Alien ET – TJ Shares The Female Side Of Ascension Age 2012

.It is up to the humanoid race of sentient intelligent beings on earth to be far reaching for the entire universe in the metaverse of various expansions known as the Xenoverse.  I am a tall alien ET hybrid according to some. I am closer to the mix as Allie was in TAKEN.

I desire to share more of the ways we can offer freedom of the mind to all but emphasis on the female of our humanoid sentient intelligent being species. I feel a calling to assist women all over the world to recognize the spiritual power in our essence. We have so much untapped potential in this world. Our powers have been suppressed in the past history on earth. I am going to share some of my own personal views and perceptions.

I am still in training from those above although I accepted a position years ago as a commander meaning I would learn how to navigate with my mind which we are now sharing with the public. People on earth can now use their minds in computers to communicate. The technology has been on earth for years. We who work in other realms and other worlds share certain levels of technology from time to time. That is why many of my colleagues are finding out more information that is slowly being leaked by others as fiction. It is better for some to write fiction. I have a huge problem with my imagination and tend to write about personal experiences.

My home world is presently Gaia as earth but I also have memories and contact connections with another that I call Andromeda Galaxy for lack of better words known on earth. I have had various contacts made with others that are not of earth origin. I want to explain this sensitive information and shall to those who want to know the truth. I hope that others will openly discuss this truth to become reality for all beings. 

This is my truth and I shall first begin again with some basic background for those who are not up to date on the past time on earth with me since writing on UFO Digest August 2007 for Dirk Vander Ploeg. Then I shall begin the story I wanted to share from the very start back then. In other words, I shall fill in various blanks in my past stories from the beginning to make it easier to understand me now and others like me. 
There is an above and a below the same as a forward and backward. We refer to the four directions on earth as direction of space. Directions called North, South, East, and West We will now be sharing the future with Space Time Continuum and Light Speed, as well as, warp and wormhole travel. This is a completely new level of consciousness for us in the New Age of Revelation for times past December 21, 2012 on earth. We are presently preparing to understand the fleets of other sentient intelligent beings in space.
I am sharing my history for those who want to know and have not read my history on earth. This will give them a better understanding of who I am and why I am writing books now to prepare the way for other writers of the books beyond the 2012 date on earth. Some things we know but a lot has been destroyed or abolished on earth as far as our ancestors past history is concerned. However, there is much that we will be learning as our archaeologists and other researchers find our about our earth. We also have astronomers and astrophysicists doing their part for our future discoveries in space.
Try to accept that Andromeda Galaxy exists, as do other inhabited galaxies in this universe.
My husband Commander Thomas R. Morris is my husband in this lifetime and my partner in space. We both traveled out of country. We both had special training. We both had flown a spacecraft not of earth´s origin. We both could use our minds together as one unit on Gus. 
Make the most of life while on earth this time. I knew that I had lived before and that this was not my first time visiting earth. I will explain the details later in my book. 
There were secrets about space on earth. I wanted to go home when I left earth. It was not a place called heaven or hell. There were only two choices offered to me in my traditional culture of religion. I decided that someday when I was an adult, I would search out others who believed as I did. 
I was empathic and was usually sympathetic to most human being´s trials and tribulations on earth. I learned that many people experienced life through time and experiences through their senses. I wanted to go home. My spirit soul I call self wanted to go home. I searched the one place on earth that tied to most every place else called the World Wide Web internet online. We are here sharing our experiences. However, there is one slight variation; we come from another galaxy called Andromeda. Intelligent beings and most all humanoids have the same body structure with a torso, legs, arms, neck, spine, and head and hands. There are a few differences based on which planet we are born to in another place in another time.
Time has no meaning, as we know it on earth in Andromeda. There are ways we keep up with those on earth but when we come to earth, we use the customs of earth to fit in. The beings of Andromeda have always visited earth and have the ability to stay stealth. Andromedians also have the ability to speak telepathically and can communicate by speaking aloud or by simply projecting their thoughts to another within a certain range. The range is about six feet on earth. 
There are some dimensional time travel expectations to be shared in the future. For now, we call this Quantum Entanglement. We will work with various Quantum Scientists in the future. It takes time to explain, evolve, and share in exobiology and existentialism. There are reasons that have come to my attention in my training. I trained in reality and in dream state. 
I had been allowed to experience spacecraft not of earth origin. Normally the spacecraft were in stealth mode unless landing in the earth´s atmosphere. Then the ships could be seen. The fleets of ships are always there with about 150 with various responsibilities. They hide out of our view from earth in the outer rim of our Milky Way galaxy. I was allowed to know other beings in space. Some had not been born on earth. I learned the difference. I have been given a power to discern the truth in others. I learned a skill of knowing the truth about other beings not born on earth. I was taught certain skills including telepathy, and the power of intuition or psychic awareness. I had to experience many things on earth including near death experiences, illnesses, and out of body at a time when I flat lined while giving birth to my final child. Many must find their own way on the path of ascension. 
There are dimensions here on earth and some are as an overlay of things that are here with us on earth but cannot be seen. They are blocked from our mind´s eye. The reticular activating system of the mind is the best way to describe how we filter the incoming information into our own life on earth. This is a term used on earth. We have five levels of thought but many only know of the conscious, sub-conscious, and super-conscious. Three levels are examined at this time. There are five known to Andromedians. This is an obvious teaching that is different. 
We all can influence the general population. We as a race of intelligent beings on earth must learn that we are only one of five root races still on earth. We must learn to open our minds to other ways and other intelligent life forms on earth. There are other kinds of intelligent beings other than those we call human beings earth. 

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