Alien ET TJ Shares “THE GREYS”


Alien ET TJ Shares the One of the Greys (Grays) Missions – “Brain Train with TJ”
(Read up on  Pythagoras and his quest for knowledge to understand more of the Grays-Greys – Why are we not more open minded? We cannot find out soul in side our brains)
How the Grays (Greys) are different from the Black and Whites -Clue 9 of TJ’s – Countdown 655
The alien ET types above have various missions and projects for those who they choose to interact with them on earth as it is in space (heaven). We humans are about to enter a knew world of esoterica. Pythagoras once tried to make the world a more understanding place with his language in mathematical equations and young Pythagoras left his town at eighteen and ventured on a thirty-seven year journey to find others of like minds. He desired to be among the smartest most intelligent of his humanoid kind. He wanted to create one of the first “Think Tanks”.
Pythagoras was fortunate to have found two other beings who took a liking to him at his time on earth. One was called Anaximander thought of now as the father of Astronomy, and Thales, the father of discipline which Pythagoras later called philosophy. Pythagoras wondered his land looking for what he could learn from the priests and mystics of his time.  
We should all be fashioned in the same energy of Pythagoras but many have lost their way.
This is what we call shining the light on the inner spirit of our essence now and this is to learn to shift and uplift the spirit that is a spark of the inner soul of each of us. This is called the “Great Awakening” in religion and the “Ascension Age” among the spiritual.
The fashion of those in space is one of comfort. The Greys wear a uniform the same as all in space and is a one piece fitted mesh protective covering of a like which on earth we cannot produce. It is a filament that can not be penetrated by our weaponry. Pythagoras wore a white robe with Asian trousers which in our minds is the typical Sage outfit. I prefer to blend in myself and wear the jeans and various shirts although my footwear or shoes I choose to change up for comfort. There was also Socrates which was popular. Pythagoras perished but his ancestors way of commanding one’s own mind is still a part of our DNA and genes today in some of us. It is dormant and can be awakened in all of us. This is one of the main purposes of the Greys who come to earth and prod around the humanoids of earth.
There are some who are so programmed by the religious and academic thoughts of the ones who have come before and trained the human mind to believe that awakening the truth in an essence of the spirit while still on earth is sometimes a challenge. 
I find my own mission and purpose somewhat challenged on a daily basis. I mean that my own mind works at grasping the higher purpose and meaning inside my own mind that has been allowed to be in touch with those who have opened my mind to that which has been in the past, what is happening now in the present as a psychic medium, and what will be in the future as a seer Oracle.
I personally have returned to college level courses so that I may once again learn how the minds on earth are trained so that I can learn how to open my own mind to understand the purpose of the future for me who is one chosen to unlock the portals of wisdom for others.
The grays are those who are able to learn and meditate and do not base their entire being on the facts that everything in the universe is either black (left) or white (right). They are beings of the middle ground and do not make up their own minds until they have all the facts.
They are researchers. They search the universe for all the material that has been created in a physical form. They delve into what makes it what it is and they study. They are not malevolent or benevolent nor do they try to be either way. They are not fixated on being one thing or the other. They cannot comprehend the positive or negative or the right or wrong. They simply do not think as the humanoids on earth are programmed to think.
This planet took thousands if not millions of years to create along with the inhabitants, which come and go based on the past energy that was created by their own way of being in their own essence and their own levels of consciousness.
The Greys or Grays are not based on color and sound, as it hit is the inner ear. They have small ears and have trained their minds to react differently than the way we are all training our global minds. This is important for all humanoids to comprehend. Those that I have come in contact with are immortal in the understanding that they cannot die in the way that we think of dying. They realize that they all work together inside their own minds to achieve a higher level of being at the time that their physical gray matter expires from the use and the wear or fatal destruction of their unit vessel.
It is hard for me being a humanoid with some of the genetic traits inside me mixed with that of the Nordics and 44 other parts to explain what I know in my mind of reincarnation coming and going in this form to explain what is deep inside the very core of my belief system. How many humanoids can explain to others their own make up of their existence?
Most do not even know where their bones by name are located much less their own soul’s essence. Can you see what I am faced with as I do work earnestly at my mission and purpose of the education of those who are the smartest and brightest of the humanoids on earth? They must first learn how to unlearn with their own minds the way that they have been brainwashed to think based on the academic world of those who had limited knowledge and built an empire based on the little amount of information that those who were in touch with the “Sky People” or “Gods” would allow them to know. In many ways, this is still how those above work with their chosen Oracles, Sages, Shaman Healers, and Psychic Mediums.  (More Later)

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