Alien ET TJ Remembers after 3.11.11 Triggered Memories of Atlantis

By Theresa J. Thurmond Morris 

Is if possible that we are all here in this present life to reexperience that which we wronged in Atlantis. Are we here to right what we got wrong in a past life? Makes sense to me now. I don’t know how to create a planet or do I? Could this be something inside of me that lies dormant out of being human? What if there is a spark of the creators we call God and/or Goddess inside of me and in us? I remember things. I know things. Why am I in fear of sharing what I know with the world? Is this a primale deep rooted fear from Atlantis?

I have some memories that have returned and I must admit that are all not good. Could it really be that me believing in my past life as an Atlantis Oracle with some of my sisters is real enough to be memories in this lifetime? Where do these memories come from? Why do I hurt so bad inside after experiencing 3-11-11 on earth? 

This day on earth will never be forgotten! This date will now be part of earth’s ancient past in the future of all humankind to follow me and us. We are writing the future now! So how if we experience life so real in energy on earth that sees and knows that our fellow humankind has been lost once again on earth as it is in space can we not wonder about being more than we presently are? We must have a life after this one.

My mother does not believe me and yet she has come close to death as a child eating the inside of a peach seed with her brother. She admits to a near death experience. But, she is loyal to her grandfather’s memory of leaving Poland as a Jew. My mother is so loyal to the memories of her grandfather that died when she was a little girl that she cannot allow her own being in this life to be anything other than a Polish Jew.

By all accounts of memories on earth of our ancient ancestors this makes me a Jew because my mother was one through her grandfather. But what about the Irish in me of my mother’s mother, and her mother who raised me Protestant? These are simply things in this world that should not matter to anyone and yet they do. Why?

The stronger memories of my past are not of this world but of several others in other worlds with other people who are much more intelligent and much more loving and caring about me and all humanoids of earth. So why would they allows some of us to be killed in battle and natural catastrophes? My thoughts are with all those who have lost loved ones in Japan.

I must use this energy from the Akashic Field that we consider the Hall of Records to find the purpose and the point of all that is while we are here on earth. We all must learn to advance, to expand and to ascend in this lifetime. This is our time on earth to become more than we presently believe of our own essence as energy. This is our time to shine as the light that can combine with those of energy and essence in others. We are to become more to be more and to do more so that we can create more in the expansion that lies beyhond this sun rise and this universe. We are more and the expansion now of the Ascension Center Giant Crystal Cathedrals that are buried deep in this planet will now allow us to know more of each other and our positions here. We are together here on this planet for a reason and we must awaken the spirit essence in each other before it is too late for all!

We must see that being real and being writers allows for others to find us here and to share in our purpose for raising awareness and consciousness of our future not only here but in other worlds as time travelers. There are other planes and dimensions where we can travel.

I know that some of you Ghost Hunters have heard the callings of others from the beyond as the various planes and dimensions sometimes cross. The crossing over is from one life pattern into another.

We will soon learn about quantum entanglement and how one life may mirror another in another place and another plane of existence. Those who have been washed away in the Tsunami or crushed in the earthquake will live on. Not just in the memories of their loved ones, but in the Book of Life and on the Tree of Life with a purpose of the divine and the immortals who guard all the spirits that are yet to come to earth.

We are they who are a part of all souls that have come to grow and learn as we explore what life is all about as the energy of our spirits that return in essence to our original souls.

To those who are in pain in life due to the loss of a loved one know that too will pass and someday once again we will experience our loved ones in another time and in another place. We now call these places in time palaces of our peace in planes and dimensions in time. There are other worlds, other galaxies, other universes, other metaverses, xenoverses, and omniverses. We are all here to experience the souls expansion in this one. There is more. We must believe in a life hereafter and that there is more , much more to life that this. 

“Atlantis is part of my psyche, part of my reincarnation, part of my memories of the ancient past on earth.  I know that I am here to become more than I am now. I am not alone. I have a soul group who travels with me from one plane and world to another as we agree too with those above. 

I also know that when we die we take our memories with us as energy in our essence. I know that those above who are called the Supreme Divinations as Supreme Spirits who we now call God and Goddess are outside of this omniverse in which we exist.
I know that alien ancient civilizations did exist and we are here to discover all the parts of our own energy, spirit, and essence that is connected to our souls elsewhere. We are all a part of this grand omniverse with the abilities to achieve more than past humanities ever thought possible and this includes all of us who lived in Atlantis. We are here this time to achieve that which will assist all other universes from learning how to exist in this one. ” TJ
We may all have been in Atlantis in our past lives. Who is to say this is our first life on this planet? Who does not have dreams that do not seem to relate to this one life? I know I do. I also have had physical life real time experiences with extraterrestrials in this lifetime but that is so unbelievable to most people.
After this terrible shock of losing so many in Japan I am experiencing disbelief again. I know this feeling. I felt it on my birthday December 26, 2004. It is as if these catastrophes strike and I know they will happen and yet I can do nothing to prevent them. Then why am I allowed to know this anguish if I cannot stop the natural disasters from happening on earth. What purpose am I allowed to remember such pain and shock to the body-mind-spirit? I ask myself this over and over with no results or answers. It is part of being human. Our primal fears are real.
I don’t life fear and it is my goal in this lifetime to learn from the fears here on this planet. We must all learn about that which we cannot control on this planet. The main reason I am here I believe is to share what I know of the ancient past lives. These not only iinclude those of extraterrestrials in space but on earth. These include the memories of Atlantis and before that civilization that of Lemuria and MU. We are a combination of our memories. These include both our strengths and weaknesses. I didn’t want to remember all the pain but now I have too! 
How can we become better human beings if we do not learn from past mistakes?
Many of us here now are in the soul group that experienced both Atlantis and Mu. Some of you are already awake and are like me. We have seen the shaking of the earth’s core and the crust enough to know it is real and we can make sure people know enough to stay far away from these tectonic breaks in this planets historical past and future. We saw the past in the present yesterday which is now the past. Our future will become the same if we do not adhere to the knowledge and energy in our own spiritual essence that is US!
Many people have shared their past lives on this planet and are not aware. Why this happens I can only predict about each having to gain from this lifetime’s experiences. Some of us have died and came back to tell of our experiences in the life hereafter. Some of us are allowed to remember our past and some have good memories and some are bad.
Having dreamed about the past allows me to remember that some of my dreams are memories of my past lives. This is something we should all consider as we sit and meditate on what is real in this lifetime and what is simply memories of another lifetime. Many of you have seen this life in the past when you were alive before. Some of you now feel past lives as Dejavu.
We must learn from knowing and figure out why some of us know the most primal global fears that will assist in guiding others through the future.
We must all share our intelligence gathering as we explore not only in the present, and read the signs of the past, but learn to read the tell-tale signs of the future. This last earth catastrophe of yesterday’s 3-11-11 in Japan has reminded me of that which I choose to forget in my past in Atlantis.
I have met several people from that past life including some who are on this earth today. Some of those who chose me to work with them in high government positions are no longer here on this earth. I have their memories and what I was asked to do in earnest for the sake of all others here on earth.
We can only do what our inner spiritual essence will allow us to do. We cannot go against that which knows is our inner spiritual essence. For me, I cannot offer energy to others if I am not sure of the source inside of me. I look for the honest purpose in sharing my stories whether the be truth to me may not matter to another. Some believe in only what they can experience themselves and as it should be while others may learn from others mistakes.
We must all begin to realize the importance of energy that can come from things much larger than ourselves and this includes from acts of God and acts of nature. To some such as electronic companies they remind us when we take on their services that they cannot control what they call acts of God.
I was reminded of this real energy saying on earth when I renewed a domain on I was reminded of that which they could not control being an act of God. I thought about that afterwards and I still am having trouble fathoming the depth with what the person on the landline phone was trying to tell me. Now, I realize that I had heard this for the first time in my life and the same week that I had trouble knowing something was going to happen in Japan. How many signs had I received that I failed to listen too? This is what being one in reality versus having knowledge of other lives does to one in this time. We as time travelers are still living in a time of virtual reality and physical reality that makes us question who we are and where we have been in our own past.
I may know something inside and can’t quite place the words to the memories and feelings. I hope that all people will now learn to listen more to their inner spirit selves. I knew the signs and I actually went to look at the Map and traced with my mouse to the red on Japan’s coast. Something inside of me had the memories of Atlantis inside of me talking to me once again. I know this feeling and now I know the signs of unrest and disbelief. The fact that we can know and feel something in our very core of who we are still may not give us the power to warn the earth of impending doom in certain times and places. This makes me wonder why we are here? 
We can only hope that we some how learn from our mistakes in this lifetime. I know that Atlantis did not see the Giant Tsunami Wave coming and we had already built our Ascension Center in the middle ring of five with our Giant Crystal Cathedral which everyone can now know the same as I do. It is in the logo which I was given and yet could not reveal the entire truth of Atlantis until I could grasp the truth of it myself. I now know what the Ascension Center is. It is a logo model replica of the center of ATLANTIS and that which my iconic father called Zeus in this lifetime allowed me to create once again on this planet and in time I am sure it will be a physical place as what we call a spaceport from earth into space once again as it was in Atlantis.
Alien ET TJ Shares Intelligence of Thought and Reincarnation of Spirit as a Mystic, Oracle, Psychic, Prophetess, Shaman, Seer (MOPS)
Heed this knowledge and share the wisdom of Number 11 in our future. Those of us who have chosen the path of light as a mystic, oracle, psychic, prophet/prophetess, shaman, or seer must share in the information of warning our people that follow us of their own thoughts not just alone but in groups.
3.11.11. I have seen and felt this before on this planet. I am one who believes in reincarnation of the spirit by the soul and our Supreme Intelligence.
I have seen this in Atlantis not only in this lifetime while in a lucid dreaming state of mind but I also have full memories of a life when I was once an Oracle in that life as I am in this one. One who knows of the Oracle, Shaman, Sage, Mystic energies will agree that being on earth and living through the memories once again can serve no purpose for one’s own soul except to right the wrongs of which we have already lived though in a past life on earth.
We must be prepared to take responsibility for our thoughts and actions from this day forward while we are sharing planet earth.
We can see what has happened on this day in time March 11, 2011. Also, on both sides of my article about the 8.9 earthquake and Tsunami off Japan’s (Nippon’s) coast are warnings to us all.
There are two ads on the UFO DIGEST which shares a movie that was made for our entertainment purposes to be released to theaters on this same date. It does not take a Mystic, Oracle, Psychic, Prophet, Sage, or Seer to understand that which we create together in this world in our own synergistic manner as humanity. On both sides of my article were the dates 3-11-2011. I see the signs and others must as well. We must continue to open the Ancient Mystery Schools on this planet to all who are here to share in the coming date 12-21-2012 at 11:11. We share the time of 11:11 on this date for a reason worldwide.
Humankind has been warned about the future in our ancestor’s calendars on earth. Be they Mayan, Tibetan, Peruvian, Jewish, Pueblo Indians makes no matter in this article for which there is a message to all who care about staying alive on this planet.
We must all take action now for our thoughts and remind each other that there is a better world we create together. We are all here in body-mind-spirit for a reason and a purpose and that is to know more about the price we pay for the intelligence of knowledge and wisdom not just for ourselves but our soul groups. We are here to learn about that which we presently recall as humanity.
Humankind is the separation of this Supreme Intelligence into separate parts as puzzle pieces and shards of a mirror that has been broken into billions of pieces. On this planet 7 billion appears to be Mother Nature herself on 3.11.11 displayed the maximum number we are to share as. 
Does anyone else see the number 11 in another date for a warning on earth such as that in America our 9-11-01 in the USA when we lost the World Trade Center towers? We must learn more about that which we use to believe was nonsense in the way we create our energy and form them into words and these words include numbers such as 11.
I know that I have experienced many lives and some on this world and some in others. The way we are allowed to remember is based on our experiences we have acquired from assisting other planets mature with their own corresponding time travelers on them. We are all a part of the energy and essence that makes up what we all experience in time together as time travelers. There is much that can be said and it will come in volumes and books in the future but for now let this suffice to be plain old common sense for all human beings on earth. We must be aware of thinking good thoughts and sending our love and light as we the experiences Lightworkers in the Akashic Field in the universe.
Share with me now that the truth of who, what, when, and where we are also includes the higher knowledge that we are a part of something much greater and grander than our minds can imagine. We are all not only a part of this world but a galaxy among galaxies in a universe among universes.
We will begin to understand that there are expansions of energy that we ourselves create together. We are all a part of this great awakening and this ascension center of energy we are creating now in this very moment in what we call time one earth. We are all alien to this planet and we are all time travelers in a manner of thinking, and being who we are on earth.
We have higher goals to attain other than simply existing on earth to create havoc and chaos. Share with those who are not awake that there is more to being than what they have been led to believe in the past. This is no fault of their own. Forgive every one of their sins and release them from their own prisons and bonds that have been created in their own minds or by others who are around them trying to enforce evil controls.
We are all about the purification process of terra forming planets into the love and light that can be shared and we can shift and uplift humanity as we create the future. This time of love and light creates good thoughts for the future on our humanity on this planet that we share as a soul group on earth.
Lightworkers Creed of the Avatars Ascended Masters on Earth. TJ
I am a teacher of love and light while here and am also a mystic, oracle, psychic, prophetess, shaman, and seer as one of the responsible ones in this lifetime as a chosen Avatar Ascended Masters who walks on earth to assist all those who would be leaders and trainers. We train the trainers in this lifetime.
For those in your Church whom need NEW HOPE We have the Lightworkers Ascension Center that exists on earth as energy for this life in prayer and meditation? We the Lightworkers agree to share what was asked of our ancestors and that is a tithe of only 10% of what we earn to our faith to assist our soul group as our ring of energy we call synergy to restore and reseal that which we now heal in the Ascension Center. 
After giving ourselves to our God we now give ourselves to his/her Supreme Guidance as that of both the male and female energy we call the Ascension Center Organization
Members are asked to support the church we create together as synergy by being faithful to their God/Goddess in this lifetime, and for attending the website for information and for future business meetings to heal earth.
We believe in sharing the responsibility of helping not only our own self, our family, community, region, country, continent, but in a global reach to assist humanity as a whole, which is here to learn to expand in consciousness and in our efforts to complete the action of that which sent us here to this planet.
We believe that all people of the sentient intelligent being humanoid kind are created equally and we should all treat everyone else equally with love and goodwill which we call the light of the Supreme Essence as it passes through each of us as Lightworkers.
We work on forsaking all unrighteousness and we shall shun the passing of that which we call sin as it passes through us and around us in all things evident on this planet, which can become part of the positive or negative energy.
We will respect this planet as the house and holy place of our God/Goddess as the Supreme Essences that sent us here as star seeds and we promise to obey all the laws that make this world a better place for the global outreach of humanity. This gives us new hope for our kind on this planet and for all future planets that we may be sent too for healing ourselves and others of our humanoid kind in the supreme creation of the universe, multiverse and/or -polyverse, metaverse, xenoverse, and omniverse. 
We must learn to read the signs that are offered to some of us called Oracles
Plate Tectonics World Economics = Tectonic Economics
The Way of the Future
We must be aware of the shift and uplift of our planets crust. Therefore, I have asked many to pay attention by way of the U.S.G. S. service on the Internet.
People are now saying a quake struck at 2:46 P.M.
There was a wall of water according to the official news service say that the tsunami washed across at 500 miles per hour. The map of Japan will have to be redrawn after this earthquake. That is 2:45 local time is being reported and at 9 A.M. across Japan north and east of Tokyo.
The energy that I had been feeling had me watching JAPAN on U.S.G.S. and I knew something was going to happen in Japan and could only share the U.S.G.S. website for those who are Facebook friends.
The past few days have had me concerned about the world and I could feel that there would be something happening and in my own mind, I could not believe I was being warned inside my mind. Intelligence gathering what it is today, there would have been resentment towards me had I called U.S.G.S. but I had been emailing Cyrellys Geibhendach, and had sent a small message to Richard Dolan about Tectonic Economics. This is about hours and sometimes days before there will be a major natural disaster. This is considered a gift or a curse. I had not felt any good feelings in my energy and that which is above in the Akashic Field. 
Part of this energy was so upsetting that it was mixed in with people like Charlie Sheen and others who have been causing excitement and the world energy has been in upheaval. 
We can share all of our knowledge and learn from our mistakes but how we can prevent the destruction prior is not looking good.
People have been swept away by the tsunami that happened today on Friday, March 11, 2011. Some say it was felt before sunrise while others are reporting about 7:45. A train was washed away about 2:45 to 3 PM, which was full of people. This has been reported by the news on our American television channels.
We work hard to know the future, and some of us can feel the coming of disasters in lucid dreams. No one can predict disasters but some of us can feel the change in our physical bodies from the earth’s energy. The energy provides us with a primal alert inside our body-mind-spirits.
The future will have to deal with continental divides, which include the economics of each continent based on the geographic location with demographics.
We must strengthen our knowledge about our planet’s future and how the tectonic shifts will affect our culture on each continent and tectonic plate.
One again I offer the information that we must move our population up and away from these fault lines that divide each tectonic plate.
It will be the fault of the governments in each tectonic continent location from this day forth as we have been warned in the last 24 hours of that which can be expected from the shifts and uplifts that are happening on our planet.
There are a few handfuls of major plates and dozens of smaller, or minor, plates. Six of the majors are named for the continents embedded within them, such as the North American, African, and Antarctic plates. Though smaller in size, the minors are no less important when it comes to shaping the Earth. The tiny Juan de Fuca plate is largely responsible for the volcanoes that dot the Pacific Northwest of the United States.
The plates make up Earth’s outer shell, called the lithosphere. (This includes the crust and uppermost part of the mantle.) Churning currents in the molten rocks below propel them along like a jumble of conveyor belts in disrepair. Most geologic activity stems from the interplay where the plates meet or divide.
The movement of the plates creates three types of tectonic boundaries: convergent, where plates move into one another; divergent, where plates move apart; and transform, where plates move sideways in relation to each other.
Convergent Boundaries
Where plates serving landmasses collide, the crust crumples and buckles into mountain ranges. India and Asia crashed about 55 million years ago, slowly giving rise to the Himalaya, the highest mountain system on Earth. As the mash-up continues, the mountains get higher. Mount Everest, the highest point on Earth, may be a tiny bit taller tomorrow than it is today.
These convergent boundaries also occur where a plate of ocean dives, in a process called subduction, under a landmass. As the overlying plate lifts up, it also forms mountain ranges. In addition, the diving plate melts and is often spewed out in volcanic eruptions such as those that formed some of the mountains in the Andes of South America.
At ocean-ocean convergences, one plate usually dives beneath the other, forming deep trenches like the Mariana Trench in the North Pacific Ocean, the deepest point on Earth. These types of collisions can also lead to underwater volcanoes that eventually build up into island arcs like Japan.
Divergent Boundaries
At divergent boundaries in the oceans, magma from deep in the Earth’s mantle rises toward the surface and pushes apart two or more plates. Mountains and volcanoes rise along the seam. The process renews the ocean floor and widens the giant basins. A single mid-ocean ridge system connects the world’s oceans, making the ridge the longest mountain range in the world.
On land, giant troughs such as the Great Rift Valley in Africa form where plates are tugged apart. If the plates there continue to diverge, millions of years from now eastern Africa will split from the continent to form a new landmass. A mid-ocean ridge would then mark the boundary between the plates.
Transform Boundaries
The San Andreas Fault in California is an example of a transform boundary, where two plates grind past each other along what are called strike-slip faults. These boundaries do not produce spectacular features like mountains or oceans, but the halting motion often triggers large earthquakes, such as the 1906 one that devastated San Francisco.

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