Alien ET Spirit Connection

Alien ET Spirit connection is possible for all humanoids of the future.

We who are the Lightworkers and bringers of light into this world are allowed to share our past, present and future in a way that is available to all who grasp their inner third eye talents and learn the ability to converse with others of kindred spirits.
There is a special way with words that you have that reaches me and I grasp the meaning and understanding needed on this physical plane. Thank you for offering your energy and elixir of life in words on this physical plane. We are all here to share and prepare. The future is ours and what we make of it depends on all of us as in the old saying, “And so say all of us!” and in the blessing of “So mote it Be”. There are many of the ancient ones who are here among us now and some remain anonymous and some remain in dream state for the present until our time on earth has been truly realized of our new beginning 12-21-2011 T. 11:11.
Many around the world prepare the way, the truth, and the light in their own chosen words, work, and cultures. If we could all now share in beginning the preparation of opening our hearts and minds and thinking outside the box, we can make this world a better place with less poverty for all spiritual beings while in humanoid form.
I am aware of the world religions, find them all fascinating, and hope that you will continue to share the old traditions, contemporary and modern myths, legends, and cultures with our humankind. I find some of our colleague’s letters, essays, and chronicles more appealing to the mind’s eye than others and I dare to say that this applies to all spiritual beings on this plane.
My extraterrestrial hybrid part in my own DNA encoding allows me to know that there is always a reason for our immortal thoughts and behaviors while we are here in a physical form. I do not have all the answers to this Omniverse or I dare say that I would not be here in the present!
Therefore, I share with you that we each are a shard of the larger picture that our human physical sentient intelligent being species refers to as the Omniverse from whatever spiritual school of disciplines or manmade religions that may be familiar with in their upbringing. We shall all still be kindred spirits regardless of what religious culture we were born into on this planet and encouraging others to open up to the various world religions and their likes and dislikes as differences will be the best way to ask all who share this space in this place to realize that there are as many ways to believe, think, and become, in a world as their are separate units, vessels, containers of information in our created world.
I shall always be grateful to all writers who share the world of work in words and that which I shall offer others will soon come to be known in various genres and forms but one signature level on this plane of existence is that which I cannot escape as a spirit and that is romance. Love and Romance goes together in this world and is that special magick that makes the future bright for us all with the energy of creation and when April visits us annually here on earth, we can all claim a little happiness in the renewal of our spirits that can be shared with the entire human race of mortals.
Nevertheless, we are correct in believing and knowing that life of the immortals is of a spiritual romantic nature of which the world of love abounds. It is the love of our humankind that has kept us alive, well, and coming to this planet repeatedly throughout time. This is a learning plane of life and abundance and those who come are to find their way through this life of transition. We are all in a transitional phase and at the eve of the portal that will be offered to all who come here that we presently call life after death in this lifetime on earth.
There are words that will become cemented in time that will attach to our energy, as it will be known in cyberspace that will be called the immortal web of our humanoid species in this place we call earth. Those of us who travel with the Time Lords will be remembered only as the Ascended Masters in time.
We who have come from the future to share the past will remedy that which has been taken to heart as the prior truth and yet was disguised and mislead many souls down pathways that could have been avoided. It is with great blessings that we are afforded our guides, sages, seers, teachers, and are allowed to be students of learning of the ancient mystery schools and ancient paths, which can guide us back to the power in our spiritual magick that allows us to become as the immortals, who created the entire omniverse.
Please join me in fulfilling the prophecies of the ancients with the five rings of awareness of the space with the future in the various levels and ages. The ancients share that which we shall govern in our future. Please assist me in sharing the various levels as those of ancient Atlantis as the universe, multiverse (polyverse), metaverse, xenoverse, and omniverse.
We can then begin sharing how one can obtain the portals in time to go from one into the other as immortals once passing from the only awareness that many now allow themselves in time.
The quest of the future that has been offered those at this time is to officially adopt the name of the second level, which is outside of this universe. The one name that has been used in Atlantis in the past came from the world that existed prior even earlier that that of Lemuria that of which humanoids call MU.
There will be those who shall assist us in adapting to the five areas of this Omniversal awareness, which will, exists among our ancient ancestors and will return now as it was written. 
We of the old traditions, who enjoy the wisdom of the ancient past, and who celebrate the present, will learn to prepare the future generations to come to earth with the written words as the power in knowledge used and not only the wisdom of our ancient ancestors.
We who are the scribes of the future share in the blessings and energies that are inspired by all the great ones of the immortals.
It is with great fortitude and the breath of life that we are allowed to be here and to know of each other’s whereabouts on this planet. I have been allowed to see outside the Omniverse while visiting in the future by way of Sirius and Andromeda in what we now call lucid dreams. I am wondering if you also learn from lucid dreams. I wonder how many of our colleagues are taught in their dream state with a direct connection to their own creators.
There will be a time when many of us on this planet will begin to share out pathways outside of this universe and it is time we lay the groundwork for the various directions that will expand outward from this one point of origin we now call earth.
There are few whom I can open up to with a straight stream of consciousness and I must say  that there are only a few. It has never been a normal pattern for me to open up and write to another direct. I believe that it was Dirk who had the good intentions for the good of this planet that allowed for others such as you and myself to meet in a level of surreal virtual reality. This may be all that many of us will be allowed to share in this lifetime on this planet. This should be understood by all our planets churches of the continuous flow of energy in the future.
The future will still have those who will be lead on various paths by those we presently call the Pope and Dalai Lama although the future heads of church and state will be required by the ET to take care of their own on this planet. The heads of churches have forgotten to take care of all and to feed their sheep as was commanded in the old school of the greatest metaphysicians and ascended masters this world has ever known.
For this reason, we must begin sharing that the future will require that all beings be prepared to share in taking on the world class of poverty-stricken. This means that in order for Egypt and Jerusalem to remain as spiritual powers of the enigma of souls will have to become recognized as part of the ancient powers that were to be heralded into the new information age and into the ascension age.
Ascension Age is about the shift and uplift of the human spirit for all to become aware that our energy is forever and will ascend from this transitional plane. We are to ascend as those who came before and showed us the way less we forget our chosen path back with our knew memories intact of what we learned on our exploration in this lifetime. Those who are treated unfavorably will be taught the lessons of receiving in another life for they have given much in this world. It takes all kinds to make a human race and many have sacrificed in the past. This too will pass!
Love and Light in this lifetime until we meet in the transitional ET portal of Time and Space Time we call the Akashic Field and Five Rings that are Sealed until we adapt the sixth and seventh on this planet. Love and eternal blessings for you and yours in this physical plane. I remain a humble colleague in the energy of words, which in the future will share the romance of that which is April next year! Share the Blessings to come for those who find ROMANCE IN 2012! They are the true bearers of the new generations to come of the extraterrestrials (ET).
Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris, Author/Entrepreneur consultant includes paranormal experiences that include Extraterrestrials, OBE, NDE, ECE, and TJ is a well-known professional psychic medium since 1990. Read Roswell UFO Encounters available on

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