Alien ET Recap on Mu, Pangaea and Atlantis – Life Memories & History

by Theresa J. Thurmond Morris  

Three places we will learn were our beginning and they are Pangaea, Mu, and Atlantis. Earth has much more to offer us in the ancient past than we have discovered thus far while here. It is time to share more of the truth.

We as a species were originally seeded in space prior to these locations on earth. This allows our levels in procreation and in other places and in other spaces. It allows for other planes and dimensions in what we call time. We are here to learn about that which we already are a part of in a different place for different reasons. 

One might say we are in training the entire time we are here on earth from the time our physical, body-mind-spirit is conceived. To most on earth life is a gift. To some, they are allowed to leave and come back to serve others while here. Some of us are here to teach and it is easy enough to lose our way while we are here. There is something in the air we breath here that is toxic. It is a wonder that our minds can remember anything based on the atmosphere here. But, some of us learn to survive to live another lifetime in space.

Three things that intelligent beings do are explore, teach, and learn. Some of our new world will be about the new time. I call it alien time for now. 



After December 21, 2011, we will have a new awakening called the Ascension Age. This is a time to believe in the ascension of our energy we now call the spirit. Some of us believe in the spirit connection that we call the Etspirit for now. This is like accepting the New Atlantis or Atlantia.
The Lemurians were a peaceful civilization with many great qualities. 
Atlanteans were a great race but were not as intelligent and peaceful enough to handle the high technology of nuclear and laser technology. 
We once again had to wait for human beings to evolve in mental capacity. 
We are now ready to embrace theories about space-time and other theories that excel the speed of light. 
We are more able to accept truth as more than being science fiction and fantasy. 
Time is relative and not absolute. 
When we go to the space carrier one minute on earth equals one day in our space place. 
“Time slows down as an object gains momentum in space. There will be new ways to wire our minds to understand more after December 21, 2012. We have to accept all possibilities to see the light at the end of the tunnel so to speak. “ TJ
There are wormholes that can be traveled in space to get from one galaxy to another therefore bypassing what we know on earth as light speed, a theoretical limit of acceleration. 
The Torah Code is ready to be broken and there are some keys and adjustments that have to take place first. If we cannot accept that alien intelligent beings assisted beings in building the pyramids, how can we as a race of intelligent beings on earth be trusted with the Torah Code? For researchers and seekers of the Torah Code and Da Vinci Code mysteries, follow and keep seeking mysteries of the pyramid markers. Read the Talmud of Jmanuel. 


There is much to share in one lifetime on earth. I have had many alien contacts and the aliens were perfectly normal to me. I am a better person for having alien contact.
The interest in people such as me always amazes me. I am simply a messenger. I thought for sure that I would be ousted from the planet of humanoids and thrown out to the space beyond. Aliens communicate telepathically, by computer, by spacecraft, and when all else fails to get your attention, in person.
What amazes me most about humanoids is their incessant inquisitive ways regarding others of their own species. So many people are interested in their own kind on earth. I am a humanoid species, otherwise known as a human intelligent being.
I was asked by many readers to begin sharing my own personal story. There seems to be an interest in people like me who have had a life of accepting aliens and UFOs.
Good reading for those who tune into UFO Digest on a regular basis is now expected.
I am told that my articles are attracting new readers and I am getting e-mails from people who say they read my article on UFO Digest and just happened to tune in by happenstance on the internet online.
Maybe this is how we are all supposed to finally meet in the web we now call cyberspace. We can after all see each other in ways that are like being together in person. We can know each other by internet on line. 
I will share more of what I know in the future as time allows. We had planned on taking it slow so not to upset too many at one time. This fear of making humanoids emotionally unstable like the stock market crash with people jumping out of windows has been brought up in the past when speaking of telling all that alien civilizations exist.The New ATLANTIA
This is the New Atlantis
The world has a paradise that was left over from the mountain tops of the past in both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.



We shall learn of that which was once swept away due to Mother Earth’s on tidal waves and Tsunamis.
We have grown to love the dry air and have learned about being top dwellers on landmasses.
There are ages of the elders and ancients or the Ancient Elders for those who are into the pomp and circumstance of respecting our elders.
There are many Ancient Mysteries and many are still around us here now on this planet. Some simply say we cannot see the magic that is here.
Some believe that there is another virtual realm of existence in energy that we cannot see. Many who are they who are now called Ghost Hunters will do well to learn of the ancient mysteries and the magick therein.
There are wonderful finds and artifacts that are too beheld by those who can find their way in the time portals of those who have come before. There are maps and legacies abound.


We who are now here on earth are in our free spirit and goodwill realm of the RPG or Role Paying Games where we believe we are only acting out the myths and legends of our ancestors.



However, many people have inherited the real life reincarnated memories of those of the past ancient civilizations. Those who have dreams of ancient lands and have an attraction to the world of Mu and Atlantis will do well to learn more about the energy that surrounds their own mystique. It could be that they have a reincarnated spirit that was once a part of the world of MU or Atlantis.
There are a whole set of Arcane dwellers in thoughts that are the futurists of today that work on the cutting edge of all that is. Some say they are the ones that can see into the inner energy of the arcane we call the Akashic Field. This is the place where all worlds come together in one of the largest portals in time that is surrounded and sealed. Only those who know of the proper energy and mindset can enter.
Those of pure of heart and are not blemished in time by killing another being on earth will do well to remember that no one that has killed energy of any kind that dwelt inside another sentient intelligent being can enter this sacred site.
Those who do go do so usually by way of their own inner journey and many first require the education as neophytes in the ancient mysteries of this world.
There are Masters of this Universe who have come to a place on earth in side the world of illusions and learned to tell that which is in reality from that which is virtual reality.
Many of use the following in our real life in real time. 
Atlantis = Arcane Science and immortality; Island in the Atlantic Ocean
– Now reincarnated as the True Immortals
Ultima Thule = Magicians, who eventually made contact with Leviathan; Northern Europe, capital geographically equivalent to the Baltic Sea. – The Army of Revelations is trying to find any evidence of their remains.
Lemuria = Necromantic immortals with great power over death and undeath – Indian Ocean –
The Thanathos society in the Mystery Codex are rumored to be in some sense descended from the survivors)
Mu = Masters of Psychic/seer powers – Huge Island in the Pacific ocean
Fey kingdom Albion is sometimes mentioned as a contemporary (Britain)


Robert E. Howard had Lemuria approximately where Japan is, and stated the mountaintops of the sunken continent of Mu in fact formed it. At one time Mu in the Pacific, Atlantis in the Atlantic and Lemuria in the Indian Ocean or where some believe around Australia. It was all once Pangaea the largest land mass on earth before the mainland was broken up by the inner core changes and the places began sliding. We had all types of earth changes since we had this location millions of years ago.
We now go out and explore galaxies in this universe and in others at the other side of the universes through portals that some call dimensions and we can travel in ways that scientists have not yet discovered. While some will work on the Cern and a small one in space, we shall begin to prepare the minds on earth for greater expectations in the minds of those who may truly be able to adapt or die. Adapt or die is the code of this planet in order to survive as one of a species that is of the humanoids.
The humanoids come and go now it is just that many are programmed and still prefer not to know the truth that alien civilizations exist.
I know they do and am only allowed to take those who want to share my journey in life with me. It is freewill to read and understand what I have to offer others. It is a first hand knowledge that many seek and will not get in this lifetime. Many must progress with their etspirit guides while on earth.
Some will progress in the future while learning of the virtual plane and about artificial intelligence. Where I come from in another  way of life and one might say in another time and dimension we want for nothing. Everything is provided.
Atlantis was between the Americas and Europe.




The Mongoose Conan RPG, however (in an interesting bit of missed continuity) places Mu where Australia is, and Lemuria where Japan is.
Many believe that the first land of the ancients was above the earth and in space. There where they have their many mansions and had many other universes first before coming to this newer one to rule were those who decided to create humans in their own images.
Source: 1927 Map from “Books of the Golden Age” 1927-James Churchward
We will be able to accept more since so many in the ET UFO Community are now feeling more comfortable and not so ill thought of. We are made fun of and there are still photos of people wearing tin foil pointed hats as a joke. I don’t find it very amusing but to each his own.
There will be many who only believe what they personally can see and in the Bible there are stories of those who believe and what their reward will be. But then there are many people who believe that the Bible and Koran are just old myths written by men at a time when they wanted to keep old documents of their personal belief systems.
There are plenty of the stories that date back before Sanskrit and have been known to be documented back to the original story that was created in MU. That is the first continent that was large in the Pacific Ocean. And before that there was Pangaea which was even larger before the present plates that are dividing us all now by oceans.



We have a lot yet to discover on this earth and I hope to be a part of the future history and sharing what will be the clues for others to find as fact. Some who believe me realize that I started a treasure hunt for my clues back in 2005. Some of my loyal readers know who they are and still follow my stories.
I do know that on the flagship, there is a library and the information is stored in computers and not in hard cover paperbacks. Why do we cut down trees which provide us oxygen was one of the aliens questions. I was born with the knowledge that I was not from earth. I went through a period of thinking I was alone on earth without my friends.
For those who do not know already a Recap 
We hope you will continue to follow along with TJ and Friends.
I was born on earth according to my birth records and church role. I have no doubt that my name is Theresa Janette Thurmond because I have a birth certificate. I also have a marriage certificate to prove that I married Thomas Ray Morris. My driver’s license and social security have the name Theresa Morris and therefore, I must be she. I mean I believe that I am the person that was born with the name above and that I married a man taking his last name the custom of Americans in the United States.
I have shared my story of how I was once visited by aliens in a UFO and was put back down in a field near my home at about the age of four. That was the story about when I was a little girl and this is what started the interest in me as a person with UFO Digest.
Not a lot to share there in the past other than what I told you about growing up with alien sightings and visiting a UFO and aliens in White Sands, New Mexico at the age of nine.
I always thought that much of what I knew inside of me was normal. I thought that aliens were part of our learning process until that one time in White Sands, when my Grandmother and cousins told me not to ever speak of aliens and UFOs again.
Then I married a man who worked for NASA. This was when I learned once more about the many people who knew of aliens and UFOs but were not allowed to speak about what they knew or believed was the truth about our galaxy friends. This was a time in the 1960’s and early 1970’s. That story was quite a mind opener to many and the story went around the world fast without my assistance. I was just one of many I thought who believed as I do and were keeping secrets from the populace. Some of the reasons I thought were ridiculous even then. Now I am over fifty-five years of age and have learned to use discretion when it is due with others on earth. 
During the 1980’s I was all about learning about how corporations and the government in America worked. I wanted to know how to survive in corporate America and among the civilians and the military. This learning process was enjoyable. I soon learned that most of what I thought I was wanting and causing, was looking more as someone other than myself was controlling. 
There were people who seemed to groom me and guide me inside a certain secret organization. I was never sure about the people I was working for and with while in government employ. I left and became a corporate chief executive officer. I was happy for about five years until I realized I had a soul quest.
I had received an epiphany while in Hawaii. I had already begun classes for the new Ascension Center, which was a basic scheduling of new age, metaphysical, mind-body-spirit classes. There was so much offered in Hawaii and I had to learn about the Shaman ways of healers while I was in Hawaii. 
I learned about sound and color vibrations, auras, and auric fields, and working with stones, and nature’s own remedies. Hawaii was as close to Paradise on earth that I had found for living near mountains and seashores. I was certain that the old traditional Hawaiians had come to be because of the peaceful nature of those similar in a time called Lemuria. I was certain that much of the traditions of the Shaman ways of the Lemurians had carried on but I could not figure out how.
I decided that I would teach and did so for a while in Hawaii. This is when I began the eight-week course on Andromeda Galaxy. That was fun and I soon learned to use the vibrasound with music. This was something that was peaceful and enjoyable at a spiritual level of existence. Dr. Laura Sturgis, PhD., and Cynthia Chu, a natural Chinese healer both worked together and introduced me to the process which Dr. Laura had learned about in California. This was an enjoyable part of my journey in Hawaii. I also enjoyed the People Synergistically Involved (PSI) Seminars, which were offered. I went to all levels of classes offered and received my leather bound book of writings that were comforting. There was not much that I could not do at that time in my life. 
I soon learned about astral travel and how to share it with others. A nurse who had a large following of students taught this. We learned about many levels of sharing.
There were many schools and many disciplines offered in Hawaii. Many of the people that were in Hawaii were there to learn on their own spiritual paths. This was the place to go for natural enlightenment. However, many metaphysical traditions were still taught in Hawaii including, spiritual healing with stone massages, and tarot reading with cards. There were so many paths and I learned many while in Hawaii in years 1987-1994. Seven years of living in paradise was enough for me. I had to move back to the mainland.
However, just before I was to move, there was a calling of spiritual like-minded souls. There were thirteen of us and all were women. We were all called psychically and the one woman who had seen a UFO under water in the ocean where she lived near the shore was astounded when we all arrived. She said that she was told to call a meeting at her home on this day at 7 PM. She had no idea who would show up or what for other than to see the UFO.
We saw the UFO that was well lit underwater. The light was beautiful and the ocean was so blue that night. There was a full moon and we were on the side where the marines had their base on down the same side of the beach. There were many palm trees and white sand. 
We did not know each other at all in the reality of our present world. However, I went with one woman who was called the same as I and had heard about the meeting. I said I had too so we decided to ride together. We never met again on earth after this meeting. Her name was Lois Hootz and she was moving to Australia with another friend. We had become spiritual friends with Dr. Laura and Cynthia in meetings. Lois had lived in Bowling Green, Kentucky and had studied in the Bible belt. Lois was a social worker and probably is still. Dr Laura still teaches in Hawaii and is a psychologist. Last, I heard, Cynthia was teaching Lomi Lomi. 
We never talked about the UFO or the meeting ever again. I truly believe that there is a way for those who have UFO contact to believe that there is a real reason for not sharing the story with others. I believe that the aliens have a way of making one forget. I may be totally off on that belief but I had later incidents with aliens and UFOs that made me believe that all the UFO encounters that I had actually had through my life were not important and should not be talked about or shared with others. I believe that this was the way it was suppose to be for a long time.
The reason I believe that people were given information to know and to hold onto but not share is because of what I have experienced through life. My alien contacts always seemed to be a natural normal process of learning and conversations telepathically. However, I also have the memories of being with someone who had a way of making me think that I did not have to share what I was taught. I never really thought of what I was learning as a secret but I also was taught that it was not important to others for me to disclose.
Human beings throughout time in history have allowed certain sects to form and create belief systems, religions, and empires. History has shown that we have destroyed much of what has happened on earth due to some natural catastrophes but also due to some human beings and their cultural civilizations. 
Fortunately, some of us are here to share some of the shards of truth that were destroyed.
Alternatively, example, the Library of Alexandria, one historical archive location was burned and destroyed for the most part. This is but one example of our ignorance due to allowing warring social gatherings of beings power over the whole civilized population. There are so many times in our ancient civilizations history that made for loss of more than beings. 


As a whole once, civilized nation of intelligent beings on planet earth we must learn from our mistakes made in the past throughout time and history. This is now what the pyramids represent. If you need proof that ancient astronauts lived then look proof on earth and in space. 


Intelligent beings do not exist without each other. Nor do other intelligent beings in another galaxy exist without desiring to assist other younger galaxies. We assist each other. This is our creators design. This is the plan. We explore, we teach, we learn, and we grow new environments, we learn from our experiences, we look forward to creating future growth, and due to our human nature, we are motivated to explore, teach, and learn. Survival is simply the mainstay of existing in order to exist on earth or another planet. This is not enough. 


We have a master plan and are guided by the High Council.


These are ancient beings that have always been are aware of the power of the creator. There are higher intelligent beings that will assist the beings who live under their rule. There are masters of knowledge. There are those who are chosen to rule. 


The pyramids are a reminder that we are not alone on this planet and that there are higher intelligent beings. 


The pyramids were built and only later allowed for the Kings to use as burial chambers. These Kings knew that those from space guided them. Only the rulers and a few chosen spirit beings on earth were taught of the higher beings existence. For example, Moses being led by day and by night is but one example of being led through wilderness by an alien ship. During that time frame, a being from above would have been called God because of the voice coming from the ship that only Moses heard.
Hipparchus understood that systematically the stars shifted from positions with some divine intervention that was alien beings. There was very little interference in the evolution of the human race from those from upon high other than when was necessary. There are a few times when certain alien beings appeared to let certain people out of prison or to visit as alien beings from above. Some alien beings were considered angels and both were around at some times when nuclear technology was used to destroy. 
Some alien beings and angels were around when human beings just could not accept that there were beings who visited earth from space. 
One hard to believe fact and fascination was in numbers such as pi 3.14… In addition, the number 12, 9600 used in ancient Babylon. On earth, there were those of a civilization that were aware about alien beings coming and going from space. Since, it was hard to rule a young planet with new human beings, there was time needed to evolve. There is proof that alien beings, as well as, angels have always existed on earth.,,,
We adapt to the changes we learn to go with the flow
Prepare now to shift and uplift for the enlightenment of our future.
Love and Light always and eternal immortal seal and bond for those in the et spirit. Live in health and prosperity and stay connected to our lead and feed with the et spirit guides. TJ



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