Alien ET UFO Disclosure and Brain Training is Big Business in Kentucky!

Alien, ET, UFO, Disclosure and “Brain Training” are five of the key words in almost all my articles. Add the fact tht I support art, culture, education, science, technlogy, and folklore has truth in it well, we just might as well add that I share physics with most anyone who will listen. Add in the new words I have shared such as multverse, metaverse, xenoverse, polyverse in this omniverse and we probably have a great connection for a great exposition and at the very least a seminar. People ask me all the time when will I begin have seminars. I cannot answer that. I am too busy assisting others who want their books edited and published with my Timely Manor imprint.  TJ MORRIS”

For those of you that know I am at the portal for the undergound at Mammoth Cave and only 100 miles south and west of Louisville, you know I can get to the Big City in about 2 hours.

However, it takes a lot to tear me away from what I want to do with my time left on earth.

Louisville is a great exposition and event capital of the North American continent. My family has attended many events in Louisville. I strongly support any tourism events that come to Kentucky. We appreciate those who are now bringing a new event to Kentucky and I am going to share some news about it simply because I believe my publisher Dirk Vander Ploeg will allow it. I am not endorsing this event as I am not a paid endorser or advertiser or sponsor. I don’t have paid advertising on my websites for the reason that I have to turn down all types of people in my import/export end of products and services because they want me to endorse products I don’t use. However, this event I can see there will be some people who will be interested in knowing about it and may not attend due to the cost but, they may enjoy all the after market products that it should generate. 

The names Steve Bassett and Richard Dolan caught my eye and I consider them Facebook friends and I am not endorsing them just slanting the article I write towards them since they will be speakers at an event that favors the topics I enjoy, write about, and consider my favorite hobbies and book genres.

Since there are two people that have decided to put some of these favorite topics of mine together as if they built this event in Kentucky just for me, I thought the least I could do was to tell others about it on UFO Digest. I hope my colleagues will spread the word in case they know people with deep pockets that may want to attend. If I was back in the old world in the last century, I could afford to go myself, but I now live on a meager retirement budget that alas I do not allow such high end ticket items any longer. My Uncle Sam would come knocking on my door wanting to know where the income is I raised personally to pay for these high end tickets even though I could drive home and sleep in my own bed at night.

Although I would love to meet Steve and Richard in person, I will just have to settle for the psychic impressions I get from their Facebook friendships. In the meantime, look forward to reading my free articles on UFO Digest and encourage Steve and Richard to share a freebie once in awhile for us common Ace Folklife folks. 



**FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE** For all press or media requests, please contact: Amethel Parrell, Media Relations Call: 502-272-0130 / Fax: 505-213-0647 Email: [email protected] PDF download:



Sandra Sabatini and Richard Smith have teamed up to create Pythagoras Conference Global, a brand new and highly unique global annual event to be held this year – December 16, 17 and 18 – at The Galt House, the prestigious five-star venue located in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. Pythagoras Conference Global, which represents a global think tank, will be presenting over twenty of the world’s top speakers and experts in New Physics, Renewable Energy, Exopolitics, New Science, Archeology, Social Science & Bio Economics, Consciousness Studies, Astropaleology and Metaphysics — just to start — coming together with a common goal of creating real change for the future of Humanity. Pythagoras Conference Global will have Featured Guest Speakers and VIP Workshop Presenters including Dr. David Lewis Anderson, Dr. Brooks Agnew, Dr. Edward Close, Dr. Vernon Neppe, Dr. Stephan Schwartz, Dr. Alfred Webre, Laura Eisenhower (great-granddaughter of President Dwight D. Eisenhower), Stephen Bassett, Antoine Gigal, Dan Winter, Richard Dolan, George Haas (tentative), Sonia Barrett, Gary Voss, Richard Smith, Kim Carlsberg, James Moroney, Fritz Zimmerman, Steven Bass, Gary Evans and Miriam Delicado. Additional speakers will be announced soon at the official web site Find us on Facebook and Twitter.


This Conference’s concept is truly unique as there is no other event that has tried to bring such a diverse group of people together in this way. Pythagoras himself is often revered as a great mathematician, mystic and scientist and is best known for the Pythagorean Theorem. But he was also a great seeker of knowledge. This is the “under current” of this new Global Conference – bringing the best speakers in their respectable fields together to share their knowledge with others also seeking answers to their own inner questions. What is the truth? And just how can we create real change with this knowledge that we learn? A new online presence for Pythagoras Conference Global [] will be launched on February 16, 2011. Feel free to visit the new online site address now [] and take advantage of purchasing your tickets early before May 1st with our Buy One Ticket and Get One Free offer. Find us on Facebook and Twitter. We thank you so very much for your interest and support. We look forward to seeing you all at this very special event! IMPORTANT NOTICE Due to unavoidable circumstances we, the Pythagoras Conference Global, have had to recently move the 2011 conference dates to December 16, 17 and 18. The original scheduled dates were November 11, 12 and 13, which had been marketed and promoted as such for quite some time. We, at Pythagoras Conference Global LLC, feel it is important to let you know there is another group using the same type of format for an event scheduled on our original November dates. To clear up any misconceptions – since we have had questions about it – please note that we are not affiliated or associated in any way with this other group. Pythagoras Conference Global 2011 will proceed as planned with its new scheduled dates of December 16, 17 and 18. Thank you for your time, patience and support. We look forward to seeing you all in December.  

The Pythagoras Conference Global Advisory Board (PCGAB) oversees the educational content of the annual Global Conference and is responsible for the integrity of the continuing education offered at the conference.
The board maintains the quality of the conference, adds professionalism and credibility to the sessions, and responds to evaluations made by conference participants. The board represents the diversity and expertise of PCGAB and includes the Board of Trustees Vice-Chair as a voting member.
For further information about the Advisory Board including its Charge, Annual Report and how to get involved, click here, [email protected] [email protected]
The dates are set for Dec. 16-18 and the ticket prices are on the high end as the economy goes.
It looks very professional and I like their square logo. I have been asked if I will be attending and I have not been in the professional public speaking area of my life since 2007 in Kentucky at events due to my husband’s health.
This type of expo is great for inspiration among those who can afford big-ticket items. This appears to be for those who have everything and can afford knowledge at a price.
I personally am not at that level in society any longer nor could I justify the cost at the door for a three-day seminar to my “Kentucky Folk Husband.”
They must know whom their target audience is that they are addressing. Most of the people I have come across in the ET UFO Community are not able to afford $100 to $300 tickets a day much less a $1249.00 Ticket and Package price.
I saw something similar to this in Georgia recently. Some people with some great minds want to cash in on the intelligence field with the new marketing buzz going towards joining the scientific mind with those of us in the Akashic Field Minds and Brain Training Groups. Otherwise called the “Spoon benders” due to the metaphysical twist that remote viewers were given due to a very commercial gentleman who could demand high-ticket prices as a psychic with a twist named Eri Geller. 
However, this might not be the case. I have spoken to Steve on the phone and he is very intent on promoting exopolitics around the world. He also has a group he supports on the web and as a speaker. I approve of him and all that he is creating for the new world.
As far as the concept I like it. I am for the ideas put forth, I am just not a fan of high end ticket gauging for intelligence I can give away free on the Internet.
But, then there are always room for improvement in the impoverished economy packages of those out of work in the world. What we need is more of these expositions that the real folk can attend. This appears too rich for my blood, and too high brow for my readers and fans. But to each his own. That is why we have so many people with different tastes and mindsets. I do hope that these event planners and sponsors can draw upon some high end intellectuals and  scholars. Maybe MENSA will take an interest in promoting this to their members. Who knows maybe Bigelow will be there. He put MUFON on the HIGH end of the map.
Advisory Board Members for 2011
Appointments to be released.
New Physics
Renewable Energy
New Science
Social Science & Bio EconomicsImagine a place where an International Think Tank is spontaneously created with 26 of the world most sought after experts and speakers in New Physics, Renewable Energy, Exopolitics, New Science, Archeaology, Social Science & Bio Economics, Consciousness Studies, Astropaleology, Metaphysics — just to start — setting aside professional differences to come together for just 3-days to give YOU, the public, the truth.
Imagine a place where you are immersed in participating, hearing, seeing the truth about subjects you always had in the back of your mind finally answered. Now imagine creating solutions and taking action upon hearing the truth — how YOU can make a change — joining with us in a unified common mission of creating real change for the “Future of Humanity.”

Welcome to the PYTHAGORAS CONFERENCE GLOBAL where imagination is becoming reality! Join us and people from around the world coming together for “THE GLOBAL EVENT” of the year.

Why Louisville, Kentucky, as a Global International destination? It is one of the fastest growing international metropolitan cities in the nation. It is centrally located in the heart of the Midwest in the United States, on all major transportation arteries. Access is easily available via airplane, bus, car, etc. Making it affordable? In today’s economy – Louisville, Kentucky makes a prime location to host this global annual event.
We are not responsible for schedule changes if a speaker cancels their conference presentation. We have the right to change or modify the speaker line up as necessary. Please note that the conference schedule is subject to change and any updates will be posted on the site.
Consciousness Studies
I wish SANDRA AND RICHARD good luck and health and prosperity on this daring endeavor during this tough economy for social entrepreneurs. I have a motto: Never give up!
Personally I am appreciative of putting these topics together in one expo. It’s brilliant. I like it! Love and Light. TJ
Note: This is not an endorsement of any kind. Just a nice thing to promote as I do a lot of public relations and specially for Kentucky!

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