Alien Telepathy

Alien telepathy is the best way I can describe what I know to be the truth. We all have an ability to know some things before they will happen. We all have an inner knowing, what some people term as intuition. I am one who believes in alien telepathy for several reasons and these are only a few and the tip of the ice berg. I will share more later in the book I plan on finishing in this lifetime. Still not sure what the book will be entitled. But, I will thank all of you who have been a part of my life as a reader and supporter in my growth process and enlightenment on earth. I am a growing alien entity in physical form.

I speak from personal experience. I trust that anyone who is reading this article is a big fan of UFO Digest and Dirk Vander Ploeg, the writer-publisher. It was my alien intuition or alien telepathy that had me contact Dirk in the first place about this story and one prior.

From what I can discern, Dirk is well liked among our celestial galaxy friends. I personally have a website called but I haven’t had any known aliens contact me via website thus far that I know of anyway. I have had a few people in the paranormal community email me on several of my websites including and Roswell I am learning to appreciate what the paranormal community and alien UFO community has offered me, a place to fit in and to be accepted as normal. Dirk’s wife has also been helpful and that is why I have been able to come out so to speak. At least that is how it is termed in the gay community when one finally decides to accept one’s calling and destiny and go public with the findings.

2007, will be the year that I will have “COME OUT” having been discovered by Dirk Vander Ploeg and UFO Digest. Now, I can actually claim that there is actually some alien telepathy happening. This may be my own ego talking but it sure seems like there is more to this life and my story than I personally am planning and choosing. Just how and when all of who I am and what I know is published is a mystery to me.

I thought life was about personal choices. I call aliens or the beings not from earth, Ancient Ascension Beings. Some of you may remember my first story called Alien Civilizations Exist that was first published in UFO Digest by Dirk Vander Ploeg. The article was then published by other websites around the globe. I was sent links from other countries and have since been contacted by people in many different languages from around the globe supporting me in my writing efforts. I owe all of this to Dirk Vander Ploeg and the UFO Digest. Who would think that a ezine called UFO Digest would get over a million hits in one year’s time.

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