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HOW WE WILL LEARN beyond 2012 with the Extraterrestrial Avatars of the golden age of ascension cosmology. Extraterrestrials are we. This is the new age philosophy. This is also the ascension center enlightenment cosmology philosophy. The ascension Age is the golden age of cosmology to begin officially on 12-21-12. Avatars are those who come to this planet as normal body-mind-spirits that anyone can see and relate too as humans. What sets them apart from most all other humans is that their memories of past lives are intact. Some who come as walk-ins due to the prior body having some type of eventful end of their persona or physical agent causing death may be entered by another avatar. This is something that has been written about for thousands of years if one desires to research. 

We have had many teachers who were Avatars that have been assisted while teaching on earth in the past.

In the future we will create the beginning again and share one date on 12-21-12.

All beings that are born on earth will begin a new recording on earth as of this date marked in history. It is up to the Supreme Allied counsel on earth to share all that happens on the planet with all creations of the human sentient intelligent being species.

This date will begin a new date and time and we hope that all professionals dealing with setting time on earth will make the appropriate adjustments for all computers and internet researchers. All information is never lost is the new philosophy of theoretical physicists of the future! 

 ACIR – ACE GUIDE of the Ascension Center Enlightenment Magazine. 

 A work in progress for all the ACE Lightworkers who share in the website articles and blogs. We are only a handful of writers that care to share with others in this new age of awakening. The future is a new design concept with various creators on board the satellite we call earth. We actually are truly rotating around our own sun which has been known for many hundreds if not thousands of earth years. 


What was not known was that there is a center to our Milky Way Galaxy as a Black Hole which is now considered possibly a new beginning in time. Does our own universe beyond many galaxies have a black hole?

 We are putting great efforts into sharing all of the Ancient Mystery Schools.

We hope to share the ACE GUIDE with all the updates regarding the mystical, magical, metaphysical, and occult wisdom lacking in many of the past disciplines taught on earth. 

We will share the information we receive to share with those who desire to be tuned into their own spirits and to ours who desire to share more as avatars.

Many people could not read and write throughout the past centuries. 

This allowed for much confusion.

We hope that the world will desire to share health and prosperity for all.

This is our goal as Ascension Beings who are centered, well rounded, and grounded in education for earth. 


 I prefer to believe that we are all here to learn, explore, and to grow our energy into that of offering more to the various levels in the matrix of our energy, which is the universe, multiverse, metaverse, xenoverse, and omniverse. The Alphaverse and Omegaverse are the two most favored areas of our minds as the creators we call alpha and omega. We are beginning to believe we may all be experiencing our own selves holographic ally on the new finds of energy and matter that is absorbed in space in what we call black holes.

Could it truly be that what we see in space as black holes are actually windows to other universes?

This is something we are now considering in theoretical physics. 

While I am here as a student of life, I shall be glad to share what I learn with others who desire to have a friendly Guide. 

Either by learning how individual behaviors can alter the function of the brain positively or negatively, students will be better prepared to prevent neurological trauma. 

 I have decided to share what I can while I am here learning myself of the words and thoughts behind the education process, which is offered at the college and university levels for all students. 

We who are now learning to stay connected to the “force” the energy that some call the “Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost’ is part of how gain wisdom direct. 

This is called our inspiration and assists in energizing our passion. 

It also assists us in developing what our thoughts shall consist of as engrams encoding inside our own minds. 

It is important that we protect our inner selves. 

This is something we can share about our internal being. 

We are all body-mind-spirits as vessels which are considered humanoid while a member of the sentient intelligent being species. 

I shall have to use my brain which is where I shall house or keep all my thoughts to become memories that I can access later whether in or out of my present physical body structure.

I learned that I could leave my body when I had a near death experience. 

Excitatory and inhibitory neurotransmitters are the very molecules responsible for producing a specific motor response to a sensory input. 

I am learning how our energy shall be compared to that which goes on forever as what we call the eternity. 

I realize from my experiences that we do not cease to exist when our bodies die. 

This is something that science and theology shall be addressing in etymology the origin and study of words and etiology the study of causes, reasons, and origins… 

I personally am interested in all of the words we create on this planet and the meaning behind them, as well as, the origins. 

I shall also be interested in all people, places, and things, which makes it very hard to focus on only one subject for degree purposes.

The mind that I have is always interested in everything around me and what makes us human and endearing to others as a species. 

I have been asked if I believe that my prior alien contact or extraterrestrial contact is due to my prior belief system as a Christian. 

Since I am a student of all religions in this world, I would like to think that my interest in theology and philosophy has meaning and a purpose but I cannot answer that question.  

I am an ET Spirit and an Alien Contactee as the story goes. 

We can all relate to the fact that we have a heart, mind, and soul. In the Holistic Periodicals on this planet we also relate our heart-mind-soul of the ancient scribes to the body-mind-spirit of today’s scribes and copywriters.

Being that I am considered a paranormal writer with extraordinary experiences, I am doing what I can to focus my efforts into areas that can be understood in words as my created work while here on earth. I am interested in everything. This makes it hard to narrow down my topics and categories as a writer. One way that helps me focus is to know my audience. Those who frequent me as a syndicated journalist will usually gravitate towards my various publications or others that are owned by other people and organizations. 

 Recently, I have been asked by some radio shows to narrow down my options. Therefore, this is what I have decided to write about this week for Dirk Vander Ploeg and Robert Morningstar on UFO 

I will share this later with other publications but for now, Dirk gets a 3 day head start per his request. We share our time while we are here the fairest way we can. It is not easy to please everyone most of the time so I try to please some and hope for the best. Being a writer I hope to share more of my life adventures in books. 

Each of us is the author of our own life story. 

This is the plan for each of us. 

We are all special and being here in this world we sometimes forget how we are perfectly engineered. 

We are so connected and to some of us it seems so magical.

 We are wondering how to reconnect to  our origin which is the first spark as our beginning in the omnipresence. 

Some believe the three are everywhere. 

Some relate this to the word, the spirit, and that which we call God. 

Many are doing what they can to share the past classics including the Bible with the Books that are called the Nag Hammadi Codices which were found in Nag Hammadi, Egypt.  

Primary Focus of our Soul by TJ Morris tm ACIR sm

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Universe, Multiverse (Polyverse), Metaverse, Xenoverse, Omniverse, Alphaverse, Omegaverse, 

By learning about the brain, we learn that the brain is the root of what allows us to know we are ET spirits. 

We are considered humanoid sentient intelligent beings. We are all considered one unit of our species. 

What makes us human?  

We are about the awakening of the expansion in space of our 13 dimensions. 

Humanoid Sentient Intelligent Being Species have an Alliance in space. 

The Allied Federation has a Supreme High Council.  We shall share the levels. Ascension Center Organization – Ascension, Social, American News,, Etspirit Organization –, TJ Morris.US, Theresa Timely Manor, TJ, TJMorris,

Soul – An immaterial entity said to be animating and vital principle  as the operating vital core of our inspiration. 

Soulful – About being able to express deep feelings. “By learning about the brain, we learn that the brain is the root of what allows knowing we are ET spirits. 

We are considered humanoid sentient intelligent beings. 

We are all considered one unit of our species.

 What makes us human?” 

  “I am an ET Contactee who happens to exist as a humanoid on planet earth.”

“I think, therefore I am.” —René Descartes, 17th-century philosopher

“I have learned that my thoughts travel with me in all forms of existence in all dimensions and worlds.”   __TJ Morris – ET Contactee. 

What makes us different from any other being on earth even if we are born with a twin?

 What is the difference in each of us is the connection to our soul. 

Our souls are extraterrestrial. 

Our soul exudes energy eternal and reaches out to each of us through our individual Central Nervous System therefore our essence is Ascension Center Enlightenment Causal Reality while we are here in physical body-mind-spirit form.  

I shall be sharing my thoughts as energy in words on the Internet for others to find as they reach a level of understanding of how we shall all be connected and yet separate in our gathering as bonding and categorizing our other worldly thoughts in bulk. 

 Mapping the millions of miles of neuronal “wires” in the brain could help researchers understand how those neurons give rise to intelligence, personality and memory, says Sebastian Seung, Professor of Computational Neuroscience at MIT. 

We begin learning the fundamental principles of brain structure and function as students of life here on this planet. Students will better understand how they respond to and interact with their environment and how scientific research contributes to better health while we are here on earth. 

We are all here to learn and to shape the thoughts as memories, which we shall take with us to the next level of our energy existence.



Through our nervous system 

One might reference the Theory of Everything as the entire memories of all essences that exist in this time and space. 

We call this a space-time continuum anomaly in some worlds. 

There can be distortions and those are negative thoughts that serve no purpose and others are what we now recognize will cause what we term at present as Alzheimer’s or a disease of a type of atrophy of the brain where our minds are stored. 

 I only know that I am as interested in the mind and brain and how it receives, assimilates, and stores energy as the next person in the studies of the brain and computers.  I want to know how we shall interact with computers on earth because where I have experiences and memories as a time traveler or a soul who wonders in other dimensions, I often wonder how people will accept the computers that I have learned to know and have grown to love. 

Something to Form a Base of Operations for Further Study———–

  Neurotransmitters bind to the receptors, the charge across the postsynaptic membrane changes, and if the change is great enough, it triggers a nerve impulse.  The new nerve impulse then travels along the postsynaptic cell.

Scientists have discovered a large number of neurotransmitters. Some are excitatory—they cause the postsynaptic neuron to become more likely to initiate a nerve impulse.

Some neurotransmitters are inhibitory that cause the postsynaptic neuron to become less likely to generate a nerve impulse.  Neurotransmitters are important to our nervous system.

An electrical impulse is generated when a stimulus such as sensory input that causes a rapid change in electrical charge in one part of a neuron’s membrane. This electrical impulse is one unit of neural information. An electrical impulse flowing along the length of a neuron is called a nerve impulse.

Nerve impulses proceed in just one direction within a neuron—from the dendrites, through the cell body and axon, to the axon terminals and neurons produce nerve impulses in an all-or-nothing way. 

Neurons receive information from cells, and then transmit this information to other cells. 

The transmission of information between cells of the body and neurons enables us to react to changes in our internal and external environments. 

Neurons have a cell body, which contains a nucleus that directs the cell’s activities.

 Specialized extensions called dendrites bring information into the cell body. 

Other extensions at the opposite end of the neuron are called axons. 

These carry information away from the cell body. 

Information leaves a neuron through axon terminals, the endpoints of the axon. 

Bundles of axons are called nerves. 


The nervous system includes three general types of neurons: sensory neurons, interneurons, and motor neurons.

Sensory neurons are specialized to detect stimuli from the environment, such as light, sound, taste, or pressure. 

Detection of a stimulus triggers the sensory neuron to transmit a message to the central nervous system. 

There the message is relayed to interneurons that integrate the information and generate instructions about how to respond.

Instructions are sent back to the peripheral nervous system as messages along motor neurons. 

The motor neurons then stimulate muscles to contract or relax to make the appropriate responses. 

They also stimulate glands to release hormones.

Environmental and genetic factors influence the onset, severity, and progression of many neurological diseases. 

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