Alien ET UFO Community Story “TAKEN UP by TJ” Series 2012

October 31, 2012

“It appears like it sir. I will have the perimeter checked for any unwanted guests and seal off the perimeter.”

It was around midnight and the men who were in uniform were all part of a secret covert operation. They all had been prepared for this day but was not told what they were preparing for so no one of the troops knew anymore than the other. Not even the officers were told. The Colonel with his entourage was in on the Top Secret Mission.

Agent John Harris and  Agent Tara Rose Thomas was returning to earth. They had been off world since they left back in the year of  2003 on a mission that they had not expected. They had left the White Sands as Sara Bolton and Tom Bradley which was their assigned first and last names on earth which the military had assigned them as undercover covert names.

Only those who assigned them their code names knew who they really were on earth or so it was to appear. The Central Intelligence Agency was very sure that they chose their agents well. John Harris had been trained well by the United States Army while Tara Rose Thomas had been trained by the United States Navy. They worked well together underground at the White Sands Underground Facility located close to Los Alamos, New Mexico somewhere out in the desert on the protected federal land.

It was a full moon out so the clouds could be seen rumbling overhead. There were search lights on the flat beads of the semi trucks in four corners the size of a football field out in the White Sands where the usual coming and goings of the UFOS would land. Only certain soldiers were allowed to become those who worked on Top Secret operations.

Tom said,

“Well Tara my dear how does it feel to be home?” as he looked out down and below where the clouds were clearing away and he looked outside of the large silver disk spacecraft.

Tara looked at Tom and said, 

“Am I supposed to call you Tom again on earth or John or what. I am so confused over this name changing now that you know the truth?” 

“Well my dear I guess due to our situation I best call you Sara again and you call me John. I know you are really Theresa Tara Rose Thomas, and you know that I am really John David Harris but because we are now back under the rule of the earth’s laws we still have positions to uphold for the military and for the Central Intelligence Agency. Once we are back at the Langley Headquarters then we can go back to John and Theresa or Tara if you like. I am not even sure they know you as Tara do they?”

“Yes, they call me Theresa Tara Rose Thomas and not Sara Bolton. Sara Bolton was my grandmother’s name. My real father’s name on earth was Thurmond but I was a Thomas while I was adopted by my new step father. They allowed me to use that with you at the White Sands Base before we left. That was my assigned covert operation name to get you back into our company. I had used it on several occasions in my line of work as an investigator and they let me use it to meet you. I am surprised I remember all that but it never left me. It is so odd being off earth and now returning as we were undercover. When do we get to stop using our covert names. They are bound to know that we have talked now after all these years in space and off earth.  Had you used your name Tom Bradley before?”

“Well, now that you mention it yea I guess I have. I really hadn’t thought about it. When I did investigations before I met you and we were assigned code names Tom Bradley was one of the more popular I liked while I was assigned in the European theater. Funny how all that comes back isn’t it. How long have we been gone according to earth time. It has been almost ten years earth time hasn’t it? We left in 2003 and now it is 2012.”

“Yes, almost ten years but actually nine and about  five months if we count earth years the same way we did before. It’s actually been nine years not ten. May 2013 will have been ten years exactly. You said we were returning on Halloween 2012. We haven’t aged much have we so how do we explain that?”

“We don’t. That is simply one of the pleasures of having been assigned on this investigation or mission or whatever this is called. We had no idea we were leaving the planet and I don’t believe that the military had any idea either. They still don’t. I just decided to let Gus get back in touch with them and let them know we were coming home at the last minute. I had to clear it with the Supreme High Council and practically threaten to blow up the entire fleet in space if they didn’t let us return to our home planet.”

Sara exclaimed, “You didn’t tell me that John I mean Tom or I mean John. Oh darn it which is it again?”

“Just call me Sweety like you always do Doll. No you can’t do that in this military environment. You need to commit Tom to memory now okay. Just remember we are now working a covert operation on our own planet per their own request and you are once again Sara Bolton and I am once again Tom Bradley.”

“Oh okay. I got it. I just have to remind my own mind who we were when we left this planet on Gus here. But Gus is still Gus right?”

“Right, Gus will always be Gus no matter whether we are in space or on our own home planet.”

“Gus go ahead and take us down with all our lights blazing in a rainbow of colors. Let’s make a  grand entrance for all the newbies who haven’t seen you.”

“Yes Commander.”

Gus was the spacecraft that had taken Tara and John up into space to meet the entire fleet of their other military fleet command.

The silver grey spacecraft not of earth was once again returning to earth and was coming down with three white lights showing underneath and had a rainbow of colors shooting out along the outside rim towards earth in all directions.

This was going to be an interesting time since most everyone on earth still did not believe that UFOS and Alien ET Spacecraft exist. It was still a time on earth for the gradual awakening awareness program which in the past had been a Top Secret Mission for those in the military and only certain top level directors knew of the past real UFO crashes in the United States.

It was now October 31, 2012 and Agent John Harris had picked this day to return due to it was Tara’s favorite day on earth. Really he and Tara both liked the Halloween celebrations and it was an easy day to remember for both of them. 

Now, after ten years in space Tara also known as Sara was glad to be back on earth. She had learned a lot about her past life in space and welcomed the time she had spent there but was anxious to see how the world would accept that “Alien Civilizations Exist!” She had made arrangements via the Internet online with those in the Pentagon and in her United States Navy and Central Intelligence Agency to come back and present them with some of the findings that she had been shown in space. It was easy to get in touch with them from space since they simply tied into the satellites and used the Internet connections the same as anyone does on earth.

She had kept up her life in emails with one of her sisters, Wendy Gayle and found out that she had missed her own mothers funeral in May of 2011.  That saddened her deeply but she wasn’t allowed to come home to earth simply for a funeral. At the time in 2011 they were still not allowed to come back to earth period. That was something she didn’t think she would ever be allowed to do again. She was not sure what type of arrangements her partner had made but in her mind she had accepted him as her husband in common law in space since the day she had left with him on Gus. That was almost ten years ago now. They left earth on Tom’s birthday May 16, 2003 and it was now October 31, 2012. May 16, 2013 would be ten years. So Tara and John had been away from their own home planet of earth about nine years and five almost six months.

The difference was it was hard to fathom since it was only 1 day in space equals one minute on earth. So time had gone by slower actually on earth than in space or so it seemed. Actually time went by slower in space. One minute on earth equals one day in space. So they had served much more time in space.

It was confusing to say the least. They had not aged much in their time on earth. It was not really a problem for them health wise so they would simply have to cover the time change in their briefings of which Tara was sure there would be many.

John who Tara would call Tom and Tara would now go by Sara for the duration of time they were at the White Sands Base before returning to Washington together. They would have a lot of explaining to do and they now had no idea who the President of the United States was and they would have to catch up on their on time frame of earth. There was going to be some questions because the time that Tara was allowed to communicate with her one chosen sister she was only allowed to tell her she was out of country working for the government and to tell her family not to worry.

That was all she was allowed to say. Then occasionally a get in touch message just to let Wendy know that she was okay and would be away a while longer. It soon turned into service for over nine years so there was a lot of catching up to do. Plus Tara had to learn how to know what was what and who was who as would John who would now be Tom Bradley once again on earth and in military uniform. Tara wondered if they would now get a higher level as agents or if they would have to be reinstated into their old rank as Enlisted in the military. She left a E5 and Tom was an E6 on paper which didn’t make any sense either since they were already both serving as Colonels in some of the secret operations in the military for the CIA.

They both had worn other uniforms and been in various ranks with different names. The whole world had changed and now the two of them would return but not sure if they were even still in the military or the CIA.

They would just have to wait and see what would happen after touch down and then Gus would be taken on a flat bed back into the mountain where he would once again be kept underground.

More later. This is the first story to follow up the “TAKEN UP” introductory book in the Alien UFO Story by TJ author Theresa J Thurmond Morris and the Roswell UFO Encounters book by Theresa J Morris. TJ has authored books under her names in various ways for a purpose that she will explain later. For now stay tuned to the future chapters on UFO

Love and Light TJ





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