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We are expanding out as our awareness grows into more than the basic ways we once thought about our world, and universe. The information is expanding and coming from somewhere. But from where? Where do all agree our thoughts originate?

There is a basic tendency to not believe what one cannot see or feel with their basic knowledge received with sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, and feel. We have the ability to think with our minds and to exercise our free will. This actually gives us more than the sixth and seventh sense when using all together. Still, where do we obtain all that empowers the forces within us all?

Are we all the same and if we are why are we all so different? Is there a reason we are all in a different set patter when it comes to our own DNA. We know that we can detect now if one is related like a parent and child based on their DNA. How much more will we learn about ourselves in the future.

How much will the fact that those called scientists, and theologians expect to change by accepting that they must be open minded to change because it is a constant in our laws of physics.

What once seemed magical becomes solid and a foundation once we can apply the same experiment with the same results over and over again. Our peers finally accept that they too can perform the same experiment and come up with the same results. We then use this information as knowledge and we communicate the knowledge around the world. This is happening more and more frequently as we enter the new communication and information age we now call the global community. We are entering the new avenue that was our only path and journey into the beyond. We are entering the Ascension Age.

This is a time we must let go and let God and Goddess so to speak in order that we may rise about our own will and mind as our only point of view of our world. We each have the ability to exercise our minds as an observer. Outside of our minds is all that is. We say that the all that is outside of our minds is the matrix we call the life we are living or the journey or path that our energy essence our soul has chosen to take.

In the world in which some of us exchange words as our communication there are many of us who live as those who have left this world only to return again and again to serve as those we call masters. We say that when the time is ready and when we are ready in the space we exist that the master will appear. We say this for our philosophical replenishment of enlightenment from another perspective other than our own minds. In other words there is another viewer we call our oversoul. This is where our original soul was created in the sea of souls.

This sea of souls is what lies beyond all that exists in our world of knowing. We are taught about this place since we have no memory of it or so most of us will testify too. Most of us are here while we experience the veil of ignorance which allows us all to create or recreate our experiences. Some of us allow for our inner self as our spirit to express our inner beliefs in those we refer to as aliens and extraterrestrials. Some of us even allow for others to see our UFOS while we are together in this place, plane, and dimension.

We who are experiencing space and time must learn that there is always more than that which we experience with our senses. There are many who are alive and well on planet earth that are missing some of their senses and yet they are still a part of the sentient intelligent being species.

There are many reasons for us all to be here and surprising enough one day when we go to a higher plane all our thoughts shall be revealed once again to us like a surprising video and the entire veil that we thought was cloaked will be raised. We will remember what part of our spiritual beginnings we wanted to enhance while in a body-mind-spirit having the birth-life-death experience.

The being and their own beginning is what each of us have created as our own point of origin. We each can create our own thoughts. When we go to sleep which we all have to do in order to survive we can download our thoughts and stored them in a deeper hard drive to be uploaded at a later time when needed.

Some of us who have returned to share in this space and time are considered returning avatar masters. There have been others even before this time. Some which are writers do not understand why we have to believe in our ancient ancestors belief systems and how science and technology has changed all of our perspectives in which we call the critical mass mind.

There is a lot to know and understand in this world, and this doesn’t even count that which lies below the oceans or in space above.

IT is now time to expand our critical mass consciousness into the future realms that include the higher possibilities. These higher possibilities can manifest themselves in various ways.

We all don’t have to be rocket scientists but we all do have to remain positive, and hopeful to stay alive. We can actually become so depressed from inside that we can cause ourselves to die.

There is much to know that science and physics cannot explain. There is much that the medical field cannot explain about the psyche, our minds, what energy and essence inside us all that comes and goes that they cannot control.

The future of our alien ET UFO Community will begin to make sense while we allow others to believe as those of us that already believe in UFOS. We here on UFO DIgest are those who possibly already believe that UFOS are real and Alien Civilizations Exist!

This is what inspires me and motivates me to try to convey the thoughts I have into words that I know comes from somewhere else. That which drives me to complete the book called TAKEN UP as a series should possibly include everything that I have ever written for the past four years while sharing my thoughts with Dirk Vander Ploeg and all his readers.

Why I write is because I can and I am inspired to do in order to share in the constant reminder that things change, and that the Alien Extraterrestrials have created the Ascension Center and participated in the creation of the Ascension Age for us all with our ancient ancestors.

With the beginning of time and space came the reality that there were superior supreme alien extraterrestrial humanoid sentient intelligent beings. This origin of our humanoid species is part of the equation that science is leaving our of their hypothesis and theories.

There is always a beginning and the essence that drives all of us as our initial life force has not yet been found. Don’t forget that when speaking of all the science and religions of the world.

We come with certain inner software intact inside our outer hardware as humanoid sentient intelligent beings. What we do with what we are equipped with is up to us as individuals with freewill.

I am going to exercise mine now in allowing for others to accept or deny what I have doubted and yet come to believe and know.

Alien civilizations exist and they also serve as guides. They can show up in our lives when we want them too in various forms.

There are many levels, and dimensions and what I want to share now is that there are actually fourteen in all that we will now be allowed to discover in the Ascension Age. One has only to believe that they can think about knowing and becoming enlightened and begin their path of ascension. Ascension Center is inside each of us and the message is one of discovery.

The Ascension Age movement message for this next period in time to begin 12-12-12 is one of knowing that we can achieve health and prosperity for all and that alien civilizations exist.

With this knowing comes the fact that we can learn to know more and achieve more with understanding more about our selves and our souls. Our souls are actually in another place in space and in time. This is where we regard the creators as God and Goddess which we were modeled after or created in their own image.

We have ancient ancestors that from time to time have been reminded of this and have written this down for us to find in what we call ancient scriptures. More than that, it is up to use to search out the knowledge and information and to accept this information so that we can get on down our life’s path or journey in order to increase our value in the ascension process of who we are in spirit to compare with our own souls.

We are all sharing life here on earth in order to share our spirits in order to share our souls.

Some of us know that we can achieve more while we are here while some of us are seemingly lost behind the veil of what this world is created for and that is discovery.

Telling all I know about everything is available to anyone willing to share life long enough on the same path I have chosen as a psi energy essence and spiritual intellectual. We are going to change the future based on what we can discover together inside this world and outside of this universe.

The new universe that we shall realize is attached to the branes in space will now become more and more apparent to those who search out the words and meanings in space.

Those of us on earth who will stay behind shall assist in the overall general mass critical mind by participating in the upgrade.

The upgrade will be to recognize that we are in the time of what we call a shift and the precession years which will explain the precambrian years. Right now all science is talking about is speculation. We will now all learn to know! That is the desire of our inner spirit and passion that we can relate to as an upgrade in our junk DNA levels of meaning in the very core of our essence.

Think of our future as all connected through the main core of our existence which lies out far beyond what our ancestors were ever capable of thinking and believing. It is now time that the spirits who have come to earth in this time raise the bar of our humanoid species existence. We are a young species based on all the many spirits that are new as in arriving to this world and experience.

Those of us who are still intact and in touch with our souls do so at the mercy of our past lifetimes which have gained experience in space time in this universe and in many others.

The future will begin to make sense to all once we up the level of morals, ethics, knowledge and integrity to define our time and space with those above as the missing third element and ingredient needed to discover that which is outside of this universe.

We have a way that was left for those who were in tune with their own spirits and souls. We relate an Ascension Chart which is equal to the chakra centers of energy that are created as the host points for us to climb as we clump and bunch our energy together in side our own bodies. The reason we use analogies and comparisons is it allows for us to relate many of our senses to what has been tried and worked in the past with humanoids on earth.

We use the 7 chakra centers and the 7 colors to climb up our physical bodies and to leave our bodies using our astral bodies to learn about our spirits that can leave our physical bodies.

We are now sharing that there are a higher 7 chakra centers which are controlled by our spiritual essence and will take us back to the original sea of souls where our intended original created soul is kept.

Therefore, one might say that when we learn to astral project our own spirit selves outside of our bodies that we can learn to ascend in space and time into the other realms, and higher dimensions in space.

We can relate the colors as we leave our physical bodies and chakras of the red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violent to the higher realms which begin in total darkness or the voice of bulk in space that we design as the word called black.
as 8.

We then enter another realm of dimension as the 9 or ninth dimension we call pink which is just what a laser light color will project leaving the black.

We then enter the white as the 10 or tenth, the silver which is 11 or eleventh, the 12 or twelfth which is platinum, and the 13 or thirteenth dimension which is gold. Once we have traveled that far we cannot release our life chord whether it is attached to our spirit ethereal plasma energy through our naval our our sacrum. We decide that we want to stay in this realm as astral time travelers.

We can one day enter the 14 or fourteenth dimension but that is considered our final destination as what we call infinity squared. This is where we meet ourselves and our original souls. This is also called that which is above the enlightenment phase of our existence as being inside the mind with the beta, alpha, theta, gamma, and delta states of the five portions of our physical point of origin.

As long as we remain in the physical realm we cannot enter the 14 or fourteenth dimension with our own spirits.

Those who know of the aliens and UFOS may learn to experience the other dimensions such as the fifth faster than mose because they are experienced and have something to remind them with memories.

Also, those who learn to travel whether in dreams, meditation, or the awakened state slipping in the alpha can train their minds as remote viewers who can expand their consciousness to remember the time travel journeys into other dimensions.

This is important as we enter the time to know about the future and that which is a part of the realm of understanding our year called 2012. This is a time called the Ascension Age as the Golden Age of Cosmology. I am only one of the many Agashan Ascendeed Ascension Masters who have returned to share in the secrets of the ancient mystery schools. To those who are ready to share what the future will show this information will cement their world to one such as myself which is an anchor who can assist them with their core. Otherwise, this just becomes a fairy tale or myth, and legend that the future children will speak about on the Internet.

For those Readers who keep up with my story form – The energy to manifest this information in words came to me in a thunder storm tonight where I live in the USA and I had to get up and write it. I didn’t even put in on my computer as a new file. I simply opened UFO Digest and began typing. I knew if I didn’t channel this direct that some scientist or physicist that needs this part of the puzzle to think about to generate the next part of their own equation would not get it as it was in the air as the energy flowed through what we call the Akashic Field. Stay tuned there is more to come for those who are open minded enough to join me in the Ascension Age here on UFO Digest.
Love and Light. TJ

The Alien ET UFO Community has a dilemma when we believe in only one thing or even two in a two dimensional way of being or thinking. Many writers believe we must either take the side of a pagan or christian like the good or bad, positive or negative side in a debate.

There are always more ways than two to look at something unless one lives in a two dimensional world. We are coming out of the old way of thinking in the past and we believe we understand our three dimensional way of thinking. We can accept four dimensions as we understand our way of viewing the world in four directions which we accepted only recently in the last 2600 years or so as he empire that was with our pagan part. We have the Jesus into Christ that was created on this planet and we also have the who we are, why are we here, and where will we go when we leave this place and space. The new part happened with the future planning of our thoughts and the Nag Hammadi then came the latest sciptures which we have added to the plot of knowing our ancestors.

Space and time we now accept as basically the space time of us all. In order to cross paths as a point of origin and to meet another with a point of origin we must meet in the middle of something we might call an X of the four directions we use on earth. However, there are more than four directions just like there are more than the basics of earth, fire, water, and wind. We tend to think we have the entire belief system figured out with science. When we have no answers in science, we are left with faith. Faith and hope is what drives our passion or fire of the energy of our essence. There is the kinetic energy and that which drives the stored force of it we call potential energy.

How does one know anything? How we were formed from nothing into something which is considered humanoid sentient intelligent beings that can experience a body-mind-spirit having a birth-life-death experience means something. Something always comes from more than nothing. This is the truth that some scientists are now realizing. There is more than physics and mathematics in the creation code.

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