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Lesson One for the Taken Up Book Series for UFO Digest Connection to the Ascension Center, ET Spirit, and TJ Morris organizations.
Being a humanoid on earth is what we consider normal. We each know that we are among others who appear to be humanoids and we call the total population the humanoid sentient intelligent being species. We each have a role to play in this world and in many others. We
shall now begin sharing science and philosophy.

There is a new way to understand ourselves as both particles and waves.

People who are just like me in other worlds that exist in other galaxies inside other universes are my exact duplicates almost. I say almost because science of that which was created by our ancestors is now making choices. Science Choices now include what is called quantum mechanics and quantum physics.
Inside these choices are the facts that we create as physical. The physical choices are those, which we can define with our normal five senses. These less one need to be reminded are sight, sound, taste, hearing, and touching. To those who are aware of the latest sixth sense we call this feeling. We can touch an object and feel it. We who are in tune with our sixth sense also are aware of our inner and outer barometer we presently relate to as emotions of the mind.
I would like to share my Alien ET Spirit World with those who do not yet understand that we are both particles and waves. This will take some stretch of the brain, which I call Alien ET Spirit Brain Training. Meaning one will have to become one with the universe. In other words, one will have to think outside of the box that we in the past called the box. The box is our normal physical reality. Our imaginations can think outside of normalcy and this is what we call the paranormal.
Paranormal simply means beyond the scope of normal objective investigation or explanation. This is my specialty as a trained Investigator in the normal world both civil, and military or commercial and government. I earned my trust in life by becoming that which most interested me in life and that was people, places, and things in this lifetime. I learned how to observe life here on this planet.
We can all learn to observe life on this planet. We can all learn to observe life of our own making as well as that, which is made around us to experience, and perceive.
That which we can perceive and then experience is with what I call the three-fold flame of truth of the wisdom, will, and strength we are all blessed with if we are normal and abnormal. Meaning that we are both normal and paranormal, we are all physical and metaphysical.
I write so that we can all learn to follow words as communication. Many who tune into me as Alien ET TJ in the future on our TAKEN UP SERIES will possibly be able to use me as a Guide to the future where the NEW SCIENCE is headed for the ASCENSION AGE beyond 12-21-12. I am offering a way to understand the shift and uplift as we are propelled, inspired, and evolved into space with our entire humanoid sentient intelligent being species.
Not wanting to lose my readers with what they many now be getting lost in the woo of the words we shall try to keep this simple as we both work together. There is the sender and the receiver. This is how this world is set up as both the positive and negative, light and dark, up and down, with the laws of physics and the law of gravity. We have laws in this world that are encased in time and space. We will soon learn there are more laws in this universe however, most humanoids have not experienced that which is above and beyond their own created physical unit, vessel, encasement we call a body-mind-spirit. 
There are ways to experience more in life of this world and others, which will require a stretch of both the imagination and spirit. I know of no other way to explain that which we use to extend our own energy in space at this time.
I am getting the urge inside my own unit, body-mind-spirit telling me to stop right there on this lesson. We all must first learn about the universe, multiverse,metaverse,xenoverse, and omniverse as the first five (5) like our own five fingers and toes. This will allow us to be guided as we begin the path on the road less traveled in the paranormal universe. I shall return to assist everyone on the road less traveled of the body-mind-spirit as a guide with my alien ET spirit called TJ. 
?ET UFOS and THE PSYCHIC AWAKENING by TJ Thurmond Morris, Author/Entrepreneur
We are about to enter the new part of our understanding of the “Wakeup Call” for our own spiritual souls. We will be learning about Robotoids in space and on earth.
Polyverse Yin and Yang Omniverse Order of Time Travel. We also have a Yin and Yang inside our own selves as well as the power to discern the finite difference. We may now have to know how to observe a humanoid on earth with and without a soul due to Robotoids. We will now begin to know more of other humanoids besides our own kind.
The Greys and Nordics are said to be in an alliance for the good of all of us with a soul.
There are many who are expected to return to earth without a soul, as we know it to be.
The term “polyverse” being used with a different meaning. Let me share some of the background leading to why our sharing the future in space is so important among our ET UFO Community.
It is said that the Nordics are an entirely separate race from these Greys and each are created in another universal order. Some believe they are simply from another galaxy in this universe. Some believe they are from another dimension and travel with worm whole technology in the alliance with the Nordics.
It was my understanding that their planet was erased or nearly wiped out. There were some traveling in space and when they returned to their planet all had been killed and it was suspected this other warring bunch who look like the Warf Wolf Types were who wiped out there planet with their killing technology.
Some of the stories of old explain that some other galaxies in this universe and in others can travel in a way that is faster than what we call light speed in the wormholes. We are not sure about the center of our own Galaxy at this time but it is said there is a black hole in the middle of our Milky Way Galaxy.
It is suspected that when our Galaxy aligns with others that there is a place in space for these other Space Travelers to access in what we call our own reality in time.
We suspect that our ancestors on earth knew this and programmed these times, which align with our star systems in the heavens. This could be why all the excitement about 2012 besides the fact that many of us believe in the advancement of the ascension center enlightenment of our soul expansion.
We are programmed to believe that many of us will upgrade to the next level in our own DNA/RNA levels and some of what we presently call trash in our DNA will be able to use parts of the unknown in our own existence to connect to our souls.
Here on earth we are lead to believe our soul is our spirit. Now, what I have learned due to the Quantum Entanglement and my own personal experiences is that we are all the double of ourselves inside a parallel universe. This explains the twin flame and our connection to a higher self. 
The definition in the post is, in Max Tegels taxonomy, a Level I multiverse. Such a universe is generally predicted by cosmic inflation theories.
Some string theories allow gravity to work across branes, but unless information exchange is possible then it still would classify as a multiverse.
A Polyverse, on the other hand, allows interaction between the universes. They would allow things like time travel and meeting an alternate you in an alternate reality etc. 
Another way of putting it is that a multiverse has parallel realities while a polyverse has interconnected realities. An omniverse has branching realities.
Omniverse is the “ALL” of our interdimensional minds while on earth with our critical thinking techniques for academia.
Action Team: Special Galactic Federation crews trained to complete specific task as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Divine Intervention: Sacred God-granted mass landing operation of the Galactic Federation and the Angelic Realms. Being done through divine grace to return God’s WILL to planet Earth, and to give the gift of full consciousness to Mother Earth’s children. 
Evacuation Scenario: Special operation that is precursor to mass landing operation. Will be used to quickly evacuate Earth-dwellers who live in regions exposed to catastrophes created by the coming Earth changes. Specially created Galactic Federation action teams will successfully carry out this procedure. Fluid Management: Primary organizing axiom of the Galactic Federation. Such full conscious organizations are non-hierarchical and goal-oriented. Rely mainly on talents, leadership and accord of its members. 
Galactic Federation: Light union created over four million years ago by various stellar civilizations in this galaxy. Divine purpose: to act as Physical Angels needed to carry out divine fate prophesied long ago for Milky Way Galaxy. Governing Council: Main ruling body of a planet, solar system or star league. Governed by the principles of fluid management. At present, over 200,000 such organizations are members of the Galactic Federation. Liaison Team: Special team whose major purpose is to relay precious communications between groups and to enable different groups to work more efficiently and more harmoniously together. 
Light Chambers: Specially modified devices that will be used to accelerate procedures needed to turn a “star seed” into fully conscious Galactic Human in matter of minutes. Located aboard star ships in Galactic Federation’s mass landing fleet. Will be used a few hours before the mass evacuations and/or the actual mass landing occur.
Main Federation Council: Principle governing body of the Galactic Federation. Located in the Vega star system. Works on the principle of one vote per member-star system or star league. Mass Landings: Operation by the Galactic Federation and the Spiritual Hierarchy. Designed to peaceably land important elements of the Galactic Federation and the Angelic Realms upon Mother Earth. Such elements as counselors, special liaison and action teams will assist birth of new galactic society and coming of full consciousness to Earth’s human population. 
Science and Exploration Teams: Main Galactic Federation space fleets designed to explore this galaxy. Specific mission is to encounter and continually investigate less-advanced planetary civilizations in this galaxy. 
When they find a stellar society that meets Galactic Federation’s criteria, they embark upon first contact mission that will lead this stellar civilization into full membership in the Galactic Federation. 
Subterranean Holographic Environment: 
Special underground facilities, based on advanced light technology, which will closely resemble and vastly improve upon humans’ present living environment. Fully capable of handling and surviving any type of natural Earth catastrophe. 
Will become permanent residences after mass landings are completed.
(OMNI) THE ALL = A WORK IN PROGRESS AS THE EXPANSION OF THE ALL AND THROUGH THE UNKNOWN ALL AS THE OMNI – Omnificent all being. Lies outside of the known and unknown of all. The Total existence that includes the Universes inside the Metaverses inside the Xenoverses, inside the Omniverse. Accepting the global future will require a Leap of Faith for all humankind in realizing that we are all to become aware of our destiny in joining all other sentient intelligent being species in this universe. 
Our universe is only one of many in the metaverse, which is encased in one of the many branes that is made up of many parallel universes that are tacked up and down and side by side that make up the Xenoverse inside the Omniverse. We might suggest that we begin counting with our own point of origin as one universe. This is one dimensional thinking so to speak. Take this into a larger dimension say two-dimensional and this gives us the metaverse, which houses all the various branes that are billowing as sails in an ancient xenoverse. 
The Xenoverse of the unknown brings us into a third dimension that allows us to recognize other parallel universes inside the metaverses. These cross over each other like a fine patchwork quilt among all time in space-time of which the time lords of the fourth dimension will come to be known.
The Omniverse is the Omni, as we know it to be the “All” or what this world once thought of us the ultimate in everything that at one time in manmade religions were referred to as GOD. 
We now are taught by higher supreme beings that God has always been and there are always older and much wiser races than the one’s we stumble upon or across throughout space-time with those who cross boundaries in the rifts of the branes in the metaverse. 
Hierarchy within the Omniverse Universe: 
The inside description of a context that is relative in size/structure (attributes/modes) to the known universe that we inhabit. A Universe, also known as a Cosmos, is a particular individual space-time organization with a specified number of dimensions of space and time and definite and specific laws of physics.
Other Universes (other Cosmoses) may have different numbers of dimensions of space and time and different laws of physics than our own Universe (Cosmos). Multiverse: The part of infinity, that directly joins a given universe with all possible configurations of that universe. 
Metaverse: In string theory, the part that is along with, after; over also denoting change in the multiverse that houses the branes or film that each universe is said to be attached to and hang like individual sheets in a hyper magnetic wave with rhythms of hyper cosmic strings going up and down that has a third element causing up, down, backwards, forwards, motions inside the Xenoverse.
Note: In computer science, a metaverse is a virtual reality simulation based on the physical reality of a single individual universe, but one or more levels of implementation above it. It is conceived that it will be possible in forthcoming centuries to create such simulations using massive arrays of Matrioshka brains and Jupiter brains.
Xenoverse: the unknown alien elements that are beyond and part of the metaverse and multiverse structure. Compared to a patchwork quilt hanging on a line to dry in space that is multivariate inside the Omniverse. While Omniverse is said to be the outside ring of all that is known, the xenoverse is the inside the hyperactive macrocosm that is unknown beyond the metaverse—the unknown sets of laws that govern how branes behave to create multiverses. 
Omniverse: All possible attributes and modes are in play, multiverses are categorized by the attributes/modes active in its child universes. Some or all-possible modes of existence are actualized. If we take the point of origin as our being as a point in measurement, then we can generate the following hierarchy: 
1. Our location in space-time, 2. This universe (cosmos), 3. The multiverse, 4. The metaverse, 5. The xenoverse, 6. The Omniverse.
Allegorical illustrations of the concept:
One can think of the Omniverse as a tree structure: the Omniverse is the trunk, each multiverse is a branch, and each universe is a leaf.
Alternatively, the Omniverse can be illustrated as a forest, a multiverse is a tree in the forest, a universe as a branch on that tree, and all further branches and leaves are further subset horizons within that universe.
Physicists such as Stephen Hawking and Roger Penrose have suggested that universes both fork and combine, which could be visualized as more of a system of roads and pathways.
The Omniverse itself is perfectly constructed to answer the question… “What If?” It is reasonable to assume that to answer this question the creation of an infinite number of Multiverses would be required. What is the difference between each Multiverse? could be a grain of sand… could be an atom… could even be sub-atomic and when you consider just how many atoms make up a grain of sand… you begin to understand that there will be a whole almost infinite Multiverses that differ so very slightly from our own.
End of infinity in some views, the number of Omniverse subsets possible is finite. Given that, Omniverse is the largest set conceptualized by man; such a view is sometimes called “the end of infinity”. From this frame of reference, it is possible that even if each multiverse had completely different laws of physics, and the amount of possibilities went off in the most unlikely directions, there would be a limit and an end to the amount of possibilities.
This view is founded in a theory of the Omniverse splintering into universe, multiverse, many-worlds interpretation, M-theory, parallel universe, possible worlds, and so on. Etymologically, the term “universe” is meant to refer to the entirety of one reality. Omni- is a prefix meaning “all”, making the Omniverse encompasses all possible universes, unlike the multiverse that can encompass any two or more universes with the same set of laws and constants. 

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