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Alien ET Spirit Lightworkers on Angels & Demons, Reptilians, Shapeshifters – Protection 

WE Lightworkers share the Ascension Age Light of Protection
We believe that alien civilizations exist. 
We offer shares of guidance because we are asked too.
We have many of our friends on earth who have been visited by Extraterrestrials or ET.
We have decided it is time to share what we know about the energy that we are to understand, and share in the future on this planet that deals in both the dark and light aspects in not only words, works, and deeds, but in the positive and negative forces.
We do not support those who are of the dark energy however, we must share that we are awake and aware that they do exist on this planet. Therefore, we can no longer ignore our faith in those who bring the light and love to protect us.
There are many books, television, shows, and movies about angels and demons. 
We also know that this story line of myths and legends has some truth to it. We all decide of our own free will and choice what to incorporate as our own belief system. Some people just know things. We are about sharing that which we know to be our truth based on our experiences.
For this reason, we have been asked to share some type of discernment and protection in form of acknowledgement that our friends and Lightworkers who are assisting the Truthseekers on earth to awaken and become aware. 
We know that many of our world do not have any time for faith and religions. We all have a point of view as to what we are made of inside. We do not force our ideas and beliefs on everyone or anyone. We do not proselyte. We simply are. 
We are those who are aware of those above as the supreme beings, and the ET which are benevolent and send some to guide our higher spirits back to the truth through the force that is accustomed to believing in a part of all of us as the spark of the source and our creators.
We offer this energy and information as a compilation of many Lightworkers to those who desire to know how we incorporate our ET SPIRIT WORK and WORLD with that of the SPIRIT WORLD on earth.
We will share the world’s words and interpretations for that which is considered good aliens and bad aliens below:
Please visit and read our credo and our mission.
We share our articles and promote UFO
Some people believe we desire to share the future called the Ascension Age. This is true. Those of us who are considered the Lightworkers share in the positive energy as spirits.
WE have various ways to share in the protection of our spirit.
Relating Spirit World to Children
We ask that only the parents of children on earth prepare the way for their own children when learning of the spiritual work and the spirit world if children are under the age of 13 on this planet.
This is the age of spiritual accountability in the Akashic Field Web of which cyberspace is now a part as the Internet.
A story of protection for the inner spirit. Teach that we all have a body-mind-spirit. All humanoids of the sentient intelligent being species that exist on the planet we call earth.
For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places. Ephesians 6:12 
The spirit world was created first before humanoids were.
The Prophets, Apostles, and Jesus, taught concerning the spirit world, the kingdom of the light, the judgment era, and theman of lawlessness. Wicked men, along with religion have concealed the truth. Upon the prerequisite of desire, the fearless diligent student, will understand and comprehend the deeper truths of the spirit world. 
From the very beginning, the darkness (Ego) existed with the virtuous light. Two sides evolved in the spirit world—the light on the right and the darkness on the left of the 
Divine Source.
Each person who is living today on this earth lived as a spirit before going into the human cycle. Each person experienced their beginning, which their beginning is a formless spirit. Each spirit issued out of the mouth of the Divine Source—each person was granted a destiny; each person is allowed choice—that choice is interconnected with his or her destiny. Karmic laws bind each person according to individual personal behavior.
Spirit Entities reveals the hidden nature of intelligent living spirits and entities that are of the spirit world and are invisible to our human eye. A Divinely gifted Third Eye, or Sixth Charka, can envision the nature of fifth dimensional Spirits and the Spirit World.
The Spirit World that consists of wise powerful Sacred Spiritscommonly known as Archangels, contrasting the Lower Entities commonly known as Demons and within the last decade known as Reptilians and Shape-shifters. 
Teach the differences between the Original Spirit (angel), the Sacred Spirit (archangel), and the Lower Entities (Reptilians, Demons).
The Divine Sacred Spirit, in addition to the dynamics of the Spirit World.
All information written within is positioned upon the integrity of truth when coming from inner spirit.
Consciousness allows hidden context of a subject to be revealed within the context of knowingness; our inner formless spirit identifies truth. 
The human mind that is programmed in today’s  television advertising marketing and media society in the matrix of deception can still recognize the truth if an individual is seeking spiritual enlightenment. Truth seekers will always climb towards the light of the higher original creator source we call our higher power. Some still prefer to connect to the work and words of the Supreme Beings.
Please note: There is a much bigger picture than what is written on and the truth of spirit may be profound compared to what the world religions teach. The dedicated non-positioned spiritual seeker will ascertain the truth of the spirit world if desired, and if the intuitive listening technique of the inner person is active. The open-minded spiritual student will recognize the dynamic context of the Spirit World.
A Divinely gifted Third Eye, or Sixth Charka, can envision the nature of fifth dimensional Spirits and the Spirit World. 
The Almighty Divine Holy Spirit is omnipotent and the all-powerful force of creation. The All Powerful Sacred Spirit created all the original spirits. It is through the Divine Holy Spirit that individual karma is experienced. The destiny of the world, the darkness, the light, and each individual is generated and directed from The Almighty Powerful Spirit. 
Divine omnipresence and dominance of destiny is baffling for the multitudes of humanity. The dogmatic positioned religions of the world produced an obscured, shallow, and vague perception of “God” or more dynamic phrase—The Source. The contorting singular definition of “God” is used out of context that stems from concealing the identity of The Sacred Spirits—plural, and The Divine Holy Spirit—singular. Christianity fails to comprehend the context of two subjects concerning the term “Holy Spirit”.
The Almighty Divine Source is indescribable; the formless personage of an all-powerful spirit is beyond the comprehension of humans. However, enlightened individuals taught upon their uplifted perception and within their era of their culture, and endeavored to describe the indescribable. 
The Sacred Spirit of the Godhead is the energy force of the formless omnipresent Source. 
The energy force is formless; acts as the wind. Jesus, the anointed master of the children of the light taught that blasphemy of the Almighty Powerful Spirit would cause a crisis for an individual. People around the globe blasphemy the All Powerful Source, the spirits of the light, the sacred spirits, the prophets, the sages, and the king of the children of the light, Jesus. Profanity of the Almighty Divine Blessed Spirit, the all-powerful energy force will not be overlooked. Identifying Divine direction is crucial to learning the certainty of truth that reveals the deception of the world, religion, and the twisting of the scriptures.
The spirit world is a subject that an insufficient amount of people will believe, nor comprehend.
Certain spirits, mostly of the first spirits that were created, were granted creative powers, along with the high-ranking lower entities. The darkness existed as energy, from the beginning within this dimension, however, the light of love proved predominant before the demotion of Baal the accuser, the master of the darkness. 
The Almighty Divine Creator also granted the spirits with creative powers. The proper terminology that could be used is “Divine-Craftsmen”. Moses used the term “Elohim” which the Hebrew definition of Elohim is plural. Hence, the first two chapters in Genesis—the term Elohim are applied, even though they translate the word in a singular form. The Elohim or the Divine-Craftsmen were not only of the spirits of the light, but, also the entities of the darkness.
The Lower Dark Wicked Entities Demons, Reptilians, Shapeshifters.
The spiritual awareness level is increasing throughout the world concerning the spirit world, and most importantly, the lower entities. The spirit world founded its beginning among the light of the spirits. The ego existed as a formless energy of a narcissus personality. The formless egocentric personality of selfishness searches for spirits that desire prideful ambition; the Second created Spirit proved to be the individual who desired to be master of the spirits, however, the first created spirit is entitled to be the master of the original spirits and the spirit world. Consequently, the second spirit said the infamous lie, “I am” claiming to be the first created spirit. 
Thus, the ego caused a personification upon the second spirit through lying, accusing, slandering, and lusting after the position of master. Henceforth, the experience of demotion happened, and the Second created spirit was the first spirit to be demoted into a dark entity, and rightfully crowned the master of the darkness. 
Multitudes of spirits chose demotion to join the accuser (Satan) and the slanderer (Devil) among the ranks of the darkness.
The demotion of the master of the darkness occurred billions of earth years ago, and since that time billions of original spirits have experienced demotion into a dark entity. Identifying of the lower entities effectively is crucial for a person to battle the darkness in a successful manner.
What can cause an Original Spirit to be Demoted, and what choices do the have at the time of Demotion?
Several inimical behaviors can entangle an original spirit. The behaviors are related with egocentric attributes, the miss-usage of speech, and the pursuing of injurious activities in relation to humans, including a host of other non-virtuous actions. 
The powerful corruption of the darkness causes an original spirit to regress to the point of demotion. 
Four (4) choices are granted upon the original spirit at the time of demotion. 
One choice is to enter the human cycle, even though the safety net of the human cycle is a choice, the attachment of injurious karmic bonds is a reality. 
Most original spirits wisely entered the human cycle early, and avoided the descent to the demotion stage. If the corrupted spirit declines the human cycle, then the spirit must choose one of three choices of the different lower entity forms that the individual desires—once demoted into a dark entity the individual cannot transform back as a spirit nor enter the dimension of the human cycle.
There are many forms but those, which are most, recognized in today’s society are these three (3) Different forms:
Egocentrically dedicated to the darkness, and the cruelest, most vile, despicable type of lower entity is the reptilian. 
Within the last twenty years, generating information about the reptilian based on personal experiences has become realism due to so many people believing this to be. 
Though formless to the human eye because of the low vibration, the reptilians dominate this world. 
The original accuser is the first reptilian who slandered the spirits of the light; the western celebration of Halloween and carnival marks the original accuser’s demotion; their sly deception is to produce the celebration as joyful. 
The original accuser is Baal the war god of mythology that correlates with Amun of Egypt, Bel of Sumer, Aries of Greece, Mars of Rome, and the list continues within the stories of mythology.
There seems some confusing among the researchers of the Reptilians; there are the formless lower entity reptilians and alien ET type of reptilians. The dark reptilian entity resides in the lower fifth dimension but is very active in the third dimension and invisible. There are many different types of ET type of Reptilians; they mostly reside in the consolation of Dranco and Orion. It is said that there are ET reptilians here on the earth that are working with the ET Grays. The ET type of Alien dwells in the physical third dimension. The Lower Entity is a higher form than the ET reptilian. The ET Reptilians can observe the earthy world from a distance as a group. The information on this page is primarily about the dark entities that are invisible to the human eye.
The form of the dark reptilian entity is likened to the Raptors of the Jurassic era; the reptilian has hooks as hands, and their outward emanation represents their rank. The reptilians have the ability to hook into the human back, diaphragm, create migraine headaches, and cause numerous of other complications in a person’s life. The file and rank among the reptilians are similar to the military within the earth. Baal is the top king, master, emperor, and his generals oversee the different districts of the governments of the earth. A lower entity seeks a rank promotion on wicked performance in the battle averse to spiritual light. The reptilians are masters at deception, and temptation. Within every religion, there are reptilians that thrive off the deceptive worship of humans; humans blindly worship stone, wood, or metal convinced they are worshiping god.
The second type of dark entities is shape-shifters. A shape-shifter can change from one shape to another. The shifting of forms is limited; lower entities cannot materialize as a human; but can possess a human if the human allows such an occurrence. The first corrupted spirit that chose to be a shape-shifter is the master of the shape-shifters. Many temples in the ancient world contain three niches that represent the three different forms of the lower entities. 
The temples at Karnak in Luxor Egypt portray the three gods of mythology that continually strive for prominence. Three temples exist, the main temple of Auman or Baal the war god, the temple of Krones or Sin of Sumer the Moon god, and the temple of Mut or Ishtar of Babylon the fertility goddess and the consort of Baal.
The third type of dark entity is the demon. There are different types of demons from prominent demons to normal demons that signify their rank. The demon is of a black nature, compare to the original spirit who experiences their beginning as white. The corruption of the darkness creates grayness and then blackness within the etheric body of quintessence. Thus, the level of entangled corruption the original spirit experiences are clearly noticeable to the other spirits.
What is the disposition of the Lower Entities, and do they affect a human?
All lower entities abhor the light of truth. The dark selfish entities dwell egocentrically thriving upon injurious actions of humans, cultural enslavement, deception, idolatry, and all forms of negativity. The lower entities possess different deranged interests of personality: murder, sex, rapes, incest, all types of abuse, any demented behaviors that breaks the commandments, and all harmful activity, including receiving idolatrous worship through religion. 
The entities gain energy through worship, and deviously manipulate the negative emotions of humans. The lower entity can attach him or herself to the higher self of the human and gain energy from negative emotion, misled the individual, and can cause disagreeable incidents within every facet of life. Additionally, there are hordes of dark wicked entities that attach themselves to ancient “rare” items in museums, and tourist sites such as temples. This type of dark entity is thriving on the attention of unsuspecting eyes—robbing the naïve of their energy; egocentric attention is their only concern.
Can a Wicked Entity be demoted further from their current disposition?
Consequently, being demoted into an entity is not the end of the road. There is a limitation for pursuing wickedness. A lower entity can exceed the depth of the darkness. 
Once the behavior of a dark entity exceeds the greatest extent of wickedness, they are demoted into the animal cycle on earth. At the time of demotion into the animal cycle, they are offered a choice to enter one of the four different animal groups. 
During the era of 1885, two African male Lions, without the mane, killed and ate over hundred of men and shut down the work on the railroad. These two lions were extremely intelligent to the extent that one helped the other escape after being captured. Indeed, two demoted dark entities resided within the lions.
Can the Lower Entities act as the good person?
Yes, the lower entities have the sly ability to act as the good person by presenting himself or herself as an angel of light. The spirit world is privileged with an expertise adeptness to communicate with each person’s higher self. 
The Sacred Spirits and the entities can communicate and influence our inner spirit/soul/higher-self and produce a manipulative situation—virtuous or injurious—according to the person’s karma or situation. Through consciousness, the different vibration and frequency between the earthly and spirit realm, the communication automatically translates simultaneously. Thus, any spirit or entity can communicate, direct, influence, deceive, or teach any human.
How can I be free from lower entity attachment?
There are several preeminent details a person must scrutinize in their personal life to be free from wicked entity influence. The inspection of objects are crucial that a lower entity may be, or can attach onto: pictures, sculptures, jewelry, any type of objects that might be getting undue attention and that emanates or absorbs energy. 
Moreover, it is paramount that a person uses self-control relating to negative emotions. Therefore, a person must free their-self of all negative influence: music, movies, television, friends, reading material, personal habits—whatsoever is of negativity, replacing with positive spiritual friends and personal habits—continually pursuing the positive side of the light is crucial.
A spiritual individual can assist himself or herself by thwarting the evil entities through positive action, and positive emotion; the entities thrive off fear and anger, and this is the reason why the world media continually teaches fear. 
The dark evil entities easily experience shame, embarrassment, and humiliation through the virtuous actions of the human. In addition, the powerful word “No” defeats the tempter of injury.
The spiritual individual is assigned least one dark entity to cause deception and prevent the person to ascertain and understand the truth of certainty, and in many cases, several evil entities are attached to the person’s higher self/inner spirit. 
If an individual can ascend out of the deception and descend into enlightenment of truth, the person will always have a tempter around their energy zone, even so, a person may be granted protection from the Sacred Spirits so that a dark entity cannot attach onto their higher-self.
The majority of people living on the earth have at least one, or a few, lower entities attach to their higher self. Within this world of the darkness and the light, attachment is a common occurrence among the naive population of humanity that is under deception. 
Pursuing the positive can only defeat the negative.
Can I be physically harmed from a dark entity?
You can, however, only if you allow and generate an invitation. The word NO is extremely powerful against the evil entities.
I have read and watched movies about people being possessed with a Demon, is it possible.
Yes, it is very possible. The lower entities reside are cursed with an identity crises, through possession, the dark selfish entity can steal your identity.
This is causing a lot of fear within me!
Yes, for many people this is the case. First, understand that the dark evil entities have limitations unless there is an invitation. Apply the above information and seek the help of the Sacred Spirits.
How can I protect myself from lower entity attacks/attachment?
You need to strengthen your AURA, the energetic etheric body that surrounds your physical body. 
Focus your attention on your Aura and follow the exercise below. 
Spiritually the Aura is energetically an opaque plasma white color. We acknowledge that all colors exist and we promote the various colors of light fractals such as those of the rainbow for love, happiness, imagination, spirit, and all that is of good report.
Stand up, imagine your Aura as like a sleeping bag, and see it with your minds eye.  Some prefer to call their inner vision the screen of the mind like a television set inside your brain.
Look down between your feet and see the zipper undone all the way to the bottom. Reach down and grab the zipper. Pull it slowly up the front of your body and up to the crown of your head. 
When you get it up there say to yourself” I am zipped up” or” I am protected”, and KNOW it is done. We share the white light from our heads and to our toes. This white light energy we see and feel in our own minds eye and we use it in various forms with our soul cleansing while here in body-mind-spirit. The white light represents all that was considered good and of our creator.
We often share that when our loved ones are passing we assist them to be guided into the white light which is the transition portal for those from this work and world into another. Some like to refer to this place as heaven. There are many worlds and portals in time. We shall cover these in the future but for now, the white light at the end of the tunnel is the one that many of our humanoid sentient intelligent beings have experienced and share with others on earth.
The epiphany and euphoric knowing that our ET contactees describe is that of one of spirit and of leaving their body behind on earth. They feel that they are in another realm, dimension, place, or space and some call this feeling and seeing on a UFO. 
We separate those who are of a good benevolent ET experience from those reporting a bad malevolent alien experience. We still use the alien word and et word while knowing they can take on both positive and negative energy of both light and dark. We share that on many television shows that the term “Dark” is used to describe something we do not want to hear as evil or wrong. Just like we recognize that the term “Light” is used to describe something we hear as good and right. We also use these terms as writers of the future worlds and work while here on earth.
We all want to know that we are of good report and of good and light but we also share our shadow people who share the lessons on the opposite side of good as bad. In the psychological brain training lessons we share in ACE Academy of Magick, we share our understanding of learning and the light and dark paths that we can all venture down in this life. It is best to stay away from the dark paths but in order to stay away we must some how describe what it is that we do not like about negative forces of evil and wrong.
We hope to assist in the change and crossover into the Ascension Age. The date we recognize as the official Ascension Age begins  December 21, 2012 Time 11:11. We share a lot of information for transformation and change with the shift and uplift of this world, the planets, and in our galaxy.
We shall also offer the future awareness of the five levels in the matrix we now call the Universe, Multiverse, Metaverse, Xenoverse, and Omniverse.
We cannot understate the importance of trusting and knowing that this has been done. You are using your connection to ‘God’ to power this so trust and knowing are paramount.
This is a simple exercise and one that many in the spirit world share with the children who are awake and aware in this world more so than most humans born in the last century. 
This is the 21st century and we are training our children to protect themselves in the white light as children of the light.  This is one way to share as Lightworkers the exercises that we can bring into the new Ascension Age.

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