Alien Psychic Cultures Influencing Reality as ACIR by TJ Morris tm ACIR sm

Alien Cultures Influencing Realty as ACIR, TJ Morris tm ACIR sm is now a part of our past, present, and future reality on planet earth. TJ Thurmond Morris

Being a natural humanoid as a sentient intelligent being one may desire to know more about our explorations in space, where we come from other than here prior to our birth, and where we may materialize in the future.

I too am one who desires to be an adventurer and explorer while here on this planet. There are many of us who come and go and some of us have experienced aliens that some regard as the ET greys of approximately 4 ft and weigh no more than 25 or so pounds. They are fragile creatures and are extremely intelligent. 

There has been a wonderful thing that has happened to me during my grieving process for my biological human mother of earth at her crossing over.  This is something that many will not believe and yet it is now a part of my life. My Mother did not believe in extraterrestrials or other dimensions or even the Bible as fact and reality. She was very much a skeptic and a woman who was a realist as a writer and she studied people and assisted them as a caregiver. Not just those in her family but would take in AIDS patients in Houston, Texas. She once had written a book of her findings and experiences and I am someday to get a copy of her book to publish. Mother took her last breath on earth on 4 May 2011 at 1240. I loved my mother and shall miss her. She came in spirit to see me on the day after she passed while I was on VIDEO cam with my grandson named Dustin Skipper. We were talking when a being came up and touched my right shoulder and I recognized the clothes as not those my husband was wearing. He was at home with me and was in the kitchen cooking bacon for a sandwich. I thought he entered the living room and wanted to talk to Dustin so I said, “Oh here Dustin Papaw is back and wants to talk to you. Just a minute and I could see an image on the small picture on the screen with the apparition in the room and moved their hand off my shoulder as I got up.


When I got up and turned around there was no Papaw nor was there anyone else when I stood up and looked over my right shoulder. I stood up to let them have the chair and I realized the colors of the clothes and she disappeared and faded. I was not planning on seeing her, I had not planned on talking about her and I was totally surprised.


This is an example of our psychic abilities and also the other dimension that is right here on earth. I totally believe in other dimensions. I asked my grandson, “Dustin did you see that? Did you see who that was on the screen here?” He said, “Yes Mam it was MEEMAW, your mother!” Then his mother came over and she was wearing deep purple. I said, “GiGi did you see that Dustin and I saw Meemaw?” She said, “Yes I sure did, it was Meemaw coming from the other dimension right here and because we were all talking the psychic energy was high!”

My daughter and I have not talked in five years. This was a momentous occasion because she and I had only talked the day before! We love each other but she travels a lot and has now settled into Gulf Breeze, Florida for a while with her husband, and two sons who are staying with my daughter Stephanie. She has a motor home and they travel the country. We are now getting ready to publish her book which she will assist us with on earth.

Now although I have worked with small Greys as ET and Nordics Tall as ET, I have not ever seen a ghost in living color with clothes on in bright red and yellow colors which My Mother always wore!

I thought I was too old to be shocked in this lifetime! I was surprised and in awe to say the least! It was a small miracle to me and to have her caught on camera with my grandson seeing her too! I was absolutely amazed.

This time on earth we can all expect miracles while the veil from one dimension into the others are the thinnest. Be awake and aware and desire health and prosperity for all. This is truly a remarkable time to be alive and to begin to understand the brain, and how the body-mind-spirit works.

My family due to aliens and UFO sightings as been dysfunctional I am guessing is the best word to describe out families supernatural and paranormal experiences together that include UFO sightings and a loss of time from time to time over the years.

I have so much to tell and I am hoping that my daughter GIGI will begin sharing her stories which to many are going to be unbelievable. The reason they are important is because our family has been born in a psychic time when that which use to be unknown or not talked about is now going to be known and we are going to be a part of the awakening process.

I have no doubt in my mind that over the next few years, people will begin seeing more healing technology and future happenings with their own mind’s eye and experiences that once seemed impossible.

I share that I have been amazed in this lifetime as to what we can see and experience about what is considered normal and what I have experienced paranormal.

If I begin sharing more of my reality it will not be believed by many so as to whether people believe I am writing fiction or fact will simply be up to the reader.

In the meantime, know that when we are at a high emotional state that we can have unbelievable paranormal experiences that even the most primed and practiced humanoids on earth who have learned to accept life and out of body experiences, and near death experiences can still have spontaneous magical experiences that are simply unbelievable to those who are not trained in the metaphysical supernatural and paranormal worlds we own.

We must share more of our vertical reality as opposed to our horizontal empire reality  with others. It is important. This spiritual essence we all have can be mirrored and placed in other dimensions.

The Greys can do it and I have seen it happen on the ship when a room that is like a 30 X 30 Holodeck on Star Trek is in the Spacecraft that we call artificial intelligence but it is like it is alive and thinks for its self. 

I am going to do my best to begin telling the stories that are so unbelievable that one will have to think where does this information come from or where is this type of energy that is experienced on earth.

Please stay tuned as we learn more of what can happen on WiFi and on computers using satellite transmissions along with the energy we recreate with our own psychic abilities attached on the Internet.

There is a lot that I know exists in other dimensions because we can be mirrored like the 4 cameras in the for corners of a room can create a hologram in a certain way when we use a computer. Tom has done this, I have only seen it.


Personally, I take for granted much of the technology that many in the government will consider still classified. In my living here I have used things that others have not. This part of me and my daughter GIGI as ORBS that turn colors when we are out of body are a type of energy that we should tell others about when separated from the body-mind-spirit. One actually becomes energy that can be transferred to their mirrored self in another dimension.

One can see it lately in the quantum entanglement and I am willing to learn the proper way to explain that which I have experienced than in the past have not had words to describe that which if I was a Star Trek Writer could probably have assistance with writing the script for what I actually experience in the future and on the ET Spacecraft. 

I hope that my daughter GIGI will learn how to communicate with others on earth as a writer so she can assist me with our reason for being here. It is a mission that we can only grasp for words that seem spiritual in nature. There is no magickal work and words yet on earth to describe what we know about like wheels inside wheels and silver skin that has memory in it and things that look like UFOS that can create any object out of thin air. There is a control over matter and anit-matter that makes energy that these ET beings have harnased and are concerned we shall misuse that which is nuclear in nature on planet earth.

So much to share and so much to explain to those who desire to know about us in the future. Now that my mother has crossed over, I feel that out of honor to her I have been holding back the information. Not sure why except she was not a believer and I wanted to honor her request. She hated me to write about what I knew to be my experiences and my truth.

I loved Mother but now maybe I can share more of what is real in other dimensions that is other realities that have ET and Time Travelers included in other dimensions and appearing here in this one.

If one looks at how to cloak the plasma energy around an object then one can learn how we cannot see much of our own reality. There is the universe inside the multiverse, inside the metaverse, inside the xenoverse, inside the omniverse and so on and so forth.

Part of my mission on earth is to shed some light on that which is in the shadows or darks of our own minds and reality. One could probably enjoy my truth if I write in as science fiction as Gene Roddenbury did. I have lots to share in the future so stay tuned.

Love and Light.










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