Alien ET TJ Shares the Sweet Joy of the 2012 Ascension Age With a Connection

Aliens, ET, Angels, Lightworkers, Ascension Center 2012 Ascension Age – The New Era – Great Awakening Shift

Blessed be for all those who have been awakened enough to know and understand this article of the awakening spirit. It is now time for us to begin the great shift and uplift. We of the Ascension Center are holy and spiritual minded beings. We are aware that alien civilizations exist and we believe in the ancient astronauts.

We abide by the Universal Rights Declaration of which the President of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) and his wife, Eleanor Roosevelt shared with the newly formed United Nations.

My earth mother was born December 5, 1932. As a child, she learned in school about the United States President FDR and the First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt. She shares her life during the “Depression” years in her new book now available on on Tess’s Store, as it will take up to 8 weeks before it is available on Amazon, Bowkers, and Ingram Book Listings. There is a new service that offers to new authors called Global Reach. It costs of course and is $75.00. Those of you that are writers will want to share your book through this way. If you are not a writer but want to write a book or want help like a book doctor. Contact me for we have a universal group called ACE FOLKLIFE, we share our book writing ideas, and we will assist new budding authors. Some charge a fee and some will simply ask a flat rate as a contractor ghostwriter for your book so you can have a finished product to submit to yourself.

I offer a different type of service as so many relatives and friends of my husband asked me in physical reality that they keep me backed up in editing their books. They are not into writing, spell checking, editing, or learning how to write essays for articles, and books. They simply have a story to tell and want to share it in a one-time book. For those that are not writers and only have maybe one or two books in you, I can assist you in pointing you in the right direction at no charge.

My mother is a much more professional writer. I am more of a publication manual and government type of white paper writer. However, I have had many military and investigative friends in insurance that needed me to perform contract investigations with my ACIR that I have been able to reinvent myself into a sort of “Book Doctor”. My time spent doing other books keeps me from finishing my own stories. I have had “TAKEN UP” on the side burner or slush pile for so long I am going to lose my window of opportunity prior to 12-21-12. That is the date that all the books will end this era in time.

We will then begin anew with news of the New Beginning Ascension Age.

At that time, my daughters I hope will be ready to assist and rise to their calling and elections made sure. They each have a gift.

Angela Dawn was given the voice of a nightingale to sing and was to be the Ambassador of Goodwill and Greeter as she has a very loving personality.

Lauren Michelle was given a mind of an accountant type and is the Banker. She is orderly and likes to keep a positive world all around her at all times. She is about incentives and inspiration.

Stephanie Esther is the chosen Queen as she is rightly named aft er the Queen of the Jews in the Bible. She is our all time leader in the Management of our Ascension Age Family. She is also an organizer and planner whether at home or in the office.

Ginger Theresa Fay (Two Feathers) is an ordained Minister chosen by God to complete her calling and election made sure on earth by leading God’s people with prayers and blessings of healing the body-mind-spirit of all. Ginger was blessed with the gift of spiritual insight and died the same day that I did which happens to be her new life birthday of January 27, 1974.

All four of my daughters have seen alien ET Spacecraft that they will admit to being called unidentified flying objects or UFOs. At least Ginger and Stephanie will admit to being “TAKEN” and “Losing Time” while traveling home from my old Kentucky home to their new home they made in Gulf Breeze. They have since moved around the area on Pensacola Beach and stay near the ocean or a golf course.

While my own earth mother is in her twilight years, she has contracted lung cancer. Her own father had leukemia and died at the early age of 51. I have surpassed that already and am now 59 as of December 26, 2010.

My husband, Thomas Ray Morris, is the son of a preacher, who was the son of a preacher John Crystal Morris who died at the ripe old age of 108 years and 11 months and his mind was still as alert as any young man. He was alert and still writing sermons on his electronic typewriter with a correct key.

My articles have been appearing online since I learned about websites in 2000. I had various websites knowing eventually I would get around to opening up and sharing my stories about aliens, ET, UFOs, and finally the ASCENSION CENTER.

GiGi calls the Ascension Center my “Place of Peace”. Since she knows, we all have our own place we go to in the Akashic Field.

What GiGi does not know or understand is that the alien Ets were the ones that gave me the logo and name Ascension Center. I did not even know or understand what it means on January 27, 1974 and it took years to learn what this energy meant to the world and me.

Many of my readers know more about the Ascension Center and me than my four daughters and mother do. My own husband does not relate to me nor does any of my family. I am like the “Black Sheep” of the family if you will allow.

It will be interesting to see how our spiritual path develops on our journey down the path to enlightenment and on towards the date of December 21, 2012. Some of my readers and Lightworkers wish to remind me of our time of 11:11 and to please make sure I keep reminding people of that time for the shift for all those who desire to be in tune or attuned to the Great Shift and Awakening.

There are people all over the world right now tuning in like to radio stations and learning what extra sensory perception, (ESP) actually is. Some are learning to communicate with their pets in energy not words. Some are taking some training with horses getting them to lift their leg without speaking and earning their trust. They simply get to know the horse without speaking and gently teach them to raise a leg by touching and rubbing on that leg and finally presenting them with a light pressure to that leg when they feel the horse trusts them enough. This is a simple basic lesson of learning to use one’s own spirit without words.

We are asking many of our Lightworkers around the world to begin sharing a couple of paragraphs and up to 7 pages of copy to whomever they desire to share their spiritual path with on this planet. We shall begin doing studies as ESP writers.

This is a practice where we choose friends to email them some of our thoughts about them and using ESP suggest to them these certain 7 ideas that came to mind about them as impressions and then seeing if any of them are true.

With these email practices, we will eventually get better at sending meaning and messages from a distance. We will choose people to tune into without having to speak to them in person. It can be a friend or relative. It does not matter.

We do this in a manner of not speaking in our writing groups called Round Robins. My mother has one going now with nine of her chosen family members. She starts a story with a character in fiction writing; she then sent the main story man named Neal to Jesse. She asked Jesse to make up the rules for all to play by. He did and said his rules were easy. We would not check for grammar but this was to share our writing creativity. I was number seven after my brother Charles Hughston who sent it to Jesse and he will in turn send it to Jim McVey.
Then we start the round robin all over again and each player has two weekends to finish because they all have a day job. It can be less time or more.

I am asking each of my Lightworker groups around the world to try this exercise except send some ideas that came to your mind while thinking of another person and then ask them to pass it on until you have nine players. This is a ROUND for ACE FOLKLIFE Members. Then we ask the 10 person to begin another round. When the 10 player begins another round, they send me their copy of whom they shall include in our Ace Folklife Mystery Writers Email for writers. Those who desire to play this game and participate will enjoy the time and learn to master some skills through our Ace School of Magic. There is no charge for this connection to our synergy. We are simply getting ready to support those all coming as newborn babies after 12-21-12 Time 11:11. They will need us to be sharp and on board with knowing how to take caring of these newborn sentient intelligent beings. All those from the hospitals newborns to the new parents who will begin preparing 9 months from 12.21.12 are the ones who will become somewhat nervous and apprehensive. Those who are older and cannot participate in creating these children’s bodies will be alive to support the world and usher in the new time and ways of this world.

If you would like to participate with me in either writing or an ESP exercise, please simply EMAIL me and put the ASCENSION ACE ACADEMY OF MAGICK in the Subject Line with I want to join ACE FOLKLIFE.

Each player will become a member of our Ace Folklife Writers Club and be given a number in the ACE FOLKLIFE Academy of Magick. I will assign a new email address if you do not have one on Google or Yahoo. If you are a writer and want to write a book and need help then please say that in the subject line.

I write on a plethora of subjects so no one will shock me.

Thank you for tuning in. The future will be fun if you allow it to be with me. Love and Light TJ 

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