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First Source: UFO Digest. TJ Morris to Pat Regan via Dirk Vander Ploeg
Submitted by Theresa J. Thurmond Morris on Tue, 02/01/2011 – 14:02.

Dear Pat:

Thank you for your article on Orbs. Life beyond Death – the evidence?

Orbs – our link to the Otherworld? Life after Death -The Evidence. “Life beyond Death – the evidence?

Orbs – our link to the Otherworld?”

I enjoy what makes one think about life and energy and especially when it comes to life on earth, death, and dying. I am not being morose just truthful.

I would like to simply do some free writing a sort of brainstorm letter on orbs since I do not have time to correct this as an article. Although sometimes, my computer does correct words that I do not need correcting but it changes them anyway, then I look stupid. Oh well, I am in my very human mode and do not have time to write an article for this week so I thought I would add a comment – A long one on ORBS!

Sometimes, I like to share at a level of simply being human and on the surface place of who we are on a day-to-day basis. This appears to me as a very shallow but on “Auto-Pilot”. The level we exist at on the daily basis of not getting into the details of how we think, who we really are, what we really care about. You know of all people what I am speaking of. You are more “OUT THERE IN PUBLIC” than I am actually. I still have a long way to go in this world – the paranormal world. I also, am learning to become a part of the ET-UFO world and this is being incorporated into who I am.

This year of 2011 is a year of blending in. We are taking all the seven colors of our existence as layers and learning to make them into the future as a BUBBLE in the next dimension. I am thinking to myself, is this “ORB” beings of our spiritual memories after we leave this earth? Some others are beginning to think this too!
Maybe this is where we are going in the future with some other alien ET types in spirit.

There are various types of ORBS.

I agree with you that many of the orbs we can see are simply made from light fractals on the photo lens and we can see them in photos. However, the one you show in your photo is not this type.

You should have it analyzed by a professional lab for posterity.
I am going to just go where ever my thoughts take me now so bare with me. This is like a letter of free thoughts with no essay main sentences or thesis other than orbs and spirit okay.

As you know, I have died according to our normal world’s way of thinking on earth. Most people say, “Normal-What is Normal?” or better yet, “Normal – Whatever that is?” – I tend to agree with those who are impartial and independent of using only definite fact as in science being that all that beings will travel from this realm and know for themselves someday.

I personally feel that the experience of life after death is what I am experiencing now on earth – so go figure! LOL

I mean, I came back after leaving and felt like I was from another place already before I died here in this lifetime. Therefore, I am not sure how I am to explain my original point of origin.
Then, after finally having this out of body experience called death, I learned I could use the memory or experience to come and go as I pleased from this present physical body.
I learned to come and go and then found others in the metaphysical working world that made me deal with the experience. They say when the student is ready the master will appear.

There was never one master for me but those above and many below who explained the language of the New Age Metaphysical work and world to me while I was in Houston and then Hawaii.

I was lead to a Huna by Cynthia Chu, an American of Chinese background born in Hawaii and she worked with Dr. Laura Sturgis in the Moana Loa Shopping Center where I gave classes on the Andromeda Connection and Psychic Awakening Classes. I still have the book today, which was something very special to me. I had the original classes from the early 1970’s in Houston with the Chick Soup for the Soul lessons before they became a book. We were on the cutting edge of learning meditation to take one out of body. I was only one of about 10 to 14.

I was second-class to the first class, which was soon disbanded because one of the main four or five had written a book, and he was to pursue that career. I knew that part of me was destined for the future to write books on the subject of knowing spirit out of body, which was actually “US”/So, did many people then. I was told that many were the intellectuals who were in universities instead of pot smoking hippies in the 60’s so I fit right in.

I became a partner to an attorney (male) since I was not married at the time and he taught me how to learn about the Shaman ways and connecting to the hole in the larger older tree in a group. I know this sounds weird but I actually liked trees and learned about them in Girl Scouts as a child. I never thought of them as spirits or a part of the spiritual world until I learned more from this group in Houston, Texas.

Then I went on a retreat at a Catholic Place that I cannot remember where only that it was within driving range of Houston. From there I learned how to fast and do without food to cleanse one’s own body before learning to meditate. Then I learned Tantra Yoga for the first time in my life.

This began the long journey of reading any books from the Aquarian Age Bookstore in Houston on anything metaphysical and occult. I read about the Ashtar Command but the women told me to stay away from those books that they had nothing to do with my travels in spirit. I took their advice and in the future in bookstores; I stayed away from all books dealing with aliens, UFOs, through my other books and seminars for many years until I moved to Hawaii.

It was in Hawaii where I learned that the various ways to express one’s own spirit in the higher realms with the UFO and Space Commands such as Ashtar were not all bad or taboo. However, not all my psychic friends still allowed their students to go there. It was still taboo and thought of sort of the “Crazy” realm. It was very hard for me to understand since I had past experiences with extraterrestrials as a child and as an adult. I simply did not have a way to find a connection through my research.

As a child, I got an Ouija Board for Christmas. I learned to use it and this made me wonder about the psychic energy I had. The ET connections from those above who came sometimes in a large white orb from the sky were like a reality experience. Sometimes, my mind would wonder if I dreamed it or imagined it. This was my first experience with orbs.

I could lay in the front yard and watch the cloud formations change and sometimes, the bright white light would take me into these large white orbs. You take it for what you want. I will not offer any share of what I believed they were at this time. The jury is still out on that portion of my memories because I have more that are in fact more in physical reality.

I felt that I had to comment on your article because I am back in school and have a Math quiz to night. This week is tests all the way up to Monday night for me in History.
I have sent Dirk some articles in advance preparing for this time of study for me. Therefore, I am not sure if he will use any of my articles but they will be from last week or the weekend.

Not sure if others will see how I appear not in the way of the present from those articles being of prior dates on earth. However, I figured you could tell. Therefore, I thought I would mention this energy in a comment and that was when I found this article and had no idea you were the writer. It did not say on the main page.

So, glad that something always brings us together. Whether it is the Orb Spirits, the Photo Orbs, the Ouija Orbs, Alien Orbs, or Xeno Orbs I cannot tell. All I know is that I have had many experiences with Orbs in my life as energy and they can come in various sizes. I have seen them all my life and those involved with the crop circles, which have sped off at high rates of speed after hovering over these signs in the crops. They are now called crop circles. Whether others can see them, I know not.

However, I figured you and your son were in touch with these orbs. They apparently are some type of intelligence and I might even go out on a limb and say that they could be a form of spiritual energy beings. As far as how they can be various sizes, I am not sure if they are from another dimension or from this one and are part of the future shapes of energy that can assist us here on earth.

The fact that I have always been spiritual and scientific both with my own independent thinking abilities make me wonder about a lot of what we create on earth. It is like the chicken or the egg.

Which comes first – The Chicken or the Egg?

I hope you get this. The History Teacher said last night that although times change throughout the world, that the scholars in her world all agree now that culture would always imprint and last on us all. Meaning we become a part of our culture which we are born into. Meaning where our point of origin is on earth. She only last night found out I was an author and I was shocked that she was appreciative and seemed to be happy about the situation. I told her of spiritual and ET books because I did not want to use the PARANORMAL word for some reason. I thought how strange that I still say two words for my work, Spiritual and ET books. Therefore, I must decide if all that I write about is still paranormal.
It is like admitting to others that you and I are writers but both used an Ouija Board in our lifetimes. It just sounds well weird and sort of Paranormal! HA
Since I have left my body, learned to control out of body in meditation with others, and learned to go on trips in my dreams, I felt this was where we were headed in the Ascension realm of the New Age. Therefore, in about 1989-1990 we decided to pursue some of my alien ET contacts with the Ascension Center they gave me.

It is an interesting story. I was in Hawaii and this log came to me after a tree hit by lightning was right where I was standing in a parking lot outside of this place where they could offer me computer graphic services. My office was next to Gold Printing but they could not assist me with making a logo. I had to go over to this place. My higher beings say, whomever you want “God-The Force-Zeus” always appears in grand fashion and meaning sometimes with thunder and lightning bolts.

It is like Ouija Board Serendipity De JA Vu energy. Not sure, how to explain what appears to be magick on earth.

Anyway, this Energy comes to me that I must get this logo made for the future of all on earth! The words were hounding me for the “ABOVE” and the words were ASCENSION CENTER repeatedly like a recording in my head.

There is a long drawn out month of weird phone calls and people all over wanting to know more about the “ASCENSION” work I was performing. People called me from other countries. It was a weird time. I had to do something and make it apparent on earth!
It was part of my Psychic Network experience to bring it all to earth. I am sure you know this feeling when your books came to you! Love the photo of you with the books by the way. Some of your articles appear on my websites. It has something to do with the RSS feeds here on UFO Digest. Anyway, I am rambling now since I am in a hurry to get to the next writing and studying for my class test.

I have to go on the Math Labs and study.
The point here is that I believe you, I, and “WE” may be on a positive track to the future of something bigger than we may “ALL”.

I know of alien ETs at those who are from other galaxies. Those I work with personally are like me and can appear human. Then we have the spiritual energy like the orbs.

I just wanted you to know that although I was brought up in the church of the Christians in America that there are still parts of life that bring us together. I have read a lot about pagans and nature. I understand that Pagans are more about Nature and the world as spirit. I believe in that too so not sure how all the global future belief systems will all tie together someday but I do believe that these “ET” beings are here to assist us put all the pieces of our puzzles together.

I have many layers of being like most all people I know. We are all complicated and have our persona we show to people one on one, and that which we show to people in a crowd. We all have the ability to blend in with the crowd and not be seen or stand out in a crowd.

We all have the ability to stand out in a crowd or what we now call “Acting Out”.
I love people, and I love psychology. I also love history and the ancient past. I am drawn to the Ancient Astronaut Theory of Erik von Daniken and Zechariah Sitchin but with my Ascension Center Enlightenment Twist for the Spiritual part of our body-mind-spirits. I am about finding how I can be here on earth, be able to have visitations from superior ET beings, have memories of past lives, and still be able to simply be human and have all the wonders about the mysteries of life and how we all connect here on this plane of existence.

I call this the “Game of Life” because of so much of the future deals with the layers of Virtual Reality on the computers in Cyberspace.

We will need Security in the future but I am now sure that I want complete control of our Cyberspace. People on earth are feeling their world becoming smaller and closing in. We are in an implosion as our memories and computers combine on this level.

Nevertheless, we will come out of it because we are relieving the pressure through these orbs or spiritual energy that travels in and above our natural habitat. They may come to allow us to gain knowledge to the nest or the next level of life! Some people know that we are to all return to the soul, which our spirit connects too!

Therefore, maybe some after we die and leave this body will see their ghost as I did. There are so many other people sharing their lifetime deaths here on earth. I believe there is a show about it on the T.V. now. The TV and Movies are so important to show us how to relate to the future energy with seeing as in making things appear real to our minds in this reality. This could also be the same principle of the ORBS! Food for thought do not you think.

Well, I am an advocate of your theory that ORBS could be spiritual beings with memories from another dimension. It is like those who come to help Harry Potter in the fight with the wands against the evil one Lord Voldemort. Final Boss Fight tip: During the struggle with the Death Eaters, Voldemort will engage Harry in a one on one wand battle Harry’s parents come to assist him in ORBS!

Maybe we are all in the paranormal writer’s world of ORB in science fiction. After all, those make the movies such as J.K. Rowling’s character of Harry Potter that make that which was once only spiritual now part of our internal psyche. We can all see and relate now to orbs!

I hope that my future book “TAKEN UP” will become the next Harry Potter but then all writers want to be like J.K. Rowling and discovered to have a better future. I am not so much on having material wealth but I think of all the good I could do in the world with this energy.

Maybe we can share the future world of alien ET XENO ORBS in our future on UFO Digest!

We are all connected. Better, get on with this level of reality for me to exist on the present plane in the 3 D world of life as we have created it! Thanks again. Always know I am with you in spirit. Power of intelligence to all spiritual intellectuals and the Power to the Paranormal Writers of the Global Future!

Love and Light.


Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris, Author/Entrepreneur consultant, trainer in mystical experiences that include Extraterrestrials, & Ancient Civilizations. 

Source: Life beyond Death – the evidence? Orbs – our link to the Otherworld?


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