Alien ET UFO Community of Ascension Age 2012 and Beyond

Alien ET UFO Community of Ascension Age 2012 & Beyond -ET Masters or Alien Hybrids?

Sharing the Alien ET UFO Community Guides into understanding Avatars and Ascension Ascended Masters who receive ET visitations in 2012.

We hope these vague descriptions in the English language enlighten others who are traveling on the path that will lead to ascension of the extraterrestrial energy that our ancient alien ancestors passed down in various ways as oral traditions and that similar secret groups on earth have tried to convey to their own members. Love and Light TJ

There are numerous stories of old in the ancient Sumerian texts of our alien ancient ancestors. Some appear as Gods and Goddesses and others appear as the Light Beings we call Ascended Masters and now ET or extraterrestrials and aliens. It is now time to lift the veil and make sense of all the ancient past history and that which we claim to understand among our secret societies and ancient world religions made for the humankind.

The below is one description and their are many prepared by others who are in the humanoid form that relate to that which some realize as their own thoughts and belief systems. Here below are a few which I have taken the liberty to enhance so that the future may be easier to understand for us all who are living in these amazing times of those who are visited by the Light Beings also known as the Higher Beings and ET or extraterrestrials. May each being share in health and prosperity for all that remain on earth in this time and dispensation for their will be wars and rumors of wars while we prepare those on earth to raise their enlightenment.

We prepare the way for those of the coming day and the golden dawn to come as mentioned by those of our ancient tribal ancestors as that of the Ascension Age to officially begin December 21, 2012at 11:11. Love and Light TJ ~ Please read on before making a decision . Open your Mind to what might appear as the ones who will come as the masters when the student is ready! The Ascension Center Logos is that one which will aspire to become the way we step down the speed of light in this time and that which will come to be known by all in the future in quantum physics. The ether can be frozen in time and the light be seen in ways that others in science can share in words and in ways that all will someday see that the sages and seers and ascended masters were trying to convey in the love and light of the ascension…


An interpretation of a being of essence, ether and energy into one of the karmic figures that can share ascension with other beings.

Here is another part of a story that has been enhanced to share meaning in the Ascension Age of 2012 & Beyond.

<>p There are various websites one can learn from on the Internet online in cyberspace where we all now meet and learn and educate others and ourselves. Please join us for we shall always add the stories to share on the UFO Digest as the UFO and Paranormal News of the days counting down until the official Ascension Age to begin December 21, 2012 at 11:11.


<>p The following are words from a few who have shared on the Internet as an open source valued information resource. Please visit the various websites, as this in a way is a promotion for all those would be teachers and guides of the Ascension Guides.


<>p An Ascended Master is a Being who has Mastered time and space and in the process gained self-mastery of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of themselves in the lower Dimensions. They are all members of the Great White Brotherhood, and many are also members of the Order of Melchisadek. They each will have transmuted a large proportion of their karma, fulfilled their Divine Plan and been initiated into the rituals of the Ascension. Their self-mastery means that they have transcended to the Higher Dimensions of Matter: those of the fifth Dimension or Higher. There are many Dimensions of increasingly finer vibration above our dimension, and the realms of many of the Masters and Angelics range between the 5th and the 9th Dimensions. Just because these Beings are Ascended does not mean that their own learning and growth ceases, or they become separate from us! Indeed, as they grow, we grow: and as we grow, so too do they. We were told recently: “Once the teacher has passed on all their knowledge to another, the other may take that knowledge and change it and return it back to the teacher, so that cycle upon cycle is repeated for all, and those who are guided now guide and those who guide are now guided.” And of course when we talk about Ascension, and working towards our Ascension, what we truly mean is that this is the path we too are walking – we are aiming to Ascend AS A MASTER OF OUR SELF and not of others. Our path to mastery and hence to our personal and planetary Ascension (for they are intertwined) is therefore one of personal mastery on all levels. That is the purpose behind the work the Masters and we present you with!


WHAT IS THE GREAT WHITE BROTHERHOOD(Extract from “The Gods in their Cities” by Richard Leviton, published by iuniverse press.)

<>p “The term “great” refers to both the sheer numbers of the Ascended Host and to the noble assemblage of so many thousands (upwards of 450,000) of Ascended Masters in Light bodies. The Ascended Host comprise what may be referred to as the occult hierarchy of this planet – a society of organized and illumined minds, sometimes referred to as the Elder Brothers of the human race.


As the verbalized oral tradition that has been passed down from one generation to the next, it is said that they were established on Earth 18 million years ago to oversee the Great Plan for the self-conscious enfoldment of all life.



<>p The term “white” refers to Light – pure white Light – for all members of the Great White Brotherhood and White Sisterhood have achieved the state known as Ascension, in which they have transformed their physical bodies into a body of Light. The term “brotherhood” does not imply the “masculine”, but refers to the collegiality and lateral co-operation exhibited by all members, who have achieved a level of spiritual accomplishment and pledged to honor and fulfill the goals of the Ascended Host.


<>p The members of the Great White Brotherhood are graduates not just from humanity and from this planet, but from many other lineages and places also.


<>p Other names for the collective include:


<>p “The Great Brotherhood of Light; Brotherhood of the Grail; Grail Guardians; Great Ones; Legion of Light; Lords of the Flame and Lords of Light, and so on and so forth…”


<>p The Rays may be fundamentally summed up as being the energies of the Creator / Source / God (whatever word, topic, name, phrase you choose) which has been stepped down and “divided” into aspects and smaller components, to make all that has been created function effectively and efficiently.


<>p We practice using these rays in this lifetime on the Ascension Chart, which in life is compared to the charkas of light bodies inside our own body-mind-spirits. The East meets the West in ways that all humanoids may understand that which we use to cleanse the body with the kundalini effect of our energy wheels. We have the red, orange, blue, green, indigo, and violet that equal the spectrums of light in that which we call a rainbow. We honor the seven (7) levels inside our own bodies which some of the ancient ancestors have used to teach us our spiritual meditations of our energy that climbs up and out of our body-mind-spirits. This is one of the ways we learn to recognize our own ascension, which can travel out of our bodies and into that which we call astral body projections or out of body experiences as OBE.


<>p We share the many levels in sevens that inside our own physical body-mind-spirit as the first levels. We use the 3-5-7 and share that with the inner circle of those who practice ascension tantra edification on our own physical bodies allowing spirit to work inside.


<>p We then learn to travel into the heightened states of awareness inside our out of body in the 8 through 14 where we travel in space with our awakened awareness of our consciousness and we become observers of the beyond that is inside our own universal order.


We then learn to travel above in the 15 through 21 and there is where we accept the higher orders of all states of conscious we use to combine our serendipity and spiritual synergy of all light beings in the “ALL I AM” consciousness.

The next level is that of the Tree of life from 22 through 28 also in the stair steps to heaven also in the sacred geometry of the great architects in all the universes, multiverses, and into the metaverses.

Then we have the final levels from 29 through 35. The 33 levels of life circles of which we all know of at least 33 others and then the alpha and omega of our birthrights as one of our creator father and creator mother of which without their first being created we could not exist in this physical form. This is how it has always been and taught to us throughout the ages from the time of MU and the Annunaki records prior to our first Sumerian scribed codexes.

The thirty-three degrees of our own life cycles is that of our own obtainment in the schools that are offered in the tree of life and exist inside the macroscm we call the omniverse. Inside the macrocosm is the universe, multiverse, Metaverse, Xenoverse, omniverse, and outside is the alphaverse and the omegaverse. We call the outside the macrocosm the Great Architects of our Omniverse of our macrocosm.

The Alpha entered the Omega and we are taught to return to those who have created the sea of souls that will intertwine and remix inside their creation of the omniverse. This is our mission in life to obtain our heightened states of awakened awareness.
In the “ALL” as the GREAT of the Architects of that in which we exist in all places, planes, and dimensions, there has to be sense, an organization in our empirical view for there is always a higher level of attainment in our belief systems of the essence of the energy of our spiritual soul.
CHAOS was one of the original arrays of which we knew only that this was one of the original attributes of the creators we call Alpha and Omega and the one became the mirror and mythos of the two which created the third and so on and in the interim begat that of the chaos a known god among our oral ancestry of the ancient ones.
And also in the direction of the heart of “All That Is”, or else there would be chaos. And in chaos, there could be neither progress nor learning.
All of us are born with lessons to learn that concentrate on the themes of one or more of the Rays that govern the Spiritual Growth and Order of the Planet.
INCARNATION of Spirit from that of our Original SOUL CREATION
We usually incarnate with a purpose that has its main emphasis on one or perhaps two of the Rays, with lesser emphases on partial aspects of the remainder of the Rays. Our planet herself is a sentient and evolving life form and has a special relationship with the 2nd Ray, which is a golden-yellow color and known as the Ray of Divine Wisdom.
This supports the main purpose for which the Earth herself has manifested and, together with the 1st and 3rd Rays of Divine Love and Divine Will.
These are the 3 Rays that have the greatest influence on her Spiritual evolution and in turn affect the nature of the growth and development of all life forms evolving upon her.

Each of the Rays has at its head an Ascended Master of great experience in working with that Ray energy, who is its Chohan or overseer.
Many of the Ascended Masters, including the Chohans, will as part of their duties take on governance of one or more Ashrams – places of learning and guidance where we may travel in our soul bodies whilst our physical body is at rest and when we are in our soul bodies between incarnations. They also attend and support us in many aspects of our learning and growth throughout daily life, even though they are usually unseen and unacknowledged. All are open to our requests for assistance and help, although they may not step in and act without our consent – so we do need to ask, and work consciously with them to gain the most benefit.

As well as sound foundations and firm loving direction (true government!) any civilization benefits from an effective Spiritual base: so too do we as individuals.
Working with the energy and lessons of the Rays and with those Masters that administer those energies helps us identify and work with Divine energy and releases in us the power of unconditional Love – and this, when coupled with Wisdom and positive focused intent can move mountains. It is through linking with Divine Source / God in the many aspects of our lives and be-ing and so recognizing and accepting ourselves as perfect emanations of that supreme Being that we are enabled to become whole and complete.
If you would like to know more and sense and work with the energies and attributes of some of these Masters yourself, why not come on our “Way of the Masters” series of certificated evening workshops. Each part of 8 parts in total (a series of 3 x 2½ hourly sessions to each part) will have a theme within which each group of Masters wants to work with us (see lists below).

We are offering these CPD certificated sessions as a part of our “Torches” group schedule, to be held on the last Friday of every month, bringing you the opportunity to work more closely with a range of Masters and gain a much greater understanding of their attributes.
Follow this link to find out more about these sessions.
Group 1: Working with aspects of Balance
Balance is important to our progress and journey. It stabilizes the energy bodies and places us in a state where we are best able to access repair, healing, growth, knowledge and understanding. These six Masters have given us layouts to help us with attaining balance, understanding or clarification in many aspects of our lives and journeys. We also need balance to walk the tightrope of life!

Group 2: Working with the Heart Center
One of the most important energy centers for us to work with is the Heart center, where we need to learn to work with love and compassion, for other people and perhaps more importantly for ourselves. Without self-love we don’t have self-esteem, and without this we cannot be whole (or healed). In turn, this wholeness is vital not only for our own forward progress, but also to enable us to help our fellows as we travel life’s pathway. These six Masters have given us aspects of themselves for us to work with that relate primarily to the heart center, our center of love, compassion and balance. Some welcome the Ascension Age as that of one of love and light of the source which does shift and uplift us all into new realms of understanding as in enlightenment tat comes of being one in the higher realms we call the Akashic Field of Love and Light.

Group 3: Working to Cleanse, Transform and transmute
the job of self-cleansing, transmuting and transforming never ends. There is always one more step to take, one more mountain to climb! As we grow, learn and develop on our paths, we are sometimes asked to take a leap of faith and to step into the new and unknown. These six Masters have given us layouts to work with us on personal transformation on many levels.

Group 4: Preparations for Moving to the Next Dimensions
As the time for dimensional changes and shifts draws ever closer, we are becoming more and more aware of changes within our energy bodies. We need to go through adjustment and preparation to enable us to handle the ever-increasing vibrational energies that are reaching Earth. We also need to balance, cleanse, transmute and transform, and six Masters who wish to accustom us to the Higher Rays and energies that we are now beginning to accept and work with bring these layouts.

GROUP ONE Allah GobiDjwhal KuhlEl Morya KhanLord KuthumiPallas AthenaSerapis Bey

GROUP TWO Lord LantoLord LingLady MagdaLady NadaQuan YinSananda (Jesus)

GROUP THREE Gautama BuddhaLady LetoLady LotusThe Master PaulLady PortiaSt. Germain

GROUP FOUR HilarionThe MahachohanThe MelchisadekMaster Rakoczy Paul the Venetian Sanat Kumara
FINALLY, AN ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: SYNERGY of the Avatar Ascended Ascension Masters working on the matters at hand. The Ones who now walk the earth live among us with those who some would know as alien ET. Some are our guides and are also guided by their own Guardian Angels in other realms and dimensions that will someday become known in this world.

Pictures of the Masters appear above their write-ups wherever possible. Please note that all images are credited with thanks to: Divine Light Images.
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Compliments of Hilary Hargreaves and Mark Brittain both Lightworkers for the Ascension Grave and SHIFT AND UPLIFT OF ASCENSION AGE 2012.

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