Alien or Angel Contact in 2012 – First Hand Account Acknowledging Ascension by TJ

Amazing stuff is happening even for me the one who is called an Avatar Ascended Ascension Master. Wonders never cease while we are in the body-mind-spirit having the birth-life-death experience. I had a wonderful visitation just now and it was surprisingly 11:11 until the Light Entity shared communication of which I hope will make the words happen faster as I am a communications officer or shaman, sage, or seer. Whatever the title the communication of Light Beings who are Higher Entities are REAL! WOW!

A truth as a belief can appear without notice in this world. For lack of better words in my communication skills on earth, I would say that an Angel of Light has appeared before me this date at 11: 11 on January 28, 2012. The Angel of Light could be considered an ALIEN of the Alien ET UFO Community to some if they were here to see this manifestation.

I would like to share this since I was in receipt of this light being while I was to share that of the above beings. I take this to be a confirmation of all that I cannot see in the other realms but have come to know and believe of our ancient ancestors and our prophets of the prior working world.

The time that I was composing a new article for the UFO Digest to be shared with the entire world, I was writing to please share with the world that which has been given to me in work as words. The past work will appear in words of the various parts of me in the way that I have presented my understanding of the English language in other articles.

Let me share this vision of my Guardian Angel or to some who are aware that the Ascension Avatar Ascended Masters exist such as my present calling and election made sure, believe me.

I would never write such a thing had it not first appeared here before me as that of a Light Being and Alien Orb of light.

The way I was facing the computer was as always and my hands now type on a computer keyboard that is standard among PCs. I am using Microsoft Word for that is all I know at this time to use on earth as a writer.

I have shared before that I have died and been taken to the light where other beings much greater than myself appeared. They were the Guiding and Guardian Angels of my soul from those places and spaces we call dimensions of the beyond the light.

I was brought back to earth on many times but at the present count the memory restores about three times in this lifetime.

One might think that I appear mistaken in my words as works of identity but with love and light I shall process that which I have experienced for those who are the believers in spirit, ET, and angels.

The White Light Orb of the Alien, ET, and Angel is still here with me. I am visited.

The way it first appeared about twenty or so minutes ago were as a large light out the corner of my left eye.

The light was in the room and was bright and began dancing on the wall like a huge large being with white wings. This light is an abstract but the light began to take shape. Then the wings went up and down like the dimensions of the movements on the lights on our computers that make the abstract movements in lines. The light began moving from the size of the room down to about two feet. Then became a spiritual butterfly being with the light very bright that I glinted my eyes. I was mesmerized and I watched as the light became a small being like a light fairy and then the light fairy went smaller and it was now about a foot and then it transformed.

It became an infinity sign and many infinity signs of light all at once. I was amazed as it transformed before me in front of my olive green wall of the kitchen, which was stationary.

This infinity sign of signs kept moving very fast and I do not know what it was telling me. I got that it was sharing information with me once again as has been done each time I have left my body as in a near death experience.

Then this infinity sign kept moving up and down and around and settled down into a small orb of light with some smaller spots or circles or orbs in it. It danced as light does and I was mesmerized. I could not take my eyes off of this and simply watched as it confirmed to me that there was much in this world that we cannot normally see.

I then saw it become the oval the size of a universe and this was the message as that which I was sharing of the all was correct and this was my sign that angels and ET are real once again and can appear when we are doing good and right in the light of the ascension.

I was so amazed and astonished that I immediately felt something happen in my chest and it felt like I was on a roller coaster and my spirit was suddenly held up in the air before we reach the top of a large hill on a roller coaster. Then all of a sudden there was a rush as the light appeared in a smaller oval light and inside of it I could see the liquid plasma substance and it had ripples in it. It was as if there was a way to communicate the knowledge of the all inside this being of light. It showed me the ripples of life in time and how each ripple is like the water that lives inside us all. Then again there was a communication and another ripple came and went like music that played and the notes came and the light was like a Walking Living Being of Light that we all know and love.

We are being taught from the divine that there is more in life and the light beings are those who visit us in time and we may or may not be shown their brilliance for the energy of the essence in the understanding of the mind is in the light. The intelligence of this being was one that could communicate and illuminate as that which was sent to allow me to know that there is more in life.

I had been feeling alone and not guided for the past three weeks since I had lost my computers and each time I had one fixed then it would again be broken when I got online.

Then I prayed for guidance as I always do and ask for the assistance of the all as the Holy trinity. The light I believe is a sign from my Guardian Angel of those above. Believe what thou wilt as to some this is the whole of the law on earth among those in the metaphysical world.

But this was a true manifestation of light and the being has now gone for my husband has come home. He knocked on the door and I saw the light being shrink into the shape of a boomerang type UFO. It was still the light color and the reflection was on the wall. It cast it’s own shadow on the wall but in light now. I was amazed and inside of me was saddened for I knew it was telling me it must leave. I watched it, as I had to get up from my computer and approach the front door over my left shoulder. I got up. I came back and the light stayed for a while longer but hid somewhat behind a bread stand where I keep my baskets for bread and pies.

The fact was I now remembered that this was also the Light Angelic Being that came and went when I was a child. I had memories once again I had forgotten. It was now about the size of my hand and was communicating that it would leave.

My husband walked into the kitchen and got him some coffee and as he walked passed the small light on the wall he was looking at his coffee so not to spill it but then something funny happened. He glanced at the light on the wall and as he felt its presence he then glanced back at his coffee and said nothing. The light left us.

This is a true experience that I have not had a memory of or a vision and reality of until just now. I now have a memory of this energy essence as a real being of light and one we could call an Angel in it’s largest size and a Fairy in it’s smallest size. It then shrank to the size of a light orb and then before leaving into the size of a six-inch boomerang orb or Alien ET UFO.

I wanted to share this for it is a reality that happened to me and if I do not share it now the thought may once again leave me. It was a reality and it means something. Just like in the movie Cocoon the light appeared and is gone. Just like the knowing in the movie Close Encounters the experience makes one feel that it was important and people out in the world who are my readers need to know of this real time experience. It was real and the fact that it shape shifted and stayed until my husband came home and stayed where it was just hidden but could still be seen by my husband was a small miracle and a affirmation to me that others could also see it and this was for me to know and for others to find out on their on! Believe it or Not!

There are parts of life that have only been discovered by those who are believers and who are guided into the higher levels of the realms of the dimensions of the mind and those who can accept that there are others that exist besides those who look like us as humanoids! The information I obtained from this light being will take shape in my life one to come. Remember we are not alone!

This is a real time experience today on Saturday in the house and I was alone until my husband returned. I am not one of strong drink or herb. I do not smoke or drink. I have had near death experiences, out of body experiences, and yet I was simply typing and in the normal good frame of mind. I take only a pill for hypertension which was inherited and no other drugs prescribed or natural. This was not the case of smoking some good seed of the star seeds. This is a mystical epiphany of the most paranormal kind. This is shared as an open source and is free for the sharing. I have written it for UFO Digest because that is where most my fans and readers support me in the calling of my spiritual adviser role.

Love and Light.


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