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Alien Hybrid Time Travelers as Human Consciousness of Alien ET UFO Existence is possible for all of us. Depends on our consciousness. Ascension Age Cosmology 2012 is now easily understandable while watching Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman on the Science Channel.

One my favorite personalities besides Morgan Freeman in TV and science is Michio Kaku. Of course I still love all the Star Trek and Star War actors.George Takei will be raising money for the Japanese-American National Museum during this season of “The Celebrity Apprentice.” The charity holds a very personal meaning for the former “Star Trek” actor. The son of Japanese-American immigrants, Takei and his family were incarcerated in two different Japanese internment camps for two years during World War Two.

Through the Wormhole of our Own Space and Time comes one energy essence I call TJ which is one of my archetype characters in this Game of Life. One lifetime which served me well in past lives in the love of one another. Those of us who have studied energy and essence in the omniverse may begin sharing more words that relate to science and philosophy. We are doing our part in creating a better life environment while we are here experiencing the past, present, and future all at one time.

There are going to be some changes made and the best way we can share our time together being so far a part is in the Akashic Field where we also may find the energy stored that we share through osmosis as synergy and serendipity AHA moments!

For now, the easiest way to share is by using some of the physical technology gadgets such as our television shows we can view on our televisions and now on our smart phones, ipads, tablets, etc…

There are those of us who are born to be here in this time and dispensation in a place we call space.

The fact that we all begin somewhere is evident. That is if one is here now reading this white paper.

Such a simple analogy that it reminds me of a saying that if a tree falls in the forest does it makes a sound if there is no one there to hear it fall?

The fact that I am writing this for others who are like me in existence as equal humanoid sentient intelligent beings addresses the fact that we are all one species. We are all prophets of 2012. We are those who have been before we were born on earth. We are a part of what we desire to share in this working world as human consciousness.

That which we share when I write articles is what I regard as the Alien ET UFO Community existence of the Ascension Age Cosmology of 2012. I am so happy to report that I enjoy Morgan Freeman on the Science Discovery Channel.

The fact that I am here now in the present and am writing this for others of my kind allows me to share some of my past with others who have the human consciousness and fore thought to share the space and time with me on this alien planet we call earth.

I have many stories to share and there are many on this planet that are like me and are from the galaxy we call Andromeda Galaxy. This is a hard conception and perceptions to grasp for those who desire to live in the normal human consciousness reality we call that of the “Normal Way of Thinking” on earth. The fact that I share my thoughts in a website we call and Planet allows others to find me in the paranormal working world in the open space of the internet. That is if they have access to the internet via technology that our humankind is now aware of. At one time in most of our lives there was no Internet or so we think now.

Was there always an Internet there and we just were not aware of it? That is a similar thought to if a tree falls in the forest does it make a sound if there is no one there to hear it fall?

This analogy is what I desire to share a passion for today in my weekly articles I write for others to find. There is a part of me that is prophetic in nature and is a passion that many of us may know as what we call the ebb and flow of life as the rhythm.

I have energy that is my essence the same as all other humanoids on earth. The fact that I feel we are all alien to this planet and that we are all time travelers at one time may have seemed ridiculous to others.

Now, that we have arrived into the year of 2012 there are television shows on many channels such as the Science Channel and the History Channel. Watch through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman on the Science Channel with me.

Alien Encounters

“Part I: The Message.” Premieres Tuesday, March 13 at 10PM E/P

“Part II: The Arrival.” Premieres Tuesday, March 20 at 10PM E/P

In two dramatic hours, Alien Encounters lays out a plausible hypothetical scenario for a first contact event. What would really happen if we got a message from space? How will humans react when we learn a spacecraft is on its way to Earth? Will humans learn from aliens, or become colonial subjects?

Some of the world’s leading astrophysicists, astrobiologists, sci-fi writers and and futurists help unravel the scientific, cultural and psychological impact of this world-changing global event.

Alien Encounters is made in cooperation with SETI Institute (the highly respected organization devoted to the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), which was founded in the early 1960s by renowned astrophysicist Carl Sagan.

Alien Encounters highlights interviews with a host of experts including Carl Sagan’s son, Nick, who is now following in his father’s footsteps wondering, “How will we meet our galactic neighbors?” Also featured are Jill Tarter, Director of SETI Institute; Frank Drake, renowned astronomer; Seth Shostak, senior astronomer for SETI Institute; Neil Degrasse Tyson, Director of the Hayden Planetarium; and many more of the world’s leading science minds.

Human Consciousness

Consciousness is variously defined as subjective experience, awareness, the ability to experience “feeling”, wakefulness, or the executive control system of the mind. It is an umbrella term that may refer to a variety of mental phenomena. Although humans realize what every day experiences are, consciousness refuses to be defined, philosophers note (e.g. John Searle in The Oxford Companion to Philosophy): “Anything that we are aware of at a given moment forms part of our consciousness, making conscious experience at once the most familiar and most mysterious aspect of our lives.” – Schneider and Velmans, 2007

Consciousness in medicine (e.g., anesthesiology) is assessed by observing a patient’s alertness and responsiveness, and can be seen as a continuum of states ranging from alert, oriented to time and place, and communicative, through disorientation, then delirium, then loss of any meaningful communication, and ending with loss of movement in response to painful stimulation.

Consciousness in psychology and philosophy typically means something beyond what it means for anesthesiology, and may be said in many contexts to imply four characteristics: subjectivity, change, continuity, and selectivity. Philosopher Franz Brentano has suggested intentionality or aboutness (that consciousness is about something). However, within the philosophy of mind there is no consensus on whether intentionality is a requirement for consciousness.

Consciousness is the subject of much research in philosophy of mind, psychology, neuroscience, cognitive science, cognitive neuroscience and artificial intelligence. Issues of practical concern include how the presence of consciousness can be assessed in severely ill or comatose people; whether non-human consciousness exists and if so how it can be measured; at what point in fetal development consciousness begins; and whether computers can achieve a conscious state.


The Burning Questions-

For centuries, mankind has looked to the skies and wondered, “are we alone in the universe?” In Science has partnered with TED and SETI Institute (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) to enlist like-minded individuals everywhere to tackle this defining question with four hours of ground-breaking original programming featuring the world’s leading scientists and experts. The month-long series Are We Alone? premieres Tuesday, March 6 at 10PM E/P.

Through the Wormhole seeks to use the latest science to answer the mysteries that have plagued mankind for eternity. Get a glimpse of the questions discussed in the show!

Life After Death

Edge of the Universe

Does Time Exist?

Are There More Than 3 Dimensions?

Is There a Sixth Sense?

How Does the Universe Work?

Faster Than Light

Can We Live Forever?

What Do Aliens Look Like?

Please Join ME and the ALIEN ET UFO COMMMUNITY with our support of these TV Shows. TJ

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