Alien ET UFO Metaphysics of the Immortals – Mind over Matter – Lesson One – TAKEN UP!

Mortals and immortals; the mask, the mirror, the image, and the imagination of us all as extraterrestrials created from stardust. “You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.”

“Morpheus to Neo:

Am I an Extraterrestrial Immortal that has information to share as an oracle while on earth” You tell me…

This is a lesson for us all to know about sharing a journey and a path together on this planet. We were all given a body-mind-spirit. There are laws that make us who we are and how we must travel in order to by pass chaos. We who are on this planet share in the making of our manmade laws while nature and the laws of physics are shared whether we realize it or not. Now is the time we shall begin our real future extraterrestrial journey.

This one article is to remind all of how to go back and refresh our memories of that which was there in our life paths all along.

The following has been presented to many of my readers before and the reason we shall review the below is because it is important in the future. Therefore, please read this entire article once again and learn to become more of an extraterrestrial being since the date has now past of 11.11.11. Thank you. Love and Light. TJ

We are not going to learn to share in the future of the spiritual sciences of the Ancient Aliens Ancestors mystery Schools. We share our Truthseekers and  Lightworkers to meet in the equal and opposite energy for all connected on this planet and in this universe.

We shall now recognize nature and that the magnetic forces are much more important to our existence as a species than we realized in the past. The future brains of our children will learn more than we ever thought possible. Time and information has speeded up the process of our entire species accelerating.

We shall learn that when we go forward in time and space we must be aligned with all that is of the positive and creative process. If we are not aligned with that, which we are supposed to participate in then we meet resistance as the negative flow of energy and essence that exists in all things we share in this lifetime.

By using our alien ET beliefs, logic, training and counseling in the future, we can all share more of our ET experiences and UFO sightings with others in the future. What we shall learn is to discover freedom to go anywhere and do anything we so desire if we put forth the creative process as a passion that requires devotion to discipline and time in space which all has to agree with the universal flow of energy and essence.

Accept astral travel as part of who we are as one body-mind-spirit.

We are more than the three parts we are taught here on this planet. 

There were major events as experiences in this lifetime and in those in my past life experiences on this planet and in other galaxies that allowed me to become more of who I am to become in the future. In order to share this part of me it is in my best interest to learn to use words to explain that which I agree to share in the future for all of us to create a bridge to the past and the future in the present. 

It is now time to share who we are in our awakened state, our dreams and our memories. 

It is not an easy assignment and mission in this lifetime however we are all in good company for we each mirror another of ourselves in this universe. We are never alone

There are parts of me in time and space that deals with all the laws of this universe that we know of and many that we do not share at present. This is part of what I have learned for myself while here on this planet in this lifetime. If one cares to notice how this world has changed in the last three years, one can go back through the history of all our teachings and lessons and see how the energy has grown in a particular manner of awareness for us all.

I share that which comes to me and allow myself to be an instrument of the flow as should all of us. Being in the flow is as much a part of being here on this planet in this time and space as is the meaning of being one human identity as one sentient intelligent being of the entire humanoid species. Learning to control our  own destiny is a way to seek our own karmic truth. X is that of the unknown xenoverse where all our future knowledge and awareness of ourselves now exist. We can bring it to the forefront of our own existence which will seem like alchemy as we embark on discovery in our own serendipity ways.

I have had readers or fans of the type of paranormal writing that I do ask me to share more about how to pursue their spiritual path that will include more UFO sightings and possibly learning to communicate with their ET counterparts in this dimension and in others. I believe that my curiosity and always asking why or how is what made me a better and more loving and caring spiritual being. It was the interest in nature and who we call Mother Nature that actually interested me in the scientific world of learning. I also believed in that which was not described as science but metaphysics.

I am known now as a psychic intuitive counselor or Et Spiritual Guide. That sounds rather odd to most and titles are not important but tags for those of us on the Internet used to find truth. Finding truth is the path of life that we all share as a journey in this lifetime.

We all share a body-mind-spirit having the birth-life-death experience. This is how our own souls grow and learns how to be more like our creators in the world, in the universe, and omniverse. We all can strive to become immortal souls.

As I said many times before titles and/ or names are not important to me however, to others it signifies to others my willingness to share my awareness and knowledge of a spiritual path that others may follow if of their own choosing. It will begin to seem rather esoteric and metaphysical and maybe even occult to some. This is a part of our lives that in the past we could not describe our put a label on and we now share the path to enlightenment. The path to enlightenment that most people on earth finally begin to choose as their last resort before death comes easy to some while others must work at it.

Why it comes easier to some is through trial and error and the practice from an early age. There is some truth in the fact that practice makes perfect. Just like the greatest minds who challenge their memories, they use patterns, symbols, stories, and set up areas in their minds as pictures to create memories. We all shall learn to memorize that which is good and what we shall take with us to the next life.

There has not been a lot of the ancient mystery schools teachings in the past to the general public because at one time on earth the ancient mystery schools had to be kept secret and went underground in the minds of the general populace on this planet. 

Reason being that the dark ages in the precessions of time required the negative forces to meet the equal and opposites of the positive forces in order for our entire spiritual growth process of our sentient intelligent being humanoid species. 

For those who are not awake and aware of their ancient past history and order of things on this planet it would be hard to grasp the future without understanding the past. 

Much of the lesson of life will be skipped or be left out and this has been a major concern for our higher intelligent being species in all the universe, multiverse, metaverse, xenoverse, and omniverse of the past. 

There are ways we can all learn to share in the future and it is important to share others point of views by reading. We all learn from reading and researching and I strongly suggest that we continue reading, researching, and even sharing the television channels such as the Discover Channel, Documentary, Green Channel, History Channel, Science Channel, and watching what these writers are sharing with us about their findings and ideas of how this world continues to change and share our past that we have created on this planet. 

I am as much about learning our past paths that has been created as learning about the global future that we are creating together for our future and all those who shall come to this planet to follow our spiritual science paths we have created.

We shall be discussing how to share proper training and sharing of all of our psychic awareness in the future and this includes the awareness of the crop circles and their higher intelligence meanings of those who from the heavens came.

This is all a part of our awakening process for our time on earth as one spiritual species.

There is training in the metaphysical world of our brothers and sisters that may be achieved in a variety of ways.

The most important awakening of awareness we can achieve on this plane, in this dimension is learning about time travel and astral travel from the beginning to the end when we finally leave this world in body-mind-spirit.

We are all in the middle of a cycle of change on this planet. We are all part of the human sentient intelligent being species that is about change.

The psychic clairvoyant counselors who are friends of mine are sharing the knowledge that we are all still on the path of learning ourselves and processing our findings in new ways. This includes accepting that we are all aliens in one way of thinking logically on this planet and believing we are all from the same god particle that is found universally in all of us along with our DNA. 

Having an intuitive open mind will serve us all best while we are learning to reason with our own truths that are intermingled in the illusions of this physical reality we call life.

There are many who know of me and my abilities, which I share as a psychic counselor that we all have. In my past, I have worked at psychic fairs and in expos and conventions for over 20 years in the last century. 

I began my spiritual path at the early age of seeing UFOS from my crib and being led down an alien ET UFO path of understanding of two worlds and not just the one we see here in our physical reality.

We are all meant to be more than we are and we can all learn to be more, do more, and have more in our psychic realm we call the Akashic Field or A-field.

Some of us have had natural experiences in a life that allowed us to open up doors in our own minds where we process the information about aliens, ETs, and UFOs. This has assisted us into accepting the beliefs that alien civilizations exist. .

There is an astral life for time travelers that we shall be embarking on and allowing others to learn how to convey this truth and knowledge for the universal mindset of the future.

We shall share the claims of those who are aliens, ET, and travel in UFOS… 

Some of us will be about learning to share that which to some invokes the fear of the unknown.

We do not want to continue  creating negative forces that do not work. 

In the past prior to 11-11-11 there was plenty of  negative forces on this planet. 

For example all the evil doing whether in reality or in fiction movies that we call the horrors of this planet in torture, terrorism, wars, death, killings and all other manners of evil creations. 

Now to those sentient intelligent beings who are awake and aware of the natural order of this planet with seven (7) billion sentient intelligent beings we must prepare for the future.

Some are guides and some are counselors.

Some are senders and some are receivers.

Some of us are all about learning to be both as in the all. 

It is understood that many of us have learned both the schools of the light beings and the dark shadow entities that many of us now refer to as apparitions and ghosts.

Google Maps Got God”

More for your future research for fun:

You tell us, do you see the divine in the snapshot” Well, do you”

It may not be Grilled Cheesus, but it is this side of “Paranormal Activity,” to say the least.

This picture, taken for Google Street View off a road west of Quarten, Switzerland, has been making the rounds today, with commentary from the likes of Buzzfeed and Gawker.

Just having the picture available is a big step from where Switzerland was last year, when Switzerland’s federal data protection commissioner demanded that Google Inc. immediately take down any “Street View” images, which he said violated the country’s strict privacy laws. The Huffington Post reported on this and how blurring pictures is apparently not an uncommon way to preserve anonymity there.

The kid in me who went to Baptist bible summer school (and later the spiritual adult who reconciled this with Buddhism) wants to believe that there is a greater force up there, but why is it above Lake Walensee, and why at that particular moment” How Mothman!

Gawker commenters made some guesses:

“Psh. Just an obvious publicity stunt for Jesus’ reality show.”

“No. It’s clearly Rand Paul and Sarah Palin. They are appearing in a Godless country like Switzerland in an attempt to save their souls.”

“Totally NOT God. A tall figure, robed and hooded in black. That is DEATH. And Mr. Death is obviously escorting a woman in a pink nightgown to the next world. Death must be so embarrassed about being caught on camera.”

What do you think it is”



The term redpill is defined as a human that is aware of the true nature of the Matrix. Redpills are typically humans whose bodies and minds have been freed from the power plant by Zion hovercraft teams, but humans still connected to the Matrix can also be aware of its reality. Usually, Redpills encounter anomalies or glitches in the system, or may free themselves from physical bonds by exceeding human limitations. In either of these cases, other Redpills find them and offer them freedom.

The term gets its name from the color of the virtual pill given by a hovercraft operative (who has rematerialized inside the Matrix as an avatar) to a human still living out a life within the Matrix. The pill is actually a program; a tracing program that disrupts the carrier signal of the pod-human’s mind, making it possible for a hovercraft operator to trace the location of the pod that holds the human, and sending commands that force the pod to go offline and awaken its inhabitant. Humans who suddenly awaken appear to be instantly rejected by docbots, who disconnect the human’s body from the pod’s umbilicals and eject their body to the old sewer system of the ancient human cities, where the hovercraft crew retrieves the freed human.

Neo waking from the pod.”Of all of Zion’s inhabitants, only humans who are born within the Matrix can become operatives that can re-enter the Matrix, as they have the headjack that allows their minds to be retransmitted back into the Matrix’s broadcast network. Apart from those that self-substantiated, all humans who have escaped the Matrix have taken a red pill. It is believed that a redpill’s RSI is different than abluepill’s, enabling Agents to easily track them in sensitive areas.

A is the opposite of a bluepill.[source: ]

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