Alien ET UFO Community – Is belief in ‘The Existence of Alien Civilizations’ a Religion?

The alien ET UFO Community is undergoing communication expansions in what we now call social networks in cyberspace.  The alien ET UFO Community has been growing with many people creating their on blogs and websites across the internet in cyberspace. Does this mean we are changing the way we believe? Does this mean that we who believe alien civilizations exist are creating a new religion? Those of us who are spiritual beings do not necessarily formally share a religion. 

This is a wonderful time to be alive for those who are social entrepreneurs and I consider myself one. I am an author, creator, and entrepreneur. Those three titles I have earned on this planet thank you very much. I share some of the deepest parts of me as a paranormal writer. This also hinges on my spiritual belief system in Ascension Center Enlightenment based on the fact that “Alien Civilizations exist!’  Is this a religion that is new on earth. No but some tend to think so. We have many stories on earth including the ones that our greatest world religions are based upon. We are now all learning about our ancient folklore and sharing our legends and myths as ancient history. 

I want to share some thoughts since today is Halloween 2011. Tapping into one’s own spirituality can be fun and encouraging but it an also be a very scary thing when we begin talking about the new life we are creating as test tubes babies and the cloning of animals.

The way that most of us learn about life is through education by our parents, families, friends, and education in public or private schools. Those who are poor around the world are given less chances for education and ways to explore the world. The future that we create on this planet will change all of that in the future.

With our new future in store for us after December 21, 2012, at 11:11 we shall all be in a new class of humanoid sentient intelligent beings meaning we will moved up a level in the game of life in this Omegaverse.

Photo is from Close Encounters of the Third kind a novel and movie by Steven Spielberg.

The fact that I am meeting with controversy on the Internet in Cyberspace about sharing the truth of that which is out there beyond the Omniverse is fascinating to say the least. There are some on earth who do not want our species to obtain further knowledge about our origin in space. I have been told that my belief in cosmology is me insisting that alien civilizations exist is my religion.

This has begun an age old debate and how so many ancient religions have separated with groups, tribes, and countries in the past. Some believe one way and others another. I am not going to stop writing simply because some who read my books don’t believe I should include my own belief system in my books. I am a spiritual being and I believe that alien civilizations exist based on my own experiences in this lifetime.

This has affected my religious preferences of the past. No ET came up to me and ask me my religion or if I was a Christian or Muslim. The world religions were made up over time with stories and memories that were written down just like the stories we are creating today.

For those who believe in spirit and that we shall ascend as the great master teacher the one called Jesus and Jehovah as the Lord of this world are more likely in tune with how the extraterrestrials would have us believe. I believe we can safely say that Jesus was an extraterrestrial. All the Christian beliefs have variations on a theme. Just because one classifies themselves as a Christian does not mean they do or do not believe that alien civilizations exist. I choose to believe they do exist based on my own life experiences. I also choose to be that the future will become more about what he taught us about ascension.

Who can  admit or deny that the way we believe now and write about our beliefs will not be turned into a religion based on alien civilizations exist and ascension center enlightenment in the future? We who are here now will not be here in the future. 

I believe that the critical mass mind believes that we will all change and be more open to the Ascension Process of our Spirits in the future. I believe that the Ascension Age is that which is called the Golden Age of Cosmology. I have written a few books based on this belief system. Have I become an author to profess my own beliefs and to spread the news of ascension and that alien civilizations exist?

I now believe so and I shall grow in my lifetime to know more than I do now. This is part of the ascension spiritual enlightenment process. We all are given a chance to grow spiritually on earth so we can have better memories of how to create in the future better life for ourselves and others. This is deep as far as the spirit is concerned. We in the alien ET UFO Community are learning a new way to share our growth and it is crossing over into the ascension new age beliefs.

We are changing in more ways than one. We can see our physical bodies change that we can have control over with what we do, what we eat, and how we sleep and work our physical and mental bodies. The last part of our existence that is usually thought about changing is our spiritual bodies.

I believe that this is the part of us that matters the most. Of course we need a complete whole to make us alive and who we are while we are here on earth. We all need a body, a mind, and a spirit which are the three main components of any humanoid sentient intelligent beings.

We are creating a future with science, medicine, and now even religion and politics that will change who we are and how we define our entire species on this planet. This is what concerns us all as one critical mass mind.

As one who has seen the other side being dead and leaving my physical mind and body I have been allowed to know more that made me different inside and outside when I returned.

The awakened awareness of being one with the entire Alphaverse and Omegaverse was what I created in my own Omniverse. This is something that allows me to accept the various levels and dimensions in life which is through my experiences. 

This article is an introduction to all the various levels of life that I foresee all of us learning about in the future. Those of us who are in the alien ET UFO Community may be able to share our experiences and beliefs in order to bond and heal all that has been separated in the past in our critical mass mind.

This is an explanation of how I can begin sharing all that I have experienced inside of me at a deeper level so that I can bring it outside to examine.

People who read my articles over the last five years have found something synergistic to anchor too inside of the internet that is attached to me.

Is this a real connection and a real bond that becomes more like a glue to allow for the reawakening thoughts inside of all of our own body-mind-spirits?

Only time will tell as we are all on this journey of life together on this planet. This is something that we all share and can know that we all came to this planet, we were born here, we spent our lives here, and we will die here!

That my friend is the truth and that which anyone anywhere can relate too on this planet.

What people don’t realize is that there are also those who come and go from this planet that were not born here. I desire to share more of my own personal experiences and this in turn will be what I shall write about in the future.

I have wanted to finish a book which will turn out to be my own life story.  

Those who have gotten to know me have shared who I am with others in various ways when our paths crossed. The journey we all take allows us to know others.

This is a good thing since we all have our own ideas and want to share our own ideas and way of seeing what we want to share with others.

There are some of us who have various levels of interest and some of us even have had contact with those we call aliens and extraterrestrials.

I have had many encounters and I have my way of separating the various types of visitations I have experienced. I want to share with others what I believe I can best categorize as my own personal involvement to make this easier for others to compare with their own involvement.

Many people write to me wanting to share their own experiences because they feel safe in sharing with me due to my own stories that have appeared on various websites. Most were simply shared through syndication from the one website that Dirk Vander Ploeg created called UFO

I also have various website and I have shared stories and articles that I was interested in writing at the various times in my life since actually 2005. I now keep up many websites which are read by people from countries all over the world. Peoples interest vary widely and in order to share information I have various websites with different titles and looks in order to cater to the various interests. 

But for those in the alien ET UFO Community know that it is energy I expend in hopes that they who are not believers will catch some insight through glancing over one of my articles I have written about my contact with extraterrestrials. I feel that this is part of my mission in this day and time to share that “Alien Civilizations Exist!”

That is my focus and I hope that we can all enjoy the fact that our world is changing for the better with our outlook and outreach moving forward and expanding the entire world’s critical mass mind.

Lately, I have been not feeling well due to my health and I am doing what I can to do what is right with eating, sleeping, and exercising at the club. This always helps and I hope that everyone will do what they can to remain healthy and happy while here on this planet.

I am always aware that we can die at anytime and we should always be happy to be here.

Remain happy, inspired, and motivated knowing that life is what we make of it while we are here. I have learned through life that we can make our lives better based on what we believe in as what is good and right for our own spirits. Our spirits will return to our souls. We all have only one soul that our spirit attaches too.

We are all sharing the body-mind-spirit in order to experience birth-life-death.

When people are not sure of themselves or why they are here always assure them that there is a divine plan and purpose for us all.

I was brought up to believe as a Christian as is the majority of those who live in my country the United States of America on the North American continent. There is some truth in all of our religions on earth. We can all progress beyond that which we are labeled with tags or groups of our past. I believe in supreme beings of those who from the heavens came.

The fact that I have had experiences inside an ET spacecraft has allowed me to share a part of me that I can describe as spiritual. To some who want to argue and debate that this is not possible want to label this a religious experience. I don’t know if it is to others but it was a very enlightening experience.

We can all want more out of life and we may all want to share our journey in life exploring our ancient myths and all the mysteries that life on earth has to offer. 

I truly believe we are meant to learn how to explore space in the cosmos. We are getting

to see more about our universe. We are getting to understand how planets are formed.

We are getting to know that there is always more outside of a world we create with our own

inventions and innovations.

Our imaginations are what got us to the present life that we are living today. In science we are admitting that it was the great thinkers and writers of science fiction that has allowed us to accept a life with more technology and gadgets to communicate with each other.

Just like the mind can journey into various quadrants of our inner thoughts, we can also learn to expand our awareness to include more that the imagination can allow us to believe in.

I believe that this idea we have of making our thoughts into stories, into books, and into movies has served us well in the past and will so in the future. 

The plan now that I foresee in the future is to create one ASCENSION CENTER SPIRITUAL ORGANIZATION with the core foundation being one of believing in the fact that we shall all return to our original soul where our Supreme Beings will review our memories that have been recorded throughout our lifetimes no matter which planet we spent time in our growth process.

I believe that a major part of the ASCENSION AGE is that of believing that alien civilizations exist. Some may call this a religion but I feel that it is the people who make up a church and that this is a belief system and depending on how one feels about themselves being grouped with others in their belief systems may influence governments to decide whether this is a religion.

I believe in is a faith based organization based on the belief that alien civilizations exist as do the higher beings and the Supreme High Council.

The Supreme High Council when asked as the jury of twelve about God the reply was that they have always been. They are the eternal creators and that is how we can share infinity squared in our mathematical reasoning.  This means that what is eternal and immortal is a part of us in that God and Goddess has always been.

The male God we call from Greek Alpha and the female Goddess we call Omega are both that which has always been from the beginning of time and who created the Omniverse.

The understanding I have been taught is that the Alpha and Omega that we regard as the iconic creators are of the original energy of synergy of both a male and female. Take the knowledge that our Omniverse is created by one eternal essence as male and one eternal essence as female and we can still see that we are created in their own image. However their presence in all things is still called infinity squared. Alphaverse and Omegaverse in science terms is infinity squared. In older religious terms whether Christian, Jewish, Pagan or other ways of thinking is how we use the words God and Goddess. We each have the responsibility of sorting out our own belief system. This is part of the divine plan. This explains that which we call our growth in eternal essence. There are many older and ancient ones we call higher beings and to some they regard these beings as God and Goddess.

This is hard to explain since we all come here and are given a body, and usually a family to bring us up in the ways of the world.

The various differences have been based on logistics and geography as the location of where we are all born.

Globally speaking we are brought to various areas as spirits and are given a body at the time of our inception as that which is created for us by our mother and father on earth.

Science may be proving that only when the egg is fertilized and kept in the incubation stage inside of a mother’s womb can we see a physical body forming. 

We can also know that there has been cloning going on to create animals and soon it will be accepted to create the humans with knowing how one will be accepted with the chosen sperm from the smartest or most intelligent donors.  

We are already doing this type of creating although not talked about openly other than the fact that some women prefer to be artificially inseminated.

We could consider this alien to our former ways of being human. This has changed in the last century and is being done more now than ever before. The world seems to be accepting this type of human that has sometimes only one parent to raise them. 

It is scientific experiments that create the future and that which we deal with as what we call life on earth is one of the parts of all of us that is being changed in laboratories. Chemists study life and also what and how life is created in space. 

The discovery of other worlds as planets in our universe is now being studied as our larger telescopes and satellites send us back information to know about in a physical way.

The alien extraterrestrials that we all want to know about in the ET UFO Community deals with those who we believe are those who our ancestors spoke of in their stories that have been passed to us in the various ways that could be recorded. We can find pictures inside caves on walls that depict what any modern human of the twenty first century can see that they were describing ancient ET astronauts and their UFOS.

We can all believe in the fact that ancient astronauts visited this planet in their spacecraft. We are sharing our thoughts, ideas, opinions, and views about our research, beliefs, and history in our folklife now as social net workers.

Some of us prefer to mingle with others on certain websites where we feel comfortable enough to be a contributor and we submit our own stories and information that we believe in or have researched, or read stories about by others. We share photos that we have of various UFOs.

My articles will usually run a little over 2000 words or so my computer tells me. I want to continue sharing articles and I imagine I will until I die here.

Therefore I hope that those of you who want to believe in aliens and being a part of the ET UFO Community will learn more about me and how we are meant to be friends in this lifetime. There are many ways and one way is to stay tuned to my articles on UFO Digest and many other websites including my own as,,,,,, There are little bits of information here and there as clues which I leave to inspire the imagination in others. Writers write and there are more of us now than ever before on planet earth thanks to the computers and internet communications on the web. We in cyberspace share the working world now with all those who use the new gadgets to communicate and stay in touch. We are learning more about each other online.

I am sharing my story of life in the future under a title I began as a series back in time called TAKEN UP. I hope to share a part of me weekly here on UFO

The various levels of life that I have experienced deals with those above some call the higher beings. Some believe in the knowledge that I share with the aliens ET UFO base.

I have a life that exists other than the one here on earth and the one that I share I have had with a higher being or immortal that is a part of me. This part of me we on earth call an avatar. We are known on earth among certain tribes as the Agashan Avatar Ascended Masters. The fact that we teach about spiritual ascension actually has its roots in those who from the heavens came. 

How one learns to internalize this as their own spiritual truth is what creates Lightworkers and Truthseekers on this planet. More later…

 Love and light. TJ


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