Alien ET TJ on Stephen Hawking’s No Heaven Comment

Alien ET Spirit TJ on Life after Death

  Spirit Energy Essence Eternal Immortal theory. I want to share my news, views, perceptions, opinions about Stephen Hawking and no heaven theory or thought process. 

I realize we are all different and we are all separate and no other can own our inner spirit or what I call essence and energy. My future stories are based on my own personal experiences and what I call wisdom that comes from a direct connection to someone or something that I call superior life force energy to my own. I will attempt to share that in words which I am not very sure that others will grasp my meaning and intent as benevolent sharing and caring. I believe we should all share in the shift and uplifting of human kinds’s spirit.

‘There is no heaven: it’s a fairy story’ claims Stephen Hawking

Science and religion may appear to be the old words and ways of the past. We may be coming up with a new way as of 12-21-12 for all to become awakened to new etymolology.

I am choosing to share that which is engrained in my own personal experiences as spiritual energy essence inside my heartfelt soul self. Some who have known of my years of teaching of the ascension age process have taken what I have taught and begun to create their own words and understanding. This is what we do when we vibrate a certain frequency towards our own truth. Our own inner truth may change over time when we receive more data input.
Alien ET spirit is essence as energy that is our life force that is connected elsewhere in the cosmos we presently call the Omniverse. What lies outside the beyond where the ultimate superior essence force that is ever expanding has an eternal connection. The Supreme Beings answer to a higher power that is omnipotent that is beyond my understanding and Stephen Hawking’s and all other earthly humanoid’s reasoning from what I have come to know in this lifetime.
One of our greatest weaknesses as a species is our conflict of interests in beliefs of our beginning. We each are programmed with our own inner sanctum and connection to the higher force and source. Some will not desire to believe in a Heaven and Hell because they will also have to admit there is some control of their inner thoughts and desires. Positive and negative force can attract and repel. There is also such a plane, and place that deals with a neutral zone that can work like velcro. That is another analogy and story for later.
Some may believe in a story about a God who’s son came to earth called the son of man for a reason. We must each decide in our own mind what to believe to become our future memories that will assist in deciding where we will go on our future spiritual path. Some of us are introduced this story and others are not. We all may not come from the same place prior to coming to this planet who some call a zoo. There could be something to understand about the zoo hypothesis.
There are many ways to believe and to think about who we are, what we are, where we came from, and where we will go when we leave this existence, place, life, or what we call our own humanoid sentient intelligent being. I prefer to believe that there was a man with more metaphysical wisdom about where we came from in another land of his father’s who had many mansions in heaven.  Now, how we may interpret various past writings, codexes, and ancient scriptures will be up to the individual. While here in this place and space we call a planet and existing as a separate unit, we as a being must make up our own mind as to how we each choose to live and believe as a fully self contained unit vessel. It is my understanding that outside forces are allowed to influence each of us both positive and negative. 
While my mother lied on her death bed she mentioned a jury would decide. She later mentioned they are coming for me. I shall let each being decide if this is also their own fate while in the in between of  life hear and where we shall go. Is there such a jury and others who come to get us?
Even if we all think we can only believe in proof in the sciences the Bible has outlasted all science books that have proven to be changed over time. Maybe the words written in the Bible were made to last throughout all time to serve as a guide for those who chose to become more intelligent regarding the ancient past. I put the Bible at the top of the most popular books in this world. I also believe in placing all wisdom, knowledge, and world religions into context with the way I choose to believe based on my own inner barometer. I believe we can all get information and wisdom direct based partly on this book called the Bible.
The other part is based on experience knowing how we can go out of body and visit the Akashic Field and place where energy exists in other realms that exist not necessarily on this planet. I also have ways to access that which is linked to other planes and dimensions that for some they can claim that there are spacecraft not of terrestrial origin that can take some of us in humanoid form to higher places or other places in space time. That I am not ready to discuss until after the awakening date for the masses of believers. That is based on an inner timing of my own that I have learned to take as direction from an inner knowing and inner guide we call the holy ghost or holy spirit. But, then one has to have words to share certain knowings in this time while we are here on this playing field. As I mentioned before, when one involves energy outside of themselves this becomes what is known in the cosmos as the “Game of Life”. How we interpret this game, play this game, accept this game in life and death is part of the awakening process in my own mind’s eye view.
I personally choose to believe in wisdom, will, strength, as the three main portions of our selves and some call this the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. It is all relative. I shall not quote ancient scriptures that some may believe in, understand, and others may not. We who are of the ancient mystery schools are taught to not cast pearls before swine or to not share that which is not appreciated. We share with those who we think will understand that which we are trying to relate to others who will appreciate our energy for what it is as our own insight and experiences. Jesus has sent his angel to testify unto you these things in the churches that he is the root and the offspring of David and the bright and morning star. Think on these things that he did come in the flesh as the son of man so that man may know there is another superior as the Father’s wisdom to send the way, the truth, and the light unto all of humankind for that was his purpose to define what was once of the ancient past history of his own father’s dealings from the mountain tops with his chosen such as Moses. There were promises made with sacrifice and this man came to become more out of body and showed us the way to honor our own essence by way of ascension. Ascension offers us the way, the truth, and the light for the path that will become our own if only we may believe in that which we call faith that is not seen but felt.
We use logic and we believe we are in control of our brains, which Stephen Hawking likens to a computer. This is his way of logical left-brain understanding of our era in time on this planet. However, this does not make any more sense than saying there is a God.
I was inspired to share my perceptions of life as an Alien ET Spirit Orb that deals with life in a humanoid vessel as a sentient intelligent being based on the article that Dirk Vander Ploeg listed regarding Stephen Hawking’s comment of there is no heaven, which is for those who are scared of the dark.
I agree with Stephen Hawking that one may relate the brain to a computer however, regarding his comment of no heaven I must take issue with or too. Regarding those of who desire to take comfort in our ancient ancestor’s culture and religious preferences which are based on the ancient knowledge and understandings of a metaphysical nature inside us all. The hereafter we call Heaven (Cosmos) is another Dimension in our Spiritual Journey. 
One such as Stephen Hawking needs proof in the way we believe in having scientific proof but one should also remember that science was developed out of that which we call philosophy.
No matter how once chooses to think scientifically one must first understand the origins of science and how it came into existence. Science is an approach to create the thoughts that are based upon a method or methodical way. Science is the experimental investigation of things with observation, identification, description, and theoretical explanation of natural phenomena. Science is any activity that requires study and method. Science is knowledge gained through experience and this description is out of the American Heritage Dictionary.
The early churches may at one time opposed certain scientific philosophies and even also may have become corrupt through time such as the one’s who came after Peter the apostle. One period of time should not define the whole. We all learn from our mistakes as do the prior empires. One being the Roman Catholic Church and we each may know of the history but how much does the average person really understand about human kind’s world religions and how humanity came into being?
Science fiction is based on the elements of scientific discovery and prediction. Much of what we have in life today that is considered high tech in what we use in the technology category was first based on prediction and thoughts without an explanation and foundation in science with a theoretical explanation. We shall require future beings to share in the wisdom, will,and strength of the imagination for the entire connection to all humanoid species. More later on that part of our synergy and existence on earth. 
There is much on the planet that was first created as something from nothing but where did that which we call energy in the ethers come from if not from somewhere else?
There are those that believe this universe came from a Big Bang Theory and exactly how to they explain all that exists outside of this universe that has at least seven seals altogether?
Where is time if it is not in our brains and computers as we each have our own brain? There is something outside of the computers of our individual brains that exists and we are in that illusion and delusion that is we who are created outside of the one inside Stephen Hawking’s own head. Does Stephen Hawking think his computer created all of us and that which he likes to study outside of his existence he can explain inside his own computer?
What about all that will continue once his broken computer has it’s last flicker. Does he really think that he will cease to exist? Really does he want to convince the entire humanoid sentient intelligent being species that he does not himself hear a still small voice inside of him that he may regard as something that could exist and connect to genius? Does he really believe that all his own thoughts have not been thought of before his coming to this planet?
I am not as well known as Stephen Hawking whom I love dearly as an essence and soul. Does he believe that life for us will cease to exist because he does not? If he flickers out then what purpose did he have for coming to this planet created from nothing? Some of his logic does not compute. In my own mind, he has not proven to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that he understands the entire universe, multiverse, metaverse, xenoverse, and omniverse. How can one that is not in tune with the Omnipotent understand wisdom of a higher and supreme energy source if he chooses to take credit for all that he requires to exist? Does he believe that he came her from nothing because of two people creating a humanoid vessel only? What about that which he and the most educated physicians in the world cannot explain and that is what makes one live and die inside the humanoid physical body and mind? I mean this in relation to why some people live and die with the same disease or having the same auto accident or cancer, or even in his own case a certain disease? He was to die earlier and not expected to live. Does he really believe he is alive due to his own free will and choice?
There are also other great thinkers on this planet which when put to the test cannot come up with the etheric answers that life exists for a reason due to that which is outside of their own brain space they call their own intelligent minds. 
One only has to realize that the energy and essence that is called self inside the mind that lies inside the brain came from somewhere and was already something before it was nothing. How can one take credit for all that exists in one’s own mind based on the fact that he or she did not create one’s own vessel and that it too two of both a male and female to create the humanoid body-mind alone? We can see the physical structure being created in all living things but we cannot understand at what point the spirit is placed inside the being when we know that some are still born or born to appear live and are dead with no breath of spirit essence or life blown into the individual new born baby.
That something that leaves the body at the time of death is a form of pure wisdom and energy created and joined with that which came to this level and dimension of existence we call life on earth. The prior that existed was part of the something we all call our soul, which was part of the something that may have come from nothing at one time before the words we now use as the “Big Bang”.
Our ancestors knew that there were some things which came from above we call the sky (heaven) and that logic deserves further investigation. We each are given a brain as our own computer when we are connected to the humanoid body-mind-spirit. There is no humanoid on planet earth that has discovered where the essence of life that requires the breath of life comes from in the beginning of life and ends at the time of our death. If they could discover it then possibly they could create this spirit essence.
If Stephen Hawking believes he is likened to a computer then he should become aware that all computers require energy to work. That energy we usually obtain from an electrical plug in our own homes for our computers or at our work place or educational institution. All work with power that comes from another source is sent into the computers in order to make them work. The information may still be stored inside the computer as we add it to our own hard drives. These usually require some type of batteries that will need energy as well. We can usually recharge some batteries but not all.  We the individuals decide how much energy we exert in what we call work. How to work the will of that which we decide we want to store in our own personal computers is usually a personal choice unless we work with others then we all may decide together. There are options and cases that require democratic authority.  Regarding our own personal internal brains as computers, we  almost always decide our own data input or do we? Are we actually to believe we are the original creators of all wisdom? 
We can share that which may have already been experienced by others prior to us being in humanoid sentient intelligent being when we discover that which we consider ancient history. Some of us are older than others maybe due to the original creation of souls who could be from those who are even old and wiser. Some us believe we are created or seeded with essence prior to coming to earth in this lifetime.
Some of us believe in reincarnation and some of us believe we have lived before in other worlds, and universes prior to coming to this one. Some believe in synergy of that which exists before of their eternal energy that comes from somewhere as energy that existed prior to that which is created as unit, vessel, body for us on earth!
We have to all consider that as many beings are created that there will be many more created after us. If there is an after us common sense tells us there were those before us based on our own life experiences on earth. What makes us think that our beginning was from that which was oozed from the first thoughts of what was on earth materially before our own evolution begins on earth?
Just because Stephen Hawking is intelligent does not mean he is a spiritual intellectual.
I understand that we are all hardwired but I also know how important our own chosen software is as well. IF we choose to continue sharing our various thoughts and experiences we should all agree to disagree and debate that which may be in opposition to that which we have created as our own self thoughts as images and perceptions as those we see inside that we call our minds with memories. We share as energy and synergy to expand our own thoughts and many of us agree to share in the common synergy as assisting others and also having a hive mind for the good of all. Sometimes the needs of the all out weigh that of the one unit.
The computers inside our minds are the hard drives we are given that control the entire electrical system in our own humanoids body-and minds via our spirit.
Our spirit is the energy that drives the computer mind. The computer mind inside our own humanoid hard drive is attached through our spirit to the source of energy that we call our over soul that lies elsewhere in the adjacent Omniverse or power source that is much greater and generated via many power grids that we call other universes.
Our universe is only one of many, which lies inside that which is presently called the Polyverse and/or Multiverse. This Mulitiverse is inside that which we call the Metaverse. 
This is located inside the unknown vast regions places, planes, and dimensions which is inside the vast unknown space of matter and antimatter we do not yet have words and understandings of called the Xenoverse. The Xenoverse is that which lies just inside the outer seal, layer or expanse of matter and antimatter in the seal that lies inside that which we call the omnipotent all as the Omniverse. I believe for now, this is as far as I personally am allowed to understand in this humanoid vessel, unit, computer.
One that is limited to their own understanding as only one computer that apparently is understood to flicker out when broken will never be able to understand. 
My sister Wendy just called me and has been up all night crying about Mother dying. She told me that she has to say, “When Mother died” because mother would say,  “I don’t like people talking about me passing or passed on.” Mother liked the words dying and died. That is a personal preference but it could stem from our mother’s own perception about life and death.
How we handle death and dying is as much a part of us and humanity as life and living.
We all have our own cultures in society that we were born into and then we may move on and away from when we marry another person and enter their family and culture.
Some around the world are poor and stuck in their own geographical culture and domain. Society dictates to them how to live, dress, think, and even worship as in a dominate religion based on the past. Politics of the past also enter into how a person may relate to life, living, and death, and dying. It appears that the major religions in the world are all based on the past way our ancestors set up the way we should all live and accept life and death.
The young ones coming to this planet shall not necessarily follow that path after 12-21-12.
Most of the world still relates to that of the Bible which include the Christians, Muslims, and Jews all of the Monotheistic beliefs. We also have Buddhism and all the isms and the other various religions and philosophies and theosophies, which include Zen. There are many ways to accept religions, which are how many countries cultures in the past shared how we were to be born, live, die, and think of death about burial policies including cremation. 
My earth biological Mother was cremated or is being cremated this week. In today’s American culture here, where I live in the Southern regions of the United States there is mostly those who desire to be buried in the ground. This cremation process I was never aware of that my family ever used in the past on this planet.  Although mother had an insurance policy to pay for her own expenses at death included all funeral expenses for a funeral home; she preferred no funeral and expenses such as flowers she has chosen cremation. I really cannot explain her preference except that she did not want any of her children and friends to be out the financial expenses of travel, flowers, and she did not want people crying over her death. 
My mother taught us as children to be Christians and I was born into the church. However, after we all were grown she stopped attending churches of any kind and shared her Grandfather’s Jewish beliefs, which he shared with her as a child. Mother was influenced at a young age by the World War II fears of Hitler warring with those in Poland where apparently some of our ancestors were located in Europe. Mother’s grandfather would sit by the radio and listen to the news about Hitler which greatly influenced how mother though of her family. Mother’s family lived with her Grandfather and Grandmother who managed the sawmill in Clarks, Louisiana. My father’s family worked in Ripley, Mississippi and managed a business and a railroad. My roots run deep across America and from Europe as far as my humanoid DNA is concerned and my cultural ties to humanity in family genealogy. There is a way to trace each humanoids ancestry and it is encouraged to do so. This way each family learns more about their own cultural heritage and not just their DNA exclusivity of their shell or vessel. We all share common traits that trace back to the country of Africa as there the first humanoids were said to have begun according to science.
We all have a past and a history which as we grow from adolescent to adults we can change if we so desire with our own free will. This free will is as important to each individual as that which gives us life such as how we maintain our units with sustenance. We shall experience the younger adults around college age desiring the world to pay attention and to assist in providing a common public education up through and to include four years of college and/or university education. It may become the responsibility of tectonic economics in the future. In other words whether governments, profit corporations or nonprofit corporations want to recognize they needs in both science and technology, they may have to include paying for public higher education as part of their future added expenses with a return on their profitable gains in the long run with educated personnel signing contract agreements to come to work for four years in exchange of four years education.
We are just beginning to learn how to expand the consciousness and abilities of all humanoids in the global community. We are learning how to share more outside the basic geographical locations based on location and geography. We shall learn from our past mistakes and also learn from our past successes on this planet. We now recognize we are to expand our species into the 21st century with a global outreach to all for all as a global community. There will now be an entire global tectonic economics awareness for land masses to expand and explore all global possibilities. We shall learn to raise up and shift and uplift humanity as a species.
We all are concerned that there are many on earth that was born without the knowledge to expand their human awareness of what lies beyond the basic radius in space and on earth.
That is a part of the future for the entire humanoid species. We are all considered one of the many humanoid sentient intelligent being species. It is up to each of us to share that which is considered outside of our own individual units. We create other units to expand our species and that which we teach our progeny will now be more important than ever on this planet.
This is why we are all accepting the date of ascension age awareness to begin December 21, 2012 on this planet. We have ancient connections to our ancient ancestors who have shared the precession years on this planet and what should be created from our awareness of the future and the change to happen and reoccur. It is a time of anew. This is a time that we shall all accept that there is something about one planet that connects us all. This is a time when we can all look to the future in relation to where our planet is among the many solar systems that are joined inside the galaxy, inside the universe. We shall discover all other planes and dimensions that are outside this one universe. Whether Stephen Hawking will remain on earth beyond 12-21-21 to see the future remains to be seen.
How one can feel as alone as Stephen Hawking to think that he will simply have his flicker end that means nothing if ended is beyond my reasonable and logical thinking in my own mind and consciousness that I know goes on as life after death.
My reasoning comes from my own experiences, which is also considered science because it is experience from life. The fact that I died and left my body and traveled beyond this planet, solar system, galaxy, universe, and outer regions of the Omniverse and returned to know about it and have wisdom about it allows me to know of that which is our connection to the beyond that we presently call a cosmos. There is wisdom and a collective consciousness of energy that stores memories as knowledge. How this energy came into my own being was not all etherically learned nor was it all learned from education and books.
As far as how I perceive my brain and my inner computer, it is divided into that which is a physical reality as a container and that which is essence which is the energy that is connected to me from another higher source and force that was much higher in wisdom and that which we call intelligence as those who are extraterrestrial.
How do I know that extraterrestrials exist? Because I have had life experience with them, among them, from them, and they know much more than I do and I choose to believe they are Supreme and lived much longer before me because I have memories of them and about them. I know that we have a council for earth, a high council and supreme beings. I know that some of our masters who have walked as Gods and Goddesses on earth will return once again into our level of awareness we see as our own essence.
I like to share that which I have as inner memories from experiences in this life and past lives. Whether they are more than memories we will all just have to wait until we enter the next reality, place, plane, dimension. 
This is something I can only share in my life with words I use in communication, which I choose to do as a mission and a message. More later. Love and Light. TJ

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