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Stela 11 from Izapa shows Cosmic Father
in the “mouth” of Cosmic Mother, the
“dark rift” or “birth canal” in the 
Milky Way. This is an image of 
the celestial alignment which 
culminates in A.D. 2012.


 We can now look to each other for our own stories. We are all the authors of our own life’s stories. We can receive divine inspiration. We have to believe and not operate in fear. Those who are curious about certain individuals on earth will be more apt to approach those who are unafraid of those who come to earth in what we call UFOS and USOS.


The Extraterrestrials have inspired certain beings to enhance the humanoid sentient intelligent being species from time to time. The Ascension Center Logo and the TJ Thurmond Morris ACIR logo are both updated iconic logos about their symbology from space to those below on planet earth. These symbols could be considered divinely inspired.

Science originated from Philosophy !~ And so it is… with the New World of the Ascension Age of the First Mother and the First Father to be remembered once again in our science and history that will now become updated taking in consideration the way to anew the new with the something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.

We are all connected and the way that we share our future will employ the 9 levels, dimension, and realms. It is time to share the ancient mystery schools and to learn who all the keepers of the flame of truth really are in this time. I am one of those who has been called nine as was Gene Roddenberry in his lifetime as a metaphysician and science fiction writer. 9 is the voice as the instrument and sound of the First and Last word. In the beginning was the word and the word was without form. Atum Re came the form in sound and there have been those who channel the NINE since the beginning of time. Those chosen as the VOICE of NINE can channel that which is divine as inspiration to all those who are in part the beginning and end as the everlasting ! Immortals are known to seek out the oracles of that known as the God that of the First Father of the First Mother as those outside the Omniverse as those who are of the alpha males and the omega females of the first born souls created from the original father from the original mother. All the religions prior to the 9000 to 2000 and the 26 k reign know of the pillars of time as those which were passed down throughout time on earth.We share our myths and legends which came from oral traditions of those who from the heavens came prior to the land of MU on Gaia. Nine is the omega Tom is the alpha as in Atum and Re as the sun god prior to all those known on earth. We shall all learn how to interpret the past words on this working class planet. The meanings may seem esoteric however ontology and etymology are two words for the same path of the sound that comes from the silence in space. Space noise will become known as the vibrations from outside that of which is the egg of that inside the womb we call the omniverse of our alpha father inside the omega mother. This may sound rather erotic however these words were used in the begining to share the sound of words in the timeline we now call life.

  • Although Gene Roddenberry passed away October 24, 1991
    his legacy remains as Star Trek:

 What nine represents as a symbol is one of the messengers who are coded with the DNA memories of those who sent us to this planet. We know of the NINE levels of existence in what  is known as the levels of creation and rebirth. See if the following words in myths and legends can instill some truth in science as we know it to be regarding our time in space and relating to our rotation on earth. All our time on this planet relates to all those who are here now to experience the birth-life-death experiences together. We are all connected. 

Please return here weekly to see how we share and expand on the information we are culminating together of all those interested in our Alien ET UFO Community of the Ancient Astronauts and Metaphysics we share as the paranormal to most who live in the past darkness. We aim to share the enlightenment as the light to remove that which we call the dark. Both light and dark are part of our orientation to life on earth.

We all are special and are important to this world and those above. We must now open our minds and share a new perspective that includes all science and philosophy. This will increase the health and prosperity for all! This is what the ET want for us all. We shall now learn what we have forgotten and share this as we awaken the sleepers in this time and dispensation. So those who are the mystics, oracles, prophets, sages, seers, shaman, psychics, life coaches, and spiritual advisers may want to share their stories and findings of fact in what we now call the people’s metaphysics while we learn about the quantum physics and the new cosmology of our reality and our illusions which we created with our past misunderstandings of what is real about our created reality on this planet. That which we shall discover in the new global community will now be a part of the raising awareness of the Ascension Age as the golden age of cosmology and cosmogenisis of our origins.

Background on Ancient Aliens Perspective Cosmogenesis.

The  winter  solstice is an important turning point  in  the year.  It  marks the day of least daylight and the  beginning  of increasing  daylight,  the return to the life-giving  warmth  of summer. To compare, the summer solstice occurs exactly six months later and marks the longest day of the year. The two equinoxes in March  and  September mark the two days when day  and  night  are exactly  equal.

A year is divided into four  seasons.

The two equinoxes and two solstices are thought of as directional “pillars” supporting the year.

Seasons occur because the  earth’s plane  of  rotation is tilted in relation to  its  orbital  plane around the sun. As the earth orbits the sun throughout the  year, the  length  of daylight waxes and wanes  accordingly.  


The  four “pillars” of the year designate significant moments in the yearly cycle,  and highlight seasonal changes which human beings  everywhere still anticipate and plan by.

On that date, the long-term Mayan Calendar will expire.

The Mayans were an ancient civilization of people that ruled from the 6th to the 9th Century in Central America. They were ‘obsessed’ with time-keeping and created very accurate calendars.

The Mayans were able to use lunar and solar cycles to predict eclipses thousands of years into the future.

The Mayan Calendar began, according to scientists, on August 11, 3114 B.C..

It is set to expire or reset on December 21, 2012.

This is a reset in modern time -keeping when a new era begins we call the Ascension Age based on the spiritual awakening and awareness of both our modern and ancient times.

Each solar year, the Mayan Calendar was only off by only 7 seconds. Therefore, when one does the math, it takes over 5,000 years for their calendar reset.

Our present day calendar is off by a quarter-of-a-day or a variable of approximately 6 hours each year.

Every 4 years, we add an extra day (leap year) to essentially reset our own calendar.

Our present day calendar expires every 4 years compared to over 5,000 years for the Mayan Calendar.

The Mayan civilization had numerous books about their culture and astrological data.

The Spanish conquered the Mayans and destroyed most of their writings.

Only 4 books were saved and they contained information about the calendar and its expiration.

Some scientists, share that the Mayans only ‘hinted’ that conditions may be dire toward the end of next year. There is nothing specific in their writings and calendars to predict catastrophic events on December 21, 2012.

The expiration of Mayan Calendar, there are other astrological events that are expected to occur on December 21, 2012.

On this date, the sun, the Earth and the center of the Milky Way Galaxy are going to “line up.”

This event happens every 25,800 years.

Some scientists say that the gravitational pull from this event will trigger earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and other cataclysmic events, possibly even a total magnetic “pole shift.”

A total magnetic pole shift occurs when magnetic north near the North Pole becomes magnetic south and vice-versa.

There is evidence of this occurring in Earth’s past, but the process of this shift usually takes thousands of years.

We are currently seeing a larger than normal movement of magnetic north.

Within the last year, the area of magnetic north has moved approximately 40 miles compared to an average of 3 miles per year.

Airports have been forced to readjust their instruments to compensate the small magnetic shift.

Some birds have flown into buildings or into the ground after losing their magnetic compasses.

Religions  around the world, including Native Religions  and Christianity,  share the winter solstice as an honored  holy  day attended by celebration, festivals and ceremonies.

This is  often thought  of as the most important of the seasonal  quarters.

 The winter solstice marks an extreme moment in which the solar  light and “life” energy is at its lowest.

The old year is gone and  the embers of the New Year are just beginning to stir.

This naturally gave  rise to the idea that the sun had died and was born anew –

The origins of the resurrection concept. We all feel the  effects of  winter  and summer, we all abide by the rhythms  set  by  the solar year and marked by the solstices.

Today we still  celebrate New Years Day roughly in line with the winter solstice, and  many people today set aside December 21st as a day of special celebration,  inviting friends over or even organizing  outdoor  ceremonies.  In  our  times, in the years surrounding  A.D.  2012,  the winter solstice has added significance.

The  ancient Maya noticed that the winter solstice  sun  was slowly moving towards the Milky Way. Two great markers in the sky were  converging,  presenting a rare  celestial  juncture.  

Their calendar  accurately tells us when this will occur, and it  meant more  than the birth of a new solar year. It meant the  beginning of  a new Great Cycle of time, the resetting of the great  celestial  star-clock  of precession and,  perhaps,  an  unprecedented shift in the nature of human consciousness and civilization.

On that date, the sun, the Earth and the center of the Milky Way Galaxy are going to “line up.” This event happens every 25,800 years. Some scientists say that the gravitational pull from this event will trigger earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and other cataclysmic events, possibly even a total magnetic “pole shift.”

A total magnetic pole shift occurs when magnetic north near the North Pole becomes magnetic south and vice-versa. There is evidence of this occurring in Earth’s past, but the process of this shift usually takes thousands of years.

We are currently seeing a larger than normal movement of magnetic north.

About the solar cycles from “maxima” to “minima.”

Solar storms have been minimal, but our sun is currently heading toward a new “maxima” cycle that is expected to peak around December of 2012 or early in 2013.

Note that every 11 years, the sun goes through these cycles, almost on a regular basis.

There are periods in history when the sun went off its cycle and there were few, if any, sunspots.

Maunder Maximum

This occurred from 1645 to 1715, which is called the ‘Maunder Minimum.’

Many scientists are predicting that the upcoming solar maxima will be very strong. Late next year, major solar flares ejected from the sun may play havoc with orbiting satellites and even power plants.

The last strong solar maxima was in the late 1990s when the Earth’s temperature peaked.

The Earth’s magnetic field protects us from the harmful radiation the sun emits.

Most solar flares are harmless and will put on a light show when they come into contact with our magnetic field called the ‘Aurora Borealis’ or ‘The Northern Lights.’ But, there was a very strong solar flare that literally shut down the Hydro-Quebec Power Plant in Canada on March 13, 1989.

The solar storm was so intense that the Northern Lights could be seen as far south as Florida and Cuba. Some people thought that a nuclear strike was in progress.

Another solar flare of that size, or even stronger, could disrupt GPS, television, cell phones and other devices dependent on satellites. Some electrical exports have said that our nation’s power grids are “fragile” and could easily be damaged or shut down by another major solar storm, which could arrive in late 2012.

The Mayans were not the only culture to predict tough times at the end of 2012. China’s oldest text, the ‘I Ching,’ also known as the Book of Changes, originated approximately 5,000 years ago. There is a belief that one an use the outcome of the I ching system for personal perceptions of the time sa rhythm in life patterns.

Some believe that this text accurately predicted major events in history and it’s time line is expected to end around December 21, 2012.

The Hopi Indian Tribe also believes that the Earth will be in a transition period around late 2012. They believed that the Earth has been created and destroyed 4 times and that now we’re in a transition phase into the ‘5th world.’

Of course, the most famous fortune teller of all-time was Nostradamus. He lived during the 1500s and published a number of predictions, or ‘quatrains,’ that described future events. Most academic scholars maintain that his predictions provide no evidence or are even misinterpreted. Nostradamus describes many cataclysmic events, but never specifically mentioned 2012.

Understanding  this  aspect of Mayan cosmogenesis  may  also help  us understand our own impending millennial milestone.

Is this alignment  having  some kind of influence?

The precession of the equinoxes is, after all, primarily an earth rhythm. Whether we call it Mayan or  millennial, we are living today in the shadows of a rare celestial  juncture  which parallels the increasing interest in “New  World  Orders”,  “post-historic”  thinking,  and a major  shift  in  world economic structure and what it means to be human.

The Mayan  myth seems  to remind us that all life springs from the Great  Mother.

The  transformation  of cosmic recreation is  already  occurring. Perhaps  we  should  look closely at  this  celestial  alignment, imagine  its meanings, and determine what this  transformational shift  means  for future humanity.

For the ancient Maya,  on  the far-future  Creation Day which for us arrives soon, First  Mother and First Father join forces to engender a new World Age.

Scholars  today  are  recognizing that  Mayan  mythology  is intimately related to the celestial movements of stars, the Milky Way  and certain constellations.

The sources of  Mayan  mythology are  found in the sky, and the timetable of Creation Day is  pinpointed  by  the end date of the Mayan Great Cycle.

What may  occur will be  an alignment  between the galactic and solar  planes.  

The winter solstice sun will conjunct the Milky Way, which is the edge  of our spinning galaxy as viewed from  earth.

The  place where the sun meets the Milky Way is where the  “dark-rift”  in  the Milky Way is – a black ridge along the  Milky  Way caused  by  interstellar dust clouds,  a feature  of the Milky Way anyone can see on a  clear  midsummer’s night.

 At dawn  on the winter solstice of A.D. 2012, the sun will be  right in this dark-rift, and the orientation is such that the Milky Way rims the horizon at all points around.

The Milky Way “sits” on  the earth, touching it at all points around, opening  up  the cosmic  sky  portal.

The  galactic and  solar  planes  are  thus aligned.

“Sky portal” is just a term to describe the “opened sky” scenario  apparent when the Milky Way rims the horizon.  This  is not to be confused with the “dark-rift” itself.

In  Mayan myth, the winter solstice sun corresponds  to  the deity  One Hunahpu, also known as First Father.


The Mayan  Sacred Book,  the Popol Vuh, is all about setting the stage so that  the Hero Twins’ father (One Hunahpu) can be reborn, thus beginning  a new  World Age.

The dark rift has many mythic identities

The dark rift  is the  Black  Road;  it  is  the xibalba  the  Road  to   the Underworld.  

It is a crevice in the branches of the cosmic  tree (the  Milky  Way).

It is the mouth of the Cosmic  Monster  (often portrayed as a frog, jaguar or snake with tree-like features)

It is  the birth canal of the Cosmic Mother.

The  dark-rift is  best understood as the birth canal of the Cosmic Mother, called Omega  who we may call First Mother, to complement the First Father called Alpha. Therefore the highest respect to those we call the compensation for all that is unknown outside of the omniverse is of the alpha and omega or the alphaverse and omegaverse.

In this way we  can  trace  how these various metaphors are  found  in  Mayan Creation Mythology.

The date of this alignment is, again, the end date of the 13-baktun Great Cycle – a cycle of  approximately 5125 years.

The ancient Maya were aware of the  impending alignment and considered it to be of  such  importance to be a major transition point, the Creation of a new World Age. The New Age is also called the Ascension Age and the Golden Age of Cosmogenesis.

 In  mythological terms, this event is about  the  union  of First Father with First Mother or, more accurately, the birth  of First Father (the winter solstice sun – the new World Age  ruler) from First Mother (the dark-rift in the Milky Way).

The  headline appropriate for the upcoming event is: “Cosmic Mother Gives Birth to The First God.”

Understanding  this  aspect of Mayan cosmogenesis  may  also help  us understand our own impending millennial milestone.  What is  going  on in the world today? Is this alignment  having  some kind of influence? The precession of the equinoxes is, after all, primarily an earth rhythm. Whether we call it Mayan or  m For the ancient Maya,  on  the far-future  Creation Day which for us arrives soon, First  Mother and First Father join forces to engender a new World Age. The Alphaverse is the First Father and the Omegaverse is the First Mother.

Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy concerned with explaining the fundamental nature of being and the world, although the term is not easily defined.

Universe: The inside description of a context that is relative in size/structure (attributes/modes) to the known universe that we inhabit. A Universe, also known as a Cosmos, is a particular individual space-time organization with a specified number of dimensions of space and time and definite and specific laws of physics. Other Universes (other Cosmoses) may have different numbers of dimensions of space and time and different laws of physics than our own Universe (Cosmos).

Multiverse: The part of infinity that directly joins a given universe with all possible configurations of that universe.

Metaverse: In string theory, the part that is along with, after; over also denoting change in the multiverse that houses the branes or film that each universe is said to be attached to and hang like individual sheets in a hypermagnetic wave with rhythms of hypercosmic strings going up and down that has a third element causing up, down, backwards, forwards, motions inside the Xenoverse.

Note: In computer science, a metaverse is a virtual reality simulation based on the physical reality of a single individual universe, but one or more levels of implementation above it. It is conceived that it will be possible in forthcoming centuries to create such simulations using massive arrays of matrioshka brains and Jupiter brains.

Xenoverse: the unknown alien elements that are beyond and part of the metaverse and multiverse structure. Compared to a patchwork quilt hanging on a line to dry in space that is multivariate inside the Omniverse. While Omniverse is said to be the outside ring of all that is known, the xenoverse is the inside the hypermacrocosm that is unknown beyond the metaverse—the unknown sets of laws that govern how branes behave to create metaverses, the laws of which govern the creation of multiverses.

Hyperverse: Multiple xenoverses and to a relative of and probably a quarter of an omniverse, also, not to be confused with Hyperversus and the off end of the multiverse: Metaverse and Xenoverse.

Omniverse: All possible attributes and modes are in play, multiverses are categorized by the attributes/modes active in its child universes. Some or all possible modes of existence are actualized. If we take the point of origin as our being as a point in measurement, then we can generate the following hierarchy: 1. our location in space-time, 2. this universe (cosmos), 3. the multiverse, 4. the metaverse, 5. the xenoverse, 6. the hyperverse, 7. the omniverse, 8. the alphaverse, 9. the omegaverse.


?Think on these things and we can share that which is to be known in the future in the cosmos by those above we call extraterrestrials of the spacecraft not of earth origin.

?More later. Stay tuned. We are all able to channel our gifts from those who inspire us in the mirror image of our own selves inside the soul of all as is allowed by the supreme beings. We are preparing the way, the truth, and the lightDefinition: The Ennead of Heliopolis was the group of gods who created the world, according to Egyptian mythology centered in Heliopolis (near Memphis, in the Nile Delta of Lower Egypt).

The Ogdoad of Hermopolis is a contrasting grouping of 8 creating Heliopolitan gods

 A third cosmogony is the Memphis Theology, which is centered on the god Ptah.

In the theology of the Ennead of Heliopolis, there is recognition of a time before there was anything.

 It was thought there was a creative potential in the primeval water, which was personified as the self-generated Nun. From the waters emerged Atum, the source of all creation, often depicted as the sun god Re-Atum who produced Shu and Tefnut when he masturbated or spat.


Ennead means a group of 9, but often the list is larger, including wives, offspring, and a splitting up of Atum-Re into two separate deities. Here are the basic 9.

Also Known As: Heliopolitan Ennead


1.       Atum (the spirit that lived inside Nun before creation)

2.       Shu (male created by Atum-Re)

3.       Tefnut (sister of Shu)

4.       Geb (Earth god – Shu and Tefnut’s male offspring)

5.       Nut (Sky goddess – Shu and Tefnut’s female offspring)

6.       Osiris (god of the dead – son of Geb and Nut)

7.       Seth (evil brother of Osiris – son of Geb and Nut)

8.       Isis (wife/sister of Osiris and mother of Horus)

9.       Nephthys (goddess of the dead – wife/sister of Seth)

Before the Atum Spirit there was the Nun (NONE) and this was the Mother or Omegaverse.

The NINE became the VOICE of the DIVINE inspiration in all things present, past, and future. How could there be a before NUN when there was NONE?


This has become the almighty ever present question among all scientists!

The WHAT existed before the BIG BANG THEORY is where we are presently in our critical mass mind way of thinking in SCIENCE.

While we call SCIENCE that way or path as a journey into the light of words with repetition and analysis of all that we can see, touch, hear, smell, taste, we also now add the sixth sense of FEEL. We now know that the FIVE senses did not accurately define that which we can feel without TOUCH!

We now have accepted the SIXTH SENSE!

We shall now add the divine sense as that of the spirit self as that of the new age ascension as the combination of that which we have forgotten to share in the past with all humanoids on earth as sentient intelligent beings due to our past masculine reign of supremacy based on our testosterone and male dominating warring ways of the male supremacy or insecurity issues in our governments and religions which have ruled the empirical cultures on this planet.



We are now entering the KNOWING which is the SEVENTH SENSE of the ASCENSION AGE of the GOLDEN AGE of COSMOLOGY!

We will now understand that in order to be whole we must continue to explore and research our origins in the cosmos that we now call SPACE!

The  “All Knowing”  to some is still considered divine due to our past and ancient cultures of our ancestors.


We will now accept the higher levels and dimensions above that which we call the SEVENTH level which is the OMNIVERSE.


The eighth sense is that which is called the ALPHA or the Alphaverse and is the alpha male partition of the He/She.. The male essence of the First Father.


The ninth sense is that which is called the OMEGA or the Omegaverse and is the omega female partition of the He/She…

The female essence of the First Mother.

Ninth is the NINE and the Beginning of the “ALL” that have come to believe in that was the original outside of the “ALL ” and “I AM”. The Omegaverse is where all that we have come to believe as all the stories, myths, legends, of the word and the word was without form and the Alpha Male was created.

ALL MYTHS and LEGENDS began prior to the ORAL TRADITION of the BREATH of LIFE.

The ALL came from the NUN or NONE. The Science came from the form we called Philosophy and that which we embrace as the original tales of our Ancient Alien Ancestors all began in the BEGINNING before the BIG BANG THEORY.

There would be no Big Bang Theory or a Stephen Hawking or a PLACE in SPACE to be here now if it were not for that which existed as the NUN and the NONE in today’s history in time and space without the original creator that has always been that in our myths and legends was explained as that of the He/She.  The original First Father as ALPHA sprang from the original First Mother as the OMEGA. And all those who from the heavens came spoke of the Supreme High Beings of the Alpha Males and the Omega Females as the TWO who has always been!

The explanation of the beginning for us all in this Omniverse comes from the ALPHA AND OMEGA. 

NINE is the NUN and that which we realize as the perfection of the all.

WE NEED MORE PARTICLE ACCELERATORS for those who want to learn about the NUN of the NONE in our fluid rhythm of time and space. Learn about the heartbeat in us all that creates the electrical rhythm of time and space in place of our space that connects us to the essence of the NINE.


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