Alien ET TJ – Crucial Sustainability Tectonic Economics – Death & Back to the Future!

There is a very deep message here for those who are tuning into the Alien ET Future!

We may not be ready for the shift and uplift of awareness into the future Ascension Age.

It may not be up to each individual any longer unless they tap into the force and source for all as the world information network sustainability. This will engage us all into what matters!

We are all now responsible for every choice we make for the entire species on this planet. We are entering the time on earth when we are seen as one species on one planet which is sealed in the area we call an ozone layer which CO2 can destroy over time. Look at our melting glaciers and the CO2 patterns in this world. We must learn about Tectonic Economics and Fast! Our world and our Species is at stake! This is not a prediction or warning but a fact.

Believe it or not we are all going to change into something else when we die! There really is something to think about on earth before we die besides our “Bucket List!” What have we done to assist our own human species while alive and well on planet earth?

It is time to begin sharing kindred spirits and like interests for the belief in humanity sustainability on this planet and in the future in space. I am doing my part with the words I am given as the messages when the come to me. This is my gift, and my part and piece of this global community puzzle. It is up to each of us to find out where we fit into the future!

Back to The Future – Tectonic Economics
– Global Community Politics of the Future!
Humanity Sustainability – A Psychic Empathic Understanding
By: Theresa J Thurmond Morris, Copyright Owner TJ Morris tm ACIR sm
It is time for us to share more of who we are while we are here on this planet so that others may grow and learn from our experiences while here in the physical state of being.
Some of us have been reluctant to share our gifts or skills for global fear of being ousted or not accepted in this world we call normal. This is one of the major concerns among those who consider themselves friends of mine as spiritual intellectuals.
It could be said that many social traditions and religions of this world have harbored resentments of those who thought differently than the masses. It is time we realize that sometimes certain beings study energy in their own way without prompting from their government or religion. 
We are all a part of something much grander than ourselves. This includes being a part of the universe, multiverse, polyverse, metaverse,xenoverse and omniverse.
Just like we are constructed in our own physical bodies. There is one (1) upper bone that protrudes out of our shoulder that connects to two (2)below our elbow. The two is connected to eight (8) in our wrists. The wrist is connected to five (5) fingers that have three (3) bones each. There is a numerical sequence here that we can find as a pattern of 1,2,3,5,8. In mathematics, Fibonacci coding is a universal code which encodes positive integers into binary code words. 
Those who are familiar with the Life Pattern Codes of which we are all learning has distinct divine implications in our world will recognize this sequence used in many movies of the science fiction genres such as TAKEN by Stephen Spielberg as a movie made for television and is also a book. We have codes that we all like to know about and this includes a book that was also made into a movie called the Da Vinci Code.
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Survival of the humanoid species is no longer just common sense on this planet. Survival is not the only focus but how to get ahead in the space race back to the future!
We are all alien to this planet and we shall learn to live and die here.
It is time to focus on what is now called Tectonic Economics and the Space Race to ensure our survival as a species. Time to learn that there is more to our existence than simply surviving. We have to brief the common humanity in us all. Otherwise there will not be time to learn how to create the business and marketing plan for our corporate survival in commercial and government alliances around the world to protect our future on the planet. We will learn how to become the future. 
There is nearly 7 billion of our humanoid sentient intelligent beings on this one planet we call earth which is our home.
We need to begin to have crucial discussions about how we shall proceed to share our sustainability issues on this planet.
There are various levels of our existence that requires our focus and attention if we are to sustain our species on this planet.
Most humanoids no matter where they are will first concentrate on their immediate survival, which includes food, clothing, and shelter on this planet. Most are land dwellers, while some prefer to live on the water or underground in caves and manmade shelters.
There are various layers of thought processing on this planet and those who are in high places including governments are well aware of the future calamities that are to befall all of us regarding the melting glaciers, and natural cataclysms that befall humanity while we sometimes fall victims to what we regard as nature’s God.
We must learn to accept our history and our past and learn to protect the future. We will need cyber security in the world we have created called the web. This is housed in space and our satellites and ways of connecting and communication are important to our very survival now.
It disheartens me to see so many going through the changes that include depression, anger, betrayal, denial, and finally acceptance. We call this by an acronym of DABDA in some circles dealing with the overall neuro science and psychology of the entire human race. Learning that which we all share as a body-mind-spirit is important. Not all intelligent beings are spiritual intellectuals.
The old school of world religions and other mental disciplines and social and cultural traditions are important to our lineage and our family heritage. This is where is should be shared in our home and for some this also has to be a social club with others of their own interests and beliefs. This is for being one to share in common goals and being human. We are social creatures and this is our nature to share common interests. 
We should know that many of us begin in our own families as children and learn of our family religions and soon begin to explore our own interests when we learn to read and become more educated about the world. Some begin to go to colleges and universities and it has been apparent in the past that those who reach beyond secondary education may become better equipped through thought processing their disciplines into making their skills more apparent and more in line with the normalcy we call society. We all know many who maintain the social and cultural order of the planet. Basically we all know that the world breaks down all energy to maintain and govern as products and services.
That is the two main topics and from there we can begin to add categories. From the categories we can address on down the order such as articles, essays, posts, news, and communications the same as we do in internet media and social networks. Social Networks are becoming important to all people whether it is family and friends or commercial ventures. We are all learning as laypersons how to create our own products and services and offer them up for branding recognition and marketing these products and services online in the global community we now call the Internet Online Media. The IOM is the new way to share that which each person is interested in and offering as their part of the world. Each person has something that is marketable in the world to offer them a way to sustain their lives. There are still what we call brick and mortar businesses but due to the larger corporate giants which were onetime thought to be too big to fail we have seen many maintain the status quo. However, they are also learning it is easier to have smaller business ventures to work in alliances with consultants and people with special skills on the Internet Online Media and Marketing of their products and services. 
We are all going to learn how to tap into the WEB and MEDIA ONLINE. There are those who shall be interested in creating their own way into space and many of the new Internet Communication Programmers have learned to spend their own money on being inventors of their own creations. This is something that all entrepreneurs are wanting to do and don’t have the financing or fiscal discipline so they are learning to form their own groups. The groups and alliances are maintained not only on certain community, country, and continent levels but all over the world. Another reason for the need for cyberspace security. More and more people will begin to participate in survival from their own homes or wherever they can find a place to use their computer internet connections. Gradually we will be able to all use the internet apps from our small handheld computers with more than 4G memory.
Many of those who are educated around the world have become a part of a certain layer of academia and are in tune with the ways we should make the world a better place. It simply appears that most that are educated in our universities are not financially able to prepare the world for the future and meet all the human populations’ needs.
Those who have the most wealth on this planet do sometimes deal in charitable acts and believe in sharing with those who are not profitable or cannot find jobs to sustain themselves and their families. Some who are educated may also learn to become entrepreneurs and become wealthy. This is what we all hope for as those in the American Dream of the United States.
However, most of us are the common folk and we were raised in the middle or lower class of people who dominate this planet. It is time we all share in electing leaders on this planet who can make good decisions for the future.
Some of the focus issues we should have are going to be geared toward sustainability for now and the years to come.
Personally, I am addressing issues that will assist in framing and organizing the infrastructures that are required in what is now called Tectonic Economics which include everyone that exists on earth whether living on land, or on water.
Therefore, I would like to encourage everyone on this planet to be aware of the future focus on the decisions we make on a daily basis. Treat each day with the thoughts of tomorrow and include the facts that we can all live long, have health and prosperity for all on this planet.
We shall learn to travel to our future in space and this will be the overall goal to allow those who have came before to come again and find us orderly and desiring to move on into the future as humanity and as a species.
In the past, there have been many layers of our reality based on our social ways, traditions, cultures, and educating our communities. We are learning now that we are all becoming aware of more beings that live outside our immediate life paths and communities. This is going to allow us to desire more and to want more from the future regarding technology. Technology is allowing us to become smarter and more aware of how to assist our families and us. 
We shall all begin to want to know more and we shall all connect through our cell phones, tablets, and computer connections we can carry around the world with us whether for communication, education, entertainment, or simply to assist us in ways we are creating new applications for. The new buzzword is APP now on the planet. We are learning that our many code writers and developers in the world of computers are learning what people have as far as likes and dislikes, desires, versus needs, and so on and so forth. We are learning how to live with less material wealth and more mental energy that will be shared in the future for all.
We are learning about the hive mind of the entire exemplary species we call humanity. Humanity sustainability will begin allowing for us all to become more open minded about science and religions and how we shall develop new philosophies for tectonic economics for our future.
While some of us will be more focused on the ground down here on planet earth to assist in sustaining the species there will be many of us working in space with the bridge to the future to other sustainable planets that can become the future homes for humanoids such as ourselves. This was why we are put on this planet to learn how to reach for the future and focus on space exploration where we all were created.
We must all be patient of all those who are still at the basic level of what their ancestors wanted to teach and educate the masses with regarding politics and religion. We are all now being taught with those who have much more wisdom, truth, and strength in that which is to become the future for humanity on earth and elsewhere in space.
Share in patience and ask others to not be backbiting and sharing in sarcasm of those who do not yet understand what we mean by the awakened state of the Ascension Center Enlightenment (ACE) Education. We are all not perfect in to others more intelligent in the higher order of people, places, and things to come in the future of this universe.
Please strive of opening the box of thoughts of what is now shared as the spirit of the mind.
Learn to share in the higher levels of energy that has been known to exist inside our minds while we sleep called dreams. Learn to meditate on the things that are desired to be known and learn to ask the universal omnipresence for wisdom and understanding in prayers.
One does not have to accept any formalized religion any more than one has to eat or drink a certain thing. Belief in things unseen nor understood is a choice and one that will send us each on a different path at the cross roads of our own life energy force we call spirit.
I am not yet perfect in the eyes of others on this planet or in other worlds however, I am allowed to experience near death experiences, out of body experiences, meditation and prayer, lucid dreams, psychic impressions and inspiration of the imagination and much more as a humanoid. We can all learn there is more evolving in the spiritual intellectual world for those who desire to ascend into higher realms of possibilities we call paranormal and metaphysical in this world. Most my friends have common interests as spiritual intellectuals. I hope you shall return to find our connection to the mysteries of the mind!
Love and Light is the eternal infinity connection as infinity squared! TJ

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