Alien ET Stepwise Increase in Change

By Theresa J. Thurmond Morris

 We are all those who shall share the beginnings of the new ET/UFO Community. It is now up to us who are creating our own world among worlds to address our own in the form of sustainability on earth of exo energy and alien ET and Paranormal literature and arts.

We are they who are learning to address others in the world above in the area of the Akashic Field and where we create our thoughts and know others instinctively. Some of my friends learn faster than others how to connect on the internet.

The future will not be about that which we cannot see, feel, touch, hear, or taste, alone nor can we put our terms around such as “I cannot wrap my brain around that.” This is a way of today saying we cannot comprehend a certain thought or pattern. This new wave of words and speaking is also about moving us forward into the future so that we may find out what “Keeping it real” is all about in the future. It will be up to us in the ET/UFO Community to join with the PARANORMAL and SUPERNATURAL communities to share in the new LEXICON.

We must all be patient and do our part while sharing with others that we are all the same and yet different. The one common thread of truth in the universe is “CHANGE”.
We should begin building our own way of being, doing, having, thinking, learning, and proceeding with making the world a better place to work and create. . We are being watched by the world as to how we shall form the perfect union as a democracy among ourselves. 

We can share that which comes from the seas, the farms, and now technology that include the internet for our communication purposes we will be looking to those who share about caring for the environment and the entire humanoid population who lives here on planet earth.

How shall we proceed with our own art, and literature while keeping it real in the sciences?

Those who are aware of the past technologies will find that many of our most popular beliefs and scientific creations now used in space and by NASA were once thought of as only “Science Fiction.”

Those who we now call Ets of the ET/UFO Community quite possibly guided our famous creators who were futurists, explorers, and had the greatest imaginations.  We who are the authors/entrepreneurs and share our thoughts whether they be first time prepared from our own design as creators or merely shared by way of channeled higher energy, information, and knowledge should be known for sharing our thoughts while keeping it real for all of us in the future.

Preserving the FOOD for LIFE is no more important that PRESERVING the ART OF KNOWLEDGE in LIFE.

We are all a part of something wonderful and should be ready to change the design of what we create as a team at any given time. No one being on earth owns this wave of energy that flows from above to the below or from one dimension into another.

We are now becoming aware of the “BRANE IN SPACE-TIME” that will begin showing and sharing how we can all access more of what is real in the various dimensions of life while we are still one.

One will find that there are many keywords that cross over including exopolitics, exopolitics, metaverse, quantum-entanglement, and the study of anthropology and Folklife. Help us preserve what is ours to remain for others who shall come afterwards to earth. Learn to write and share the future with what will be the paranormal for all. We can change the future beginning in 2011.

In the past roles in the game of life, we have forgotten the importance of what we learned as a whole along the way in life.

We must protect what we find out in the future and keep and preserve what we have now found out for those who shall come after us all to this planet.

We must have presence of forethought for our progeny in the future. Share time with us in the future here on UFO and Social Paranormal is the new unique alternative to the common social networks that are common such as Facebook and Twitter of which I too am a part. I love to read UFO Digest because of the special writers who contribute. Social Paranormal is up and coming as is Ascension Center.Org.

We will do our part and we have a long way to go in the metaphysical academy.

We are all doing what we can to share our own unique perceptions about life in general. Those of us in the Et/UFO Community still seem to raise a brow or two when sharing our thoughts of the ETs ways of coming and going like UFOs instead of spacecraft not of earth origin. EBENS we know was used during the age of Eisenhower.

Those who were supposedly in charge in the past who used the smartest men to devise control factors of what have should have been common knowledge to all beings on earth made some mistakes in classifying information. It is the various ways we guide others with our own perceptions and views as news that becomes editorials and essays on the Internet. Philanthropia is doing there part but one must be invited. and Discover are supporting us now due to our sustainability connections.

We are all becoming aware that our ideas are being cataloged and being used by those in empirical data mining. The future Internet will tell those who can afford to know of demographics and statistics which way the world is headed regarding the belief systems of us all. This will be used for or against us in the future in politics and in other ways. We may as well being sharing our energy and begin building up each other’s websites. We will need to share our points of views and gather in numbers to survive the future as changes.

When we write about a certain subject such as 2012 on the internet. The keyword is suggested across the Internet and is joined with all other articles, reports, and information collected under the same work and word so that others can find out all the information that we are dealing with on a regular basis. This is also time stamped as to when we came up with this critical mass analogy. Make no mistake, what we share and write about in our social networks and on e-magazines is very important to the “Powers that be”.

Our blogs have become important for those who are in charge of the world and the information network want to know what we are thinking. How better than to allow for freedom of speech and the press on the Internet?

We must protect freedom of speech for all others rely on this one on this planet!

We should not fear but should learn from our past mistakes. Fear of fear its self should be our greatest concern. Fear of the unknown has controlled many civilizations in the past. We are now about changing the fears in the minds of human beings with the disclosure of all that has been classified as Aliens and UFOS in the past.  I Share my time and articles because of an inner passion to do so. It is my hopes and desires that create passion in life for me personally. I hope that this is a common trait among all beings. There is beauty in life if one will only search and seek out that which cannot be understood.

I believe that life is worth preserving the way that it is now with an unknown. Opposites attract and we are still asked to maintain life on earth that can be observed by those above we call Extraterrestrials. The watchers and guides above have always been with our humanoid species. We are all reconstructing our past ways of thinking and believing in our own special ways among our groups of social cultural influence. The alien ET UFO Paranormal Community is of course on the cutting edge of our eclectic open minded culture.

This process of influencing our own community together as writers and readers leaves our social network less vulnerable to fear, shock, and invisibility to the future. A slight bit of insecurity among our neophites are felt and they want to go where they know that they can be accepted. I hope that everyone knows that this is part of why we writers of the paranormal are pleased to share our papers and essays with others here on UFO Digest.

There is a certain emotional tension that is being driven by those who desire to work with the country of China over the North American continent.

There are some competitions for comparisons of information communication going on now in the alien ET UFO Community. I was told this evening in my own college writing class about the future and that some of my classmates believe we shall all be part of a future shock of another financial bust from the gold standard.

I foresee just the opposite because we who are in the know of the alien ET UFO Paranormal Community have announced all that we plan on doing to use gold on earth to assist humankind. We need all that are aware of the soul DNA upgrades for those who are ready to become more advanced and/or enlightened to share at their higher levels of understanding with their peers.

We are all in need of asking our colleagues, families, friends, and social networks to assist us in this communication of ideas and understanding about the future with opinion change.

The Exopolitical Genre is growing and this is only one facet or group supporting the same cause of opinion change in their realm of government lobby change for Freedom of Information Act or FOIA.

We are still being made fun of on some television shows who do not understand our position in the world and larger picture the Omniverse.

Steven Hawking and Michio Kaku has only done so much. It is up to us now to learn to talk the future and to walk the talk. Love and Light. TJ

Which of us makes our point to the Supreme Counsel remains to be seen.


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