Alien ET Spirit TJ Shares Earth Family at Mother’s Crossing Over May 4, 2011 – Historical

I am being in this world but not of it right now at this point in time. I know I am known as an Alien ET Avatar on this planet among my peers but there are also times on earth that we need to be just a human. TJ

This is one of those times so please bear with me. This is a very personal time while I am in a low energy stage with human grief out of losing my physical mother who gave me this body-mind-spirit life here on earth. I know that I am also an energy orb and I also know that my spirit is connected to my soul somewhere else not here in the matrix we call the omniverse. I also know that this is only one planet, in one galaxy, in one universe, inside the multiverse, inside the metaverse, inside the xenoverse, inside the omniverse. 
My earth Family includes 3 sisters and 3 brothers. My Mother is Tess Thomas In the photo.I share one other of her made just last year. In her Memory I hope Dirk Will approve this.
I know this but I am taking all the energy that is always out there connected and feeling it all inside at one time and this is a very hard time to be alive on earth for me. I shall explain in words that come and shall not analyze them. Those of you who know that I am an Alien ET Contactee can do your own analyzing at this time. I am sharing part of me because it seems
I am suppose to at a much higher level of being. Call it my own over soul or my connection to God and Goddess if you will allow. It really doesn’t matter to me what level of inspiration one needs to recognize for themselves. This is simply the human brain and human mind of me now that wants to know why we can feel so much pain at a loss of another one leaving this planet. I am sure we feel pain for our own separation of another in physical form that we loved.
To those of you who feel you know me or know of me and are writers please feel free to send me your take on why some of us are of the ET kind and yet allowed to feel human emotions. I would love the time to read what others who read UFO Digest feel they can share with me. Some may want to add articles on UFO Digest for all of us. I want to hear from my peers now. Peter Dirk Vander Ploeg and Robert Morningstar must be aware of my mother’s death because I sent them a copy of my beginning promo book TAKEN UP which I was sending to mother to read on April 26th and yet she was already sick and checking out unbeknownst to me because I was obviously in denial as to her condition levels.
I would love to have those who study humans to share with me their own scientific and spiritual terms in a letter to me direct if you will at [email protected] as an email. That way I can read others essays and studies on death and dying and how we know where others may go. 
I welcome others emails to [email protected] which is also one of about 8 or 9 emails I own.
I want to write this information down now while it is on my mind. I know that I am in the grieving process since losing my mother and that I need some down time. However, my sister Wendy Finley called me this morning and shared with me that she is on the way to the funeral home to sign the papers and she wants to get in and out fast. My brother Charles Hughston Thurmond will pick her up, take her, and bring her back by Mother’s house. Wendy called to also say that mother had her box some of the jewelry I sent her through the years while I traveled the world. Wendy said, “It was amazing that mother remembered all the stories that went along with each piece of jewelry like one necklace you sent her you bought her in Africa, and a ring from Spain, and one from Hawaii. She remembered the story of your life as it was connected to the necklace, pin, or ring. It was amazing to me here at the last how she remembered Jan. She made Brenda promise to take care of you Jan and she made Tish promise to take care of me. And I said, Mom I can take care of myself but she made us all promise to take care of each other while we are here.”
The part I heard was while we are here because my Mother was not a believer in faith or anything that seemed not real and normal in this world. Yet, my mother and her mother, and her mother before her all had psychic abilities. My mother was in denial although she had the ability to predict when planes would crash. Mother would have a nightmare she called them and would have psychic dreams that would come true. I grew up with a very cool Mom but she always saw things and had premonitions but she never understood the meaning and never studied metaphysics. Mother never new about Wicca, or the Ancient Ancestors or the Ancient Mystery Schools. She simply was too busy raising seven (7) children of her own.
Mother was a wonderful mother and became a writer when we moved to Houston, Texas in 1965.
I always will remember her Mother and my mother both at the old typewriters. My grandmother who I called Sistie had an old black one with keys and this arm would pop up and hit a ribbon with the letter I punched. Mothers was an electric plug in and it had no way to erase a letter. Mother used carbon copies in her articles when I was growing up. I was married on November 10, 1967 at a big wedding in a chapel and had a long white dress and family and friends there. Mother made sure that I always had the best memories on my birthday and special occasions. She kept journals her whole lifetime from the time I was born. She gave me my baby book, which I still have that is almost sixty years old. We were at the time Southern Baptists and that was how I was raised in the Church of Jesus Christ. My father later became a Latter Day Saint as did in on May 12, 1974. This later changed but I did raise my four daughters as Latter Day Saints and we are sealed in the Temple in Washington, D.C. together. One’s belief systems can change as their practices of their chosen worship cultures and traditions.
This is why I have decided to share websites to allow others to see how one can change over the course and scope of our lifetimes. It is important to be connected in more than just family and friends. Now we have Facebook, Twitter and that has taken over the world, and the owners are doing a much better job than I could do I am sure. I shall elect to keep in touch with others through my own personal websites, which I shall develop personally such as Ascension Center Organization as AscensionCenter.Org, and ET Spirit Organization as, and my personal website called TJ Morris Organizations as
The reason I feel a need to have my own websites for others to find and connect to deals with energy and spirit while we are here. However, isn’t it funny that in my time of grieving for my loss of my mother and during the crying and speaking with my children, grandchildren, and brothers and sisters that I find time to write? I know that something inside me is very connected to others in this world and especially those who are my readers on UFO Digest. I can feel the global and spiritual connections and realize that they will miss my articles if I do not at least offer one during this week. I shall share this one on my own websites called Social, and TJ Thurmond I guess I shall add this to all my personal websites including TJ Morris.US, ACIR.US, Timely Manor,, TJ,,, and others as I decide I should.
I find it comforting to know that others are with us during our time of missing our mother’s presence and that this too will pass and we shall all get along into our own energy and life as we live it will soon take over and Mother’s energy and essence on earth will turn into simply memories on earth for us all. We will not be able to see her anymore and will have only her Book called Surviving as a Southern Woman and Good Old Times in Louisiana to keep us close to her memories. 
Everyone has their own belief systems and mine are metaphysical and I trust in my chosen Icon as Jesus and I have learned to put all my trust in him and what he represents as the best model of a spirit born on earth although he was of immaculate conception which I totally believe in.
While I am normally more like Spock the Star Trek Character in my own personal nature with never getting upset and I am one to use logic although I share the words Love and Light with those who read me, I am now in a state of heightened awareness and those who are like me that study parapsychology and are into brain training as something separate from our body-mind-spirit and occult metaphysics will admit that we must allow ourselves a time of grieving for our loss of our Mother. This connection to the one that birthed the body-mind-spirit vehicle and unit is something that no other can replace for one in this lifetime. It is special and sacred. A mother’s love is so precious on earth that nothing can replace it.
Therefore, I want this article to be one of memory for my Mother on earth and one that others can share with their loved ones. 
We all share Love and Light with others and we all have a connection. We are all tied together in one way or another as energy that we house in our individual units.
What makes some of us more energetic than others is the amount of energy we are willing to focus on a certain time or place such as when we are in competition or even when we feel hurt or at a loss when someone close to us is in pain.
This is something that needs to be studied further. I shall take an analytical and researchers approach in the future but for now know that those who will believe in faith that is the driving force of our own efforts in our energy directions will soon learn that one must believe in one’s own self and energy as essence first in order to accept that one can succeed at being a unit, vessel, humanoid, sentient intelligent beings.
Faith in those above who have come before and shall come again to guide us into the future is important! Mother always said life is a journey and we are the authors of our own life’s story!
Mother’s Book Cover and my Mother as Little Tess with her Mother Esther Bolton of Monroe, Louisiana, USA about 1944. Mother said she believes she was about 12 and she was born on December 5, 1932. Mother’s Book is well worth downloading as she was born during the depression and Franklin D. Roosevelt was President. It only shares her memories and not all the highlights but has some family recipes at the back of her book. I am mentioned in it a lot along with my brothers and sisters. She made this for her Grandchildren but said I could publish it on Timely Manor Books because she didn’t like the name LULU. But that is one of my third party contractors. Lulu doesn’t make the books at their office they contract out too.
But I get them made in 24 hours and to my door in 48 hours so I can use them when short on time. I used them on my Roswell Connection, and latest Taken UP Book!
Actually they have about seven of my books on and 
Well this article is written for Dirk and Robert and all our UFO Digest Readers who are our peers and friends. Now You are truly a part of our spiritual family of the Ascension Center and ET Spirit. I will share this article 3 days from now on my own websites. I just don’t have the energy to share right now with my websites. Tom wants to take me to dinner since we haven’t been eating since Mother died on the 4th. He just said, “Theresa are you at a break where we can go get something to eat. We haven’t eaten since your mother died!” I don’t know what day it is but I know that I am having a tough time staying in my body!
Being that I am one who came in a UFO at one time when I was ill here on earth, it is time I explain things to others and now that Mother is around in the other dimension maybe she will now understand the rest of us here as Avatars that come to share education and to upgrade how to live among those above and down here below. Love to all my other colleagues to truly define our metaphysical and paranormal world. I know we are considered alternative education but someday we will be seen as those who were in truth about the virtual reality of essence and spirit that is more real in the Matrix than that which we project as reality! I will be here as I am always here for everyone in energy and others may see my orb of energy flying around a crop circle or visiting them at one point or another. I shall tell the various levels of what I experience as life in time. 
My sister Wendy on May 3rd heard mother say, “They are coming for me.” This is the time before Mother ever got the morphine crops left according to my sister Wendy who was there by her side. 
I had a ticket to go but my sister Brenda called me and said, “It is too late Jan, and Mother is out of it.” Therefore, the world changed at that time for me and my family although they began giving her the morphine drops in her mouth at 11:30 P.M. that night and she left or took her last breath on May 4, 2011, at 12:40 P.M. That was the time the Hospice Nurse called it as she was there when Mother took her last breath.
Tess Thomas, Author, Surviving as a Southern Woman
 & Good Old Days in Louisiana
Available on and in a month
Now this journal is for me but I am sharing it with who ever shares my life with me as my friends in time.
I call all those out there that I do not know of their personal names but can feel the connection as TJ Morris & Friends. I have people who have been reading my own personal websites since 2005. I started telling people out there in the Matrix or Ethernet as the Internet who I was and about my Spiritual Journey back then in 2005. Up to then I had various websites including UFO Association and Roswell Connection and I wanted to stay in touch with others who were like me that had ET contact and UFO sightings. I had so many I could not keep up with them and many did not want to share their personal names or information for fear of being thought insane or crazy. Now times are changing and people are using their real information to connect to me psychically or spiritually in various ways.
Standing: Esther Sara Richman Bolton, Theresa J Thurmond Morris, Sitting: Theresa Mae Bolton, holding Angela Dawn Parrish Cook, next to Canzada Parsons Richman
This will continue and I will figure a way for all to share their unit vessel energy and essence in spirit with me on Ascension Center Organization and ET Spirit Organization while I create a reality for them on TJ Morris Organization. I know I am to stay in touch with all these ET Spiritual Beings while I am on earth until I depart. Since my own mother has passed and came, back to see me in living color along with my daughter GIGI and grandson DUSTIN I figure they are now in the ET SPIRIT loop with me and all others who desire to KNOW US!
So, I shall go ahead and print this journal entry for those in the public to find that are to contact me and to connect to me in not just energy and spiritual essence but in a reality connect bond to me and us while we are in physical form as well as our normal plasma spirit and orb energy as true and pure essence.
Yes, there are many of us who are orbs as energy spirits that are as real as those are that are projected in this physical reality as body-mind-spirit.
Love and Light until my next journal entry. 
Eternal Connection to our Soul Group while on earth in this reality!
Zecharia Sitchin, Tom & Jan Morris, Dirk Vander Ploeg, Robert Morningstar
TJ aka Jan Morris and TJ Thurmond Morris as Christian Name Theresa Janette Thurmond.

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