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Alien ET Hybrid TJ here to share the universal levels of co-creation about Consciousness. TJ is the initials I use for my own iconic consciousness to that of the everything in the ALL!

This is hard to explain to those who can only think about the physical logic and not grasp the metaphysical ethics and etymology of spiritual beings. Therefore, I have chosen to share some of what I know and who I am regarding my own experiences on a radio show. I know we all vibrate at various and different frequencies and these can now change every 20 days while we are trying to get into sinc! We are learning to make new musics, new books, new art, new culture, new education, new science, new technology, and new folklife.

We are learning so much we don’t have time to write it all down.

So, we the humanoid race are being asked to write our own thoughts down into books or at least ebooks and to participate as bloggers on the Internet.

Those who want to track us as entrepreneurs wanting to exploit the next new idea, trend, and new AHA will have to link their ETHICS!



It is time to look at the PYRAMID and how the 9 steps and the 7 days and 6 nights CODES align with the Mayan Calendar.

Rather than explain it all, I suggest some of the links below for those who are just catching up to this stage of interest as a focus in their own lives.

I am humbled by being on earth at this time and dispensation we still call time according to the old Gregorian Calendar!

We should focus on the latest way to keep a nuclear and atomic clock with the latest in laser technology and see how Xenon Gas can be deployed in space beginning for the future of humankind to be propelled into the Space Race!

We are the Star Trekkers and the Star Warriors now chosen to enter the new Galactic Space in the Cosmos!

We are they that will make a conscious decision to extend our territory in this universe.

Therefore, those who have been past leaders must face those who are the common folks who make up the global community of ethics and will effect the entire way we do things. Just like the 100th monkey theory, we no longer need tails and we can wash our own food and make a better life with what we now call Tectonic Economics.

We are in the beginning of a new era in time called the Ascension Age when we begin a new CALENDAR!

It is the CO-CREATION of us ALL!

Learn new ways in etymology and ethnology and why we are now all about ETHICS!

We are those who are of the ASCENSION AGE and the ETHICS of who we are as designers and co-creators in our art, culture, education, science, technology, and folklife.

We are the CREATORS of our own UNIVERSAL ORDER inside the

Point of Origin, Universe, Multiverse, Metaverse, Xenoverse, Hyperverse, Omniverse, Alphaverse, Omegaverse, Macrocosm Consiousness of the All!

Those of you who follow the focus of the TJ Morris Project as TJ Morris & Friends of the Ascension Age 12-21-12 as the ACE FOLKLIFE and ACE SOCIETY along with the Social Paranormal Network and the Planet Information ET WORK may want to check out the newest website called the Planet Information ET WORK as we all share our latest conscious shares on the PLANET!

TJ has been sharing her own body-mind-spirit in this birth-life-death experience to assist us all in the reasoning and logic about our latest co-designed and co-created ethics!\

TJ has shared in the past about the etymology, etiology, and ethics as what the Ascension Age will be about and that we are all going through change every 20 days during this time we call the Prozac Nation of Change! That is as we learn to adapt and overcome our obstacles while learning to Co-create in this information age of communication.

The Ascension Age is about our preparation for sharing in the study of the All as we all have learned of our past metaphysical relationship in science. TJ aka Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris is a channel and oracle on the Internet inside the Matrix we call the World Wide Web. This World Information Network she knew about in 199-90 and presented prior to the 1992 internet which got her some attention with the Psychic Network and Ascension Center in Hawaii, USA.

TJ is also known as a psychic medium and prefers the title spiritual adviser due to ethics and morals of those who she sees as spiritual and not religious. TJ says she is spiritual and not religious and has been asked to continue her path as a quest in writing down her thoughts as consciousness for others to focus their own attention on as an anchor in these changing times!

TJ has agreed to be a part of the future with all her friends who are Star Trekkers and Star Warriors! Some are also called Lightworkers and Truthseekers. TJ will be discussing some of her life changes and experiences soon for those who want to tune into her lessons learned while on earth. March 26, 2012 at 8 eastern/7 central she has agreed to give one of her Facebook Friends an hour of her time on his radio show. Ron Mills called the navigator on his radio show called THE CHOSEN which is listed with the website is like the There is a way to tune into this radio show with Ron Mills but the show is listed on a page on the website called as this one here:

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Dr. Calleman’s shares shows he has done a lot of research into this, he believes in the false hood of Darwinian evolution which is completely false for humans. There is SOLID scientific proof that anatomically modern humans have been walking this planet for at least 2 billion years. Homo erectus is not our ancestor. The first Homo erectus found was a skull cap and a femur, in which they were 50 feet apart and there were hundreds of other animals in between and they were also found a year apart. The femur was identical to a modern human. Now all Homo erectus femurs found since are NOTHING like that of modern humans. Forbidden Archeology by Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson. Read it. It’s all facts and NO speculations. No shorthanded answers. Only Facts of the cases.

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He shows scientifically (because he is a scientific researcher in archeology and paleoanthropology) that the human species actually follows the Vedic perspective on our history.

This 3 hour presentation is based on Dr. Calleman’s break-thru discoveries of the structure of the Mayan Calendar as it relates to the Evolution of Consciousness. Ian Xel Lungold takes a complex subject such as the Mayan Calendar and makes it very easy to understand on a personal level.

He also clearly points out how the Schedule of Creation can be tracked when one looks at past historical events and relates that information to what to expect in the near future leading up to 2012.

This presentation also includes questions from the audience and is the fastest way to get up to speed on the topic of the Mayan Calendar.


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