Alien UFO Religion Article Exploitations Exposed Good for the Economy!

Alien and UFO Religions? Who talks like this to get the point across? I for some reason was drawn to this article about what is termed by some as the Alien UFO Religion. Ascension Center.Org does not endorse self serving fear mongers. The problem lies with the triumph of people is to do nothing by Edmond Burke – pretty suggestive but not realistic.

I am more ambitious about our species being faith bases as that which is a driving force for our politicians to believe in what we believe in. However, if they know that the majority believe in a faith based way of thinking it will be faith that will drive our future political arenas.

What western and eastern philosophies and religions are we sporting and supporting?

We should begin to  recognize that if we do not have some form of protection that is organized inside chaos then we shall have chaos in the streets and no one will be safe.

We need to decide how much military and law enforcement is required in the new era of the future that will deal with the Global Community and the Global Outreach in the Empirical Horizontal work and world. We need our organizations and we need our independence.

We are going to learn to trust our feelings and our intuition.

We went through the “BOO-BOO” Stage in the Mystical Magical Ghost Busting. 

Forgive the past and protect the future has become a serious physical mental and emotional focus on this planet.  We are seeking proof positive about aliens and UFOS.

I normally do not find articles of the alien UFO kind that are not a positive perspective.

However, the future will deal with astounding changes of which we of the spiritual realm as Avatars will be sharing with more care in selecting more natural details of this planet’s needs with regard to humanoids being responsible

We are all essence which is housed in our body-mind-spirit. We never know who will leave this planet and dimension or when.

I had no idea my own Mother was checking out, crossing over, or what some call dying on earth. We need to recognize that life really is about the small joys we see in each other everyday as mini miracles of life.

There is something going on in the world due to politics that is dealing with the assassination of Osama Bin Laden. Sometimes people can survive emotional needs and finding love outside the home.

Some people need to be aware of their outward ties to the world to move on.

My Mother echoed out of her body or checked out and crossed over on 4 May 2011 at 12:40 P.M. Central Time in Richmond, Texas.

There is a story here that I may tell someday in a book but for now, we are grieving and I assume it is connected to my mother’s passing.

We all have families and I have been in the Thurmond and Thomas family as I was born into the Thurmond family and my mother remarried and added me to the Thomas family in 1965 when she married Charlie Thomas of Houston, Texas.

That too is a long story and once can read her story in a book available soon on but is available now called Good Old Times in Louisiana by Tess Thomas and also Surviving as a Southern Woman by Tess Thomas on as a download or one can order a paperback 6×9.

I am not ready to write an article so I attaching one that is rather negative since I don’t like the space I am in now for my own spiritual blessing of peace and joy.

I am sure that we all have DNA significance that deals with who we are and why we react the way we do or look a certain way. I know we have choices but I believe that regarding the material physical working world we do not have a choice as to something such as our natural appearance such as skin, eye, and hair color at birth. Some of will agree that we can change our personality, appearances and for some even out own sexual connotation and whether we are male or female on this planet.

There is so much I want to share and I am sure others need to know since I am one with some answers and responsibilities as a returning Avatar for some beings. I will be more than happy to serve as a spiritual guide and life coach to some but I am needing a few days to gather my wits. I wouldn’t be taking my company public and would allow it to stay in the family private if I thought I was not suppose to assist in the future of our world.

In the meantime, I have started three (3) organizations, Ascension Center Org., ET Spirit Org, and TJ Morris Org. to assist others with issues and understandings of who we are, why we are here, and where we are going when we leave this planet, and dimension.

I have taken some articles to share and placed them in a book called TAKEN UP by TJThurmond Morris that will be available on and for now

I needed to see that there are some that have organizations that use words and energy that I do not feel are appropriate in this time on earth. Below is just one example of certain profanity words that I do not find appropriate in public. This article just happens to be about the alien UFO religion that some believe is on earth.

Because this is on the internet it is public and some may want to see a different way to look at what I write about. I do not know if this person believes in Aliens and UFOs but whether he is pro or con at this point does not matter. The question is why is he using such graphic words and profanity to refer to something that is so sensitive to many of us who feel the alien and UFO topics are of a spiritual nature and in some cases a political fact regarding exopolitics about disclosure.

It has come to my attention that we need to decide who is pro and con and are developing their positions to survive as of 12-21-12 to survive in big business that is happening in our own ET UFO Community. I believe in art, culture, education, science, and technology. I also enjoy History, Archaeology, and Folklife. We will need to tie up some loose ends among those who are of the Spiritual Evolution becoming more vertical and not just horizontal regarding energy, time, and dimensions. There is some good advice coming our way and I suggest that we all learn to share this space and place as earth as one planet in one galaxy that will be joining the Andromeda Galaxy over time through the dimensions that are also expanding.

We will be changing in what we call time and dimensions and I shall be writing articles while I assist many with their own books. We are all the authors of our own life stories and many are taking both religious and political sides in this world.

We need to believe in faith, hope, charity, trust, and love. We all can believe in how to learn what words we choose to communicate in the future. I am going to continue in the Alien and UFO Community which I call the ET UFO Community. 

Please know that many of us are learning about how so many are becoming sensitized to the new words to them which are old to us suc as the two (2) words that caught my eye in the following article namely “Aliens and UFOs”.

More later. Love and Light. TJ

Let us try and make life as normal as possible while still remaining our alternative awareness selves in this world. We have a psychic great-grandmother and my mother who left me and my daughters very special gifts to embrace. We shall share what we know in the future and how it works in words for us in the future. We hope our communication and personal diaries and journals may help in the future for some. Love and Light about the Dark Shadows in life we shall assist with as always with sweeping houses and of chasing demons that crop up from time to time. We are here just give us a few hours for our own grieving process. This is a normal process.

Here is an article for others to read and to see if they want to read more to see what this person is creating in his own organization called Project humanbeingsfirst.ORG.

May-05-2011 13:09

Project Humanbeingsfirst Responds: Aliens and UFOs – Head in the Ass!

Zahir Ebrahim for

If bombing peoples to smithereens does not seem to impact people’s sensibilities, then describing that crime in accurate terms should not either. Call a spade a spade.

The U.S. Air Force first began experimenting with flying saucers in the 1950’s.

(SAN FRANCISCO) – In response to the commenter”william Galison May 2, 2011 4:51 pm (Pacific time)” who noted:

‘there are a lot of people far smarter and more educated than Mr Ebrahim who are spouting “UFO gibberish”.’, and Time Zahir him to pull his head out of his academic ass.’

your mileage will of course vary on the alien-ufo religion depending on the depth of penetration of your own head into the asses of these “far smarter and more educated” celebrities!

But for those who might wish to understand this new religion of aliens-ufos from a political science perspective rather than an aficionado’s, check out the following Hegelian Dialectic:

1) for when the aliens are bad and will make a Super Ali Baba++ enemy for empire, see:

2) for when the aliens are good and helping mankind against the evil forces of empire, see:

3) for when the Rockefeller monies funded a study in mass panic in 1938, see:

3) for understanding the “testimonies” that Steven Greer’s Disclosure Project brings to the idiotic flock half a century after Hadley Cantril admitted that Orson Well’s dramatic enactment on radio was a calculated study in mass behavior control, and why this alien-ufo religion appears to be foundational for corralling the different flavored fools towards the ultimate new age dogma of Secular Humanism in one-world government, see:

4) to see the role the surrogate duo Kerry/Ryan of Project Camelot/Avalon are playing in promulgating the goals of Project Disclosure as well as Wikileaks (which also threatened to reveal information on UFOs,wikileaks-and-ufo-zahir-to-duff, ibid.), see the following:

An entire generation of useful idiots is being prepared to welcome the aliens-ufos when they land – even including appointing a UN Ambassador to diplomatically liason with them (sic!):

And the Pope to babtise them (what the f*ck!):

And the scientists “far smarter and more educated than Mr Ebrahim” to vouch for their authenticity (see Stephen Hawkings, ibid) – no differently than we have already witnessed recently in their speciously promulgating Global Warming:

and in the not too distant a past for scuttling Cold Fusion:

Like the unwelcome weeds in a fertilized lawn, once seeded, these parasites of society which feed of the crumbs of imperial dogmas and multiply their droppings to take over the soil of any nation to get them to ‘United We Stand’ – even if the initial seeding was with a mere handful – are the curse of any nation’s health.

That’s the oligarchic bet here – to have sufficient foolish peoples sucking the effluents from the celebrities’ asses and to play them up so much in the newsmedia and Hollywood, to make it appear all real to the rest of the ignorant public, to eventually get them primed for acquiescing to ‘United We Stand’ until fait accompli. This is the enduring power of Machiavellian political science wrought by “history’s actors”. See “Convince People of Absurdities and get them Acquiescing to Atrocities”:

Just like the “history’s actors” made 9/11 appear real to the ignorant public to launch their “imperial mobilization”:

We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality — judiciously, as you will — we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.’ — Senior Bush Advisor, The New York Times, October 17, 2004

Just like they made WMD appear all real to the dumb masses to launch the invasion of Iraq by parading Pentagon retired Generals on television in 2002-2003. This one was ex post facto even brazenly admitted to by the New York Times in 2008 “Behind TV Analysts, Pentagon’s Hidden Hand”:

And could that ex post facto admission that it was all a scam, and already obvious from day one, undo the murdering and bombing of the innocent people of Iraq due to the manipulated public ‘United We Stand’ with it?

First we had Ali Baba on his flying carpet:

Aliens-UFOs are the next Super Ali Baba++ now that the former Ali Baba, Dr. Osama Bin Laden on his flying carpet, has finally been laid to rest, in continuation of the same “imperial mobilization”:

To launch the WMD mantra to invade Iraq they had employed retired Pentagon generals who were “far smarter and more educated than Mr Ebrahim”:

To launch the alien-ufo mantra to disarm the public and cement world government, they are again employing people “far smarter and more educated than Mr Ebrahim”!!

At Nuremberg and its aftermath, the ‘United We Stood’ of the Third Reich had to pay a hefty price in perpetuity: from the defeated Nazi canon fodder soldiers who were killed through starvation by the millions in internment camps by the victorious Americans, to the German civilians and the nation of postwar Germany still paying restitution to Zionistan, the Jewsonly state of Israel, in billions of dollars annually, and as I am told, that is to continue for one hundred years.

If the ‘lesser peoples’ of today are to demand the same restitution for the monumental holocaust perpetrated upon them which is swimming in the oceans of bloody evidence, unlike the HolocaustTM which we all accept on faith and by the fiat of the verdict of law, can you imagine for how many centuries will the people of the Unites States and its Allies will have to pay in penalties to its victims of their ‘Lebensraum’?

For poor Mr. Ebrahim, belonging to the ‘lesser peoples’ who are the primary victims of “imperial mobilization”, this ain’t a F#CKING game to stick one’s head in even one’s own ass, let alone in other “far smarter and more educated” celebrities collective asses.

And Mr. Ebrahim respectfully requests the editor to not remove, or syntactical sugar, the employment of accurate expression which hardly does justice to capturing this monumentally criminal state of affairs wrought by fools and useful idiots, themselves victims of celebrity effluents.

If bombing peoples to smithereens does not seem to impact people’s sensibilities, then describing that crime in accurate terms should not either. Call a spade a spade.

Thank you.

Zahir Ebrahim


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