Alien ET UFO Community Story – Taken Up Journal Entry

Sara was now in her cabin with Tom and Commander Clark. Sara was now in a place that she felt secure in a way and in another way felt far away from her home planet on earth.

Sara was a strong woman and one who wanted to know more about her past and her dreams. Her dreams sometimes seemed more real than life in the awakened state on earth. There were other places she visited and she had other lives with other responsibilities. Now, she wanted some explanations on why she was on board this ship and yet she had felt compelled by some higher power to go with Tom, the man she thought her government had wanted her to shadow and to bring back into the fold of the CIA. Sara now had a feeling that she was on an entirely new mission that was one of the higher beings.

Now, she was on board an alien ship and she was going to journal all her thoughts for what she believed would be her journals in case something happened to her maybe others would care in the future. There was something about her that she was not able to figure out. She knew that somehow she was one of the entitled and one who cared about everyone and everything in the world where she was born.

However, she had feelings for these people who were in space that she had memories of but they seemed so far away and the memories seemed have been formed in past lives. Sara as now going to say good night to Tom her partner who had brought her to this place in space that was now called the command ship. And as she did, she had asked the Commander of the command ship for paper and pen so she could journal.

“Commander, before you leave, can you please tell me if you have paper and pen on board? I would like to journal my thoughts.”

“Yes, you are able to access anything you like Sara although you can speak your thoughts into the computer if you wish and do not have to write your thoughts down. This computer screen here will enable you to obtain anything you ask for while you are here. The only limitations that we have are based on descriptions that are not programmed in or obtainable through this small console. Simply approach it and speak into it.

This is programmed by location along with everything in your room. The same goes for Tom’s room. Each room is programmed for your personal DNA and wants and desires already.”
Sara looked at Tom in disbelief, and then said,
“Well then may I try it? Tom what do you think?”
Tom spoke up.
“Well Tara you know what they say, when in Rome.”
Sara looked at Commander Clark and then back at Tom and spoke into the console on a wall of her cabin.
“Computer, may I please have a journal to write in as a form of a notebook with an ink pen please?”
Then there on a counter below the computer console on the cabin wall appeared below a journal in a notebook form with an ink pen. The same as she used on earth.

“How does it know what I want Commander Clark?”

“Sara before you and Tom arrived, we knew you were coming therefore we had our aids program the computers in your room with your own DNA and all the records that we have from this lifetime of you on earth. Therefore, anything you have ever had materialize in your life in thought forms is now attainable while you are here. Any other deeper definition we will have to discuss at a later time when you have had time to acclimate to our way of being in space.”
Sara looked at Tom and said,

“Good enough then. I definitely had more questions but since we just arrived, I am in overwhelm and don’t want to lose track of my own life and thoughts before coming here. So, I appreciate the tour of the ship thus far and appreciate all your hospitality. I realize I am a guest here and will do what I can to fit in to the ways of your command here Commander Clark.”

“Fine Sara, now if you will excuse us until a break of about ten hours we shall show Tom his cabin and expect to see you again in about ten hours for your morning briefing. We shall have your aides pick you up in our command carrier. Mind you we do have the single flow carts for those who you may have seen dashing around on the main control deck. We shall issue each of you one of those later as needed. For now, we shall have you escorted with your own personal aids.”

“That sounds great. Well Goodnight Tom. I know you will be just across the way from me and oh by the way how do we communicate if there are no phones in the room?”
Tom looked to the Commander,
“Yes Commander how do we communicate?”
“You don’t even have to go over to the computer. The entire room is able to respond as a computer to your every command. Therefore all you have to relate is speak to the computer and explain who you would like to communicate with and a channel is opened. Let yourself be calm in knowing you are always equipped at all times to contact us at all times from where ever you are by simply acknowledging the computer. The ship’s main computer recognizes your voice and DNA at all times. You will soon get use to the ways of our command here.”
“Well goodnight Sara. I shall see you in about ten hours then. Simply call if you need me before our next briefing. Try to get some rest.”
“Thank you Tom, I will and I shall want to wind down right after I begin my journal. I shall climb into bed and get some sleep. It has been a long day.”
Then Tom and Commander Clark left Sara and her cabin door slid closed from inside the bulkhead. There appeared to be two that closed into an unseen seam in the middle of the opening. There was a lining around each door to show where the door location was supposed to be.
Sara looked around her cabin and opened a tall thin closet where she saw uniforms and pajamas all hanging up for her. She put on a set of pajamas and climbed in bed to journal her own thoughts.
The Journal of Sara Thomas from Space.
Alien Hybrid Perspective in the Alien ET UFO Community
I am in space and I want to share my thoughts with others who may not have a chance to visit the command ship where I am now presently located. Therefore I want to begin a story from the beginning.
I am writing this although I am told I can simply speak into a computer and all my thoughts are recorded.
However, I want to have my own personal recording in my own handwriting so there is no room for misunderstanding from this day forward. I don’t know what will happened to this diary or journal but I want to share my life because someday it may have meaning to all those who are like me as humanoids on earth.

One who has not heard of our little community online inside the matrix of cyberspace may wonder what in the world we are. What we are about and who we are. Therefore, I shall take a stab at explaining in my own point of view and perception being that I am considered an alien hybrid based on my own experience in life.

People ask me from time to time why me? What did the aliens pick me to converse with or to monitor from time to time? I was told it was because I was chosen before I was born. That isn’t much of a reason but that was all I have been told thus far. When I asked about God I was simply told God has always been. That wasn’t much of an explanation either.

What I have been doing with what information that comes to me based on my life’s history is sharing that which I believe to be my truth. This as anything is based on the senses and that which I experience in this life. However, one thing that being different as a humanoid sentient intelligent being as a part of the species on earth is that I take into account all my senses and my memories of past lives.

The veil is thin for me in between all my past lives and I did not plan life this way as far as I know. My life was like everyone else’s. (To be Continued… from space. Tara aka Sara)

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