanctions and freedoms for all while others want to control the power in their geographic locations. The ET UFO Community has gone viral and global!
 Who and what will control this future?
Ascension Age Movement that involves the raising of conscious awareness of us all! 
We all need to be aware of the awakening of our entire global population and all those in power who desire to control the circle of think tanks and future information communication systems. Freedom of Democracy of the Global Economic Growth of our Gross International Products and Services will have to become the more important issues of all the world leaders. Who controls the world leaders be it old religious zealots or new business entrepreneurs seeking fame and fortune in controlling government positions will take center stage in the future!
There may or may not be a real Anti-Christ in our future but the reality is that the illusion in history has been written into our psyche and traditional and moral ethos and behavior patterns. The study of our minds in relation to the separate and collective spirit and essence of our new global felt scene is significant. 
I believe in our future and whether we have solar flares that cause natural cataclysms in the past is something we cannot control. Weather is changing our way of life, as is our raising of awareness of our environment. It is time to think more about sustaining our planet we are using now that was here for our ancient ancestors and will be here for our children the way we leave this world. We will all pass through this time, place, plane, and dimension, leave our mark on this plane, and time slot in this universe.
We should now control that which we can do something about for humankind. Sharing the knowledge of the Awakening of all humankind into the world of a middle class future for all should be a social and heartfelt bonafide cause for all. Not just the Spiritual and New Age Community. 
The ET UFO Community may open their hearts to all those who are interested in knowing more of the social behaviors of us all.  Being concerned about the technological and scientific side of our future is commendable. The younger of our humanoid species
have learned to muster in larger groups to make their voice heard. The future will see more of this and we should all be preparing for everyone’s future on this planet together/ 
How we think together in the future is part of the new global political process. Be awake and aware that everyone born on earth in the future in government will be seen as a vote. A vote for freedom and democracy or socialism and totalitarianism. Totalitarianism, a modern autocratic government in which the state involves itself in all facets of society, including the daily life of its citizens. A totalitarian government seeks to control not only all economic and political matters. Thinking analytically about disclosure of ET UFO.
Totalitarianism, a form of government that theoretically permits no individual freedom and that seeks to subordinate all aspects of the individual’s life to the authority of the government. Italian dictator Benito Mussolini coined the term totalitario in the early 1920s to describe the new fascist state of Italy, which he further described as: “All within the state, none outside the state, and none against the state.” By the beginning of World War II, “totalitarian” had become synonymous with absolute and oppressive single-party government.
We all are thinkers and those of us who share in the ET UFO Community tend to think more about the future. We are aging and changing. I am an ET and UFO witness. I know that extraterrestrials and UFOS are real. It is time we accept who we are and what we are about.
 Some of us may even be considered futurists. Some of us are journalists, reporters, writers, and some of us have even been investigators and had business and law enforcement backgrounds.  We all are changing every minute and every hour of every day. 
There are some of us who have a hobby of interests in keeping up with the extraterrestrials and unidentified flying objects. We all seem to be gatherers in general when it comes to sharing information and due to the latest technologies including social networks on the Internet online we are sharing more of our interests with others. 
The new buzzword in the marketing and advertising fields for business and making money is “VIRAL”. We are being told that what is cool, outrageous, and funny is what the public will share on their social networks with their friends on the Internet. This is a large part of what is capturing the New Audience and the New Media. I have an eclectic point of view about life and I love people, places, and things.
Wisdom comes in various forms and one does not have to have a doctorate in philosophy or be a rocket scientist to survive on earth.  One simply has to be born on this planet and have a healthy dose of survival to learn about life on this planet. However, it is important to think about and beyond only our survival needs of our body physical and mind. We need to know what drives our spirit to want to come to this planet and to know and become aware of our inner self as well as our outer self experiences. We must decide to know our inner spirit as essence of our souls. Our souls are eternal. This is the way of all that are awakening to their purpose and their soul mission on this -planet.
I tend to travel the road less traveled and share the spiritual path. This is based on all that has happened to me and made me interested in what others share from the time they come here as religions, culture, traditions, academic education, family values, and so on and so forth as our conditioning. It is this conditioning somewhat out of our control because we have no control at the time of birth as to what geographic location or social order and culture we are born into. We do not choose our parents nor do we have any control at the time we are born as to whether we shall live or die. 
This has made me look into much of what our world has to offer to our young. I am one who wonders about everything and I tend to look deep into the order of life and all of its meaning. What is life all about? Where will we go when we leave this planet? Who or what created all that we experience from our being and our senses. This experience has been all that I have truly learned from in my time on earth besides my own supernatural experiences. I have had many, to many they may seem unbelievable, and I am okay with not being accepted by others. I write because I can. I write because of my passion.
 My stories are my own and based on my experiences not my academic research. Some may not approve of this and I am considered intelligent and have always made A’s when I had time to attend university courses. I have decided to attend once again to sharpen my psychology field. Since I am approaching retirement, age for Baby Boomers it may appear as our lifetime on earth is over. I do not agree. I believe we at this time on earth are still meaningful and should continue to share our knowledge and information in communication to others. Whether others want to listen or read is up to them. Thinking analytically or separating our ET UFO culture into areas of expertise for varied beings interests may be the way we now want to go.
We can separate the complex material into elements for study and implementation. We can take the causes and elements and determine their causes. We can separate the causes from the effects. We can learn the causes from the results or findings. We can learn of the symptoms, observations, and discoveries of our various beings who are involved in the ET UFO Sightings and why. If there is a why we can learn if it has to do with our genome, genes, personality makeup, culture, or is just part of a thread of beings during the evolutionary process. 
Some who are adamant about the study of UFOS has been those who only want to know about the sightings. Some like me have been more into the extraterrestrials, which they are, which area of the universe they purport to be coming from and how this will change our future. I want to know more about the various beings on earth who claim to have some memories of other lifetimes and memories of other worlds. I want to know how the future will change for all of us knowing that more of us believe in ET SPACECRAFT not ET UFOS and USOS. We are all apart of the future that will deal with this universe, multiverses, metaverses, xenoverse, and the Omniverse. 
Who and what will be beyond the outer all that we call the Omniverse?
What is beyond the five various rings of this existence?

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